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Found 1 result

  1. The Gnome Depot, your one stop shop for all things Wurm! Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Spring Special on Dirt! Purchase a knarr full of dirt, that is 12.9k dirt in total for only 11s. That's 2k free dirt plus free delivery to a coastal location of your choice! Bsb's / lg crates can be provided at extra cost. (First come first serve) Please message Gnomegates in game or on the forums. Custom Landscaping! Landscaping prices Land cleared of all trees / bushes / growth 6c per tile terraformed / landscaped Land needing trees / bushes / growth removed 6.5c per tile terraformed / landscaped All trees cut down will remain as logs where they lay unless storage containers are provided for us to move them to. All excess dirt (dirt remaining after the job) will be collected and removed by us unless storage containers are provided. Storage containers can be provided to you if needed at discount. Any dirt not on the job site that is needed will be provided by the customer unless otherwise arranged for the Gnome Depot to provide required dirt. Dirt provided by the Gnome Depot will be done so at arranged discount. Max slope of 240 All prices reflect the landscaping of dirt / sand only. Any surface mining of rock will require additional funds, subject to area needing to be worked. It is encouraged that you use "Deed Planer" or any other program of your choice to show an example of desired landscape look. You can show ramps, terraced levels, docks, piers, raised and lowered areas this way to help remove any confusion. Security is provided by you via a Templar on deed or guard tower nearby, (within 15ish tiles of job site). If neither are available, we can build a guard tower at added cost. Photos of previous jobs can be provided upon serious inquires! Ships in Stock! Ready for pickup or delivery! PM here or in game to discuss prices 1 Cherrywood Caravel 1 Cherrywood Cog 1 Cedarwood Sailboats 1 Cedarwood Corbita 1 Applewood Corbita ~ Accepting Bricks as Payment for any order! ~ ~ Accepting Referrals for any order 6.5s credit per! ~ ~ Now Delivering to Release and Pristine! ~ ~ 50ql (5 guards max) Guard Tower Construction service! ~ Your materials 2s Gnome Depot Materials 4s If inland you will need to supply transport of materials from coast to prepared spot for the guard tower. One day service, guard tower will be finished same day construction starts. Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Special Gnome Partners Audrel's World of Woodcraft! All things Oak Now Selling Marble Braziers! Click here to view current inventory and prices! Coastis' Artisan Tools and Enchants ...for all your enchanted needs Click here to view current inventory of enchanted tools and custom enchanted services Coastal pickup available or delivery to Release or Pristine available for a fee. Please discuss delivery when placing order. As always, The Gnome Depot is always looking for a few good wurmians that are interested in making some silver. That is right, The Gnome Depot is Hiring! Current positions to fill Brick Maker! If interested please PM Gnomegates on the forums or in game.