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  1. Hiyas, you can send it to me on Volladol...Thanks agian Happy Wurming!
  2. Hiyas, can you send it to Volladol please, I'll be logging in after a few hours and will pick it up at that point. Thanks again and Happy Wurming!
  3. Thank you can you please send it to me on Volladol Thanks alot, Happy Wurming!
  4. Good question, this may end up being an expensive experiment.....For SCIENCE!!!
  5. Just for reference, that many cordage ropes can be sent via mail fairly easy and cheap, I've done it alot in the past, just another option for those that wish to bid not pick it up. Good luck with the auction!
  6. Do you ever...give them away? I do yes, depends on the situation of course, but I've given away several corbs and knarrs. Your welcome to visit at time, we are on south Harmony at S17. Some photos of our harbor!
  7. I collect all things shiny, and also ships, lots and lots of ships, 60+ so far in my harbor!
  8. I can confirm that a true 5 speed hell horse does indeed go faster then a 4 speed without the rare speed trait. I'm not aware of your auction, but sadly people like to put out misinformation pretty often. Now one thing to keep in mind, and again I don't know if it was said in your auction, but I know that 90% of people use hell horses for carts/wagons. In the the case of carts and wagons then no speed trait is going to matter, as only the draft traits work, so in that instance a 5 speed would not work for a hell horse, so there could have been some confusion on that point. Also concerning that, the extra boost for being molten does not matter for carts/wagons as it is a speed modifier and does not apply to draft horses when hitched. So all color drafts pull at the same speed.