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  1. As a constant forager, I get a decent amount of cucumbers, though I do have better luck* on grass or flower tiles than on tree or steppe tiles. *Luck not confirmed by actual record keeping or looking at WU files. Luck may vary by player. Offer void in Tennessee.
  2. ^^Exactly. And as Moxie pointed out, it's loud!
  3. I'd love to see Wurm get more regional stuff. Especially +1 to mountain harvestables/crops/forage-ables.
  4. Dare I go back and risk driving myself insane in those hedges? Somebody send me a map! Please? New tapestry is pretty exciting, too. Time to rustle up that pic of the three headed pig.
  5. Wow. That's...yeah, I can see why they would disable that. I think a link to that in the wurmpedia would be great. It's history after all!
  6. Maybe just plantable lanterns? Something a bit more medieval, less patio looking?
  7. +1 to any rare, but reasonable tchotchke. Though how would this work into the current rarity system?
  8. +1 to less weather inside structures. Maybe a winter texture on roads like that on floorboards? (Also longer winter!!! )
  9. Son of a troll!
  10. The page for garden gnomes says that they sing, lists the song, and talks about the number of times they sing. Maybe we need to change this to reflect how they used to sing?
  11. I had an issue today with some of my meals coming out exactly 20 ql. When trying to reproduce this, it was ONLY legacy meat, moved from FSB to inventory to oven and fried first, before adding veggies/herbs. Raw meat and meat moved from FSB right into the pan were fine and got normal QLs. My HFC is 50ish, the meat is 33ql, veggies and herbs 50-80 ql.
  12. Animals cages! YAY! Now I can truly start my five speed pig breeding program. The new skill, eeeek. Not that I want Wurm to progress anywhere near the modern age, but let it be glassmaking. Or something textile-y. Flax farming, with linen processing and then finally swanky medieval dresses. Cold food cooking?