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  1. On behalf of the development team: representation is important, and the current player models are not where we'd like them to be. This has been pointed out several times, and we are working on fixing it. Making the available character models properly reflect a much broader set of cultural and racial norms will take time to do properly, so the plan is to do this in several stages; it's likely that basic skin tones will be the first pass, but the intention is to carry on refining this as we go forward. I don't have a concrete plan or timelines as yet, but it is being actively worked on. In short, we hear you, and we're going to fix this. Pandalet (Developer)
  2. Folks, I get that this is an emotive topic. Having strong opinions is fine, and you don't have to agree with everyone else. However, if you wish to actually convert others to your point of view, attacking them isn't going to achieve that - please keep the discussion civil. If you're just here to sling mud or stir the pot - don't. Pandalet (LFM)
  3. Moved to client bugs and put console log in a spoiler.
  4. This technically isn't a bug - items placed 'on' something actually count as being in them, so placing items on forges, ovens, fireplaces, etc is the same as putting the item in the forge etc. When you light the burner, if the thing you've placed on the burner is flammable (made of wood, etc), then it will burn. This isn't the most intuitive feature, but it's technically WAI. You're welcome to post a suggestion to change it (and I'll flag it internally as well).
  5. If you find the tile textures constantly change as you move around (i.e. the Intel graphics bug), and you have an integrated Intel graphics chip AND a 'real' graphics card, see this thread:
  6. Water you up to this new years? If you white a minute, you can join us blue'ing the dragon out of the water... mm-hmm.
  7. As this isn't a bug, I've moved it to suggestions (mechanic is working as intended)
  8. Folks, Keep the discussion civil, please. Disagreeing is not trolling, and attacking the people rather than the ideas just leads to drama and locked threads. Thank you. Pandalet (LFM)
  9. As there are no current plans for a re-run of Jackal, I've moved this to suggestions.
  10. We do not use Log4J anywhere directly, nor do we use the affected apache commons version.
  11. Mead-drinking affinity. duh.
  12. Moved to technical issues as not a server bug.
  13. I will do my best to feta this in to my busy schedule - sometimes, you just gouda be there!