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Found 140 results

  1. OPEN for business! .- Gypsy corner wishing well -. Custom items and enchants. - - - - - - - - - - General items, made on order - with or without custom Vynora enchants! If you want pre-enchanted tools, press this link for the merchant thread. - - - - - - - - - - Carpentry: Why didnt evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder? - K. Pilkington Contact: Nordlys Fine carpentry: Where you find quality you'll find a craftsman, not a quality-expert! - R. Brault Contact: Nordlys Blacksmithing: I would love to come up with a quote, but i got too many irons in the fire as it is. - Nordlys Contact: Nordlys Leatherworking: No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle! - Sir Winston Churchill Contact: Rgr (please be aware that Rgr does travel alot, so if we dont have the items, there might be a bit of waiting) Custom Vynora enchants: I cook with wine. Sometimes i even add it to the food! - W. C. Fields Contact: Nordlys Package deals: Packages made for your convenience, and you save some coins aswell! Contact: Nordlys or Rgr Special oddities: Rares, rift items, enchants, deals and such! Contact and complaints: Nordlys or Rgr All items will be sent by COD (cash on delivery), the cost is normally 1c per item sent, paid by the buyer. All prices are listed without postal fee. Our mailbox got 99 courier cast, and 5% size rune attached (logs, halberds, spears and even some furniture can be mailed). Please write what item, ql of the item, and add recipients ingame name. Legend: Delivery and pickup: Buyers that for some reason wants to be anonymous can send a pm on the forums or ingame, but we appreciate if you write it in this topic. If anything is unclear or some information is missing, please tell us. Note: If we by strange reasons would add an obvious wrong price to an item, or list wrong enchant for example, we may not accept the offer. If you want to pm someone reasonable on the forum about this topic, try Nordlys. Happy wurming! - Nordlys
  2. Hvergi's Workshop Item Creation And Improvement Services Information All prices are for Iron items, unless otherwise noted. Most metals in stock, PM me here or in-game for a price quote. Imps are priced based on your desired QL price minus your current QL price, Rounded at my discretion. Items will be imped to metal, unless otherwise requested. For non-mailable items Pick up is at Elska Heima (f9) on Indy High Demand Trade ins Doing deed work, would rather smith so offering more then the market rate in shop credit for these items. Round Stone Bricks 25c per 100 (0 of 5000 recived) Mortar 30c per 100 (0 of 8000 received) Trades Currently Offered Skills : Blacksmithing up to 99ql Weapon smithing upto 92ql Chain armour smithing up to 70ql Plate armour smithing up to 70ql Shield smithing up to 70ql Blacksmithing Weapon Smithing Shield Smithing Chain armour Smithing Plate armour Smithing
  3. So i for once decided to do this. I only do the dyes on weekends. Custom dye is 25c/kg. I dont do black if u ask i has to be online to do that and u get a answer thats in case 30c/kg Use this site to get custom dyes, i need the nrs from red=r green=g b=blue. I can sell in a soon future high ql meat but i am colleting atm so i have a stock. + hides and so on. this shop opens Jan 31 and is open only weekends. Ill can take ur orders i can do like 100kg a day on weekends high ql and best i can produce Take care my other wurm ppl
  4. * Post updated January 20, 2020 * Witchfold Croft Works Hello and thank you for visiting us today here at Witchfold Croft Works. We have all of your needs; from tools to armor of all kinds and even including some bulk material. What ever you need we can do for you! So please take a look around! Blacksmithing Carpentry Plate Smithing Cloth Tailoring Leather Working Thank you for looking through everything! We here at Witchfold Croft Works! We hope that you have a great day! Disclaimers: I have the right to refuse business to anyone; I have the right to refuse to CoD something for any reason; I will not do any bulk orders above 1k items unless there is a special circumstance. Black List
