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  1. monkaS Ur doin it And I'm not against RMT being taken out, just the way it's being enforced/worded? Should have been like that in just Steam Version. How do you punish the seller, if he no longer has ties to the game? And whats a phenomenal amount to you? 1 Gold is pretty big, in game at least.
  2. Wanna hear a joke? Wurm Online "Police" But yeah, this won't change anything and people will still buy and sell. Its done in plenty of other games, AAA names, at that. If someones willing to sell and leave the game, what's it matter to them if the account gets banned, lmao. Money still in PayPal.
  3. Only took a couple of years
  4. A lot is wrong and its too late to save it. Not even the players know what they want, its been tried already. (or what will work)
  5. You man children are too serious and uptight over nothing Sad to see
  6. Lmao dude yoinked your yoink Hahahaha
  7. Dont let him troll u But hello
  8. Switched my Shares

    So who's the new Dad?
  9. I remember a time where we didn't have rifts, we had less servers, no glimmer or ada, no valrei, no hota, no respawning uniques, no playwr gods.. and the game was way more populous. Weird.