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  1. Updated. Added: Emerald Cove The Fishy Anvil Lunar Landing Point Desolation (again) Removed: Drifters Rest Darknor Roads: Adjusted road around Lunar Landing Added canal at The Fishy Anvil
  2. You should be able to adjust your notification preferences in your account settings - look for the 'Notification Settings' link on the right-hand side. What emails are you getting from the forums?
  3. Applications to join the forum moderation team are now open.
  4. moved to community assistance.
  5. Map updated. Added: Tintagel Removed: Sunset Docks Point Desolation R'lyeh
  6. Moved to suggestions, as that's the correct place to discuss suggested changes. Which we do read, despite all the people insisting we don't.
  7. Feel free to post your opinions, but please keep it respectful all round.
  8. I think we've resolved this now, but please let me know if there's anything that got missed.