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  1. Increase libila passives

    This isn't a bug, moved to suggestions.
  2. If you wish, we can delete your old account. This should free up the email address if you wish to reuse it for a new account. Please note, deleting an account is a permanant, non-reversable action, so be very sure that's what you want before you request it! Contact me directly if you want your account deleted.
  3. Current state of discord moderation.

    16 hours and still there. I'm always available to explain or review forum moderation actions. It sometimes takes a day or 3 for me to respond (other commitments mean that I can't be on the forums 24/7), but I will always explain why an action was taken, and where appropriate, I can reviewed and revoke warnings etc. Where threads have degenerated into bickering and more heat and fury than actual discussion, they will be locked, as they always have been. Content not appropriate (e.g. straight up trolling, outside of Theatre) may be hidden, and you can always PM someone and ask why if you're not clear. As has already been said, multiple times, if you have specific instances of staff behaving inappropriately, bring it to me - we can still find and view hidden content. Note that I will generally not discuss warnings etc against an account with anyone other than that person. Vague accusations of wrongdoing, however, are hard to do much about.
  4. Current state of discord moderation.

    As Capi says, there isn't anything here that breaks the rules. Respectful discussion is fine, so long as it doesn't stray into baseless accusations or general staff bashing. As has been stated already, if you feel that staff are behaving inappropriately, send a private message to the head of the respective team (the full list is available here: ). If for whatever reason you feel unable to go to the team lead, take it to Enki.
  5. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    Ridable sheep!
  6. Traveler's Compilation Thread for Player-made maps

    There should be a sticky'ed thread in each server sub-forum with the current community-maintained map for that server, and people generally post the link in the first post. However, if you'd like to create (and maintain) a thread in the community assistance section with links to all the maps (and their associated threads), go for it, and I'll sticky it.
  7. OMG MAKE THEM STOP .... !!!!

    Moved to suggestions.
  8. *hic* Cake's a lie *burp*

    Goodness, congrats!
  9. FYI: Subway Cards as payment.

    Returned to Town Square (once someone explained to me what this was actually about).
  10. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Everyone who suggested Mount & Blade Warband, you're terrible people and you should feel bad. And this is why we can't have nice unicorns!
  11. I have found the way to Wurm

    Pineapples and coconuts were mine too. Just sayin'
  12. I have found the way to Wurm

    Rolf didn't decide that, I did, when I wrote the recipe. Most sausages include rusk, which is essentially just bread crumbs, as a filler and absorbancy agent, and have done for a long time. Even now, with meat being more commonly available than ever, all-meat sausages are still the exception rather than the rule for the sausages you buy.
  13. Release Community Map

    Added: R'lyeh (Fthagn!) Removed: Lake Tunnel Oceanside
  14. the mean players

    I'm sorry you got beaten up at the rift - it sounds like you were trying to get into an area where there were a lot of mobs, so probably early in a wave. Sometimes the best thing you can do is pick your moment, wait for the critters to thin a bit before you run back in. It's generally best to approach the rift crowd a little at a time, so just attract the aggro of a few critters, then kill them, then go a bit deeper, gradually working your way in; that way, you don't get mobbed. Also, it's not a bad idea to take a less valuable horse into the rift, as that way, if the horse catches dead (and they will from time to time), you haven't lost your favourite one. You can always ride to the rift on the fast horse, leading the spare, then make sure you park your good horse well clear (ideally in a pen) while you ride the spare. You should always have plenty of cotton handy (keep a backup supply in your tent/cart), as there often aren't many characters around who can heal. Good luck, hope you give a rift another go sometime!