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  1. I enjoy playing Wurm, simple as that. I like the mood of the game, I like the look of a foggy harbor filled with hell hounds, I like sailing around and seeing everyone's creations and the natural wonders. I have a nice little deed that I enjoy improving from time to time and I love the skills I have worked on. I don't use Wurm as an income stream and I don't spend more than I can afford (usually!) and I take breaks when I need to so it never becomes an issue of pressure.
  2. It definitely does. I would love potions that let us pick what we turn into though!
  3. I've had burnout a few times. Usually I'll take a bit of time off or just log in to listen to the music/birds while doing something else IRL and maybe sail around a little. Or redecorate. Rename all my animals. Anything that's not grindy.
  4. That's not at all what I hear, but as I said, we're different people with different experiences meeting different people with different experiences. Do I meet a lot of complainers? Yes, but that's just in every avenue of life. I meet a lot of thrilled newbies, long term and still happy folks, and everywhere in between. We have free will and can choose to leave a game we hate or stay and complain. We can find a game we love and play it as long as possible. We can be constructive and try to make it better or try and destroy it if it's not "perfect". That's the great thing about a game with people from all over the world.
  5. Just from the replies to this thread and the other, it's not "most" and it's a bit odd that you think you're the representative of all Wurmians. We're all different people with different perspectives (though obviously people with negative opinions tend to post more, over and over, about their grievances. That's just human nature.).
  6. I like that people hate Wurm enough to post about how they hate it and it's dead, but also love it enough to keep coming back (sometimes for years!) even after they've stopped playing. It's THAT good.
  7. That's unintentionally(?) hilarious. Like Wurm is one of those horror movies where you play and die in 7 days.
  8. I have loved games with more indoor decorating options, but Wurm has the best all around system. And we're getting there on decor. It's certainly improved since I started and I love getting to build the actual house and deed I want, not just one model. We're at 35% now!
  9. Thanks so much to Shrimpiie and all the staff and impers. I'm sad I wasn't able to be there more due to life and computer issues, but I still had fun! Looking forward to Shrimpalong 2021, when you come back after realizing what your life was missing.
  10. Except people asking for 2009 prices are not planning on supporting the game more. They want more toons at the same cost, or less and to sell more silver for real world money. It's completely shady. And it's not required to have more than one toon. You can make up reasons why it is, but it's not. If you can't afford to play more than one, then don't play more than one, instead of demanding Wurm subsidize your hobby. And as far as games that cost $15 a month go-you might be able to have more than one character, but you can't play both or train both without paying extra, so that argument makes no sense.
  11. So ten years ago it was 5 Euro, now it's 8. And you want it be been even less or at least the same as ten years ago? I'm assuming you also want updates and new content and bugfixes, made by devs who have time to give to Wurm on servers that have to be paid for? Do you expect everyone to work for free, just because you don't want to pay $3-4 more a month than you did ten years ago? Has your rent not gone up in ten years? Your salary? The price of food? It has for the rest of the world, including the devs, too. We have "free" Wurm--WU. That's where people can play who don't want the WO experience or who want control of their own servers, that they have to pay for. We can all be sad that prices are higher than ten years ago, but I'd rather support the game I play. That means paying for the subscription to keep at least some paid staff and the servers running.
  12. Just saw this-if I find myself down in that area, I will!
  13. Many of us live in the US and 18e does not fluctuate to 40 US dollars and has not approached that in over a decade.
  14. I am also apparently "casual". I have one deed (3s and a bit), one premium character, and a priest I sub for impalongs and if I randomly feel like working on my mine for a bit. It's 16-18 USD for two months-the cost of two months of Netflix or one not-fancy meal here and almost half the cost of most other subscription games. No paid expansions, no cash purchase only items, no required "labor potions" or anything annoying like that. I've purchased silver a few times in the 5 1/2 years I've been playing. I've lucked out with sales a few times, but mostly foraging, botanizing, and small sales pay my bills. Am I a super grinder, everything 90+ toon? No, but I have fun. It's not here to pay my bills. I think the pressure people put on this game and themselves is probably too much if it causes this much anxiety. (I do understand if your country's currency makes one character on Wurm a bit expensive, but most of the people complaining here do not have this situation.)