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Found 13 results

  1. I need many marble or slate bricks and slabs. If you tired to have it in your warehouse, you may exchange it for tool on your choice. Bricks equivalent is 2s per k, slabs is 50c per 100. I can sell tools with -20% discount, if you pay silver. 'Common' column mean regular value, base price for calculations. Follow is possible as payment: marble bricks marble slabs slate bricks slate slabs mortar Tool Base Bricks Slabs Coins Blank rare iron/oak tool 2s 1k 400 1.6s Blank rare steel tool 2.3s 1.15k 460 1.8s Blank rare iron weapon 2.3s 1.15k 460 1.8s Blank rare steel weapon 2.5s 1.25k 500 2s rare pickaxe 90ql 2.6s 1.3k 520 2s rare oak spatula 1.8s 0.9k 360 1.4s rare oak clay shaper 1.8s 0.9k 360 1.4s rare steel scissors 90ql 90coc 4s 2k 800 3.2s rare oak mallet 90ql 93coc 4s 2k 800 3.2s rare oak mallet 2s 1k 400 1.6s rare steel trowel 91ql 90woa 91coc 5s 2.5k 1000 4s rare steel trowel 90ql 96coc 95woa 6s 3k 1200 4.8s rare rake 90ql 92coc 86woa 4s 2k 800 3.2s rare carving knife 2s 1k 400 1.6s Contact me ingame for any questions and offers. I can pickup things, if it bigger, than 3s equivalent or delivery it to me on cel. Only marble and slate I need. I can grind something, by your request, with -20% discount also, if you pay coins. By your request, it can be improved and enchanted.
  2. rare trowel steel 91ql 90woa 91coc, 5.5s rare trowel steel 90ql 95woa 96coc, 6.5s rare scissors steel 90coc 90ql, 4.2s rare mallet oak 90ql 93coc, 3.8s rare awl iron 90ql, 3s rare scythe iron blank, 2.4s rare mallet oak blank, 2.4s I bought ench/imp services to sell it easier and not sure, I can drop prices. Contact me ingame also, Tivox.
  3. I'm very out-dated about pricing so this might be fun.. Please post item Nr. and ign to COD Items will be sent at evenings past 9pm GMT. Also pickup possible at North coast of Exo, B17 COD is Not included into items price. (Note, if no offers will be made on specific items i'll be willing to sell for cheaper at end of the week) #1 Rare Large shield c83 - 2.2s #2 Rare shortbow nimb 67 - 2.2s #3 Rare shortbow nimb 38 - 2s #4 Rare large shield, oak - 1.8s #5 Rare ropetool w94 c94 - 3s #6 Supreme ropetool w80 c83 - 10s #7 Rare saw w75 c52 - 2.2s #8 Rare shovel w66 c64 - 2.1s #9 Rare shovel w82 c55 - 2.2s #10 Rare hammer c78 - 2.1s #11 Rare Lantern (neat Green 82ql) - 2.2s #12 Rare stone chisel w74 c75 - 2.2s #13 Rare awl c63 - 2s #14 Supreme longbow, Willow n88 - 15s #15 Rare longbow, pine, Clean - 2s #16 Rare longbow, Willow, n54 - 2.2s #17 Rare needle w60 c43 - 2s #18 Supreme bow, Pinewood, n92 c65 - 10s #19 Rare pickaxe w88 c82 - 2.2s #20 Rare pickaxe w96 c65 - 2.2s #21 Rare basinet helm, steel, aosp 63 - 2s #22 Rare large maul AD n76 lt73 c77 ms84 - 3.5s #23 Rare longsword HD n72 c94 fa91 - 2.8s #24 Rare butchering knife c76 - 2.2s #25 Rare small anvil c40 - 2s #26 Sleep Powder x21 - 17s #27 Sculpting wand 60ql - 20s
