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    Hey bud, Minecraft is based of the wurm idea just thought i would let you know that from the start. It doesnt take 20 years to play but perhaps staying closer to a starting area at first till you grasp the understanding on how to do a few things. If you are in the wilderness and you see a guard tower you yell help or Guards! in local chat and they help you. Also there is GL freedom chat which you can get help from people or just general chatting. Your best option is understand that its a survival game and its hard if you are going to try and do everything alone, best to talk with people and use the forums like you are now and see about being recruited into a group/village/community. If you take a bit of a breather and give the game a fair try you will see how much easier things become. If you need some help/guidance feel free to ask me, send me a pm in forums. I just noticed you are looking to buy the stand alone version. Well In my opinion if you feel this way right now i dont think the standalone version will suit you. Much lower population because they are private servers made public. The online version imo is best because it is the true MMO version. If you stick around the MMO version and you want some help let me know.
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    Its something i may look at, but it would have to exclude uniques. And i'd like to have a new boat type for transporting animals..
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    It does take a lot of time to do most things in the online version, and it is not a demo by any means, it is the main game. Wurm unlimited can be much easier (depending on server preferences I guess) You sound like you already know the game, and just want to trash talk about it When a new player (or an old player for that matter) has a question, there are so many ways he/she can get an answer in a very short ammount of time using ca help, gl freedom, freedom chat channels ingame. People are very eager to help, has always been. I always got an almost instant answer whenever I had a question about anything If you arent a troll and really a new player, you can ask me anything ingame. Just write /tell Simyaci hi
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    Not everyday you see a troll so devoted, so determined
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    God no. This game is about real player communities filling the world.
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    Best way to learn this game is to read up in Wurmpedia, there are some good guides to how to do things. There are also many clips on youtube. I reccomend you to make a full set of tools and a large cart first of all. That way you gain some skill in the process and you will have the tools needed to continute withy all you may want to do. (First make a mallet, then with the mallet active and on hot iron lumps makea small anvil and then take it from there. Best advice is to join an existing server and learn the game where there are actual people to ask for answers as your questions arise. Good Luck and don't give up yet!
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    I was working on my own highway and then starting getting in contact with other highway builders and before long it grew organically into a larger project. Now I can say that the mainland side of the highway connection (not just local, but complete connection to the rest of Xan's infrastructure) is already fully planned among 3 people Just wanted to let you all know about the progress EDIT Some quick screenshot about the Newsping-Mainland Connection being built
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    The skills involving hand as tool or no tools like forage / botanize are way harder to grind or potentially slower to use than most that use an actual tool as common enchants are not usable on them. My suggestion is to introduce a working glove which could be used OPTIONALLY* instead of the hand tool and for collecting skills which require no tool - this way the affected skills could benefit from CoC / WoA etc. Could be worth to consider adding some benefit using a working glove against bare hand - slightly better ql or increased amount collected maybe. *Optionally - don't make the life of fresh players harder as they will naturally want to forage / botanize from day 1.
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    Thank you for your opinion Sir. If I dont like the car - I dont buy it. If I dont like the taste of cup of tea - I dont drink it. If I dont like the lady - I just move on. Not all games are made for us and we all have our own taste for things. I wish you good luck finding the game You really like Sir.
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    ehm, are you aware, that only Xanadu (talking about PvE servers) has more than one starting town? " travel from starter towns to starter towns" can be a problem on other servers BTW, similar NPCs are already working in game ... in World of Warcraft, for example but Wurm is quite different and special kind of game, do not try to turn Wurm into WoW, please
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    Posts like this should always remain in town square. Not only does the topic warn people by being on a place where you can easily see, but also give the people in question a chance to defend themselves if they are falsely accused by some hater or some super troll. Also, if people want things that arent theirs, they can always join the pvp and rightfully claim those from the cold dead bodies of their enemies.
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    Not sure what you guys are on about, there was even an admission of failure on their part for trusting the persons with such permissions. Nothing wrong with a simple announcement to warn others about folks like this. Indeed it was failure of the owner to secure the items properly but that doesn't change the fact that the action was still done.
