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  1. News like that scare us Linux users and at least I got the feeling we might get shafted. Would it be possible to reassure us we're not forgotten?
  2. Wurmiversary 2018

    Signature on these items?
  3. Wurmiversary 2018

    Den know’st now dat you be in fer a long j’rney dat may ne’r be completed.
  4. Yeah, templars don't like it when you catapult from a deed that disallows destroying stuff (not sure which one of the checkboxes), even though you're only hitting stuff that's off deed. Had that happen to our other members too.
  5. I also forgot to ask if this is ok to use or is this considered and exploit. All I know is that this was waiting to be reproduced and then it's being moved to the devs.
  6. Well.. it took until now to get a response to the support ticket I made ingame regarding this. I didn't even know about this thread until now. But yeah... They were at the edge of our deed and I just wanted to catapult stuff they had built. At first I was just loading/winching the catapult inside the mine, dragging it outside and firing it. Couldn't do that anymore after couple hits because I got targeted (and you can't fire catapults in combat). I had to get creative. I logged in on another toon, dragged the catapult outside like I did before, but used the other toon to fire. At some point the second toon was targeted too. Well.. my idea at that point was that at least one of the toons should be out of combat at some point and I should be able to fire. I didn't realize it at first since you can't look at everything while dual clienting, but I realized that the catapult fired when I moved inside the mine (while being in combat). Tested it couple more times to try to understand what actually happened and Lisabet called me out. And since I got asked to post required steps to reproduce this (two toons is enough): Have a catapult outside a mine, load it with ammo, winch it, get another toon to attack you, right click catapult & select fire. Go inside the mine and profit.
  7. A hint for any other Linux users: I couldn't get the launcher to work with openjre 8/IcedTea-Web anymore and I had to switch to Oracle JRE and use the javaws that came with it
  8. Did you attack them on a GM toon? Shouldn't be possible on a regular toon
  9. Name and Shame

    Since I've had the crown since January I should probably point out that by 'King' Eva refers to Maurizio, not me, if that wasn't perfectly clear already. I have had no role in this ordeal whatsoever.
  10. Not all trees were removed...
  11. From the Patch Notes linked above: As far as I know, it only works if you're converting followers of player gods. If a Smeagain follower tries to to convert a Libila follower, it says: [03:12:46] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned for Smeagain. No, I'm not trying to leave HoTS, I'm in a HoTS PMK and being converted by a player in the same kingdom...
  12. I really wish the devs would change some things around. Knowing too much stuff just takes away the mystery from this game.
  13. wu info or not, complete spell lists and passive bonuses in wo had been succesfully preditected before. At least for Paaweelr. And I was just wondering how those neutral deities actually work since I haven't really done any testing or read that part of the code.
  14. The funny part is that at some point between Paaweelr and Smeagain becoming demigods (edit: or was it even before that, can't remember) the code was changed so instead of being a BL god, Smeagain is a WL god instead. Very small and innocuous change, yet so devastating. A lot of people were waiting to have a badass BL priest and I failed them.
  15. I always wondered how long it would take for someone to post the spell list on the forums, but never realised it actually happened.
  16. Would be a bad idea for raw materials, since you could just split raw materials into very small pieces and use them to imp stuff.
  17. I would prefer getting materials to craft those pauldrons, rings, bracelets, necklaces and whatnot. I'm not talking from the perspective of a skilled player who wants to sell his services (since I play on Chaos), but crafting is a major part of this game and it would be a shame to leave it out of this.
  18. close

    CoD one rare pickaxe and one rare hammer to Lothak please.
  19. Things like this makes me really reconsider if this game is worth my time