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  1. Welcome to Honeywood! Where even the Son of Nogump can have a good time! Watch out though, the bears can eat you quite quickly! Though they'll leave your weapon and shoulder pads in a neat pile! Wonderful screenshots provided by usage of the yellow potions! Have you got a Yellow Potion? Send it off to Jpopper to get it in the Wall of Yellow Potions for some easy money!
  2. Looking to buy, send your asking price either over the forums or ingame. (Kain, Bristan, Myriam) Thank you kindly and stay safe out there! o/
  3. [09:16:49] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you kindly, stay safe out there! o/
  4. Already sent you the Longsword when you last ordered, just forgot to update that! Sent it to Ursu shortly after seeing the forum message you left! Sent you everything else though we're out of hatchets for 103+, sent you a 100 CoC for a reduced priced, apologies about that! Need to recheck the stock and update accordingly for no other mishaps, thanks for shopping again Ursu! Sent this off just now too, thanks Ray!
  5. Connected the small canal opening that is at: 1832, 1066 - Seemingly started but left unfinished with a sign which simply said: FIX THIS - So figured why not. Now named: Honeywood Canal The canal runs through the highway, though it still has the highway connected. Its shallow and suspect that only knarrs will be able to traverse for the time being. Other updates of importance: Guard tower: 1882, 1112 (Honeywood deed) DISBANDED: 1740, 1222 - Deathclaw Retreat
  6. Got in touch ingame, don't have the high skills you were asking for, only the ones we've got listed at the moment! Hopefully able to find someone that can help you out, stay safe! o/
  7. Thank you for ordering and clarifying via PM about the items! Will change the layout soon to make this less confusing for any future orders. [15:31:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: Precasted items are currently in the works though at a slower rate due to all the custom orders we have currently, with majority already being completed. If there is anyone out there that is in need of a specific but don't see it on the precasts, please just send us a message ingame or on here to get it sorted!
  8. A great spoon battle caught in the attack, such terrible violence.
  9. 5 Days remaining! Don't miss out on a 95 imbued rope tool for your ropemaking needs! Arize currently holding the highest bid!
  10. Top secret new weapon being designed, Claw Weapons.
  11. There already is a test server with the new UI implemented, unless I'm misunderstanding something. Or you mean bring it to the current servers?