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  1. I think the team should look at extending this yearly sail to at least Monday. With the advent of Cyber Monday sales being tied into Black Friday sales, most business now extend deals and sales thru that Cyber Monday. For those that may not be aware, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and is used today by both brick and mortar business and online business to continue to extend deals another day. I cannot see any reason for Wurm to not do the same.
  2. So let me see if I understand correctly, this could be like a player made lore easter egg that other players can leave hidden some place, that when another player interacts with a tile in some fashion, the lore would then be revealed to the player. So I could leave a "Lore Spike" on a tile that once had an Oak Tree that I may have received a supreme sprout from. When someone else interacts with that same tile, even if the tree is long gone, they would then find the "Lore Spike" that I left behind with any information about the supreme sprout that I was wanting to share. That does sound interesting. Like you have already said though, there is a large amount of abuse that this could open up other players to experience. I wonder if there would be ways to limit that abuse. Maybe behind a high skill level or even a high cost. Most people who wish to abuse something do so because it is either quick and easy. Put that abuse behind some kind of high end skill/pay wall and it could stop a lot of the random abuse.
  3. Just a small note about getting an accurate representation, I don't think holding a private reserve gives an accurate representation. Besides myself, I know of several others that would be willing to bid on this item if there was not a hidden reserve. Hidden reserves will normally keep some interested parties from even getting involved, same with private bids. It creates the possibility that a bidder is simply bidding against themselves and is normally poor practice and does not really provide you with the "accurate representation" that someone may be looking for. Its a great item, Gratz on the find! I hope it goes to a great home, good luck with the auction!
  4. Final Winners Lot #1 - 81s Tigerclaw Lot #2 - 61s Tigerclaw Lot #3 - 15s Tigerclaw Lot #4 - 16s Lovelie Lot #5 -13s Tigerclaw Lot #6 - 6s Octetsefune Lot #7 - 25s Tigerclaw Lot #8 - 15s Tigerclaw Lot #9 - 15s Morbidae Lot #10 - 15s Tigerclaw Lot #11 - 35s Battlewall Lot #12 - 9s Khellus Lot #13 - 40s Tigerclaw Items / PMs will be going out shortly! Congratz to everyone who won, and thank you everyone for your bids! Happy Wurming!
  5. Update on current bids! Let me know if I missed anything! Some items are now in Sniper Protection, Sniper Protection extends the bidding of the item for 1 hour from the last valid bid. Check times of previous bids plz! Lot #1 - 81s in Sniper Protection Lot #2 - 61s in Sniper Protection Lot #3 - 8s in Sniper Protection Lot #4 - 16s in Sniper Protection Lot #5 -13s in Sniper Protection Lot #6 - 6s in Sniper Protection Lot #7 - 25s in Sniper Protection Lot #8 - 15s in Sniper Protection Lot #9 - 15s in Sniper Protection Lot #10 - 15s in Sniper Protection Lot #11 - 35s in Sniper Protection Lot #12 - 9s in Sniper Protection Lot #13 - 35s in Sniper Protection I will check the auctions and get with the winners within 24 hours. PLEASE double check the previous bid to be sure your within the sniper protection time. It is on you to be sure that your bid comes in on time! Thanks and good luck everyone!
  6. Update on current bids! Let me know if I missed anything! Lot #1 - 81s Lot #2 - 61s Lot #3 - 8s Lot #4 - 15s Lot #5 -13s Lot #6 - 6s Lot #7 - 25s Lot #8 - 6s Lot #9 - 15s Lot #10 - 15s Lot #11 - 35s Lot #12 - 8s Lot #13 - 27s Think I have everything up to date at this point!
  7. Hey Tigerclaw Lot #3 already 7s Lot #5 already 12s Lot #5 already 2s Lot #6 already 4s Lot #8 already 5s Lot #9 already 11s Lot #10 already 5s Lot #12 already 7s Lot #13 already 26s
  8. Update on current bids! Let me know if I missed anything! Lot #1 - 36s Lot #2 - 13s Lot #3 - 7s Lot #4 - 12s Lot #5 -2s Lot #6 - 4s Lot #7 - 8s Lot #8 - 5s Lot #9 - 11s Lot #10 - 5s Lot #11 - 14s Lot #12 - 7s Lot #13 - 26s
  9. Update on current bids! Let me know if I missed anything! Lot #1 - 29s Lot #2 - 12s Lot #3 - 6s Lot #4 - 10s Lot #5 -2s Lot #6 - 4s Lot #7 - 7s Lot #8 - 5s Lot #9 - 6s Lot #10 - 5s Lot #11 - 12s Lot #12 - 7s Lot #13 - 25s