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  1. Please change location of "Blackwatch Bridge North" to: 2454, 2567 - Start 2454, 2639 - Finish Please add "Blackwatch Bridge East" 2476, 2725 - Start 2608, 2725 - Finish Please add "Blackwatch Bridge South" 2382, 2799 - Start 2382, 2811 - Finish
  2. Map Updates.

    Mis-Post please delete.
  3. Heyo! This is for Blackwatch: Can you mark that there is highway all the way around the deed? (You can see it on the map) I have also marked the location of the bridges. There is 1 to the north, one to the east all the way across to Valad's Surf and Turf and one to the South to the Limping Troll
  4. Updated with location information for docking, stable space and events.
  5. Basically, one bracket is for horses without equipment, based entirely on breeding skill or rider skill. The other bracket is for riders with all equipment on their horse, so for people who have been buying expensive, enchanted horse equipment and horseshoes. You can race in both just take off your shiny horse gear.
  6. If this works well we plan to have other races. I need to have referees on track though, so want to test it first. Later might have: Cow Hellhorse Donkey Bear?
  7. Celebrate the unification of Blackwatch with me. I am celebrating by hosting a party on Sunday, September 5th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. PDT: UTC−07:00 Everyone is invited to attend. Drinks and refreshment will be provided. We also have some fun events planned. Blackwatch is Located at O18/19 on Harmony, just below Harmony Bay. It is a deep water Port with Boat and Ship parking on the north shore, as well as mainland accessible by bridge. The Events: Horse Races - We will be hosting horse races at Blackwatch during this event. Bring your best Horse to the event and square off against your neighbors and friends! We will hold two different rounds for each bracket. Groups of 5 will square off at a time in our Best of Breed Brackets and the final bracket winner of each round wins a cash prize, 10s. Horse only, no equipment permitted. Feel free to bring your best tack along for our Bling Bling Brackets. Show off your fancy saddles and expensive horseshoes and see who has the best of the best. 10 Silver prize to the winner of each round's Final Bracket. I will announce the top three winners from both brackets after the fact. Directions and Information: Ship Parking available at the following locations. (These are all deep water docks). Inn and Temporary Stables. This is where the festivities will take place. Also Cart and Horse Parking. Off-Deed locations for unloading creature cages.
  8. Good on bricks for the time being. Buying Sand as top priority now. PM me in game about those logs though.
  9. 2390,2793 Yamcorp is dead. Blackwatch controls this island now. Long live the Blackwatch.