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  1. Bullies

    These poor guards, what will their families think happened to them? Slain in the line of duty, but reality... slain by a sinister Prawn!
  2. Bullies

    My boat runs away from me and I'm stuck in the water, next thing I know I'm getting bullied! For shame! Just because I wore socks... Tut-tut. Left: Me a bag. - Right: Husband, a BSB.
  3. Great service and highly recommend for anyone that is in need! If possible I could use a single batch of: Texas Peat Tarnation COD to Kain when able, thank you kindly!
  4. New Deed:,1236 Poseicia is located here. *Clarification, sorry meant there was a deed there with the name of Poseicia
  5. Post here or PST. Quality doesn't matter. Enchants don't matter. Runes don't matter.
  6. Heya Sidereal, Looking to change 1 Sand Tile into Clay, would it be possible to get some Claymaker from you? COD to Kain whenever you've got a chance! Thanks
  7. Looking to sell 10,169 Eyes for 10s, pickup on Exodus Coast with FSB included if needed. PM on forums or ingame at /t Kain Just don't ask where they came from.
  8. We're back after a hiatus due to Covid and the craziness that it brings! Just send us a message ingame, forum PM, or leaving a reply here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Much love to all the people that have shopped/shopping with us and we wish you all the best ingame and real life!
  9. [WU] Datamining

    Can attest to this as well given the handful of times I've gotten a 107 or 108 from a blank item on the first cast. Only been back for the better part of two months, and can't recall when I first got around to benediction about a year ago.
  10. The amount of new players dying from this due to having low Alchemy skill. (Or people that don't have any Alchemy) The fact that this could be abused on PVP servers with your characters still remaining in the game. (Skill loss & Equipment loss) The fact that being paralyzed and logged out, but still in game, leading to more mobs finding you. (Skill loss) Same as above. If you are trying to find a spot to deed, you normally will need to travel quite far from any of the starter towns, as the land around them are the first to be grabbed. Some people are already complaining that anacondas are hard to see as it is, and I don't think making them smaller would be any better, especially if they can "poison" or "paralyze" you. Definitely don't have any problems with suggestions, just can be quite difficult if there are going to be adding in new mechanics to the game. Tricky on how to balance them, how to add them in, what would be fair for players, and how it would impact new players. I also really wouldn't mind seeing more Hell Mobs in general as they are a good mix into things, especially adding in Hell Seals, need to club all the seals across the lands until they are eradicated.
  11. That is correct, and we cover the postage on that as well, so you don't need to worry! I'll be able to get on that and have it out tomorrow if that works with you?
  12. Sent off the items, just get in touch with me ingame for the Weapon imping! Thanks for shopping with us again!