  5. Misc Leatherwork I have many saddles and studded sets in stock If you're looking for leatherworks thats not listed, feel free to send me a message here or in-game or comment bellow. My current skill is 99,70 so I do imps higher than I've listed, guess we will find a price we both like. ALL leatherwork that have "Rgr" as signature I will offer a discount on imps! Planks 2s/1000 Dirt 1s/1000 Clay1s/1000 Concrete 1s/100 Will update regulary with tools and other shiny stuff /t Rgr
  6. D U N L A P H I L L V I L L A G E Feel free to contact (Neville) on the forums OR (Neville, Mylulv, Longbottom) in-game. B L A C K S M I T H I N G Blacksmithing is the process by which tools and various other items are made by processing metal. Current Skill Level: 97 (see tool properties here). Metals: Subject to availability for now but high quality iron is always on hand. You can always provide your own and I'll send back the remainder. Rares: No extra cost to you if I turn your item rare during creation or imping! Savings: 13% off re-imps for items made by Neville, Mylulv or Worldtender (signature must match). Please Note: I can typically push items up to 92QL fairly easily but it can take quite a while longer to push them higher. TOOLS P L A T E A R M O U R S M I T H I N G Plate Armour Smithing is the process by which plate armours are made by processing metal. Current Skill Level: 93 (see comparisons, attack type protection and metal armour properties here). Metals: Subject to availability for now but high quality iron is always on hand. You can always provide your own and I'll send back the remainder. Rares: No extra cost to you if I turn your item rare during creation or imping! Savings: 13% off re-imps for items made by Neville, Mylulv or Worldtender (signature must match). Please Note: I typically push items up to 90QL but it can take quite a while longer to push them higher. ARMOUR PIECES ARMOUR SETS C H A N N E L I N G Channeling is the casting of spells in order to enchant items. Current Skill: I can typically cast items up to 60+ cast power fairly rapidly but it can take quite a while longer to cast them higher. Shatter Risk: I can replace items created/improved with Blacksmithing and Plate Armour Smithing up to 90QL at no cost to you, as long as the item being casted on is 80QL or higher. I may replace lower QL items at my discretion but its not implied. Sadly rare items cannot be replaced except with a standard item, nor will I replace any cast not from the current order. There is a much higher risk of shatters with difficult spells such as for e.g., Nimbleness so just be aware of that. Please Note: Don't forget to put your name on your items before sending them in for service! FO (Current Skill Level: 88) VYNORA (Current Skill Level: 83)
  7. Fort Huntsman is located at G12 Release Contact In-Game: Jakeii / Trentasaurus / Wulfgar / Casimiro Contact On Forum: Jakeii Spirit Castle: [05:55:48] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [99] Fast 3 Minute Mail-Time! [1c Postage fee for All Mailed items] Sleep Powders accepted as payment at a value of 1s. Referrals accepted as payment at a value of 6s. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Pottery Supplies Bulk Goods: Black-Smithing: Armour Smithing: Carpentry: Cloth Tailoring: Ship Building: Mining: Woodcutting: Masonry: Misc Items: Shield Smithing:
  8. Greytown Goods, Independence R21 Masonry and Stonecutting 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c 95ql 3s 95+ can be arranged on request. No travel fee on orders over 2s or bring your forge to our place! Blacksmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c 90ql 90c Platesmithing Plateset Iron 70ql 60s 80ql 1.5s 85ql 2.75s 90ql 5s Plateset Steel 70ql 2.25s 80ql 2.75s 85ql 3.75s 90ql 8s - currently no 90ql steel Shieldsmithing 70ql 30c 80ql 50c Carpentry Tools 70ql 30c 80ql 40c 85ql 60c Bows 70ql 30c Arrows Pricer per 100 30ql 65c 50ql 1.25s 70ql 3s Cloth tailoring Meditation rug 80ql 40c Enchants We can not ensure 90+ power, but will give it our best shot on any item you buy from us. If we do not meet the requirement, you may cancel the order. Wind of Ages, Circle of Cunning, Frostbrand, Rotting Touch 70-79 30c 80-84 50c 85-89 60c 90+ 80c Blessings of the Dark 70-79 40c 80-84 70c 85-89 85c 90+ 1s Life Transfer 70-79 60c 80-84 80c 85-89 90c 90+ 1.2 Nimbleness 30-59 (+1 CR) 35c 60-89 (+2 CR) 60c 90+ (+3CR) 1s Aura of Shared Pain, Web Armour Piece 70-79 30c 80-89 50c 90+ 60c Set 70-79 2.5s 80-89 3.6s 90+ 5s Courier 70-80 40c 81-90 60c 90-95 1s 95+ 1.2s Contact Forum Ingame Sharkin Sharkin Riceri Greyhound
