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  1. Folks, please keep this thread for bugs, requests etc. specific to this mod. There has been enough topic drift here, so if you'd like to continue to discuss whether this sort of mod is good or bad, please create a new thread in the WU discussions area. Thank you Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  2. I assume not cared for by anyone or branded?
  3. Heh, I'd forgotten this suggestion. Still seems like it may be useful, tho, if it's not too complicated to implement.
  4. While I'm there, I can do BS, PAS, JS and NS (assuming someone needs potions or dyes mixed).
  5. You will be able to see wagoners moving around the world when they're making deliveries - they do actually follow the highways and travel to their destinations. They don't operate cross-server, and they can't swim (although they should use bridges, assuming the bridges are part of the highway).
  6. Doesn't look like there's anything more useful to be had here. Thread locked
  7. Merged threads.
  8. I've edited the post above to add spoiler tags - if you're posting a large chunk of log, please use a spoiler tag to make it easier for people to read through - it's the icon in the editor that looks like an eye. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  9. Moved to merchant threads.
  10. Renamed Brickyard Hollows to Scarborough Added Frygenstig Landing Removed: Puddlesby Heights Puddlesby Sands Ocean Refuge Tortuga
  11. Good on you - the central desert could use some de-terraforming too, if you run out of stuff. I generally fix a few tiles whenever I go through it. Just a thought, try not to make things too perfectly manicured - a few random sharp dunes and things are nice to have, and regularity is really jarring.
  12. Moved to Toolbelt.
  13. Locked, as thread is pretty old.
  14. Split this out into its own topic.
  15. Folks, please stay within the forum rules: Language A ) You must use English when posting in the forum. If you cannot use English, we suggest the use of a translator. - You may use your own language in the recruitment thread(s), provided that there is an English translation in the original post. See