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  1. As this appears to be a suggestion to remove the extended logout timer after a fight, I've moved it to suggestions.
  2. As has been covered above, there are a number of specific recipes, which can be 'discovered' by a specific person. If you are the first person on a server to make one of those, the recipe (and any foods made using that recipe) will be known as 'your' <food>. These recipes generally need specific ingredients (e.g. pine nuts rather than any nut). Some are completely unique and some are specific versions of generic recipies. They also come in a range of difficulties and complexities. You can only have 1 recipe per server named after your character. Note that there are a few pre-named recipies that are the same everywhere (e.g. Tich's game jalfrezi). These commemorate various people involved in the implementation of the cooking system.
  3. Folks, the argument about whether community maps are official or supported has been answered, and there's no reason to continue it here. As Keenan pointed out, community maps are for and by the community, and have no official involvement, even if staff members choose to participate in a personal capacity. Please move on. The moderation team will be removing further arguments in this vein. Pandalet (LFM)
  4. As this thread contains a number of serious untruths and FUD, I have locked it. Pandalet (LFM) (not really)
  5. Moved to creative commons.
  6. The GM team are aware of the issue, and are investigating, with help from the devs. Please be patient as this is a bit of a tricky problem to unpick.
  7. Moved to tech issues and locked.
  8. Menu bar

    This is a known bug in the current client - the option still exists, but you can't set it. It should be fixed shortly. Moved to client bugs.
  9. Hot Pink. Yes really. Yes, that is my knarr.
  10. Unfortunately, the forum system we use doesn't include the facility to allow or disallow animated images on a per-user basis. For now, if this is something you're sensitive to, I can only recommend the browser-side solutions proposed above. If this changes in the future, I'd have no issue turning it on.
  11. As this thread seems to have moved away from its original discussion, and everything looks to have been covered, I've locked it. Pandalet (LFM)
  12. It's also worth noting that getting yourself banned will not free up the character name. Quite the opposite, it will make sure that nobody can ever use that name again, including you. I can't help for in-game, but if you want your forum account permanantly banned, I can do that - simply drop me a PM with the request to start the process.
  13. Not a perfect solution, but I store my fragments in satchels in a small magic chest to cut decay.
  14. You can put in a request to the GM team in-game with a ticket - type /support to start.