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  1. Oh snap, if they ever have a booth I think you should plan it.
  2. Haha yeah Rolf just sitting there pitching Wurm
  3. Hello everyone PAX Prime 2015 is just around the corner and I was wondering if the Wurm Community is interested in a meet and greet somewhere in the Seattle Downtown area? It would be a nice way of meeting those mysterious players we see online and put a face on them. I myself will be flying in for the 4 day event and was curious if anyone is interested for this. I can plan it or preferably a local person from Seattle can plan it since I dont have much local knowledge of that area. Anyways it was just an idea I had please let me know your thoughts and opinion on this.
  4. Yeah as much as I want to keep playing I think Im just going to take a long break down size the amount of deeds I own and sell some items that Im not going to use during my absences. I will still maintain that market and slowly improve it.
  5. Yeah Im not really in need of money so selling my stuff in a rush is not needed. Maybe I just need more time or maybe I should downsize and sell some of my characters since I have a couple? Thinking of keeping my original and selling the rest incase I do play again.
  6. I have been playing Wurm since early 2007, exploring the Howl and its surrounding in my leprechaun outfit exploring and dying from rats and lions around the area. I have worked and toiled the land and work my way into having my own deed and playing with an awesome bunch of people. Now I live in Deliverance enjoying my little coastal deeds in the SE area. Lately however Wurm has been boring it has become a chore just to maintain things but I still support the developers all this time keeping at least one premium account. Since I have reach this stage I have lost my entertainment value in Wurm since it has been stagnant these last few years. Yes we have receive new servers and even a new pvp ones like Epic and Challenge but even those became a bore. New content was released but it was mostly visual and nothing for me to get excited about anymore for this game. These last couple weeks I been telling myself I will play Wurm but always find an excuse not to and play something else. What do you guys suggest at this point of time should I sell and quit or hold out in the long run and see if the spark can be rekindled somewhere down the future? Will there even be a future in Wurm. IMHO Ive been waiting for bridges to come out since I heard talks about in 2008 and even that didnt get me excited enough to play Wurm again. I really enjoyed my time playing this game and met a real awesome group of people. Not in my gaming time have I seen such a good gaming community that help each other out and I have been entertained with some of the Wurm dramas over the years. I have been thinking about this over the last couple of weeks and I would appreciate your guys opinion and suggestions. Jollibee
  7. Darn I was hoping that Guard tower down the road would be in range. I will try see if I can build one just within range if that is even possible. I will consider the hiring a templar is things get worse.
  8. I have emptied out the mailbox so it is can be use again. I dont know whos saddles that is.
  9. Yay looks like the market is slowly filling up, goods news for all. Ill be cleaning up the place this weekend and setting up lawn to get clearer view of nearby mobs.
  10. Hello everyone, I would to announce that the Green Dog Market is now open for the public and stalls are available for anyone who wants to set up shop there. Green Dog Market coords is 17x, 24y. It is NE from Green Dog and is less than a 5 mins walk from it. I will be doing monthly checks on the merchants and if I detect any empty ones then I will be messaging the owner giving them 30 days to restock or be remove to open up stalls for the next guy. This is only phase one of my project, when I find the time I will start phase two which will be free inn for new players and public praying area of all the gods. Please enjoy and any questions or problems please feel free to drop me a PM. I would like to thank my alliance mates: Ladykare, Merlux, Knightmares, and Unknown for helping me with my project. special thanks to Shadowronin for giving me horses when I failed to feed my on site ones.
  11. Still looking open for negotiations if you dont like the price.
  12. Hello Im looking for to buy 1k zinc and 1k copper at 2.5s. Im located in Deli server. I will only buy them as a set. Will pay for delivery at reasonable price.
  13. But the bloods me wants the blood and them missing title from the Goblin King
  14. Its still better than nothing and never see them again. Just hope there is some left since it release on a beginning of work week.