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  1. Recipe Shop and House Goods

    Thanks! I started when the cooking update was on the test server, but I did most of the research over one Xmas break. I haven't done a lot of cooking experimenting in the past year though. I still have low HFC, too.
  2. Recipe Shop and House Goods

  3. Cache lumps still showing up as 'metal'

    I'm looking for a new cache tonight, but the ones from yesterday were found and restored on Indy.
  4. Per the October 30 update: Cache lumps will now have the correct material type. However, yesterday the cache I found had a 'lump fragment, metal'.
  5. Patch Notes 30/OCT/18

    Hmm, just dug up a new cache and got a lump fragment, metal.
  6. Patch Notes 30/OCT/18

    The ones I have in my inventory still say metal or alloy, but I hope at least new caches will have the right type?
  7. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    I love SWGemu and I do wish Wurm had all the clothing options of SWG, but I have to agree that Wurm housing is the best. AND there's no limit on stuff I can strew around my house/deed (other than the per tile limits). If I need more space, I just build another floor to my house. Also, I like all the little weird things in Wurm (like the sheep description) and the lack of much pre-set lore means I almost never get hijacked into conversations about "what it should be", which is a huge plus in my book.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    I don't know if food decays on tables, but I guess we'll find out.
  9. The original candelabras all have separate pages, but no main page for all candelabras other than a page of links: Now that we can make then out of everything, maybe there should be one main page with pics of the variations at the bottom, more like so: ?
  10. Ugh, that sucks. That's a pretty nasty thing to brag about really, and I hope they set it right.
  11. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Mind logic and archaeology. Pretty fun.
  12. If for some reason all recipes are erased again, and the devs can't fix it, I'll resend the recipes to anyone I've sold to, but if the names just changed, how are people cheating or exploiting? You mean they need a new named recipe, since they lost theirs? I haven't had anyone ask for a nameable recipe with the sole purpose of naming it after themselves--I wonder if anyone else has. I hope the devs can sort it out soon.
  13. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    For me, PVP is just dull and annoying, in any game. I don't play games to spat with other players, much less in a personal way, or to have a schedule or instructions from a leader. I'm likely not the only one who wants Wurm to be a refuge, not the time to get angry and frustrated (except at trolls and large crates). I do wish the PVP crowd would stop insisting there's a secret code to make the rest of us like it. Some of us just don't.
  14. It seems like people who offer unusual or niche-y services seem to do okay. I remember someone back in the day offering prospecting and mine planning, which was a cool idea. I'm sure there's tons of other ideas that Wurm could use. I don't know that any of it's steady money, but it could be more fun than bricks.