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  1. I have the money, it's fun almost all the time--there you go. I do have a second char but I like my free time to be casual, not get caught up in timers or what I have to do, so she gets premmed when I feel like it. ~$9-11/month plus maybe once a year buying some silver to buy a fancy item is cheap enough for me. I do feel like some folks put a lot of pressure on this game to satisfy all their needs for success and their monetary needs as well, so we see these demands for more players, more skills, more levels, more everything. To me that sounds exhausting and not a great way to play, but to each their own. I think you can make Wurm whatever you need, really.
  2. I want the climate stuff to come true! And the falconry. I knew it was a joke, because there was too much detail, from the wrong person, but damnit Wurm! Give us weather. And falcons!
  3. I like the original. It's calming.
  4. I don't feel so bad about reporting every spelling error and minor cooking issue. Also...maybe we can get rid of the "six legged kind", too? Or replace then with something less likely to be dropping on me from a tree IRL. Bleh. #replacecavebugswithbutterflies
  5. Ointment of Stonecutting ql 87.85 (1.5s) COD to NeeNee please!
  6. I was hoping this meant we could get a statue of Enki!
  7. Before reading this thread, I thought people wanted to win so they got a goodie to sell, but now I see people talking about spending money to get the win. I always find these threads to be an interesting look into how people think. ...And I'm never going to be a Planeswalker.
  8. Peppers would be great. We DO already have a lot of recipes and ingredients now, but peppers could open up a whole new range of stuff to cook. I'm hoping the devs open up some of the stuff we already have ingame, but don't use as much as we could as well.
  9. I'm "not interested" in paying someone for lots of things, but since I don't want to make them, I do. Why should some people's decision that some skills aren't worth their coin decide how the game is played? I hate farming, so I forage/botanize, but I'm not telling the devs we need to get rid of farming, or make my skills go faster so it's fair just to me. If I want higher QL veggies or whatever, I buy it from someone else (and yes, there are sellers with high QL forage/bot herbs. They advertise.).
  10. Bump for a snow day!
  11. It's like if we asked for armor or weapons to be made with blacksmith skill, to make it "fair". Cocoa, nutmeg, and sassafras are all sold pretty cheap, by a few different people, compared to weapons, too.
  12. [10:39:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thanks!
  13. Bump for the weekend!
  14. You're definitely right about the scone issue. The recipe in the cookbook is wrong. The meatball thing-it's kind of hard to tell what the difference is btw the two, for me. Maybe if the naming issue was fixed it would be better, but for now there's two that seem to come up the same. (plus a raw meatballs recipe and another close recipe. What's the deal with ground meat shapes, Wurm devs?)
  15. Cookies decay pretty slowly, but I would like more containers/decorative stuff in general.