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    Basically an oversimplified idea, parts I heard from others, parts are my own 1. Have an option on the personal merchant contract > Check sales log Date/Time Item sold Ql Sold to Price e.g. 21.12.2016 06:30:22 whetstone 95.33 Mygreatestcustomer 13c 11i 2. Have an option on the token > Bank > Check ledger Date/Time Value Description e.g. 21.12.2016 06:30:24 -35c 15i Bank withdrawal on [Servername] 21.12.2016 06:30:27 1s 33c 57i COD mailing accepted by [Playername] for [itemnames] 21.12.2016 06:31:34 10i Bed rent paid by [Playername] in [Buildingname] on [Servername] Add sorting columns and maybe an export possibility just like with the export village plan but in csv format and you are golden Items in italic are optional, mostly QoL improvements 3. Also add the same line of text as it appears in the ledger in the event log when someone purchases something with mailing, instead of just the line of how much your account has now e.g. currently: [06:30:13] Your available money in the bank is now x gold, x silver, x copper and x iron proposed: [06:30:13] +1s 33c 57i COD mailing accepted by [Playername] for [itemnames] [06:30:13] Your available money in the bank is now x gold, x silver, x copper and x iron
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    This is a very bad game. I'm trying since one day to craft something like a fence or a chest, but nothing works. The only thing I can do is cutting trees and trees and trees. I'm always attacked by Trolls, Wulfes, Bears and Spiders. I tried to hide in my tent, but they hit me further and they killed me again and again - so this is no fun. I tried to secure my tent but the game says that I'm not allowed to do it, but it's my tent... I have a big collection of my own corpse (oh yeah, I killed a bear after I died 3 times) This is too hard to play and nothing ever work, no help, nobody to ask. Is it possible to talk to the guard or other characters? How can I buy a nail or something like this? How have I to hit the bear (or spider) that it takes effort? I'm clicking like an idiot but the other hits me and I hit him just sometimes with luck. Yes I've a shield, but how can I use it? It's equiped on my left arm, but the enemy hits me again and again and the shield does not protect me in any way. I can't level or dig, I can't build anything. How many years should I play until I've build a small hut? 20 years? I played Minecraft over one year and thought Wurm could be better based on the mindcraft idea, but it's totally crap. I tested it online because I wanted to buy this game, but I'll never give money for a bad game like this. I can walk through Trees - wtf?
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    Pandas are waiting!
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    Now that bees, hives and honey production are into the game many beekeepers would like to plant flowers around them for the best increased production. To assist in this effort I think flowers need to be given more power. By this I mean that flowers should have the ability to prevent any other tree or shrub growing upon them (their tiles). Seems easy enough to code in that tundra, steep, marsh and moss already have this ability. Also, flowers should *always remain* on their tiles until removed in some way by players, as they are currently able to do. To sum it up: Flower tiles should prevent any tree or shrub from ever growing on them. Ta, da! =Ayes=
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    You should check the village recruitment boards. I was not a fan of the game either at first. I joined a village and I have been playing ever since. For more than 8 years i think. You will meet some great people and get the help and guidance you need. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/177-recruitment-x/
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    I'm not going to lie, all I do is put the Crusader's down, but these are some of the best pvper's all around. Bad ass group of people. Looking forward to battling you guys one day.
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    I've been here 10 years and this is the worst best game that i love hating ever.
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    I would be ok with that. I know I made a mistake with my permissions, and I paid the price for it. I'm simply alerting others to their presence and to be careful before they are allowed on another deed.
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    Can we please make a sub-forum for this trash? If there was a town hall post for every something anyone ever stole, we'd be forced to communicate via a different form. Sorry you got robbed, but.... you brought it on yourself buddy.
