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  1. Thank you for the demon helm and necklace pics. Both are up now.
  2. I just saw this, too! Thank you. It will be fixed soon. (not SoonTM)
  3. Thanks, I brought this to the team's attention.
  4. If you don't have permissions, just let one of us know and we'll upload a pic for that page. Seems like a good idea to clarify.
  5. This needs to be the next Wurm shirt.
  6. I will be in favor of anything related to pigs, since all they can currently do is act cute and try to fight everything nearby when I leave them tame.
  7. Since we can't start a charity of Snowmen for Northerners, I agree with this suggestion-an extra gift at least for one year or the choice from the marks shop.
  8. Fixed-thanks for bringing it to our attention!
  9. We are in the process of removing all the old outdated pages. That page is gone and you should only find the up to date page now!
  10. Yes please! Plenty of medieval-ish clothes can be great on any gender. We need long tunics/dresses and nicer pants. Maybe a kilt. (Just please no bikini armor, thx)
  11. There are some links to older pages with this information at the bottom of that page, but this info it, I believe, wrong now because of game changes. I remember some older posts where someone predicted planetary movements. We could certainly use current information about the movement of the planets if anyone is looking to help out. The Wurm Universe pages in general could use a reorganization for clarity, so I'll bring that to the team. Thanks!
  12. Wow, this is quite a collection! Would it be possible to list all the kingdoms?
  13. Only WAs do the uploading, so there's no added permissions for editors. Please add any pics to the thread mentioned above. We are always looking to update-thanks!