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  1. Awww. WTB, that slightly husky horse. I love its furry legs.
  2. I don't know that I would have thought of a donkey for a new animal, but this just seems fun. And yes, I hope we can use them as pack animals!
  3. Wurmpedia Guidelines The guidelines are in place to help us to bring consistency to the Wurmpedia. Any deliberate disregard, including (but not limited to) vandalism, will be met with an immediate block on the user account. The decision to block an account is never taken lightly, however as with all challenges an appeal may be made to the Wurmpedia Manager via forum PM. For further clarification please contact a WA or see the Wurmpedia editing handbook. General Rules (Users & Editors) 1. Please adhere to the Wurm Online rules in all areas of the Wurmpedia. The most up to date rules can be found here: 2. User accounts are only able to modify specific namespaces. A namespace is the portion of a page before a colon, and any page without this is considered to be a part of the Main namespace. The current namespaces a user may edit are: Main: The pages you probably think of when you think of the Wurmpedia. All the items, skills, game mechanics pages. User - This refers to the Wurmpedia account username. Must be edited by the current owner of the account or with authorization of the current owner. Settlement - This refers to villages within Wurm Online. Settlement pages must be edited by the mayor or persons authorized by the mayor. Player - This refers to players in Wurm Online. Must be edited by the current owner of the account or with authorization of the current owner. Lore - This refers to stories related to gameplay. Official game lore is found in the main namespace. Guides - This namespace is for unofficial guides, where you can share your expertise in a specific area that may help other players! 3. Editors modifying User, Settlement, Player, Lore or Guides pages should only modify pages that they have created or on authorization of the original author or subject of page. 4. You may not create Player or Settlement pages for Wurm Unlimited players and villages. 5. You may not create pages that advertise for Wurm Unlimited servers or products and services offered outside of Wurm Online. 6. Please do not engage in “edit/revert wars”. If an editor has made a mistake, simply correct the mistake or seek the author out and inform them politely. If you find your work corrected and feel it was in error, please seek a Wurmpedia Assistant for clarification. Please do not take it personally or get abusive. Information must be factually accurate and confirmed through playing Wurm Online. If you are unsure about any information, do not post it on any articles. You may not include speculation, general advice, or any other information other than confirmed facts. Do not include dates for when an update affected a mechanic to work in a different way. Do not add articles for specific cooking recipes - they are being left out to allow players to explore the new mechanic on their own! Wurm Unlimited may not be used to confirm mechanics, but may be used for providing screenshots when needed. When taking screenshots, please follow the guidelines here: Please attempt to use clear words and keep information relevant to the page. For example: Do: Clearly describe what a skill does. Do not: Create a table of specific skill gains at each skill level with a specific tool. (This would go great in a guide that you can put on the forums!) You may use the discussions page when information may not be clear or confirmed as a means to gather more information. You may not change the color scheme or general layout of any Main namespace page without consent of Wurmpedia staff. Creation of new templates, major changes to existing pages, or any other large scale change should be brought to Wurmpedia staff before beginning work. When in doubt, post in the Wurmpedia forums or ask a Wurmpedia Assistant for help. Please adhere to their guidance. Disputes & Abuse 1. Any abuse of the Wurmpedia, such as violating the rules mentioned above, falsifying information on the account application, or vandalizing any page will result in the permanent loss of your Wurmpedia account. 2.Any use of vulgar language on any page will result in Wurmpedia staff changing the page to remove the vulgarity and may result in loss of account privileges. a.Disputes over authorization to edit a page will always default to the proven owner of the character, settlement or user account. 3. Ownership will be determined as follows: Settlements will default to the current mayor. Should the mayor be unavailable the disputed changes will be reverted. Players will default to the current owner of the player as determined by the Wurm Online GM team. If the current owner is unavailable, the disputed changes will be reverted. Users will default to the email address registered on the Wurmpedia account. Again, if there is no response then the changes will be reverted. 4. Repeated involvement in disputes may be seen as abuse.
  4. We've had a few questions about this, so here are some answers! Discord-We have a Wurmpedia Discord (separate from the official Wurm Discord). While we do chat there, it's not for CA type questions or general Wurm chat & memes (Except in the #general chat channel). Questions about the wiki, guidelines, how to help, or what to test out are all welcome. IRC-There is a #wurmpedia channel, though it's not very active. Feel free to drop questions there though, and someone will get back to you, if no one is around right then. PM-You can PM any of us on the forums. This can be good for long, complex ideas or discussions. Important communications can go right to Wolfey (Wurmpedia Manager) or NeeNee (Assistant Wurmpedia Manager) In game-Like you, we are players and so are usually AFK, on an alt, fighting a troll, or ignoring all our tabs while we talk in alliance chat. If you come across something while playing that needs to be corrected, feel free to PM a Wurmpedia Assistant, but another method might be better for links, in game text that needs to be corrected, etc. Wurmpedia staff members-See this post for an updated list.
