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  1. I should be there-BS 75, Stone cutting 74, my usual low quality puttering with fine carp, js, & cloth. Thanks for this!
  2. Please move Violet Cove from its current spot to here (D14): Thanks!
  3. Wurm winter \o/ I love the way the lamps look and how calm everything looks. As always, a vote for a longer winter (and spring) in game.
  4. Glad I'm not the only person who has a pet name. I didn't seriously play any MMOs until 2011 (tried a few but nothing stuck), when someone introduced me to the SWGemu project. I loved it and decided to make my own character. I took the name of my beloved pug dog who would sit on the back of my chair while I played games. She passed away in 2015, but I'll always keep this name.
  5. There's a list now, Golden Mirror page forthcoming.
  6. It IS hard to get around as a newbie. I'm pretty bad at orienting myself and have right-left confusion. However--Wurm is supposed to be difficult and huge and new. Learning how to find your way around by landmarks and player-made maps is maybe not a skill that people want to have anymore (those of us who learned to drive with a big book of maps probably all love GPS now), but there's something great in one day realizing you can navigate your server blindfolded. It keeps the world big and interesting, instead of just staring at an ingame map following your dot around. Directions from other players can add a layer of interaction as well (even when players give you those "You can't get there from here" directions). It wouldn't hurt to have respawn points organized by distance though.
  7. Make sure all your Wurm processes are shut down before updating (check in your task manager). I just had the same thing happen and one lonely process was hanging on.
  8. Still all needed, yes. Also: -Cedar and camellia hedges taken in good lighting!
  9. I had this same thing happen in a canal, turning with the D key.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    There really isn't.