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  1. Has happened to me and a friend recently. On my alt I just left it and it came back. I will do update on details next time it happens.
  2. We also had this on defiance, for us it was when the god moved a tile and had a mission partly done, it showed as the mission still going to those that had participated.
  3. Supposed to be able to use source salt to advance a Rift, takes 0.064 source salt, can't combine over 0.06, Defiance. Breed message always shows something like this even when currently breedable. [09:48:54] You can breed him again in 73 hours.
  4. Shop Update

    Damn that didn't even cross my mind. So all steam clients payments pay 30% to Steam? I would not have chosen to use the steam client if I had thought of that.
  5. I agree with this, the minimum water requirement making you do multiple water volumes makes it a chore to make. And you have to make so much of it and manage water intake, I wouldn't be surprised if many people don't bother using caffeine.
  6. Currently: Traders items at a trader. Marks from the token. Rift from the mail box. Karma from right click body. So many different places :s Why make people travel in game to spend money? Add the Trader store, Marks, Rift points and Karma to the same menu available from anywhere (shaker orbs only from traders on pvp). Sell more things to whale spenders for high prices: Giant magic chest. Weapon skins. Unique clothing. Abilities like Increased inventory items. A few ideas for the main page on the Wurm website All the fonts apart from the menu bar are horrible and that color of "The Ultimate Sandbox MMORPG" ugh. The Wurm Online title looks like the Metallica writing I used to doodle on my notebooks back in school in 1993. The border around the menu bar is cool, the border around the Wurm Online title is not. There's nothing about pvp! (Apart from that drop down menu "Features" Full pvp infos) Put News and Social at the bottom of the page, move the trailer up as high as possible and make it larger.
  7. Did the coffee filling up water get changed back in the last day? The first change where it filled up very little was much better, now it's back to filling up so fast I can't get enough sips in. Or is it just me?
  8. I sold the 10k lot, still have 8k or so but at the new price.
  9. Was just about to post. Thank you Keenan. It really needs to be changed back. It hurts smaller / less experienced / less established players and groups more. Because it will now take a lot more infrastructure to have a supply of horses ready.
  10. HI, I do the breeding for our group on Defiance. What Sme said is accurate, thank you Sme for speaking up. The inheritance of non primary traits is extremely low. It should pass on more, including the rare speed trait otherwise it will continue to hurt pvp because you often don't want to risk losing your rare horse, it's your getaway card. It's cost me at least one player kill already. Or remove rare speed completely.
  11. I think this is a really great addition! It helps out the non full time Wurmers, something much needed. Good work guys.