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  1. There were definitely no pink dragon statues given out to staff, and Saroman didn't make some custom versions with dev's faces on them. The one I didn't get absolutely wasn't purple, either. And Saroman seems to think my nose is bigger than it actually is, but that's something else entirely.
  2. Please keep the spelling / text error reports coming - I really hate those bugs, and they're (usually) easy to fix!
  3. A quick calculator for transmutation liquids here: - you'll need to make a copy for yourself to use it. Moved to game guides and sticky'ed.
  4. The idea behind some herbs and spices being forage only is to make some of the items (and dishes that use them) a bit harder to get, thus introducing a bit of extra rarity, and also to keep foraging and botanising useful for something other than dyes. From memory, cocoa beans and nutmeg were 'things that came from far-off lands', although I don't remember if that bit of lore ever made it in. We didn't want everything to be easy to get. I get that not everyone agrees with that approach, but that was the design decision behind it. There's nothing you can't live without that relies on any of those particular herbs and spices, so it's all optional content rather than forced grind. Those particular ones were chosen because cocoa is the root of chocolate (and a nut) and sassafras is one of the higher-potency healing cover ingredients.
  5. Recruitment boards need to have a name or they're not plantable - you get [10:08:21] Write something on the village recruitment board first. Rename the board via the right-click menu and it works as expected. Having a recruitement message set makes no difference, and the name can be removed after the board is planted. Actual name doesn't matter, and doesn't seem to affect operation. Same problem applies to securing a board sitting on the ground.
  6. I believe that's WAI - clotted cream counts as a cooked item, and thus isn't sealable.
  7. Moved to classifieds.
  8. Added Almenly Removed Harmony Fortress, New Bayview, Mont Teretraut
  9. Still got some lovely WS potions - they're strawberry flavoured!
  10. As per today's update, the amount of dye needed to colour things has changed. I've listed all currently-dyeable items below, along with their dye requirements in grams. Note that where an item has a primary and secondary colour (e.g. ships), this value is the primary colour - secondary colour will generally be 30% of primary. black cloth sleeve 19 bridle 4 cloth glove 7 cloth hood 18 cloth sleeve 19 great helm 18 green cloth sleeve 19 headstall 12 leather belt 4 leather cap 18 leather glove 7 leather sleeve 5 plain white cloth sleeve 19 rags 6 red cloth sleeve 19 sheet 6 soft cap 9 studded leather cap 18 studded leather glove 9 studded leather sleeve 19 toolbelt 6 whip of One 2 gm sign 29 pottery flask 10 reins 19 shovel blade 26 sign 29 statuette 14 statuette of Fo 14 statuette of Libila 14 statuette of Magranon 14 statuette of Vynora 14 black cloth pants 36 brown striped breeches 36 cloth pants 36 green cloth pants 36 leather pants 36 patchwork pants 36 plain white cloth pants 36 studded leather pants 36 girth 41 metal shield 68 pointing sign 33 shield 68 sign 56 scabbard 59 black belted vest 118 cloth shirt 118 green cloth tunic 118 red cloth tunic 118 stirrups 44 hanging lamp head 40 imperial lamp head 40 lamp head 40 lantern 40 metal torch 40 open helm 40 pottery jar 40 cloth shoe 68 leather boot 68 studded leather boot 68 leather jacket 140 garden gnome 72 chancellor cape 147 cloth jacket 147 royal robes 147 studded leather jacket 147 thorn robes 147 banner 166 flag 166 kingdom banner 166 kingdom flag 166 lunchbox 73 picnic basket 73 plate 104 hanging lamp 100 imperial street lamp 100 lamp 100 pottery brick 96 torch lamp 100 pottery bowl 120 shield 180 shield 180 smelting pot 120 stool 120 cheese drill 138 bucket 128 tall kingdom banner 482 shield 304 shield 304 armchair 216 chair 216 satchel 168 statue of boy 256 statue of girl 256 dredge 264 round table 384 square table 384 barrel 312 chest 312 wine barrel 312 statue of demon 688 statue of dog 688 statue of drake 888 statue of horse 688 statue of nymph 688 small pottery amphora 576 bed frame 1168 dining table 1448 statue of eagle 888 statue of Fo 888 statue of hell horse 888 statue of Libila 888 statue of Magranon 888 statue of Vynora 888 statue of worg 888 snowman 1152 barrel 1000 marker 1512 large pottery amphora 1080 chest 1400 hota statue 1792 statue of troll 1792 bedside table 1235 Hota pillar 8800 water marker 1536 sailing boat 5000 bed 2208 small cart 5000 raft 2304 rowing boat 5000 small crate 2400 spirit castle 4000 spirit cottage 4000 spirit house 4000 spirit mansion 4000 large crate 3456 larder 4128 oil barrel 4200 tub 4200 large cart 15000 ship transporter 15000 catapult 18048 cog 36488 colossus 65000 machine mount 10480 corbita 62568 bulk storage bin 3000 food storage bin 3000 trash heap 16000 ballista 17800 battering ram 26400 knarr 169600 trebuchet 113400 bulk container unit 38400 caravel 220000
  11. AS potions sent, apologies for the delay.
  12. Fletching potions sold.
  13. Bump