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  1. In that case, I do agree that anyone with the proper permissions should be able to rename as well. I've only ever been a mayor so never noticed that it was only mayors that could rename. +1 from me!
  2. Thanks for the advance notice, it is much appreciated!
  3. Was wondering, what the player number in the members section is? Is there any use for it? Also is there a way to rename meals after they have been saved? I'm not seeing a way. Thanks and keep up the great work! Looking forward to the updates!
  4. So this is what killing uniques has come to? 1 player with 30 alts to work as meat shields....... It was a hatchling, not a dragon, but either way, imo, nothing impressive about this at all.
  5. You are bidding on: 30 gems - 628 total quality Start bid: 5s min inc: 50c Buyout: 12s No reserve / No private bids Sniper protection: 1 hour Winner will receive via CoD in a satchel
  6. You can currently add to the names of branded animals. Sure they still maintain their "birth" names, but you can add to that, helps a ton with breeding.
  7. I guess I'm confused as to what you expected to happen when you mixed your two dyes. You say that you combined two different QL dyes that shared the same RGB. If you were to dye two items, one with each of the different QL dyes, would they not be different colors? Almost every other item in the game, when the QL of the same items are different and combined, the result is the new combined average of the item, based off of the QL and the amount combined. For example, if I have 50ql iron and combine it with 50ql iron, I should expect to have 50ql iron afterwards, and I do. But if I combine 50ql iron with 25ql iron, the result is shifted to a lower ql, again based on the amount of each QL combined. Why should dye be any different. It is how the game has worked forever. Even now if I mix low QL red dye with high QL red dye, one would never expect to retain the high QL dye. If that were the case it would be much to easy to keep making high QL dye, just keep adding low QL garbage dye to keep up your stocks of high QL dye.
  8. Hiyas, can I get Tennon lingonberrywood x2 CoD to Volladol please.
  9. Hiyas, could I purchase.. W23 Staff Silver 70ql 65lt 4.50s Could I get monster demise and 60+ nimbleness added to it please? CoD when at your leisure to Volladol Thank you!
  10. Hi, I'll take the first one listed for 20s. Crafted and improved please. CoD to Volladol Thanks!