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    Action Timers Fix Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting Affected actions: All spells, Flatten, Level, Sow, Sacrifice, Pray, Meditation, Alchemy, Destroying, Rummaging, Breeding, Bow and fishing rod stringing/unstringing, Painting and removing paint Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/timerfix/releases ======================================================================================================= Treasure Chest Claim Allows players to "claim" random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/chestclaim/releases ======================================================================================================= Better Digging Changes dirt from digging/flattening/leveling to drop on the ground instead of going to the inventory of the player. Allows dirt from digging/flattening/leveling/dredging to go into a vehicle being dragged or ridden. If there are crates in it's cargo - it can automatically go into those. Uses dirt from the ground, a vehicle and even crates inside the vehicle when leveling. Allows overriding which actions can be performed from a mount or vehicle. Allows overriding amount of clay dug per action. Almost everything is configurable. Warning: This mod is probably incompatible with the other digging-like-mining mods, and should fully replace their functionality. Having multiple mods of this type will likely lead to crashes, dupes and/or weird ######. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/betterdig/releases ======================================================================================================= Better Farming Adds ability to cultivate, sow, farm, harvest, harvest and replant in a bigger area Cultivate - works like normal, use shovel on tile Sow - activate any container containing stuff that can be planted and click on tile Farm - works like normal, rake on tile Harvest - will only harvest ripe tiles, requires scythe for grains. Harvested crops will be auto-combined in inventory to make one big item (even those that can't be normally combined). Harvest and replant - same as harvest but will use 1 produced item to immediately replant the tile By default at 50 skills you can do 3x3, at 70 skill 5x5 and at 90 skill 7x7 area (configurable, can add even bigger areas) Adds ability to mass plant and harvest planter racks Pick all - right click a planter rack with harvestable planters, requires 30 gardening skill (configurable). Plant all - activate a container and click a planter rack with empty pots, requires 50 gardening skill (configurable). Length of action is roughly equivalent to doing the same area manually Skill gain, stamina drain, tool damage, etc. is processed separately for every tile in the area Tiles that are not valid for the action or unreachable will take 0.1 second to skip. Compatible with ago's cropmod - extraHarvest config parameter will affect harvest yields Enables planting in planters for additional items (configurable): Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, Blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries All mushrooms Downloads and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/betterfarm/releases ======================================================================================================= Move To Center Adds 2 entries under Move menu that allow moving items to the center or corner of a tile. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movetocenter/releases ======================================================================================================= Movement Tweaks Allows server admins to tweak many things related to movement of players, mounts and vehicles Speeds Weight limits for players Min/Max heights, depths and slopes Wind impact for boats Loading ranges Required skills Global speed modifier for creatures moving on their own (not as mounts or hitched) Global boat speed multiplier (that allows going over the normal speed cap for boats) and optional bonus for sea god (e.g. Vynora) followers Fix for delay in speed traits starting to work when mounting up (optional, can be disabled in config) Configurable Multiplier to horse, hell horse, unicorn strength stat for purposes of speed calculation and carried weight Configurable multiplier to speed trait effect on speed calculation and carried weight Extremely configurable - default settings match vanilla but everything is changeable from the config Example config (from my own server) here: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movemod/blob/master/altconfig/movemod.properties Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movemod/releases ======================================================================================================= Hitching Limits Allows control over what animals can be hitched to carts/wagons Change settings to allow older non-domestic animals to be hitched, including greenish/champions. Change settings to allow weaker animals to be hitched (Want to feel like Cinderella? get a mice rat-powered cart!) Everything is configurable. Default config matches vanilla settings. Example modified config here: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hitchlimits/blob/master/altconfig/hitchlimits.properties Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hitchlimits/releases ======================================================================================================= No Build Limit Removes skill requirement on planning building from all players, allowing building of (almost) any size. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/nobuildlimit/releases ======================================================================================================= Set Height Adds a new command (usable by GM with power level 5 only) Usage: #setheight <height> [radius] Will set height of tile to specified value (in dirts) Radius is optional, by default will change the tile you stand on; with radius 1 - will do 3x3; with radius 2 - 5x5 and so on. Will happily turn your server into a parking lot, mess up houses, mines, etc. Use with care. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/setheight/releases ======================================================================================================= HotS Fixes Allows mycelium on PVE server and fixes it's spreading Removes ore-cap on non-freedom PVE/home servers Allows casting of fungus and rite of death by BL priests on PVE servers Disables basshing houses without permission on HotS PVE servers Everything can be toggled from config Download and source code:https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hotsfixes/releases ======================================================================================================= Fix Guards Fixes villages spawning infinite number of templars due to a database error To use, as a GM go to the village in question and type #fixguards You should see "Done" in event window when it's done, and some guards will either poof or will be assigned to the village correctly, after that no more extra guards should spawn Might cause a small lagspike if you have a lot of creatures on the server, as it checks all of them Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/fixguards/releases ======================================================================================================= Bind To All Interfaces Makes the server bind all it's sockets (external, intraserver and RMI if enabled) to all available interfaces, regardless of specified IP. Useful for running the server inside VM's with