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Found 8 results

  1. Rares: Rope Tool, 91 CoC 77ql Champagne (6 uses left) Cedar knapsack 45ql unfinished Support beam 2x war arrows (cedar, 50ql) Supreme: unfinished support beam Misc: Green Hatchling blood JK Banner HoTS Banner Fireworks 61ql mallet 68 woa Gold ring 52 ql Silver necklace 70ql Gems Rift Loot Sold out Moon Metals Sold out I'll update this as stuff comes in, as i tend to make a lot of useless rares. Feel free to pm me in game or on forums any offers or questions
  2. Selling the lot below: Start Price: 1s Min Increase: 1s Buyout: 40s Sniper Protection: 2hours Reserve: No Pickup: B18 Xanadu Only 10% discount offered for euro payment, 1s = .9 euro
  3. Transmutation liquid, full bottle - 5 s Mallet, oakenwood 85.23 ql - 40c Mallet, pinewood 74.40 ql , 75 CoC - 70c Hatchet, iron 64.86 ql , 64 WoA , 63 CoC - 1s Yule Goat - 1s Yellow Potions x13 - 10c each Mountain lion pelt 70.06 ql , 4.36 damage , CoC 57 - 40c Carving knife, iron 28.52 ql , CoC 55 - 40c Grooming Brush, pinewood 7.46 ql , CoC 70 - 70c Grindstone 26.33 ql , CoC 73 - 70c Longsword,iron 53.77 ql , WoA 71 , Frostbrand 67, CoC 51 - 1.2 s Trowel,iron 44.89 ql , WoA 52 , CoC 66 - 80c CoD on all items, post requests,counter-offers, etc. here,on private msgs or to Anki ingame.
  4. Love making corpses into plant food, but how about letting us bury other items? I know this could be tricky, since we all butcher, then bury and magically all the stuff "in" the corpse stays in inventory, but I sure would like to bury crap pelts, rather than leaving them laying on the ground. How about when you find an old settlement that looks crappy. Nice to just bury the eye sore piles of garbage. Lower server load and objects the client has to render.
  5. Starts at - 1s Minimum bid - 50c No reserve Buyout 8s Located on Exodus Leading bid: Belfesar with 4s
  6. As title says I am looking to buy any and all rare and supreme otherwise useless components, this includes vegetables, fish, flowers, parts, raw materials, and anything else you can think of. I am offering the following: CoD at my expense: Rare: 5c Supreme: 15c Pickup (bulk only 30+ items): Rare 10c Supreme 20c I am located at D10 in Xanadu, I would prefer someone close for pickup, but willing to travel, leave a msg on the forums here or pm me in game Silas
  7. Got a fine assortment of junk I want to get rid of. Enchanted stuff for 1c per power. 2s for the rare glove. 10c for the yellow potion. ([20:52:58] A round flask containing a yellow fluid smelling strongly of alcohol and urine. ) Not sure what to ask for the transmutation liquids, so I'm willing to listen to offers. For the rest of the junk offer whatever you think is reasonable. PM,forum post or ingame Anki with offers,counter offers,wants and needs,etc... Buyer pays mailling fee...Willing to deliver anywhere on Indy for any purchase above 2s.
  8. This is just fun and neat. Since you guys regularly have to deal with gigantic glowing spiders, and their ilk, you might enjoy it. More here: