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  1. Jenn-Kellon Defiance is recruiting real gamers!
  2. Currently when opening a tunnel into rock, the second lowest corner snaps down to be level with the lowest corner making a flat opening, however the top corners stay (usually) at an ugly angle. Forcing (most tidy builders) to clear three tiles of dirt above the tunnel entrance and surface mine down where the top of the tunnel is so it looks good when you open the tunnel, that's 8 corners of dirt times about 30 = 240 dirts to be dug, then usually replaced and surface mining just to make the top of a tunnel flat Eliminate this by making the highest corner snap to the second highest corner when the tunnel is created.
  3. NFI have sleep bonus from weekly rites, safe high value tools, Vyn bonus, PoK bonus, selling stuff for sleep powder, safe resource gathering. Why would anyone skill and live on Defiance? A few SP from depos or hunting isn't going to cut it.
  4. Lack of decay is a core problem? why?
  5. Your kingdom is alerted in event tabs when an enemy kingdom steps onto a battle camp, it will not say what kingdom but will say which battle camp. This message cannot happen more than once every 30 minutes. Building inside battle camps when you have it claimed still provide all the protections from before. Camp your Kingdom owns or any camp? What building protections? F### champs, leave them out imo. And F#*% meditation skilling even more FFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffFFFFFFFFFFFFfFFffff REEEEEEEEEE It's a nice idea, a bonus for long term play and gives variation in character's abilities but I got better things to do with my life. It should be a free 5x skill tick every day you log in. Shield bash will have a separate easier roll to just cancel actions that may be interrupted I like this. I like the changes but I think there should be more focus on advantages to living on the pvp servers not just pvp. 1. Players can grind with high ql rare enchanted tools and Vyn bonus and sell stuff on pve for SP, then barely live on pvp and I can't raid their tools 2. A player thinking about pvp may see pvp as to far in the future, so the Depo/Hota is not really an incentive to come over, a general skill gain bonus or affinities gain chance or something may be better.
  6. +1 Cart etc. and animals should be direct drop dismount only. I don't favor timer at all, yuck
  7. My wife asked me why this game is all numbers :S Then I found myself making Walnut Crates because the name Walnut is the shortest word so I can see the description I give them without opening the box so far across my screen. Yes I know you can make the text smaller, I have previously played a long time with it small, still kinda the same problem and then its tiny writing My idea is to look at space optimizing of the item windows (inventory, containers etc.) so they can be resized smaller to take up less screen space. Currently to view item count and description you need to expand the box wide to view all the information, with multiple containers open the screen gets busy and looks more like a spreadsheet game 1. Make the name, QL, weight, Dmg columns resizable. 2. Nesting of groups could expand less to the right. 3. The item count in brackets could be before the written description, the icon is already there so maybe don't need to view the word. 4. Could also allow player entered description before the game description on items. Random inventory pic to help visualize
  8. Yeah, we should be able to play Steam made chars using the old client app at least.
  9. Very cool server, thanks Hakameda!
  10. send me a pm if still interested thanks