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  1. All pics finally uploaded! Thank you, folks! Keep up the good work!
  2. These are great, thank you! Your horse models are in great light.
  3. Thank you for the explanation, Jaz! I would have no idea about this.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what you mean here. If you have a screenshot in Imgur or the like that would be helpful, but it looks like you might want to post in Server Issues? Is this a problem with the wiki button?
  5. Thank you for all these! They'll be uploaded soon!
  6. I put this one up a few days back. Feel free to add names or just put them here and the wiki team will.
  7. Trait names were corrected in the patch notes to align with the ingame trait names. AH page will be corrected soon. (Not SoonTM)
  8. I'm sorry, you forgot the "Boring but PURPLE" category.
  9. I love the last one so much. We need giant death seals, a cuddlier Magranon, that sheep demon. Please make this all so.
  10. These are all horses or hell horses? Thanks!
  11. All traits, both from in game and from the patch notes, added to the animal husbandry page table. We'll sort it out. Thank you all for the info and please keep it coming.
  12. I counted six that are either new or new names: it seems vibrant It seems to pick stuff up (I assume this is "it likes to dig holes"), It seems to be a graceful eater It looks shabby and frail it is unbelievably fast (possibly "It is naturally fast"), it has a chance to produce twins (I assume this is "It seems especially fertile")
  13. Do we get some better clothes? This sounds fun. We are supposed to be aliens on some alien planet, right? I support Votip's pronoun suggestion and Idony's neutral Wurmian as well. Why not both? People should have the option to be themselves or a fantasy version of themselves.
  14. This is all fantastic, thank you. I'm adding it to the AH page right now. More info more info!