  9. Oakheart is opening its merchant thread officialy here. Either contact Elwood (Elwood2 on the forums )or Thirtynine (Ruiner on the forums ), or leave a message below Carpentry 70ql - 10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1,1s 93ql - 1,4s (Same prices apply for Fine Carpentry items as for Carpentry, excluding looms which are 3 times the normal rates, this includes traveling and log usage) ps only doing xanadu central in regards of loom improvements for now Mallets 80ql - 20c 90ql - 30c 92ql - 50c 93ql - 60c 95q - 80c 98ql - 150c Blacksmithing 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c 92ql - 1,1s 93ql - 1,4s Weaponsmithing 70ql -10c 80ql - 40c 90ql - 80c Enchants Wind of Ages | Circle of Cunning | Blessing of the Dark Cast power | Cost 80's - 75c 90's - 1s 100+ - 2s Even with best preparations and 98 Channeling, casting in Wurm is still a random thing and may result in losing the item if it is low ql -------------------------------------- Horse Gear Horse shoes (Are sold as a set of 4, un-enchanted) 70QL -- 30c 80QL -- 1s 85QL -- 2s 90QL -- 3s Improvement rates : 70-90ql - 50c 90-93ql -80c 93-95ql -2s Terms and Waranty 1] I here by am in no obligation to accept a order if it doesnt sound right, or if i know said person doesnt pay/accept the mail or if simply the order is outragous. 2] All premade or any newly made items/tools come un-enchanted unless specified otherwise in the premade stock list. 3] Any Loom improvement jobs have to be paid in advance, no less then 50% of the initial price of said order. 4] When ordering a item i do not have in stock it usualy takes between 1 hour up to 2 days depending how my real life schedule is and if im at work or not, I do mail them out as soon as they are ready and made. 5] Any mallets Wearing my signature have a 2 free imp job waranty back to 90-91ql if they ever drop below 88ql.(excluding mailing fees.)
  10. Hello I offer my services . I can do weapon smithing up to 94 quality. I charge no more than 50c for this. I can do blacksmithing items to 80 quality. I can also improve masonry to 75 quality. I also offer fletching to 65 and fine carpentry to 65.
  11. We already have smelters, so let's give them another use, on that would complement their bulk nature! When a player puts lumps in a smelter and heats them up to glowing hot, they will get an additional action "Smelt" this will convert the lumps in the smelter into ingots. Each ingot will require 20 Kg of lump and will produce 1 ingot which will also weigh 20 Kg. Ingots have some benefits, such as heavily reduced decay and would take up less volume in storage. Ingots do come with one downside, to be converted back into usable lumps, ingots would have to be heated back up in a smelter, then using the second action "Melt" this would convert the ingot back into 4 equally weighted lumps. The ql of the lumps when creating the ingot would be averaged out, so would the damage. But upon creation of the ingot, any damage would be removed and converted into lost end result, at a ratio of 5 damage per 1 kg lost on final ingot. When the ingot is melted ql is preserved and it is split into 4 parts, if the starting lumps are not damaged, each would weigh 5 Kg. Any damage the ingot received would be once again converted into lost weight upon melting. So what do you think? TL;DR convert lumps into a more efficient storage unit which prevents decay
  12. A new item made with blacksmithing (min of 30), takes 2kg of copper. When used on a tile next to a water source it creates a special kind of water source (piped water source). If used on a tile next to a piped water source it moves that piped water source onto the tile. If you want a water source 20 tiles away from your existing one you are going to need 20 pipes. Simple as. Piped water sources decay off deed if nothing is using them (no fountain/well on the tile). On an upkept deed they do not decay. Optional Extra : Allow lead to be used to make pipes too, just so we can all get lead poisoning! Edit : Another optional Extra : Clay Pipes (40 pottery needed)
  13. At what Quality do Saddles and Horse Shoes begin granting horses a bonus to their speed? At what Quality is the bonus enough to be noticed? Is there a formula to determine the bonus from Saddles and Horse Shoes?
