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  1. I'm getting a message that I "can't mail that far". Are you on a Freedom server?
  2. best enchanted items

    metal brush, iron 70ql BOTD78 - 85c to NeeNee, please.
  3. So far, just a lot of random pieces of building materials, crude tools, and ore (and a few old deeds), but I did make a rare marble shard and a supreme arrow shaft. I'm psyched about these statue pieces.
  4. Yes! I love the racks, the new paving and wall options, cooking (obviously I love the recipes), archaeology is so far pretty fantastic. And can I just say--the death of the embarking bug! *\o/* There's so much more to do in this game now, it's great.
  5. It might not hurt to at least have some notes in the description of the servers, or a popup before someone officially agrees to go to a server indicating which starter towns are more crowded, mob-filled, and/or landlocked. Even a little descriptive text for each server, possibly. Do newbs have access to the all server chat before they leave Golden Valley? Maybe a suggestion to confirm in chat where your friends are, or to ask for server recommendations before choosing?
  6. Same thing happened with a backpack. It seems that if I separate unidentified fragments into bags in my inventory they "stay" somehow even after I've identified them and moved them into the cart.
  7. I have a satchel in my cart that appears to be empty but weighs 33kg. If I put it in my inventory, a whole bunch of fragments move into my main inventory, and the satchel appears at its normal weight. I also gain no inventory weight from these ghostly fragments. I can't move those fragments anywhere, not back into the satchel or into the cart, they seem to be constantly "refreshing", when nothing else is. I restarted the game a few times, which is the only way to get those fragments out of my inventory.
  8. I sac'd 1/4 of the mission items from the same mission as Oblivionreaver and got 20mins of SB as well. A lot of us enjoy the cooperative effort of missions instead of competitive, at least on PVE!
  9. Vynora's name is missing on Indy. We're also being asked for '1Ram'.
  10. [16:47:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thanks!
  11. Well, here's were I spend even more of my Wurm time looking down at the ground. \o/ This all sounds great!
  12. If still available, I'll take them.
  13. I just saw this! Sorry about that! [21:37:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  14. No pumpkin pigs this year?
  15. So looking forward to the new skills! But--it's the 27th and still no spooky oak trees?