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  1. 90+ Pickaxe and 90+ shovel please, cod Finnishpkt
  2. Gems in the dirt

  3. Please close

    Sold. Close please.
  4. More On The Chaos Server Situation

    Anything but A, the lag really affected the raid after we started leaving. + the first downtime at around midnight gmt just gave jk time to group up. So they really didn't suffer from the lag anymore then we did. Doing nothing will obviously cause some damage for the people who cant log in and are or will be dead cos of that...
  5. Small Batch Of Highql Gems

    Very good deal imo
  6. Selling Tools And Random Stuff

    If you need any, make an offer that seems fair to you. 70ql Iron Trowel w/ 90c and 21w 50ql leather knife w/ 70c 35ql stone chisel w/ 81w* 53c* 38ql stone chisel w/ 79c 52w 62ql saw w/ 87c 2x garden gnomes * = edits
  7. Auction is done, I'll pm the winners
  8. I'll will tell the winning bidder if it went pass it or not, and it is negotiable. But I'm pretty certain it'll go past it.