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  1. He shows one as being Mature, that is much younger then old. Also how are we supposed to know its "combat potential" if that is the actual method used.
  2. So can we get some kind of update on this. I feel like the photo of the skins is misleading as you show it on a table. So far I'm unable to place this thing on anything besides the floor. If we are not able to actually decorate with it, what is the point?
  3. I've not seen a wild horse on Cad in many months, but I see sheep/rams/bison/pig/cow/bulls all the time when I'm out doing treasure maps.
  4. I had this happen earlier today when I had a tall book shelf in my inventory. I had it active and tried to repair a piece of my armor, and it would not let me until I deactivated the tall book shelf.
  5. Delete all pvp servers and everyone can just sit on the forums and pvp here like this. You all talk about wanting new players to come join, but with the amount of negative attitude and behaviors on display in the many different pvp posts...why would any new player want to come and pvp in Wurm. I'm often asked to come join pvp, but I can tell you that this is one of the main reasons why I wont, you all just destroy your self from the inside out.
  6. That's why we don't have the voting website any longer lol
  7. Plastic flamingos to decorate our gardens and deeds!
  8. Hi, I would suggest sending people to the page of the actual creator of that content, instead of someone bootlegging it for their own benefit, and not even giving credit to the creator, instead lying about what they are actually presenting in that video.
  9. I can say that if the new gems go live the way that it appears the current design is, I won't be using them. There is no reason for me to precast on gems just to sell to players, especially new players that this is being targeted to, just to have those new players feel scammed by not understanding that they can pay 1-2s for guaranteed 90+ enchants instead of taking this gamble. The lack of understanding of how priests and enchants work is already very low for many players, especially new players. I know if I was a new player and I was sold a gem enchant from someone telling me that there is a chance for a 100+ enchant, just to get a 25 enchant, not knowing that the 100+ enchant is actually a less then 1% chance to even get, I would feel scammed. It is RNG loot box garbage that I will not support. One thing that I think that would be a possibility concerning the gem enchant idea, is if it is to target new players as you have clearly stated, to have the gems drop off of mobs, or the goblin camps with the enchant power possible being equal to the gem quality level. Cap that gem quality level if you like, or just make 100ql gems super rare, but if a 50ql gem drops from a mob, then you can use it to have a chance for a 50 enchant on your item. Each tool/weapon enchant can be put into the pool to be drawn from when the gem drops. So you may get a WoA enchant gem, or you may get a Bloodthirst enchant. It would be random from the pool of possible enchants that is chosen to be allowed. Go further and add the gems to treasure maps, or the mobs that spawn during treasure maps, that way players of all levels have the chance for them.
  10. Great first time video! For someone who does not pvp, I've only been to Defiance one time, why are so many people using crow bars. I thought sickles were the meta there, but I see several of you beating people with crow bars.