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  2. You sound like you would like on chaos - join our little chaos community! We have two faced babies, giant worms, see-through eagles, dragon-spirits, reptiles... Come and see for yourself!
  3. Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By Xanadu Hellfarmship 2017-03-26 08:03 PM Xpower arci19pl Villager Members 8 97 posts LocationPoland Warsaw || InGame Chaos Posted March 6 ยท Report post ACC on Xanadu write on forum or to Xpower in game
  4. Numbers here are only suggested to show that amount of getting sleep bonus can be played with beds quality as well as rarity and type of bed. I just looked at the bed today. I have near enough to 98 fc and my bed is at 8 ql cause ql does nothing to a bed. And then I thought - it gives us such a great advantage towards skills gains but it is so undeveloped... I know a lot of of stuff in wurm are only for looks but as well as that they do not provide any benefits towards skilling, creating, improving, etc. Now bed gives us a chance to get some skill boost. Even adding 10% for ql (@100ql, so 1% per 10 ql), 10% for canopy bed, 10% for coc (@100 coc or 1% per 10coc), 10% for rare, 20% for supreme, 50% for fantastic - could possibly improve such a great item.
  5. Normal beds would give sleep bonus according to ql: 10ql bed would give sleep 10% of today's sleep bonus - 6 minutes per day 20ql-12min 30ql-18min 40ql-24 minutes ... 90ql - 54 minutes Canopy bed would give 2x of that: 10ql- 12 min 20ql- 24min ... 90ql- 1h 48 minutes That would be a small boost to fine carpentry, as well as the difference in skill requirement making beds and canopy would not only be for appearance but for practical use as well.
  6. A thief of my enemy is still a thief. We will not tolerate and will not be looking to accept such members into our little Chaos community.
  7. My silliest thing is Trust new player. I was saved by GMs so many times... and still I tend to be naive from time to time and believe in our community!
  8. 98 to me pls
  9. bought premium via shop, can close this please
  10. I am here \o/
  11. Title.
  12. Ill take drag.
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