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  1. Congrats! There's no title for 100 cloth tailoring yet, so please send Retrograde your choice of title.
  2. The game isn't going away anytime soon. Just go ahead and play, if you're a decent person, the reputation thing will take care of itself in due course.
  3. There is currently no title for 100 huge axe. Assuming there isn't already someone with 100 skill pending a title (Retro will need to confirm that), it's all yours. Congratulations, either way!
  4. Moved to community assistance.
  5. Fail to make kindling. Repeatedly. For me, the draw is the variety and range of stuff to do, where it all feels a little different. Too many MMOs everything feels basically the same, just different pictures.
  6. forum

    We are aware of the issues, and we're working on them. The forums should be working at this stage, although still laggy.
  7. If you still have the leggat, I'd like it. 80c? In-game name is the same as forums.
  8. Eir

    Drat, another gone. Rest in peace, Eir.
  9. I'll take the rare brush at 2s, cod please
  10. hmm, ok, not sure what happened there, but I think I've fixed it. Clasin, please check your post and make sure I've not accidently deleted something I shouldn't have.
  11. Black pearls are definitely in.
  12. Looks ok to me - please can you explain the issue in a bit more detail?