no public IP, docker containers, etc. If the 2 lines above don't make any sense you probably don't need this mod Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/bindmod/releases ======================================================================================================= Highway Portals Player craftable portals that allow teleporting between deeds on the same highway network. Start by crafting an Inactive town portal (mortar+marble brick to start). Place the portal on your deed, right click it and activate. You can teleport to other villages with portals that are part of the same highway network if either… That village has “Highway routing” enabled in settings. (Portals in villages with this setting are considered public and anyone can teleport to them). You are a citizen of the village. You have “pass gates” permission in the village. Rules: Portals need to be at least 10 QL to work. Portals can only be activated on deed that you own or are allowed to manage. Portals must be placed on a relatively flat ground and outside buildings. Portals can’t be placed on bridges. Only 1 portal can be active in a village. You can drag items and lead animals through portals. You can go through a portal riding a vehicle or mount, but you will be dismounted. The mount/vehicle will teleport with you but you’ll have to remount. Passengers will be removed from vehicles when teleporting and will have to teleport manually to follow. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hwportals/releases ======================================================================================================= Taxidermy Adds craftable taxidermy kits that can be used to preserve corpses as decorations. Preserved corpses count as decorations, can be planted and won't decay on deed. Creation of taxidermy kits and preserving both use Fine Carpentry skill. Stronger creatures are harder to preserve and a failure can damage or even destroy the body. When preserving you can choose to use lying model (the normal corpse), butchered model (assuming it exists in the game, otherwise you get generic meat and bones pile) and "animated" mode that looks like the creature standing and doing it's idle animation. By default "animated" costs 1000 karma in addition to the kit, this can be configured. You can disable crafting entirely from the config, in case you only want GMs to be able to spawn the items, or sell them on vendors or whatever. Technical details for GM spawning: Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/taxidermy/releases ======================================================================================================= Archaeology Tweaks The mod absolutely requires modlauncher 0.38 or higher, and the new JA version that comes with it, if you try to run with a lower version your server will crash with weird a** errors on startup. Allows server admins to add/remove items to archaeology drops using a config file Optional configurable tweaks to loot distribution Optional replacement archaeology journal system This was originally made before the vanilla system and wasn't planned to release in the mod after buda told me it will become part of the base game, but considering how badly the vanilla system was implemented i'm keeping it in If enabled existing vanilla journals will still work but new ones will not be craftable, instead the recipe will produce a modded version Reports can be written on blank sheets of paper, either in a journal or in your inventory. They will be written automatically if you have an empty sheet once you find things when investigating. Unlike vanilla reports can be freely moved in, out and between journals. To add paper just drop it into the journal. Reports can be copied by activating and selecting an empty paper sheet If you activate a journal and click another one you can "merge" them, this will copy all missing reports and fill in any missing data from one journal to the other. This makes sharing information between players extremely easy. Having reports on a deed will make finding better fragments more likely while investigating on it, the bonus scales with the quality of the report Check out the config file after installing, there are plenty of settings in there! Downloads and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/archeotweaks/releases/ ======================================================================================================= Waxed Food Allows preserving food items using beeswax Preserved food items are no longer edible or usable in recipes but turn into decorations instead They can be planted/secured and will not go into piles They won't decay on deed and decay veeeery slowly in general They can be painted Waxing uses beeswax - 10% of the weight of the original item Quality and Rarity of the original item is preserved Downloads and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/waxed/releases ======================================================================================================= No Damage Not recommended for normal servers! Removes all damage from items, walls, roofs, floors, fences and bridges from all sources. With this mod nothing will ever decay, bashing is impossible (except GMs) Any attempt to damage anything will reset it to 0 damage, unless it's 100 damage in one tick (this is to allow GMs to still remove walls, etc). Downloads and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/nodamage/releases ======================================================================================================= bdew server mod tools (WU 1.9+) This is a library that will be used by my (and possibly other people's) mods. For users there is nothing interesting here, just install it if you're told some mod requires it. For developers there's some documentation in process of being written here, or check the source code Downloads: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/bdew_server_mod_tools/releases ======================================================================================================= Fishy tweaks Everything can be configured in config file! Added on screen notification when a fish bites (when rod fishing) or spawns (spear fishing) Caught fish can be automatically stored When fishing from the ground this will try to store the fish in any keep net that the player has open When fishing from a boat it will try to store in attached keep net, or crates/FSBs for larger ships or ship hold When fishing with a net and none of the above apply the fish will be moved from the net to player inventory Added passive skill gain ticks during fishing actions Spear fishing no longer misses if you click too far from the fish Instead - if you click close you will get a bonus to your skill check Nimbleness cast on spears makes fish with them easier Wind of Ages and Blessing of the Dark casts on rods/spears/nets and their QL make fishing with them faster Timers for various stages of the fishing and lore actions can be changed Lore action will display a detailed report on all that you can currently catch after 40 skill After 60 skill you will be able to look up detailed report on each fish, see what it likes and how it affects your chances Requires bdew server mod tools! Downloads: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/fishytweaks/releases/tag/v1.0 ======================================================================================================= Installation (for all mods above) Install Ago's Server Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your server folder All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!
