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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I always enjoyed XP trackers in Oldschool Runescape in 3rd party client Runelite. I would love to have in game trackers like estimated hourly level gain and be able to set a custom goal, e.g. 70 smithing and see how long it would take to reach that level at current rate. It's more motivating to set tiny goals rather than trying to conquer 100 in a skill all at once and doing manual skill gain estimations gets tiresome. I'd much rather play the game than polish my Wurm excel spread sheets. Here's a link to the Runelite XP Tracker plugin: I am aware of Wurm Assistant and I was able to write bash script that reads skill update logs. But it would be nicer to have these built into the client.
  2. I've asked around a bit, and I haven't spoken to many people who actually want to change the Epic skillgain system in the upcoming update. Most of the changes being implemented sound good, and I expect will bring some life to the server (already have, in fact!), but I don't recall anyone in the past requesting even quicker skillgain than we already have. And I definitely didn't hear anyone requesting this new system that completely changes how skills are gained; where actions give skill, rather than skill relying on timers. Remember, Epic already has increased skillgain (2x) and the curve to assist new players in starting the game. It has been demonstrated before that you can be completely PvP ready in under a month of gameplay! In my opinion it just makes a legitimate server cluster seem more gimmicky, like Challenge.
  3. I hit 65.00 mining and wanted to see what veins would give me the best gains regardless of what mining guides or what other people say and based on the equipment I had on hand at the time. These were my findings: Mining skill: 65.00 Tool used: 19QL pickaxe, steel (C85) Best result: Normal copper (+/-0.09 skill gain per 25 ore; +/-0.37 skill gain per 100 ore; +/-26 minutes per 100 actions) Comparisons: Good lead (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) and Normal silver (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) Conclusion: I calculated it would take me +/-5 hours to reach 70 mining by the time I hit 66.24 mining. I realized that if I was mining the wrong vein (e.g., the lead or silver shown above) I would end up wasting over an hour. This means that if you use sleep bonus when mining, you can end up wasting a significant amount of SB and silver (if you pay for sleep powders) over time. Finally, take into consideration all the time you would lose from say 0-90 mining if you end up picking the wrong veins along the way. While my tests are limited, it's enough of an eye opener at least for me. Would have been neat to see the skill gain difference with a 1QL pickaxe, steel (C85). Just for kicks, I used my 89QL rare pickaxe, iron (W100C90) and came up with these results even though I knew this would happen ahead of time: Rare Pick: 0.03 skill gain in 65 ore and 372s spent mining Skiller Pick: 0.09 skill gain in 25 ore and 375s spent mining Conclusion: Using my rare pick was 67% worse than using my skiller. This is why I only use my rare pick for what it's really intended for and not for skilling. It was still fun to see just how much worse it would be though. EDIT: I forgot to mention I was using sleep bonus the entire time when doing these tests.
  4. Please add the ability to gain scythe skill from cutting grass I collected hundreds of units and did not gain any skill into my scythe skill.
  5. Unlock milestones, a new type of achievement, per 1000 total skill points gained. Every milestone acts like a trait for your character such as faster run speed, slower food/water drain, quicker skill gain, etc... One time buffs/rewards could be made available as well such as reaching 5000 total skill gives your character a free 1s. I think I counted 140 total skills, which means 14000 total skill, and 14 milestones. It could range from silly bonuses at lower level, to really helpful stuff at the top tier or just generally useless, but quality of life improvements that amount to a significant help at higher tier. I'll lay out a list of how it could work as an example, but these idea's are really just off the top of my head. 1000: 5% increased bite resistance (To help noobs out early on) 2000: Slightly decreased food/water drain 3000: 5% increased damage against mobs (Again, just a helpful nooby buff) 4000: Moderately reduced food/water drain 5000: 1s suddenly appears in your inventory! 6000: +1 quality on all items gathered/created 7000: Slightly decreased wear on all tools used 8000: Chance to critically fail gathering/creating items eliminated (Those random 1ql logs/ores/etc you get even at high skill) 9000: Moderately reduced wear on all tools used 10000: 5s suddenly appears in your inventory! 11000: Greatly reduced food/water drain 12000: +2 quality on all items gathered/created 13000: Greatly reduced wear on all tools used 14000: 1km Walk speed boost Considering the highest total skill uploaded to niarja currently is 8k I figure that list seems fair. If people have more idea's the buffs could be changed to every 500 total skill instead of 1000. I realize some of these suggestions might look OP, and I don't doubt that at all, it's just an example and anyone is free to throw in their criticism's,