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  1. Pro tip...a mend rune works on a whetstone...but not a pelt. There is that option, but I agree, let us fix them...the orange numbers hurt our eyes! +1
  2. Merchants Restocked! now 27 merchants Rares vendor restocked
  3. Don't think they are around anymore, their deed disbanded a month or so ago.
  4. CoD to Volladol Please and Thank you! Glimmersteel lump x2 (80 ql - 0.40kg) - 3s each Adamantine lump x2 (81 ql - 0.40kg) - 3s each Seryll lump x2 (81 ql - 1kg) - 3s each
  5. SOLD

    CoD to Volladol all the Addy please and thank you!
  6. To be fair, my old set up of gear and hell horses are faster after the new AH changes then they were before. Now this is with an empty cart, when loaded speeds are very very bad, that is something that I wish would be tweaked more. We should not be punished as much as we are for hauling items in our carts and wagons. It can already take many people a long time to travel via cart/wagon, I don't think it is wise to slow them down even more. My cart set up is: 2x Molten Hell Horses with 4 draft traits. (molten does nothing for hitched hell horses anymore, as it is a speed boost for the speed traits, does nothing for draft traits) 95ql Rare horse shoes with 95+ botd Rare large cart @ 93ql Max speed pre AH changes was around 38 km/ AH changes 41.7 km/h
  7. Thanks! You can send to me in game Name would be Volladol Thanks again! Happy Wurming!
  8. I guess I'm confused, where in the rules does it say how many screen shots are allowed? Rules Build or decorate something in Wurm Online that fits in the above categories. Be creative, fill it with life, and most importantly, have fun! Please keep it family friendly. Nothing suggestive or adult themed in any way. One entry per category per person. Winners can only win in one category to give everyone a fair shot. Post your screenshots in the separate Submissions thread, linked below (please keep any additional category entries to a single post so we can keep them organized! And don't forget to specify which category each submitted image belongs to) Repurposing older structures is okay, but creations specifically made for the contest are very much encouraged! Contest ends on July 10th at 00:00 server time, CEST. Winners will be chosen by the Wurm Online development team. I'm more interested that 10 out of the 12 winners were from SFI, which leads to the concern I posted about fairness between SFI and NFI and the 10+ years head start SFI had. There were MANY people who made and submitted creations just for this contest, as was encouraged in the rules, yet it seems majority of the winners were existing / repurposed structures. Gratz to those that did win! I enjoyed looking at all the different ideas and designs that are out there. I know I'm not the only one who has used some of those ideas in personal projects! Happy Wurming!