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    Always found it odd that blue dye is so insane to get made. red - cochinaels are easy to come by and everyone skills butchering green - just mine it, easy white - just mine it, easy black - we can harvest acorns now but....blue - You have to scramble around botanising for ages, rarely getting woad, getting lots of random other junk and the chance its good QL is reaallllly slim. Couldn't we allow Woad to be put in planters and use similar code to herbs? Edit for important information - You can no longer botanise high QL woad without the skill. It is literally capped with your skill since 1.3. If you ever want to be able to make 90QL blue dye you need to find a person with 90+ botanising. Does anyone in the whole game have that!? Feb 9th Edit - Today the devs decided that Forestry, Milking and Botanising being actually slightly reasonable to grind for the first time in 10 years needed nerfing, so now it's even harder to get woad.
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    Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
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    Download: http://www.filterbubbles.com/wurm-unlimited/mysql-for-wurm-unlimited.zip The mod configuration file in the zip contain most of the useful information (pasted below). # # WHO IS THIS FOR? # """""""""""""""" # Sqlite is a fine piece of software, hands down. If you do not know why you # would want MySQL in place of it, this is most likely NOT something you # should install on your server. # # I started this project because we had around a dozen million objects in our # item database, so I got grand plans to make Zenath handle that kind of # database comfortably. But yes, ... plans ... WTB time and money for hobby # projects. :) # # Note that this definitely has its uses without additional tweaks to Wurm. # # It comes without warranty. # # -- Friya 2017, you can maybe reach me on Discord as Friya#7934 # # # INSTALLATION # """""""""""" # 1. In the game world's wurm.ini file: # Enter connection settings to your MySQL server. The fields are: # DB_HOST=<probably or localhost> # DB_PORT=<probably 3306> # DB_USER=<a username> # DB_PASS=<that username's password> # # 2. This is probably already set to true, but verify that this setting # is indeed true when you install the mod: # CREATE_TEMPORARY_DATABASE_INDICES_AT_STARTUP=true # # You probably want to change to false at subsequent restarts or you # will get some (harmless) errors saying indices already exists. # # Save and close wurm.ini # # 3. Copy .jar files in lib into /Wurm Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher/lib/ # # 4. Other than that, install like any other server mod: # - Copy folder mysql into mods # - Copy file mysql.properties into mods # # 5. Make sure you check the settings below before starting the server. # # # OPTIMIZING # """""""""" # Optimizing your MySQL install and databases is beyond the scope of this # mod. Note that chances are it is a bit slower than Sqlite by default. # # What you get is a lot more options to optimize things (especially larger # databases). Personally I want to use MySQL to get more logging, # transparency and not have to worry about filelocks. A nice bonus is # naturally that I can have external applications fetch data from the game # a bit easier. # # # CHANGING A LIVE DATABASE # """""""""""""""""""""""" # In 99% of all cases you will not be able to write to a live database and # have the changes propagate into the game properly, simply because your # Wurm server put a lot of data into memory when it starts up. You'd still # need to restart your server if you make changes (or have MySQL trigger a # reload of the data in the game, but that's a whole different can of worms). # # IMPORTING AN EXISTING WORLD # """"""""""""""""""""""""""" # This is actually beyond the scope of this mod as there are plenty of # tools out there that can help you with this. # # You can simply google "sqlite to MySQL" or have a look at this if you # are comfortable with getting your hands dirty: # http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18671/quick-easy-way-to-migrate-sqlite3-to-MySQL # # Setting insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases=true in the settings below # will create a fully working world, though (Creative or Adventure). # classname=com.friya.wurmonline.server.mysql.Mod classpath=mysql.jar # Description: Whether this mod uses a shared class loader # Notes: # Recommended: Must be true. sharedClassLoader=true # Description: Set to false to completely disable this mod. # Notes: # Recommended: true enabled=true # Description: The name of the folder your game map and database recide in. # Notes: You MUST fill this in to a value of your own. # This is the folder we will place the modsupport.db and where # we will load database scripts from. # Recommended: (e.g. Creative, Adventure, ...) gameName=Creative_org # Description: Create MySQL databases if they do not exist. # Notes: Have to be set to true when you first install the mod. Keeping # it at true at subsequent restarts