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  1. Huge Rare Hoard Selloff - New items added!

    Pinewood rare rope tool to NeeNee. If it's not available, I'll take one of the other ones!
  2. Game won't load up

    ^^Got hit with this tonight again as well.
  3. WTB Dragon meat, zombies

    Nice. Let me know how much you want for all that tasty dragon.
  4. Huge Rare Hoard Selloff - New items added!

    If it's still available, COD the rare chisel to NeeNee!
  5. Candelabra models in all metals

    I think seryll is the "all other metals" model.
  6. Bump for added archaeology statues!
  7. COD to Neenee if still available.
  8. -1 Some of us like the monotony and there's enough monsters in those mines already. (More critters, sure, but no action-specific spawns)
  9. [12:33:10] A shiny sky blue sapphire. It emits very much power. This should be something like "It emits much power." or "It emits great power." or "It emits a great amount of power."
  10. Shipbuilding page

    The number of passengers on a knarr was incorrect (now fixed), but I don't know enough to know if anything else is wrong. I was hoping a more experienced ship builder might cast an eye over the page.
  11. More Time Please

    I've been playing for years now. My original goals required tomes; when they rerolled, it required getting crazy mining skill and 99 in some craft. Meh. "Winning" at Wurm is not a necessary requirement. It's an option. The journal is already better, even if I don't really want to make a catapult.
  12. Nets also take massive damage if you don't carry them around. I had a 22ql net crumble in one day, and my 90 ql one took 13 damage in my cart overnight.
  13. Now that we can make the standard iron and imperial lamps in different metals, can we get an update to candelabras? There's basically four models (iron, gold, copper, every other metal) that could be renamed like rugs maybe? Beautiful, exquisite, etc. (Bonus: now that people are grinding JS for fishing reels, they can make some new interesting candelabras as well. And metallurgists could have more to do with all that brass/bronze.)
  14. Beverage overhaul

    I know, it's slightly un-Wurmy, too. Can I add to this that we should have the ability to make larger quantities of drinks, not just alcohol? A full cauldron of tea/coffee, or sangria, or whatever. We can make large amounts of some liquid food ingredients and alcohol, but have to drag one camellia at a time to make any amount of tea.