  5. The Wurmpedia is a resource provided by the creators of Wurm Online to enable players to collect and share information relevant to the game. Now in its 10th year the Wurmpedia has amassed over 96,000 edits across 2,600 articles, all contributed by you, the player. Wurmpedia Editor Accounts Wurmpedia Account applications are always open! To get a Wurmpedia account, click on the Create Account link in the top right of any Wurmpedia page. Your involvement as an editor can be as small as making your own personal or settlement page or you can start contributing to the wiki in general by taking pictures of items we need, contributing knowledge you’ve gained while playing by writing a guide, or doing research on a Wurm topic you love. Editors are required to follow general Wurm chat rules and Wurmpedia rules when editing. For information on Editor accounts, see Wurmpedia Assistant Editors interested in taking on a greater responsibility with the Wurmpedia may apply for the volunteer staff role of Wurmpedia Assistant. In order to be eligible to apply, you need to have been an active editor for at least one month. If you are interested in learning how to WA, please contact us and we can have a WA work with you on a project or some basic skills. You don’t need advanced wiki or Wurm skills but it would help to have: * A good grasp of written English. * A good reputation in game. * The ability to work with a team and abide by team decisions (No egos here! Okay, minimal egos.). * The ability to acknowledge when you are wrong and tell others kindly when they are wrong (You haven’t really wiki’d until you’ve made some ridiculous spelling mistake in your edits or managed to completely ruin a template). * A love of bulleted lists. * If you have some specific skills that would help, let us know! The role of a Wurmpedia Assistant includes: * Active assistance with greater Wurmpedia projects (for example, modifying a number of pages to match a certain format, gathering information for a group of new articles, reorganizing pages at the category level, etc). * A lot of the article/guide writing & developing. * Reviewing recent changes and ensuring they follow the Wurmpedia standards. * Removing vandalism. * Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, markup, links, etc. * Guiding editors in learning the wiki. To apply, contact us! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM Wolfey or me on the forums, Discord, or IRC.
  6. The following need new images. Please post some images here and Assistants or I can upload them and link them up. Please also suggest pages that need new images and we can add them to the list. Note: Feel free to take images from Wurm Unlimited or Deed Planner if not from Wurm Online. Thanks in advance for your help! Providing Images You may post screenshots or cropped pictures that are needed to this thread for an Assistant to format and upload onto the wiki. You can also add them to the Discord upload pic dump channel or send us an imgur link via PM or IRC. You can always contact the Wurmpedia team if you are unsure about anything. Item and Creature image guidelines * Ensure that your game settings are such that texture quality is set to maximum before taking a screenshot (as high as possible for textures and anti-aliasing). * When (if) editing the screenshot, the resulting image should be of decent resolution, having a ratio no greater than 1.6, and cropped so that only the subject appears centered in the frame. * They should be well-lit as to not be too dark and set against a background that helps visibility, and should not contain a mouse-over hover (blue outline). Try to use a contrasting background that isn't too busy, such as marble or stone slab or wood flooring if the item is lighter in color. * The image should be compressed as a Jpeg (JPG) to reduce file size, but still maintain a high degree of image quality. -------------------------- Images Needed: Royal crown Giant crab Glass Mouth of Vynora Gold Crown of Might Gold Rod of Beguiling Steel Sceptre of Ascension Each Hell horse color (all pics of same lighting condition and size) Spatula Crude knife Brazier stand Black pearl Pic of the tile border-one highlighted and one with the shovel activated to show "tile (flat)" or a slope amount Cedar hedge
  7. Okay, thank you! We'll go look at it and fix it.
  8. Is that something that needs to be added to the bug report?
  9. You can always ask us anything, either in Discord, IRC, or PMs.
  10. Yup, it was really wrong. We took it down as part of some research into a bug and generally what was wrong. We can put back the chart, plus the info is available just below it. Corrected and improved, hopefully. You can always just ask us. We're friendly people and there's never some nefarious reason we remove things.
  11. I like the straw bed! I hope we get more furniture in various styles!
  12. Took forever, but we're testing this as well and it might be a bug! Thanks for the head's up.
  13. Just click on the log in link in the upper right corner of the Wurmpedia. You'll go to a page that asks you to log in or create an account. Just create an account and you're good to go. Make sure to read the
  14. Sorry, it's been a week over here! That page needs some work and these seem like some good ideas. You're always welcome to edit the wiki yourself, but these do seem like some good edits to make. I'm looking at it now. Thank you!