To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. WTB Knarr

    WTB Knarr on Harmony, prefer delivery pm zzzOmar ingame
  2. 1. No. there is more to all the types of HoTa than a battle arena, the whole map comes into play with it's varied terrain 2. No. That's dumb, leave it. There's enough time wasting in this game already, grinding / pointless travel, you aren't going to catch anyone going to starter town for it to be worth the extra PITA.
  3. Agreed, i've changed my thoughts on the portals, I really like them now, agreed on the double grind of FS and reward of gaining affinities, there is the sleep powder drops so that keeps Defiance players hunting at home, I think a little more could be done for regular play on Defiance but meh.
  4. Wagon shuffle

    Have this on Defiance, every restart.
  5. Same here, I think Steam is having issues.
  6. Hi, Defiance server (same on NFI?), on every server restart the position of horses hitched to wagons always moves around. randomly horse that was hitched at the forward now at the rear. This messes up my pvp horses at I have ready at the rear position for quick getaways, it also messes up when you have matching pairs forward or back, like 2 young ebony at the front then 2 old greys at the rear, then server restart, all mixed up. Thanks
  7. Hi, the new keybind system is really cool especially the quick add feature. One problem is there is no warning for already having that keybind in use, and to go see if you already have it assigned you have to go to 'all' and search through the list to see if you already have it used. Suggesting to add a 'search for keybind' box, and or a warning box when you try to assign it when already in use, for both 'quick bind' and in the keybind menu. Thanks
  8. Who wants to Crowdfund to buy Codeclub? :DD
  9. Thanks, is there an out of game map? He's been missing more than a week, we haven't been able to play Valrei, I think round rewards should be canceled until it's fixed.
  10. No Fo on Valerei map, Defiance
  11. No Fo god on the Valrei map on Defiance
  12. Yeah removing half the game (deed raiding/pvp etc) is the same as pvp tweaks. Yawn.
  13. The way it should be. What do you want surety of numbers before you fight? The rest of your points it's; you want pvp to go the the way you want, to suit your play style. Adapt. Or make it happen, the situation on the map is not set in stone.