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  1. you should all be punished for saying the forsaken word
  2. headed down friendo a dev just told you to move on lol
  3. hahahaha
  4. It would appear the community has already started going elsewhere, I'm not sure what you're on about.
  5. Do you have an event tab? And can you read and understand numbers?
  6. Did I hear someone say that player numbers go in waves.. if that's true.. where is the "Summer of BL" as we called it. There wasn't one this year at all. Waves are going missing it appears. Isn't hat what happens before a tsunami? Doubt there's one comin'.
  7. :poop emoji:
  8. someone just buy this great set of armor already!
  9. Would you be interested in a Research position?
  10. you can buy Oreohh his title is the Beast
  11. satire

  12. was it when voip was enabled? it was probably zehive running by
  13. y no poll
  14. Chaining towers and take capping out :^ D