  14. Orders can be placed by responding to this thread, sending me a message on the forum, or if you're lucky, you can catch me online as Wort or Ilromov. Offering: Leatherworking Items up to 95ql Tailoring Items up to 95ql Carpentry Items up to 90ql Fine Carpentry Items up to 85ql Blacksmithing Items up to 80ql 80+ power Vynora enchants. Message me for quotes on decorations. I can make just about anything for your house. Special order status: (Open - no current orders; Delayed - a few current orders; Closed - too many current orders) Blanks: Open Enchants: Open Pricing structure: Armors: ql60 10c ql70 15c ql80 20c ql90 40c ql93 90c ql94 1.50s ql95 2.50s ql96 4s ql97 6.50s Toolbelts, Tools, and Rugs: 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 1s Saddles: 50ql - 15c 60ql - 20c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 60c 90ql - 1.40s 93ql - 1.90s Barding: 50ql - 30c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 50c 80ql - 80c 90ql - 1.80s 95ql - 6s Enchants – start at 32c for 70 power 2c for each power between 70-79 (32-50c) 4c for each power between 80-89 (54-90c) 6c for each power between 90-99 (96-150c) 80c for each power between 100-104 (2.3s-5.5s)
  15. Read The Following Notices: Contact: Yiraia (or Siasia) Deed: Moonlight Shadows in Exodus (s18) Blacksmithing Iron Tools 5c 50ql 7c 60ql 10c 70ql Horseshoe Sets (Iron) 12c 50ql 20c 60ql 32c 70ql Bulk Lamps 20c:5 lamps (50ql) Only iron unless supplied different materials. Imperial street lamps are not included. Additional discount on lamp may be included if order is large. Improving is also an option. Read notices and pm me if interested.
  16. Moved to:
  17. Hey There! I am looking to buy a crafting account with 85+ blacksmithing and at least one more high skill in any of these skills : Plate, Shield, Jewelery, WS, Leatherworking Please contact me via PM's with skilldumps
  18. All items including lamps can be mailed from runed box!! Blacksmithing imping 90ql 50c / 91ql 1s / 92ql 2s / 93ql 3s / 94ql 4s / 95ql 5s / 96ql 8s / 97ql 10s / 98ql 15s Laterns 70ql 25c / 80ql 50c / 90ql 1s Lamps Iron lamps 50ql 20c / 70ql 35c / 80ql 50c / 90ql 1s or 10@50ql 1.5s / 10@ 70ql 3s / 10@80ql 4.5s / 10@90ql 9s Copper or Silver lamps 50ql 25c / 70ql 40c / 80ql 55c / 90ql 1s5c or 10@50ql 2s / 10@70ql 3.5s / 10@80ql 5s / 10@90ql 10s Brass or Bronze 50ql 35c / 70ql 50c / 80ql 65c / 90ql 1s15c or 10@50ql 3s / 10@70ql4.5s / 10@80ql 6s / 10@90ql 11s BRASS AND BRONZE ARE DEPENDENT ON AVAILABLE MATS Cloth Tailoring Imping 90ql 50c per piece or item Chainsmithing prices to come, can do imps to 80ql will be posting the vyn enchants pricing and currently made items soon PM SMOKES FOR INGAME QUESTIONS Feel free to join us on ts @ Port: 9987
  19. We offer blacksmithing, carpentry, fine carpentry and chainsmithing items Buyer pays C.O.D fees Pickup at H23 exodus Stock items will be sent as soon as im online and orders will be sent as soon as they are made Now also with a merchant on deed with lots of cheap tools and enchanted tools. Blacksmithing orders Taking orders on new tools or imping one of your tools. Prices 70ql 20c 75ql 25c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Full chain sets ql70 2s ql80 2,5s Carp/Fine carp: Prices 40ql 10c 50ql 15c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 75ql 35c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Enchants: coc/woa cast to 70+ 1c/power Merchant: Hatchet (c95) sold Wagon 1 wagon ql55 1s Rares and other goodies: Supreme Long Sword ql89 Nimb 86, LT 81, coc 90 33s Rare Long Sword ql90 Nimb 86, LT 85, coc 78 12s Rare Ropetool, oakwood ql79 2,5s Rare Ropetool, willow ql74 2,5s Oil of the weapon smith ql76 2s Fletching potion ql86 1,5s Supreme File ql88 23s Bulk Dirt 1s/1k (4 in stock) concrete 1s/100 (0 in stock) mortar 3s/1k (0 in stock) Bricks 2s/1k (0 in stock) If its not in stock contact me for details on when its ready. Sleep powder 1s each (10 in stock) (pickup only) Any questions or orders can be mailed to me here on forum or ingame (same name as here) No price is set in stone, if you like something contact me and we can talk about the price.
  20. Want to sell the following supreme tools all 92+ quality W = Wind of Age C = Circle of Cunning LW = Leatherworking imbue BD = Blessing of the Dark AR = Armor Smithing Imbue BS = Blacksmithing imbue WS = Weapon Smithing imbue Send offer in pms, willing to discount on buying bulk.
