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  1. Ya that was a cage issue. I didn't know it at the time and wanted to make sure it wasn't a creature issue before I traveled back to Indy. Thanks for the help Jaz. and I love these new horses Malena.
  2. Hi Melana I just purchased 3 very nice horses from your market. When loading onto my ship i get this message: [15:28:49] WARNING - creature cage [adolescent Fleamax] has Group permissions, this WILL cause problems when crossing servers! can you help me out? GreyBeardCat Never mind it seems all is well sorry to have bothered you.
  3. [Close pls] WTS Top tier woa saddles

    hey, great that's GreyBeardCat in game. tyvm
  4. [Close pls] WTS Top tier woa saddles

    Would you be interested in selling all 5 for 15s?
  5. [Close pls] WTS Top tier woa saddles

    Do you have any of these left?
  6. Do you have any cedar sprouts? If so how many.
  7. Hey Darkstorm, would happen to have 500 cedar sprouts?
  8. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Hi, Was wondering if you can tell me how to add a second floor to a building. Or point me to a manual so i can figure out how to use deed planner. thx a bunch.