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  1. My one rule

    Why should we care?
  2. but how many did you keep? 🙂 THAT is what matters..
  3. wow that's a really intelligent comment im not the one complaining about losing stuff that i knowingly didnt deed over, and then come to the forums to cry because "its close to me, so its mine" Oreo
  4. i'll repeat it if you want, because thats all that you should need.. deed it, or lose it
  5. mine around it, if you can tell where/how long the mine is, or get a mag priest and strongwall 3-5 tiles of the old/random tunnel and then go through
  6. just wanted some spooks, and to be able to play
  7. why dont we just change the game into Challenge v3, or 4 (who knows, nobody cared after the 2nd one, wonder why 🤔) as a whole, with all of these suggestions lately
  8. what kinda protections does this helm have
  9. > Will more commonly be sleep powder, but can sometimes be a random high quality weapon also. what lol
  10. horses pop out within 30 minutes of breeding already (if you're lucky), and grow up to a rideable age in 24 hours or so why not make this server Challenge v3 or whatever with what some people are proposing after a month of Depots, theres going to be so much "gear" laying around, especially if you add horses, gems, arrows, weapons.. etc like people are now suggesting snowballing, all over again yeah, grinding my body stats and weapon skills isnt rewarding enough, even though ive done it before on 3 different accounts, with multiple weapons, and had fun while doing it