  21. Hello i am Raycg the Master Mason and i have been gone for a few months. it seems my old thread is done for and dosent look like i can get it back so i'll make a new one! So i imped lots of forges for people for a very long time and i would love to bring it back! i will be useing the same prices and adding new things and will make this post look better again eventualy i will allso do mail box enchanting too.Would be nice if i could have my big thread back but this will do for now. thanks for your support! Masonry - imping up to 90ql in some masonry items! Forge - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c and if you want a nice big shiny forge! 95ql = 5s Oven - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Guard tower - can make for you fo a charge of 5s. 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Pillars - 1s building 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (50ql free) Well - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (No bulding charge, 50ql free) Spirit cottage/Castle - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Casting Courier (Mailbox). (cant say i will get 80 or 90 easy but can give it a try) 30+ power: 1s 50+ power: 2s 75+ power: 3s 90+ power: 5s Stone Cutting - imping up to 90ql! Mine door - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c whetstones 90ql = 10c 80ql = 5c 70ql = 2c Grindstones - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c Fountains - 90ql = 2s 70ql = 1s 70ql = 50c 1k bricks = 1s pickup only at reborn docks (reborn) Blacksmithing - imping up to 90ql! Tools - 90ql = 2s 80ql = 1s 70ql = 50c (Stone chisel, small and large anvils, Pickaxe, File, Scissors, Leather knife, Hammer, Horse shoes, Shovel, Awl, Hatchet, Needle, pots and pans, Trowel, saw, and Lantern.) Lamps will be an extra 20c You can send me your allredy made tools with or with out chants and i can imp them too, depening on what ql it is the price will be lowerd. Weaponsmithing - Imping up to 40ql Any weapon - 30ql = 20c 40ql = 30c "note only get the 50ql for free if buying something"
  22. Selling off my smithing/building alt. Will come with armour, sword and shield only. Account will be on NE celebration. Starting bid of 200 euro. Private bids are okay, and no sniper protection. Auction will run for 5 days. Edit: Forgot... [18:55:06] You have premium time until 20 Dec 2016 18:28:01 GMT Path of knowledge (forget which level, has get info 1 though). Account is a male character
  23. SOLD

    Skills dumped at 18.09.2016. ----- Skills: 0.0 0.0 0 Religion: 15.520506 15.520506 0 Prayer: 30.700298 30.700298 0 Channeling: 1.0 1.0 0 Preaching: 5.3564167 5.3564167 0 Exorcism: 2.0 2.0 0 Artifacts: 1.0 1.0 0 Hammers: 1.0 1.0 0 Warhammer: 1.099 1.0 0 Healing: 17.763096 17.763096 0 First aid: 33.447426 33.447426 0 Clubs: 4.089973 4.089973 0 Huge club: 5.9777303 6.1135235 0 Archery: 30.229792 30.229792 0 Short bow: 3.4380484 3.4380484 0 Medium bow: 1.0 1.0 0 Long bow: 23.683098 23.683098 0 Thievery: 1.0 1.0 0 Stealing: 1.0 1.0 0 Lock picking: 1.099 1.0 0 Traps: 1.0 1.0 0 War machines: 6.8861628 7.1361628 0 Catapults: 10.865202 10.865202 0 Trebuchets: 7.6588626 7.6588626 0 Turrets: 1.0 1.0 0 Ballistae: 1.0 1.0 0 Polearms: 10.951966 10.951966 0 Staff: 1.1369671 1.1369671 0 Long spear: 25.523233 25.523233 0 Halberd: 1.0 1.0 0 Prospecting: 46.09528 46.09528 0 Coal-making: 30.127562 30.127562 0 Milling: 14.739825 14.989825 0 Tracking: 32.207493 32.207493 1 Paving: 52.47172 52.47172 0 Climbing: 22.873032 22.873032 0 Thatching: 1.197901 1.0 0 Firemaking: 38.071705 38.071705 0 Pottery: 54.766296 54.766296 0 Mining: 94.902054 94.902054 0 Digging: 99.131905 99.31966 0 Ropemaking: 72.1672 72.1672 0 Smithing: 