  4. 50% off listed prices Enchanted Tools: Enchanted Tools: Rare tools all sold - Just the long swords left. and ropetool 195silver for sale 1s=1e minimium 20s
  5. Mask of returnet - 5s Rare ShipMaterials (pegs,tenon,plank ect...), - 30c each Rare Saw QL 17,69 - SOLD Rare Saw QL 2,52 - SOLD Rare Mallet (Walnut) 65,55ql - SOLD Rare Mallet (Cedarwood) 91,30ql W15 C73 - 7s Rare Small Anvil 87ql 85W 70C - SOLD Rare Hammer 63ql - 6s Rare Grooming Brush (Cedar) 90.25QL W84C77 - 8s Rare Pickaxe 67ql C72 W71 - 7s Rare Pickaxe 30,48QL C97 - 9s Rare Pickaxe 93,51QL W88 C97 - SOLD Rare Pickaxe 63,62QL STEEL C82 W86 - SOLD Rare Shovel 76,26QL W86 C91 - 8,5s Rare Shovel 94,05QL W72 C58 - 7s Rare Huge Axe 54,39QL - SOLD Rare Plate Gauntlet 80,21QL - 3s Rare Plate Gauntlet 78,02QL - 3s Rare Chain Boot 28,61 - 2s Rare Chain Jacket 58.20 QL - 3s Rare Chain Jacket 69ql - 3,5s Rare Silver Statuette of Vynora 31QL - 5s Rare Gold Statuette of Vynora 63QL - 6s Rare Stone Chisel 19,86ql c88 w81 - 8s Rare Carving Knife 90,59ql C81 W87 - SOLD Rare Butchering Knife 73ql W51 C82 - SOLD Rare Butchering Knife 87,21ql W69 C84 - 8s Rare Butchering Knife 70,85ql C95 W93 - SOLD SUPREME toolbelt, leather 90,01- 15s Rare Knapsack - 7s SUPREME Knapsack - 17s Rare Rope - 50c Rare Lock Pick 57,92ql - 50c Scythe 1,67ql 101CoC - 4,5s Knapsack - 2s 8k Stone Brick - 1k=2s 4k Colossus Brick - 1k=2,5s 8k Mortar - 1k=2,5s Gems 1ql-1c (total ~4000ql) Rare chain set - 18s
  6. I wish to buy the following tools: RARE Scissors - 4s RARE Shovel - 5s RARE Leather knife - 4s RARE Hammer - 4s RARE Stone chisel - 4s RARE Awl - 4s RARE Mallet - 4s RARE Imperial street lamps - 1s (Just mail to TheUnknown) RARE Butcher knife - 6s Please feel free to propose a swap with the following tools I have to sell: Carving knife - 79ql - 94 CoC Scissors - 70ql - 100 CoC Dredge - 70ql - 99 WoA Dredge - 70ql - 75 WoA Butch knife x 3 all 90+ CoC RARE pickaxe - 86ql - 92 WoA - 81 CoC Gems + star gems
  7. I am looking for a rare leather knife. I can improve and and enchant myself so that's not important unless it's very high QL/enchants. I am however open to offers. Looking at recent sales it seems the price for this are around 7s so I'll certainly be willing to match that.
  8. Rare Saw iron QL is 70QL and rising as i imp it. starting bid 5s increment 50c time a week buyout- not really I dunno, 15s? buyer pays cod sniping 1 hour ext
  9. rare scissors 91ql 85 coc - starting bid 7s rare file 91ql 95 coc - starting bid 7s rare butcher knife 90ql 70 coc - starting bid 10s rare small anvil 91.50ql - great for lock smiths starting bid - 5s rare studded glove 52ql starting bid - 1s rare cloth glove 24ql starting bid - 1s rare small metal shield 71ql starting bid - 1s list item and bid no buyout no private bidding 1 hour snipe protection minimum bid increments 50c good luck!
  10. I have to sell Rare File Start: 1s bind: 1s