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  1. Maybe your success chance less than 1% but greater than 0% and the UI doesnt show decimal? I see in your event window and the timer going on at the image that you attempted a lot but failed miserably.
  2. Darn its at 630am Im already at work. CURSE YOU WORK! Set up area looks nice though.
  3. Its going to be a blue morning.
  4. Wasnt the first Wurm Apocalypse the time Rolf made Indy PVP like Chaos? Vets came rolling in drained a lot of deeds and majority of people refuse to play the game anymore until it was reverted.
  5. Unicorns are no longer fun to collect since we are stuck with plain ol boring white one. I just kill them as I see them so that more useful stuff will spawn hopefully. At least before when we have colorful mobs we can collect rainbow color unicorns ranging from manly pink to puke stain yellow.

  7. 100ql whetstone - 90coc // 80c 19ql carving knife, steel - 90coc // 80c 3ql metal brush, iron - 94coc // 80c 100ql wild cat pelt - 91coc // 80c cod to killgod please if they are still available.
  8. I thought mobs tend to want to head downhill. Unless its just me but when I go hunting I notice mobs density increases on inside of valleys or man made pits.
  9. I find butchering to be worse of a grind that WS
  10. Thanks for the info. Oh yay that makes more sense now that timeline is when I was gone. I guess its good to have more drakes/dragon, maybe. Skatyna had me thinking that maybe im getting too old to remember.
  11. Sounds like you need a new mouse. I had these issues before where clicking would result irregular results sometimes click gives me a double or triple click , making navigating UI a pain. Playing Wurm over the years have claimed at least 2 deathadders for me. The way i confirmed this is playing any shooter game and shoot a semi auto gun, click once if the guns shoots 2 or 3 times then its time to replace your mouse.
  12. Wow really? man I thought I have atleast participated on killing of all uniques in freedom cluster during the time when they didnt respawn. The favorite was the a few failed attempts of killing the red dragon at dragon fang in Indy. All those years cant believe I missed the blue dragon.
  13. Is blue dragon new/recent? Ive returned playing the game 6 months ago after a very long break. Last time I played there was only black, white, and green drakes plus 1 red dragon. Did I somehow miss a blue dragon during the years Ive played or was blue dragon created during my break? I tried reading all the patch notes in the wiki on the years I was gone and I dont recall reading blue dragon. I know its random question but was very intrigue when I saw a blue dragon slayed when I was checking my area history.