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  1. Moved to suggestions.
  2. As this is strictly a suggestion ("show frost imbue on alt-click") rather than a bug, I've moved it to suggestions.
  3. Sanctions on players do get reviewed, and can generally be appealed. Sometimes, this process results in a reduction or downgrading of an applied sanction. When taking such a decision, the team take into account all evidence before them, including much that is not public. Per Enki's post (linked above), if you have evidence of poor behaviour, bring it to the GM team, and it will be reviewed. Nothing has changed regarding what is or is not acceptable under the rules, and evidence is required to be able to make good calls. This thread started as a request for information, but has quickly descended into rumour-mongering, straw-man speculation, and KvK posting, none of which has a place here.
  4. And he's doing a happy excited dance too, look at his feet!
  5. I've applied a temporary fix (which unfortunately may not work for everyone), but the longer-term solution relies on an upgrade to the software running our forums. This is on the list of stuff that needs doing, but I don't have a definite date as yet (Soon!) Clearing your browser caches may fix things for now. I apologise for the issue in the interim.
  6. Weird, I'm getting the usual sort of thing here, although it does take some seconds to fully load in: I'm wondering whether this is some sort of network route / congestion issue, i.e. it depends on where you are. I'm not seeing anything off in settings or logs. I shall continue to investigate.
  7. Moved to technical issues. Looking into the issue. I'm struggling a little to reproduce it - can anyone who had the issue previously confirm whether it's still happening, please? Also, try closing and re-opening the emoji window in the editor - sometimes it takes a little while to load and you get a stale cache of part-loaded images.