will not do any harm as it # will only create databases if they did not exist. # Recommended: true createDatabasesIfTheyDoNotExist=true # Description: When MySQL databases are created, should we create the tables? # Notes: Must be true when you first install the mod. Keeping it at # true will not do any harm as this will only happen if a # database was created. # Recommended: true createTablesOnDatabaseCreation=true # Description: Insert default data into new MySQL databases. # Notes: This will only happen to databases that were just created. # If you are importing an existing world, set to false. # If you are creating a world from scratch, set to true. # Recommended: true insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases=true # Description: Import world "gameName" into MySQL # Notes: Set this OR insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases to true to create # a world in MySQL. If both of importExistingWorld and # insertDefaultDataInNewDatabases are set to false you have to # have data in your database or the server will not start up. # Recommended: n/a # # NOT IMPLEMENTED, SEE "IMPORTING AN EXISTING WORLD" AT THE TOP OF THIS FILE! # importExistingWorld=false # Description: Name of modsupport database. # Notes: Ago's modloader creates a Sqlite database. We will keep it # intact and USE, you can specify the name of that database # here. It is probably recommended that you do not use the # default name of 'modsupport.db' in case something goes wrong # in the transition from Sqlite. # If you are importing a world into MySQL, a copy will be made # from modsupport.db to this name. # Individual mods can of course choose to use MySQL, but by # default they will use Sqlite. # Recommended: modsupport-with-MySQL.db modSupportDbName=modsupport-with-mysql.db # Description: Delete all Wurm related data, tables and databases in MySQL. # Notes: Use if you want a new world or something went wrong with # creating your old world. I use this mostly for testing. # WARNING: You probably don't want to change this to true unless you are # sure what you are doing. # Recommended: false (really, keep at false) deleteDatabasesIfTheyExist=false
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    very small thought on something to make the currently semi-useless furs that are stuffed into bsb's, Items that could be made with them.... Loin Cloths Fur cloak Fur Jacket Fur pants Fur Boots Fur Gloves Fur Sleeves Could function the same as leather armor, and the modeling can be a mix of the different furs, so there's no requirement to have an unstored fur type saved.
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    Please add a lot more furniture to the game. The section is still very poor, especially if you have a large home.
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    Wanting to let the community know about another scoundrel in our midst...Princesspie and NooHope. introduced as a former player that restarted after 5 years on another toon (never mentioned name). added her to deed as citizen to assist with brick making. within 2 days, she attempted to steal our boat (used as getaway vehicle), .29kg of dragon scale, a Star emerald, numerous rares, glimmersteel, adamantium, and other valuable items. I made the mistake of trusting this person for mutual assistance, and they robbed me. I have recovered some of the items, but not everything. Please take notice of these people in your area, and do not trust them. Last known location: Near Harvestgain On Deliverance server (boat was on course to Xanadu when located).
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    Cream is a bit of a problem here. Different creams give different affinities, but have the same name and same text on examine, thus easy to mess things up because there's no way to see what milk a cream is made of.
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    i wonder how melpy is actually doing
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    Fun fact, bears will kill you in real life in a tent. Just had to add that.
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    ohhh now is all clear for me. You ar4e here in the Wurm UNLIMITED section not in the wurm ONLINE section. "online" is the official server from code club AB (english is the neede language), "unlimited" was released 1 year ago and is for playermade servers as i have (mine are full of german/austrian players) Eject add: if you like to play with us look in this thread
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    we listen to rap because were racists join today
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    "Do you sell any ointment for this rash?"
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    I have a paticular set of skills, I know who you are, and where to find you. Botanising isnt one of those skills however...
  39. 1 point
    I dont think you are the only one wanting more furniture, as I would adore more decor pieces. Maybe that will be in the next update? They killed it with the cooking overhaul, so I can only expect more fantastic updates.
