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  1. Gratz to Cavemann, I'll message you in game!
  2. And who implements the art into the game? The devs that code, the ones that have to take the time to re code things to make the art function within the game...unless you're saying the art devs should pick up coding or learn some QA skills or something I guess lol In all fairness I don't know coding or how the coding of the game works, maybe there are very few to no resources needed to fix issues like this and to add cosmetics suggested over the years. I don't know the answer, and no one else has offered any experience or thoughts on this subject matter. If that is a point that someone can make that shows that it does not matter, then make that case, but again no one has yet. That is what I'm asking for, people to put forth ideas and solutions to the problem, not just make smart remarks that do not further the conversation.
  3. How about we let people voice their opinions without being attacked, shamed and bullied every step of the way just because they don't agree with your pov of the subject matter. As a reminder, no one has said that this issue is not important, in fact we have said it is important. Its simply some don't agree with it as high of importance as you...Its a simple disagreement on what some people feel is a priority. This idea that because we don't agree with you 100% on every talking point of this issue, that we think there are other things in the core of the game that need fixing first, or that we are not allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours is simply crazy. Again, present your thoughts and ideas, lets talk about it, but stop the attempts to push and bully people into agreeing with you. You don't like someone else's opinion, lay out your case as to why, present your ideas and opinions, let others do the same as well. Happy Wurming
  4. Now that would be pretty funny to see. Next public unique slaying would be a rainbow of colors. Maybe sell the hand mirror to change skin tones and hair dye to dye our hair!
  5. Thank you for clearing that up, now I understand the hats on donkeys reference!
  6. Also to note, if they devs are going to focus on cosmetics and not bug fixes, then yes Proper Representation should be at the top of the list, not only correcting a long standing issue, but giving more options to old and new players.
  7. Hats on donkeys? What are you talking about? Now your making stuff up in trying to support some "Facts" How about you actually read what I said and not read INTO what you think I'm saying. If the devs are going to release cosmetics then yes I'm going to support that as I do believe that cosmetics are important to the game. They add fresh looks and gives people more options, things that are always a good thing, including adding representation of more skin tones, which I have said I agree with and have no issue with. And if they choose to do that then I would support that, but would also voice that I feel that bug fixes are more important then "Hats on donkeys" Again read what is being said not what you want me to be saying because you don't agree with me. Its about being honest and honorable in a debate and not trying to mislead.
  8. Sure, I always will agree with new cosmetics, I'm not going to go against them, but I also will not put a priority to them over fixes to the game. In general its about support the game devs in the direction that they want to go, with voicing my opinion on what I feel should be a focus, fixes over cosmetics. But one can still have an opinion of supporting cosmetics while at the same time wanting bug fixes to come first....not sure how you fail to see, unless you have other motives in posting this in hopes that you can call me a hypocrite, because I support both, but with priority on game fixes... So not sure what your point here is. You have made 9 posts in 7 years on the forums, and one of them is trying to smear me....very classy and way to stay on the topic here.
  9. This here 100% Its about the process and doing things in a order that I feel is better for the game. Some here disagree with that, that is fine, I can accept that, nor would I fight against anything if that was the direction that the devs decided to go in fixing the game, because lack of representation is a problem that needs to be fixed. Some of us simply disagree on the order that the fix should be in. And because some of us don't agree with others, that makes us the bigots and racists that should be ashamed of ourselves..... wow It seems that people just want to sling mud now and try to label people, instead of presenting ideas or thoughts on why one position should take priority over another. Have a great day and Happy Wurming! I'm Out.
