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  1. pc priest

    thank you for the pc so far. Keep em coming boys (and gals ofc), im not gonna bite (or cry) just because I will or will not like your pc. Just want to see what the market is atm and maybe it is not even worth thinking about the sale.
  2. pc priest

    Name - Grimruff. Can enchant grass (60 med); Ride horse; Load; Havent changed religion (nahjo atm); 100 faith 86 channeling Non prem for past ~9 months. 10h SB.
  3. Patch Notes: 23/DEC/18

    Thank you
  4. What do you look like

  5. close pls

  6. close pls

  7. close pls

  8. all gone

    close pls
  9. all gone

    Last charge reserved
  10. all gone

  11. all gone

    1 charge left
  12. all gone

    up with a price added, will consider trade for other tomes, can add silver if tome is better (no cherries though pls)
  13. all gone

    2 charges
  14. sold

    hi, just gonna get my gf to work and will send it straight away