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    Just released another update with a new water disease mechanic: Drinking sea/lake water may give you disease status Boiling water removes this risk Water from wells & fountains is still safe This mechanic can be enabled or disabled in the .properties file (This is the same disease status that you get from standing on tiles with lots of creatures)
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    Why does it start with Yoke... Don't keep it as Yoke... Change it to planks. Statistics say when a person picks up a log and a saw, its most likely that they are gonna make planks. thousands of logs have been wasted and turned into 20kg yoke. Theres also shafts on logs. That leads straight to fishing hook, Why. make it start as shafts.
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    It has a lot to do with what I imagine is the "Chaos" mentality. People who play on Chaos are used to this and they see threads as this one as the "tears of those too lazy to figure out the mechanics." In part they are right. We get robbed because we assume what permissions do, and don't bother to test it out before opening our doors to strangers. What they don't understand is our community is based on trust, because of the nature of their gameplay, they learn to trust no one. I say both are equally valid arguments.
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    SD is now for attaching runes. The cooking skill gives you a great start on the new cooking features not to mention an increased ql on chopped veggies for saccing. My 80 cooking toon chops 90ql veggies and they consistently come out at 97+ ql. Also, this toon has a decent farming skill to help with the above. While this toon doesnt have any crafting skills as you mention, they would be worthless on a priest toon anyway.
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    Logged in and did some of my morning chores in choresonline, went afk for a bit then did some more and this is what I get in my event: [11:37:04] Welcome back, Smeagain! Elevation has been waiting for you. [11:37:05] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [11:54:56] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:08:07] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:09:25] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:09:28] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:10:08] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:10:25] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:11:01] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:11:10] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:11:39] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:16:16] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:23:09] The bees noise is getting louder, sounds like there is unusual activity in the hive. [12:23:11] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [12:23:38] The bees noise is getting louder, sounds like there is unusual activity in the hive. [12:24:01] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [12:27:01] The bees noise is getting louder, sounds like there is unusual activity in the hive. [12:27:09] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [12:27:43] The bees noise is getting louder, maybe you are getting closer to their hive. [12:27:49] The sounds of bees decreases as you move further away from the hive. [12:28:07] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. [12:28:18] You hear bees, maybe you are getting close to a hive. [12:28:33] The sounds of bees disappears in the distance. Do we seriously need this?
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    Especially in Wurm, just being a good person will spread amongst others... and of course the same will be said about the negative. I appreciate this post, as it helps me know whom the bad apples are amongst the Wurm bunches... But I don't do much recruiting anymore as I stopped having deeds for myself after a few poor encounters, now I just mooch from people to people! :]
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    It's self preservation. If it's your fault, then it can never happen to them, because they are "too smart". I appreciate the heads up about it, Koroth.
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    Witches that hurt people give other witches a bad name. I doubt any reputable witch would condone the actions of the thief! The options to lock things down were vastly improved somewhat recently. Much more granular than it was before. I'm too much of a hermit to let someone move in with me, but I do have some seriously locked down village roles ready to go if, for some strange reason, someone really needs to crash a couple nights. @koroth, kind of you to take someone in, even if it was to chain them in the basement with a stone chisel, some stale bread and old water (pro-tip: Leave a hell hound down there with them, it seems to really motivate 'em!) Easy to get comfortable and leave the door open with so many friendly and helpful people on Freedom. Hope this doesn't sour your experience for too long, and hope you get some better quality people should you open up your home again in the future. Maybe you can ask some of the mayors that have run noob friendly deeds for a long time for some tips on how to secure your place. Maybe one of those mayors could do a quick guide, should they have time on their hands. I'm sure people can benefit from their experience.
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    You'd be surprised how many people take stuff for granted. I met a person in my old deed when I first started. It was my closest neighbor. He was working on this dirt mound he called deed and had no home. I went over and built a house for him. Another person who lived nearby asked me how much I charged. None. He asked me why not. Just because Wurm places a currency value in each action (1k digs = 1k iron coins) it doesn't mean that you HAVE to charge it. Videogames are there to have fun, and friends should help each other out. We shouldn't put a value to our enjoyment of the game.
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    -1, we already have a forums and the postal system, as well as many players willing to do deliveries for a fee. Complete waste of time, and against the nature of a sandbox game. We need LESS spoonfeeding from mechanics, especially of things players can already do for themselves. Next you'll be asking for a quest system >,<