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  1. Please take personal disputes out of this thread - I recommend PMs. If you really feel you have a grievance that needs publicly airing, you can create a separate thread for it, but I will remind you that your reputation is your own, and keeping things respectful makes it less likely that your posts will be removed. Pandalet (LFM)
  2. The correct place for this argument is in PM.
  3. For what it's worth, if you're looking for coastal space on Harmony, the far NE coast is pretty unpopulated, as are some areas on the SSW coast and SE corner. There's loads of undeeded area in the inland areas, particularly the central landmass. On Melody, the East and SW coasts are less populated, and again, the main interior areas have loads of space.
  4. Could you give some detail, please? When, where, who? See for what we need in a report to be able to do something about it.
  5. We are doing what we can to keep on top of moderation, in all the various different places. Unfortunately, there will be times when we miss things, for which, we can only apologise. If it's any consolation, the number of amazingly stupid names that have already been banned is impressive. If you have someone who's behaving really badly in a public chat, and there don't seem to be any moderators around, you can ask in IRC or Discord as well - there may be someone close by. You also have the option of /ignore, and if it's getting really bad or goes on for an extended period, filing a report via /support (but please keep that for an absolute last resort - our staff are already working flat out to deal with the tickets).
  6. As has been said already, it's worth at least trying to talk to the tent owner, especially if there's evidence that they've been there a while (pen, fields, terraforming, etc). Although the servers can sometimes feel a bit crowded, there is plenty of space on all of them, so just go a little further before you drop your deed, and a bit of playing nice and not ruining someone else's experience really doesn't cost you anything.
  7. The WTS (Want To Sell) section is for one-off sales threads only, for items on one of the Freedom (PvE) servers (or to be supplied to a Freedom server) - this section is specific to the Northern Freedom Isles. PvP servers have their own sales sections in Theatre, and the Southern Freedom Isles have their own buying and selling sections below. If you're adding new stock, or making open-ended amounts of stock, or items to order, you should be posting in the Merchants section: Editing your sales post to remove sold or no-longer-available items is acceptable, as is adjusting your pricing. Adding new items to your sale will push you over to Merchants. Sales threads with excessive amounts of items may also be moved to Merchants. If you're wanting to auction your items (i.e. you want people to bid or offer against each other), you should be posting in the Auctions section: You can ask for a price check or offers in a sales thread, but if it starts looking like an auction, your thread will be moved. If you're offering / requesting a service rather than goods, you may be better off posting in the Classifieds section: If you want to buy something rather than sell it, then you should be posting in the WTB (Want To Buy) section: If you want a thread closed, please edit the first post in the thread to change the title to include something like '[CLOSED]' or '[CLOSE PLEASE]'. From the 1st March 2020, trading game assets for real-world money is against the rules. Any posts or threads offering this may be locked or removed. Each thread will be treated on a case-by-case basis by the forum team, and these guidelines are not exhaustive (and may be updated from time to time). If you're not sure why your thread was moved, please contact one of the moderators (current list of staff here: ). If you see a thread in the wrong place, please report it (once!) and a member of the forum team will review it.
  8. We're aware of this, and the reason for it.
  9. It's not intended, it's just not high priority, given the other issues we're dealing with.
  10. For anyone still wondering, no, it's not an acceptable name, and will result in GM action. As TheTrickster said above, if you need to ask, then you should probably pick something else.
  11. This should have been corrected already - we apologise for the sudden sinkhole! Unfortunately, a fix for something else introduced an unexpected...side-effect...
  12. Everything should be working again, apart from Keenan's stress ball, Barney. RIP Barney, you lived fast and died young.