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  1. wurmpedia needs added too!

    You can post updates or errors in the Wurmpedia here: You can also join the editors team if you'd like to help out more directly - instructions on how to apply are in the same place.
  2. Update Failed! ???

    Moved to technical issues.
  3. Release Community Map

    Added Mercury bridge and access tunnel. Added: Hollow Point Lake Tunnel Oceanside Almenly Fields Removed: Sunnivas Corner Skyfall
  4. Release Community Map

    Apologies, been away for a few weeks. I'll get an updated map shortly. Please only post additions for deeds you either own or have EXPLICIT permission from the mayor to post here. Some people prefer not to be on the map. Anyone can post removals for deeds that no longer exist, etc (I generally catch ones that have fallen since the last update).
  5. We're done here. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  6. Just gonna leave this here...

    Hah, I knew you'd do it! It's been my absolute privilege to have you as a deedmate, and I can't complain about the never-ending garlic fountain. Congrats, well earned!
  7. WTS / WTT Green Tome - trade charge for red tome

    Trade mah tome!
  8. Tip - Getting more coin for QL at a token

    There are much easier ways to make cash than using alts to sell junk, just saying. Foraging, botanising, hunting, burying corpses, to give a few ideas...
  9. WTS / WTT Green Tome - trade charge for red tome

    Still be tradin'
  10. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Combination - some previously hard-to-get ones and 1 brand new one. They still work as before (for now). The embark / disembark bug is being chased around by a bunch of devs waving various household implements, and is expected to be cornered and squished shortly.
  11. they should all work, notwithstanding the current disabled creation QL boost.
  12. As this has now been resolved, I'm locking this thread.