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  1. This is likely a side-effect of the current GV issues - please sit tight until we've resolved the GV stuff, then if you're still getting this issue, we can take another look.
  2. The message you get around beehives is at a fixed distance, it's not related to the ql. If you're getting 80ql outputs, then your hives are pulling from 80ql of area (overlaps etc notwithstanding).
  3. At this stage, the discussion is going around in circles. Please take it to PM, or make a separate thread elsewhere. Pandalet (LFM)
  4. The unique mechanics are something we're actively looking at. As is obvious from the various posts here, there's no easy solution, and we're still considering the various possibilities. As this is less of a suggestion and more a discussion around an upcoming change, it's reasonable to remain in Town Hall. This work doesn't have a fixed schedule as yet, as given we don't know exactly what we're going to do, we don't know how much work it'll be, or how many other mechanics it'll affect.
  5. This may be down to other sectors already having the mission structures referenced - the game will try to find somewhere that doesn't have one if possible.
  6. It's a bug, and down to the fact that we didn't expect quite the level of complexity available at the extreme. This will be fixed in due course, but as you have to put some effort in to go that high, it's not a high priority - most people won't hit the limitation. You can avoid the problem by not making very very complicated foods.
  7. Getting drunk from unprocessed alcohol is a bug, and will be fixed in a future update.
  8. Merged in some similar threads
  9. As this isn't a bug as such, rather a side effect of a working-as-intended feature, I've moved it to suggestions (on the basis that 'make the effect optional' and 'use a different 1st April joke' are both fair suggestions). Also, a gentle reminder to everyone to keep discussions civil - you don't have to agree with people, but you also don't need to be unpleasant.
  10. Moved to server bugs. I assume the tiles you're clicking on are nowhere near water (i.e. they don't have 1 very low corner or something)? Also, when you click on the same tiles from outside the cave, you don't get the drink/taste options?
  11. Map updated. Also updated to the new dump for those who prefer it.