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  1. From my understanding mounted combat gives you negative to accuracy but they always give you bonus like on a horse you get a height bonus and cart gives you footing advantage on a wagon im not sure cause I hate wagons on 3rd person. So as long as your weapon skill isnt to low you should do fine on a cart.
  2. So did you increase or decrease chance of drops? What direction did you tweak it to?
  3. Hmm, this could lead to a more gray area you start banning one topic then it will most likely daisy chain to other subjects because others will try to add more topics and if one gets denied then they can just openly compare to why was politics banned and not my suggestion Censorship is never fun even if its for the greater good.
  4. With the current silver rate at New Cluster the armor he makes will probably pay off for his alts prem if he prem them and still make a tidy profit. So what you think the first scale armor going to cost? 10g? more or less? Combat is pretty much set and forget so I can see this being done, is it practical? No, but i guess a dedicated person with the proper computer set up it can be done i suppose. People arent entitled to a guaranteed slot to a unique killing if the finder wants to hog it then its his/her choice. Do I get sad when I miss out on a unique killing? A little cause I missed out on free mats but I move on since I know more will come. Unique arent even that exclusive anymore since they respawn compared to the old days where once its dead its gone forever until a new server pops. But hey that is just MY opinion Im sure others see this differently and strongly disagree.
  5. Bumpity still look for those rare delicious leather armor parts minus the chest.
  6. Ok im going to be the bad guy and just summarize this suggestion. A new players wants to compete with crafting with old timers and suggest to make life easier for new players without them putting the work for it. Also, punish the old timers that took time to grind out skill because I guess its not fair for new players because equality? You dont really expect to just become a smith and instantly compete with master smith do you? Weapon and Armor effective quality base on skill is terrible and will not help economy for low lvl crafters at all it will just make the grind for new players for FS and Skill worse because now they are limited on gear base on their skill. Have you tried combat with crap ql gear? its terrible and slow. Plus old timers will out compete lowbie crafters at any level because crafting low lvl item is so much easier to make. If there really was a market for mid lvl 50ql gear I pretty sure the old timers would have that cornered to but that market is dead for a reason. Why would a new players spend money on sub par stuff when they can get more bang for their coppers by buying higher ql items. I mean just like in RL yes you can buy yourself a cheap hammer at Ross or Walmart with some unknown brand but will it last you your lifetime? Highly doubt it.
  7. Bump, still looking for those delicious rare leather armor parts.
  8. Birthday Dragon!

    I luv you! I cant say no to a good pinata beating.
  9. Hello, I want to add some rare armor sets to my collection. Currently Im looking for rare leather armor parts minus chest piece since I already have one rare. Plain or enchanted pm or message me here your offer/price.
  10. Maybe your success chance less than 1% but greater than 0% and the UI doesnt show decimal? I see in your event window and the timer going on at the image that you attempted a lot but failed miserably.
  11. Darn its at 630am Im already at work. CURSE YOU WORK! Set up area looks nice though.
  12. Its going to be a blue morning.
  13. Wasnt the first Wurm Apocalypse the time Rolf made Indy PVP like Chaos? Vets came rolling in drained a lot of deeds and majority of people refuse to play the game anymore until it was reverted.
  14. Unicorns are no longer fun to collect since we are stuck with plain ol boring white one. I just kill them as I see them so that more useful stuff will spawn hopefully. At least before when we have colorful mobs we can collect rainbow color unicorns ranging from manly pink to puke stain yellow.