  10. Excuse me, but no where did I say I decided for you or anyone else, I simply stated my opinion and how I feel about the suggestion and now you and others are here trying to shame and belittle me because I don't have the same opinion as you when it comes to the priority of what I feel the direction of the game should be. You and others here want to have proper representation but only when it aligns with your views or beliefs, god forbid someone comes along and disagrees with your position and holds a different opinion, then its like, lets all gang up on them and shame them and call them racist and bigots, because that is what your trying to do here with out saying it.. I'll say it for you, you are calling me a racist and bigot because I feel that it is better for the game direction to fix the game so that there is a game to continue to play so that then proper representation can be added. Your view is to lets fix the representation first. Its a simple matter of we think there should be a different priority in the order of fixing the game. Because I don't agree with you I'm the racist and bigot. Grow up and learn to disagree with people of other opinions and present your thoughts in a manner that does not require you to shame and belittle them to get the outcome that you want. Saying that because white is the only color available that means only white people are welcome in our fantasy world is so backwards and is trying to hard to look for a problem that means if you felt so strongly about it you would not be playing this game if you felt that the game is by default telling non white that they are not welcome. So either it is telling them that they are not welcome, and your ok with paying this company money to keep playing the game knowing that you feel this way. Put your money where your mouth is. You coming here and saying "shame" on you because someone does not agree with you..... Let me be very clear here. I will not tolerate responses like this any further. You should be able to have a civil discourse about a subject without reverting to trying to shame and bully people into your position. No where have I said or would I ever say that this issue is not important. I'm also on record saying that bug fixes and other content fixes should be done before any new cosmetics or fancy new toys. Fix the game is simply that, fix the game then you can make things right. Its about a process of order to do things that is the most benefit to the game and the community. If you have to resort to calling people names and trying to shame and bully them, that speaks more about you and the kind of person you are then anything else. I'll say it again, grow up and learn how to have a civil conversation. And no, the irony is not lost on me that I am not civil in this response, because at this point it is not about a civil conversation when people are trying to bully and shame others for not having the same opinion. Trying to assume you know something about someone based on a post like this when you know nothing about that person, who they are in real life, who their wife/husband/kids/friends may be or even what color that they may be, all over text on a game forums....
  11. Rare Slate Forge @ 90ql The forge currently has a rune for increased size (5%) this can be replaced with the burn less fuel rune at buyer request. Start bid: 1s Min bid: 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper protection: 1 hour Pick up at S17 South Harmony Happy Bidding!
  12. Where did I say it was or was not important to me. Just because one thing is more important to someone over something else, does not mean that other things are not important as well. When it comes to a game that I pay to play, provided by a company that needs to turn a profit to keep paying its employees to keep the game running it is only wise to put priority to the things that will help that company at this point. As I stated I don't feel that adding this "Racial Diversity" will do anything to help Wurm at this point in time. While it may be important to you, it may not be as important to others when it comes to the ability of the product that they consume to continue to exist. It is about priority not importance of one subject over another. Should a company go broke spending time and resources on adding content that that will not help fix the holes in the ship? I feel the priority should be to fix the holes in the ship and then you can focus on improving the product and making things right. Painting a sinking ship pretty colors does no good when the ship is sitting on the bottom of the ocean. But thank you for painting with such a broad brush so as to assume that because someone does not agree with your opinion that they put no importance to a subject matter. Some of us are able to have more then one thing important to us and able to put priority to those things in what we feel is a logical order. Happy Wurming
  13. There are hundreds of bugs that need fixing, current systems like caffeine and animal husbandry that have been added / broken in the last year that still don't have fixes. We have contest winners not getting paid after 7 months of the contest ending. So much that that needs to be done to fix the game and actually make it a more playable game, I don't agree that dev time should be invested in cosmetics such as this. I feel the focus should be on things that will bring in new or retain current players. While not having these features is an outdated system, I don't feel that having it or not having it hurts or helps the game in any way. For every person that wants to make their avatar look like themselves, there is another player that wants to make theirs not look anything like they look. I'm all for it being in the game, but it should be way down the list of things to do. I will say that I do think the dev team has been doing much better these last few months with communication and getting fixes pushed, there is just such a back log of things that I feel are more important then this at the moment. Happy Wurming