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Found 14 results

  1. Selling these fine items. Pickup at F22 Indy. Be warned though, the Gnome is a thief and may attempt to steal your breath. And don't feed it after midnight or get it wet.
  2. WTB affordable, cheap Christmas gifts from past ! If you got Soft caps, Yule goats, Snow lanterns, Garden gnomes, fireworks etc please PM me with your offers and server name, I will buy several items ( those are going to be Christmas gifts for my friends ), so give me good price and we got deal! Thank you!
  3. Selling 2 garden gnomes - 5s each First in first serve. will cod form Deli Cheers
  4. The Holidays are Coming! Make sure you're ready with one of these fine little fellows. Only one left in stock! Price: 3s/ea Location: Deliverance Mail: Buyer pays shipping. A small serious gnome stands here ready for Christmas. Plays music when used on the ground that can be heard by everyone in local. (Unless music is disabled in the client settings.) >
  5. I've seen several different prices so I wanted to get a better idea through a price check.
  6. If you need any, make an offer that seems fair to you. 70ql Iron Trowel w/ 90c and 21w 50ql leather knife w/ 70c 35ql stone chisel w/ 81w* 53c* 38ql stone chisel w/ 79c 52w 62ql saw w/ 87c 2x garden gnomes * = edits
  7. WTS 2 (TWO) garden gnomes Starting bid 6s for both and I sell them as one item. Buyout is 10s. Min. increase 25c Auction duration is 5 days, ending in: Happy biding!
  8. Adopt this little garden gnome! His name is George and he's looking for new home Starting Bid: 2s Buyout 6s No reserve Gnome is mailable, winner pays the cod. Happy Biding!
  9. i have Garden Gnome to sell start: 3s Terapherna : 4,5s Gnome Send from my alt falconpl
  10. Cog 60+QL 25+ rafts (10S or bid's) Gem's 143,78 Opal (7)61,62 Sap (1)157,75 Dia (5)94 Ruby (4)83,84 Eme (4) total >10QL = 540,99QL (21) 21,7 Ruby (5)65,1 Dia (15)37,68 Opal (8)42,84 Eme (9)17,94 Sap (6) Total <10QL = 185,26 (43) 2x marchant (8s each or 15S for both) 2x Garden Gnome (1QL 0Dmg) (5s each) Soft Cap (99QL 0Dmg) (Offer) Sail boat (1s) Pickaxe 21,51QL 57Coc (50c) Pickaxe 29,20QL 54Coc (50c) Pickaxe 28,51QL 46Coc (50c) Beautiful Meditation Rug 55,22QL 56Coc (60c) Fine Meditation Rug 57,66QL 71Coc (1s) Hatchet 69,34QL 89Woa 68Coc (1s50c) Hammer 46,07QL 43Woa 62 Coc (1s) + my toon.. Skills dumped at 2013-maj-11 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 97.39255 Faith: 22.272776 Favor: 22.272776 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 7.7930136 Tracking: 2.0 Prospecting: 19.91461 Shields: 1.48231 Medium wooden shield: 1.9004155 Axes: 9.050615 Huge axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 12.963138 Swords: 8.43299 Shortsword: 3.0596144 Longsword: 16.776236 Knives: 3.5518374 Butchering knife: 1.615238 Carving knife: 5.8035164 Woodcutting: 20.309366 Mauls: 4.5328665 Medium maul: 7.5444646 Carpentry: 32.154617 Fine carpentry: 10.845793 Ship building: 1.2524427 Nature: 6.728093 Gardening: 6.539912 Fishing: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 6.499486 Meditating: 20.052671 Farming: 1.0 Forestry: 1.0 Botanizing: 4.366298 Animal taming: 2.3621194 Foraging: 3.5350084 Cooking: 3.904295 Hot food cooking: 8.633299 Butchering: 5.0468264 Fighting: 13.260691 Normal fighting: 20.040464 Defensive fighting: 4.2845244 Aggressive fighting: 11.1764765 Weaponless fighting: 1.3208673 Alchemy: 2.1537428 Natural substances: 5.4172883 Miscellaneous items: 44.132973 Stone chisel: 11.152545 Hammer: 39.463448 Sickle: 3.9829416 Repairing: 19.365845 Saw: 9.191809 Pickaxe: 66.06451 Rake: 2.159553 Shovel: 30.443483 Pottery: 1.5964481 Firemaking: 7.7882447 Religion: 2.0095987 Prayer: 4.139091 Digging: 42.436882 Mining: 63.245792 Healing: 2.0552483 First aid: 4.3500724 Smithing: 28.719532 Jewelry smithing: 46.03947 Locksmithing: 2.2945838 Blacksmithing: 58.50472 Armour smithing: 1.0443094 Chain armour smithing: 1.1107733 Weapon smithing: 3.0638638 Blades smithing: 6.5977616 Weapon heads smithing: 2.6929758 Ropemaking: 1.330134 Masonry: 35.41792 Stone cutting: 19.799839 Thievery: 1.4158087 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 2.281838 Climbing: 3.5361073 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 20.436329 Soul strength: 23.743006 Soul depth: 20.045137 Mind: 21.87512 Mind speed: 20.11032 Mind logic: 20.0 Body: 26.375246 Body stamina: 24.238953 Body strength: 26.28744 Body control: 22.229843 accepting offers in Euro's for all of it.. pickup only on deli... deliverence harbour (4x 21y) west side of map
  11. 2 Garden Gnomes - 4s each ~74QL Iron Chain set - 1.75s 2 soft caps (99ql & 98.99ql)- 2s each Located on Deliverence.
  12. Hi there! I would like to sell Garden Gnome (19.5 ql, clay) - 4s (+ CoD, Deliverence). Send me forum pm if intrested. My ingame name is Archerpl.
  13. Hi there! I have a Garden Gnome (clay) for sale: [14:30:03] A small serious gnome stands here ready for christmas. [14:30:03] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read ''. It's 15 ql. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increase: 10c NO BUYOUT No reserve Free CoD Auction Ends at 8th August 12PM CEST Good Luck!