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  1. Hey Jola, can i get a small barrel of Vynora Blue? Please send COD to GreyBeardCat Thanks
  2. Get More Out Of Every Skill Grinding Action! No matter if you're farming, mining, or woodcutting, we have the enchanted tool you need. We even have enchanted water and lumps for those imping sessions, giving you even more skill gain. Image is a sample only For a current list enchanted tools check out our Inventory Here. We are also offering 5-speed Hell Horses, Bison, and Horses. We have several hell horses now. A spreadsheet is coming so give a shout until I get the spreadsheet done. Reply to this thread or in-game pm to GreyBeardCat to place an order. We will get your order filled as soon as we get it or log in the game.
  3. Need to get there fast? Put hell horses on your cart. WOW! what a ride! Add a set of high-quality, high woa horseshoes and travel like the wind. I have several young and adolescent 5-speed hell horses. Only 40c each while they last. Message me here or in-game GreyBeardCat
  4. Hey Angelklaine, ya I’m interested in younger pairs if you don’t mind. Let me know when they’re ready. Thx
  5. I need 2 breeding pair straight 5-speed bison. That's 4 creatures in total. PM GreyBeardCat in forum or ingame. THX
  6. Ya that was a cage issue. I didn't know it at the time and wanted to make sure it wasn't a creature issue before I traveled back to Indy. Thanks for the help Jaz. and I love these new horses Malena.
  7. Hi Melana I just purchased 3 very nice horses from your market. When loading onto my ship i get this message: [15:28:49] WARNING - creature cage [adolescent Fleamax] has Group permissions, this WILL cause problems when crossing servers! can you help me out? GreyBeardCat Never mind it seems all is well sorry to have bothered you.
  8. hey, great that's GreyBeardCat in game. tyvm
  9. Would you be interested in selling all 5 for 15s?