76.246346 76.246346 0 Blacksmithing: 96.36263 96.36263 0 Locksmithing: 23.305563 23.517555 0 Jewelry smithing: 92.6241 92.6241 0 Metallurgy: 16.010841 16.010841 0 Weapon smithing: 32.752113 32.752113 0 Blades smithing: 33.721195 33.721195 0 Weapon heads smithing: 27.25673 27.50673 0 Armour smithing: 10.979209 10.979209 0 Shield smithing: 16.471682 16.471682 0 Chain armour smithing: 15.698708 16.198708 0 Plate armour smithing: 39.610138 39.860138 0 Tailoring: 32.156067 32.156067 0 Cloth tailoring: 56.107204 56.107204 0 Leatherworking: 57.941086 57.941086 0 Masonry: 82.915695 82.915695 0 Stone cutting: 61.276134 61.276134 0 Cooking: 32.56362 32.56362 0 Hot food cooking: 59.05715 59.05715 0 Baking: 11.603796 11.603796 0 Dairy food making: 1.1773913 1.1773913 0 Butchering: 37.04596 37.29596 0 Beverages: 24.855362 24.855362 0 Nature: 73.42206 73.42206 0 Fishing: 91.33759 91.33759 0 Gardening: 57.556732 57.556732 0 Foraging: 23.456003 23.456003 0 Botanizing: 24.35211 24.35211 0 Animal taming: 48.866096 48.866096 0 Forestry: 65.9963 65.9963 0 Farming: 86.02298 86.02298 0 Milking: 1.9133246 1.9133246 0 Meditating: 46.002674 46.002674 0 Animal husbandry: 70.772125 70.772125 0 Papyrusmaking: 12.99832 12.824055 0 Toys: 1.0751104 1.0751104 0 Yoyo: 1.6827563 1.6827563 0 Puppeteering: 1.0 1.0 0 Fighting: 76.2723 14.8424015 0 Defensive fighting: 31.804127 31.804127 0 Normal fighting: 52.09584 52.09584 0 Weaponless fighting: 8.365084 8.365084 0 Aggressive fighting: 39.355923 39.355923 0 Shield bashing: 15.391238 15.391238 0 Taunting: 1.517625 1.517625 0 Miscellaneous items: 86.067406 86.067406 0 Shovel: 93.70927 93.70927 0 Rake: 73.23667 73.23667 0 Saw: 29.38194 29.38194 0 Pickaxe: 96.26821 96.26821 0 Repairing: 63.90931 63.90931 0 Sickle: 60.810143 60.810143 0 Scythe: 21.48667 21.561617 0 Hammer: 84.51455 84.51455 0 Stone chisel: 61.185818 61.185818 0 Alchemy: 15.450328 15.450328 0 Natural substances: 33.923546 33.923546 0 Shields: 22.49598 22.74598 0 Medium metal shield: 1.099 1.0 0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Small metal shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Large metal shield: 38.963337 38.963337 0 Medium wooden shield: 2.146881 2.146881 0 Large wooden shield: 1.0 1.0 0 Axes: 60.198727 60.198727 0 Hatchet: 75.20281 75.20281 0 Small Axe: 19.992628 20.017628 0 Large axe: 30.784718 30.784718 0 Huge axe: 32.744865 32.744865 0 Swords: 32.35855 32.35855 0 Longsword: 62.30781 62.30781 0 Shortsword: 2.291408 2.291408 0 Two handed sword: 48.10233 48.10233 0 Knives: 36.683098 36.683098 0 Carving knife: 46.155453 46.155453 0 Butchering knife: 41.31248 41.56248 0 Woodcutting: 90.61067 90.61067 0 Mauls: 4.3395505 4.5790086 0 Medium maul: 1.0 1.0 0 Small maul: 1.0 1.0 0 Large maul: 8.481388 8.731388 0 Carpentry: 85.082504 85.082504 0 Bowyery: 9.225915 9.225915 0 Fletching: 18.9807 19.2307 0 Fine carpentry: 57.443565 57.443565 0 Toy making: 1.0 1.0 0 Ship building: 55.91712 55.91712 0 Characteristics: 0.0 0.0 0 Mind: 52.156883 52.156883 0 Mind logic: 59.974712 59.974712 0 Mind speed: 23.755924 23.755924 0 Soul: 42.77266 42.77266 0 Soul depth: 37.065147 37.065147 0 Soul strength: 43.91794 43.91794 0 Body: 64.41338 64.41338 0 Body strength: 60.383194 60.383194 0 Body stamina: 52.42021 52.42021 0 Body control: 41.497795 41.497795 0 Religion: 0.0 0.0 0 Faith: 29.200012 29.200012 0 Favor: 29.200012 29.200012 0 Alignment: 93.16803 93.16803 0 body stats prospecting ,paving misc, fighting digging, mining, woodcutting Since Niarja failed me i had to post skill dump this way, Id like to get a decent PC of this account and im gona be posting an auction later tonight. PCing just the skills she isnt gona be coming with tools nor armour