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  1. I think we've resolved this now, but please let me know if there's anything that got missed.
  2. The original intent was that the system would automatically dump you back to Freedom if you logged in to Jackal after your premium expired. Unfortunately, there were some issues there, so that doesn't happen currently. If you have this issue, please put a ticket in via the in-game support (on another character if necessary), and you will be assisted. No characters will be deleted by being on Jackal when it ends. Characters that have never been premium that haven't been logged into will be deleted in the usual way. Goodness, with such a sunny reception, I can't imagine why.
  3. The exact skill transfer is still under discussion - it clearly had some bugs the first time around.
  4. For what it's worth, if you add wooden things to a (lit) forge, they will fuel it when they're consumed (destroyed from fire damage).
  5. Please keep posts in English - this allows as many people to help as possible, and allows others to benefit from this thread later on.
  6. Moved to merchant ads.
  7. Please keep the debate respectful, without personal attacks. If you can't find a mature, sensible way to say your piece, don't say it. Pandalet
  8. Map updated (thanks, Ehizellbob ) Added Knight's rest and a new tunnel around Feral Dustbunnies. Removed Scarborough.
  9. Forum moderation issues can be taken up with me, via PM. I apologise if you've had a slow response recently, but I'm currently temporarily covering the LFM slot. This is not the place to discuss moderation.
  10. Congrats! There's no title for 100 cloth tailoring yet, so please send Retrograde your choice of title.
  11. The game isn't going away anytime soon. Just go ahead and play, if you're a decent person, the reputation thing will take care of itself in due course.