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  1. To be clear is it the option to react with 'Cat' that you're missing, or the cat reactions to a post?
  2. As this appears to be a wiki data issue rather than a game bug, I've moved it to wiki maintenance.
  3. Moved to merchant ads.
  4. Some discussion around an auction is fine, but if you want to go into extended discussion, please take it to PM. Pandalet (LFM)
  5. You may already have met her, and just not realised
  6. Please keep bug reports to individual threads rather than big meta-lists - that makes it easier for us to track and deal with. Lack of sea spawns and lag issues are already known and on the list to be worked on. Rift camps not spawning is by design, as it was turned off at server launch to not cause issues for new players; these will be re-enabled in due course, as part of a planned release.
  7. Unfortunately, our forum software does not support times in seconds at the moment. I'll keep an eye out for that capability in future upgrades, however.
  8. Please keep posts in English (Google Translate or similar can help if necessary). Recruitment posts may be bilingual (i.e. parallel English and something else), but everything else needs to be in English.
  9. Please do not engage in NFI/SFI flame wars. Pandalet (LFM)