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  1. PVP servers

    I proposed removing rare horses as well.
  2. PVP servers

    Nothing fishy, actually two enemy kingdoms agreeing.
  3. PVP servers

    Skill isn't the reason behind wanting to remove hellhorses.
  4. PVP servers

    What do you think about skill differences between the PvPers on Chaos and Defiance?
  5. PVP servers

    Chaos and even Defiance could be converted to PvE servers. Affinities on Defiance are an issue.
  6. PVP servers

    oops thanks, I think a good idea, players won't feel like they lost work.
  7. PVP servers

    I think a good idea, players won't feel like they lost work. Items going to the new server: It will make things easier and fun from the start. But it will get flooded with drake and scale etc. from SFI, so not sure.
  8. New players are joining Epic for a few days then leaving, a big missed opportunity to get new pvpers. Epic needs to shut down so new players don't have such a bad experience then quit. I also propose shutting all pvp servers. And having one new server accessed via craftable portal from SFI and NFI, with Defiance ruleset minus rare speed horses, +10% boat speed. Your faith and meditation abilities transfer the first time you cross only. No item transfer. PMKs enabled from the start. I believe Chaos accounts are NOT massively higher skilled than the players currently on Defiance. Partly because players are now skilling better from caffeine + food affinities etc and game knowledge. So I don't think this is an argument against a merge but I'm interested in hearing other points of view.
  9. Looks perfect Edit, just kidding, it's fairly restrictive. Pukaria's map looks good.
  10. I agree. Me and others have withdrawn from engaging in fights because we're on rare horses. It sounds fun to have fast scouts or to have the ability to be fast while out hunting but in reality it stops people from wanting to fight because it takes so much damn work to get one. And if one group has a turbo nerd breeder they have a huge advantage over other groups especially new or casual groups.
  11. The default kingdom is MR so technically they have been in since the start. But yeah lets stay on topic like you asked 3 pages back but didn't
  12. BL can't drain BL, mines are fairly invulnerable, good luck with that. BL still have some broken 'steal' restrictions not everything is FFA like it is on Epic. The WL reputation system is broken. You haven't played an awful lot on Defiance. +1 to PMKs -1 to tower reset or tower limit lol
  13. Nope, because I already dropped 7 years of premium marks on affinities on freedom. It's a year late and not even what we asked for, we wanted a 25% skill gain overall. I tried to push for everyone to post and ask for it, the players talk sh*t for hours in the discord but don't see any promise in taking 2 minutes to post what they want on the forums...
  14. hELLO LAG

    We are still getting sometimes 30s stamina lag, also total drop outs and non responsive, we end up just shutting the game, can't even log out in a bed.