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  1. You'd probably be better off asking in the slaying thread, since that's likely what the organisers are watching.
  2. Reporting bugs

    Bug report threads are NOT the place for discussion of features. You should ONLY post in this forum if you have something directly relevant to the bug (e.g. an alternate way of reproducing it, confirmation of missing details, etc).
  3. Any violence towards therapists, who are only trying to help you, will result in bans.
  4. That's...piles of something on grass?
  5. As it happens, yes. Link in OP.
  6. To the OP, there are community-made maps showing a lot more detail than the in-game map - there should be a sticky'ed thread in the server sub-forums for each server. This may help if you're struggling to find your way around before it becomes familiar.
  7. As has been extensively covered elsewhere, real-world money trading (RMT) will no longer be allowed for Wurm stuff from 1st March 2020. See the announcement here for full details: This means that all sales in the various market sub-forums (WTS, auctions, etc) can no longer ask for or offer Euros, USD, etc. If you have a sales, buying or auction (or similar) thread running, please edit it to remove any RMT BEFORE 1st March 2020. Any threads still offering or soliciting RMT after this date may be locked or removed.
  8. Folks, I draw your attention to the Wurm rules: Please keep all posts in English, or at least provide a translation (Google Translate or similar is fine).
  9. This doesn't seem to be going anywhere further, locked.
  10. Updated. Added: Emerald Cove The Fishy Anvil Lunar Landing Point Desolation (again) Removed: Drifters Rest Darknor Roads: Adjusted road around Lunar Landing Added canal at The Fishy Anvil