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  1. No bartering for out of game *Assets* but nothing about something like this.
  2. Szarin and Co. Can't find the time to plan your new dream home? Not as computer literate as you wish you were? Szarin and Co. Architectural services is here to help! We can provide one on one planning for the dream house of your choice. We take your ideas and combine them with our aesthetic and functionality know-how to plan the home of your dreams. Don't have time to build it? We can hunt down the materials and assemble your home for you! Contact Jaelus or Szarin in world today! We will plan any size great or small! Small woodland cottages, or even your whole deed. Please see the list of services we provide: Structure plan creation. Single structure below 5x5 - 50c, 5x5 or larger - 1s, Deed Layout - 4s We will plan the layout so you can build it step by step! Our architect will be with you for every step of the process, listen to your ideas and make your dream home a reality! We also do workshops. We plan for efficiency and ease of use. Home building Package - Contact for pricing Don't have time to make it happen, but have all the materials on hand? We can handle the building for you! Our plan or yours! Full service package - Contact for pricing We do it all! We will plan based on your ideas, procure the materials needed and build your home on site! We will even build or purchase and deliver furniture to your specifications! (Service only available in areas with access to coastal shipping routes.)
  3. *Closed*

    Will be on its way shortly.
  4. WTA - 81 Life transfer huge axe made of Silver! Carve your way through monsters with this beautiful piece of work! Starting bid 5s Min. increase 1s Sniper protection: 10 minutes
  5. Sniper protection is on. Bidding has Ended. Congratulations Craft!
  6. WTA - 89 CoC Pickaxe Head Level your way in ease with this amazing CoC pickaxe head! Make the tool with your own signature! Or, our experienced smiths can create and improve it to the buyer's choice of ql up to 70 at no additional charge! Starting bid 8s Min. increase 1s Sniper protection: 15 minutes
  7. WTA - Rare Iron Hatchet Head Create a rare hatchet with your own signature! Once in a lifetime opportunity! If preferred, the item can be completed by our smiths and improved to 70ql at no additional charge. Starting bid 10s Min. increase 1s Sniper protection: 10 minutes No buyout or private bids
  8. Endtimes and Milso, we'll be happy to have you. Just be here at that time or maybe a little beforehand. We've got food and drink!