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  1. Please refrain from personal attacks. Pandalet (LFM)
  2. You can contact the GM team by emails at
  3. Sleep harder, not faster.
  4. Things I drew

    90NS blood mixes will be available in the usual way, in the blood corner.
  5. Hrm, that's a little odd. You do sometimes see them around server borders, where someone forgot they were leading a horse and went to another server, but not so much just going for a swim. Must be a hot summer this year, I guess...
  6. As this appears to be a suggestion ("don't take quality into account when combining dye"), I've moved it to suggestions. As per the linked thread, the basic mixing mechanism is working as intended. Pandalet (LFM)
  7. Another vote for Terry Pratchett. Also, if you enjoyed his style, you might like Dave Freer. Guy Gavriel Kay is an AMAZING author, although his works can be a bit harrowing. I loved the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher), although the TV series was massively disappointing. For something a little different, try Tales of the Otori by Lian Hearn - historical fantasy in ancient Japan that makes you feel like you're really there. Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastards series is great, but probably won't ever get finished - book 4 has been delayed something like 7 years so far. Not getting taken in by another Robert Jordan... I'm currently reading C.S. Friedman - really well written, although a bit heavy going. I particularly recommend This Alien Shore.

    You absolutely should, although do watch out for the random land sharks. Or hell hounds riding horses, last time.
  9. The question of compensation was officially answered here: The various conditions that lead to this error should have been corrected for everyone some time back, so if you're still running into it, please post a bug report in the correct section below.
  10. Actually, beverages never quite got the range of possibilities that food did. If you happen to have the data to show where there's a gap in achievable skills reasonably easily, I'd be interested in that. Feel free to contact me directly, if that's easier.
  11. As this has been formally addressed by Retro, I'm locking this thread.
  12. Yes, we would have quite liked some warning too. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn't work out that way.