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  1. Just saw this-if I find myself down in that area, I will!
  2. Many of us live in the US and 18e does not fluctuate to 40 US dollars and has not approached that in over a decade.
  3. I am also apparently "casual". I have one deed (3s and a bit), one premium character, and a priest I sub for impalongs and if I randomly feel like working on my mine for a bit. It's 16-18 USD for two months-the cost of two months of Netflix or one not-fancy meal here and almost half the cost of most other subscription games. No paid expansions, no cash purchase only items, no required "labor potions" or anything annoying like that. I've purchased silver a few times in the 5 1/2 years I've been playing. I've lucked out with sales a few times, but mostly foraging, botanizing, and small sales pay my bills. Am I a super grinder, everything 90+ toon? No, but I have fun. It's not here to pay my bills. I think the pressure people put on this game and themselves is probably too much if it causes this much anxiety. (I do understand if your country's currency makes one character on Wurm a bit expensive, but most of the people complaining here do not have this situation.)
  4. Favorite: Daily cleaning of the huge amount of fragments, pumpkins, branches etc off my lawn. Feeding the pigs and chickens. Least favorite: Cooking for its own sake.
  5. Just an FYI that there's a long, boat blocking flat bridge to Greytown island (in Elysian Bay) now. I forget which side, sorry.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    I like this. We can't appeal to everyone, because we're a special kind of weird.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    Way more than just Eve, including some games that are small and niche-y like Wurm, like ATITD. Most of us understand that Wurm has to pay its bills and it's not just here to make us happy, for free.
  8. I'll be there, possibly with my priest, to imp all the stone (masonry, stone cutting) and at least some of the metal and wood items (bs, js, carp, fc). I look forward to imping as a troll again.
  9. There's one outside my deed on the coastal highway between Little Harbor Preserve and Violet Cove. 33x 27y on the Albia map. There's no spot for horses or anything yet.
  10. Also fish and fillets, despite there being a recipe for those.