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  1. what year were pmks hota respawning uniques added?
  2. well would you poo?
  3. the time is long gone my friendos the wae has been lost
  4. I'm sensing a 'Can I speak to your Manager' haircut vibe from the Cow......
  5. another window of opportunity closed, after how maaaany years
  6. it is about to be 2018 +1
  7. wurm had 3rd person for like half a day on the live servers or something like that a few years back it was cool and all, but i heard people say you could bug it out and do some really bad things then they noticed i assume and took it out
  8. only if they allow me to have the rockshard when its finished
  9. i love my 1/26 rock shard piece
  10. Epic and Freedom aren't all that different, buckeroo.
  11. Gear should be the least of anybody's worries. What I'm "worried" about is if people will actually come over, rather than just the Epic players that bought accounts to play on Chaos/Freedom.
  12. Hmm. It's a half merge. Victory, my friends.
  13. wonder that you say what here, you are a bunny when you see you that lose
  14. Sorry, I see how you're proposing how to use it. Good luck, wonder how much people will cough up.