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  1. Release Community Map

    Removed: Isle of Artificers Darksun Harbour Re-added Ab Inferis
  2. No birdsong on lawn?

    Moved to suggestions.
  3. Release Community Map

    Added Calico, fixed a tunnel colour
  4. Send an email to with as much detail as you can.
  5. Release Community Map

    Map updated. Brainer's roads added. Removed: Linkoping Queensridge
  6. News article shenanigans.

    Unfortunately some of the various forum software upgrades we've been through messed up older links. It's not great, but it's where we are. Thank you for pointing out those inconsistencies, I've made a note of them. Pandalet (Assistant Lead Forum Moderator)
  7. Foreverlands is closing down RL calls hope people had fun.

    Thread locked.
  8. wtb staff statues

    There were definitely no pink dragon statues given out to staff, and Saroman didn't make some custom versions with dev's faces on them. The one I didn't get absolutely wasn't purple, either. And Saroman seems to think my nose is bigger than it actually is, but that's something else entirely.
  9. Valrei International. 055

    Please keep the spelling / text error reports coming - I really hate those bugs, and they're (usually) easy to fix!
  10. List of Wurm public documentation

    A quick calculator for transmutation liquids here: - you'll need to make a copy for yourself to use it. Moved to game guides and sticky'ed.
  11. Herb Question for the Devs

    The idea behind some herbs and spices being forage only is to make some of the items (and dishes that use them) a bit harder to get, thus introducing a bit of extra rarity, and also to keep foraging and botanising useful for something other than dyes. From memory, cocoa beans and nutmeg were 'things that came from far-off lands', although I don't remember if that bit of lore ever made it in. We didn't want everything to be easy to get. I get that not everyone agrees with that approach, but that was the design decision behind it. There's nothing you can't live without that relies on any of those particular herbs and spices, so it's all optional content rather than forced grind. Those particular ones were chosen because cocoa is the root of chocolate (and a nut) and sassafras is one of the higher-potency healing cover ingredients.
  12. Recruitment boards need to have a name or they're not plantable - you get [10:08:21] Write something on the village recruitment board first. Rename the board via the right-click menu and it works as expected. Having a recruitement message set makes no difference, and the name can be removed after the board is planted. Actual name doesn't matter, and doesn't seem to affect operation. Same problem applies to securing a board sitting on the ground.
  13. [no bug] Clotted Cream can't seal.

    I believe that's WAI - clotted cream counts as a cooked item, and thus isn't sealable.
  14. New metal predictions!

  15. Shield imping

    Moved to classifieds.