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  1. Pipe Smoking

    +1, but only if smoking tobacco will result in set of negative effects like: Stamina usage&regeneration debuff Disease weakness Addiction (something similar to alcoholism)
  2. Charge for charge. I am interested in listed below: Blood of Angels Libram of the Night Smoke from Sol Blue Tome Also trade for silvers/euros possible. PM me with your offer
  3. Updating the drivers worked. Thanks
  4. Green Dog Needs Some Work

    IMO spawning inside the canal gives some flavor to Green Dog ^^
  5. The Screenshots Thread

    When Arrr is being "rebuild"
  6. Boat is not decaying

    Actually it is. Someone have repaired it. But I'd like to point out that it takes decay ticks very rarely. My boats take dmg ticks more often than this one.
  7. Change the one handed "Axe" Model

    + 1 I want old model back
  8. Yeah. We really need different models for avatars and gods!
  9. Some Epic Things

    If I play for 3h on freedom I can get 18 lockpicking skill gains. If it is 2x on epic it's like 36 gains. 6 hours in 3 hours. It needs additional work
  10. Some Epic Things

    -1 for transfers Epic>freedom There are many other factors affecting grinding, not just skill gain. Like availability of imping materials. Eg. ppl with high mining = more ppl with access to high ql lumps for cheap or even free (whereas on freedom you have to buy them or be lucky to have a friend with time and skill). Also fighting and its subskills makes skilling new weapons alot easier. There are some other skills affecting each other, but I will not mention them all. I just want to show you that grinding is a snowball effect. And ofc we have developed economy on our lovely PvE freedom so people spend much time on trading and building.