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  1. Violet Cove Recipes & Archaeology

    I'm so sorry. I just saw this. [14:54:32] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you!
  2. Violet Cove Recipes & Archaeology

    Bump! Was away for a bit, but I'm back!
  3. Star Wars IX Trailer

    It looks great!
  4. Images Needed

    Updating this! Pics still needed: - Rift caster - Active Rifts (broad action pics) - Individual bridge sections with mouseover highlight outline showing to distinguish the section; section pics are needed for all sections of rope bridges, brick bridges, marble bridges, and wood bridges. - all grains, growing and in the ripe stage - wand of the seas (when a model is released) - Fly (when a model is released) - Black pearl - Olive tree, with olives and without - Cherry tree in season - Orange tree in season - Fir tree - Willow tree - Maple tree in season
  5. New horse breeds

    The new horse breeds were submitted by Malena like so: In game though, we have an "Appaloosa" and "Gold Buckskin". Malena's are correct according to earth-based horse breeds: Blanket Appaloosa and Buckskin.
  6. Yes, my previously bright purple shirt is now pastel and my black gloves and shoes seem to have no dye. All dyed furniture seems fine.
  7. Camellia in FSBs

    It's a little odd that oleander goes in FSBs, but camellia doesn't. There are a few items that are cooking but also healing cover items, so it makes sense that they go in BSBs (lavender, rose, animal guts). Camellia is just tea. Bug? Or feature?
  8. Possible bug with necklaces

    Both rings and bracelets are craftable from moonmetals, but necklaces are not (only electrum, silver, gold). I may be remembering wrong, but I think we could make them not that long ago? Is this As Intended or a bug?
  9. This week in nitpicking descriptions: Green apple A fruit, once probably picked from a tree. "Fruit, picked from a tree" makes more sense. Blue mushroom A weird mushroom with a blue shining thick and broad hat and a sturdy white foot. 'A weird mushroom with a thick, broad, shining blue hat and a sturdy white foot.' reads better. Or maybe just 'a thick, shining, blue hat.' Buffalo cheese A mild cheese with nutty taste made from buffalo milk. A nitpick, but we don't have buffalo! Cabbage A leafy green vegetable, grown for their dence leaved heads. Dense, not dence. Corn A corn stick. Corn will be hard to grow in this environment. It is normally used to cook and eat, or to sow with. Corn cob, not stick. (Corn stick IS a recipe that exists IRL, but it's not the whole veggie that comes off the stalk.) Oat A few handfuls of oat. Oat is not the easiest of crops to grow. It is normally used to turn into flour and bake with or to sow with. It is also very tasteful as porridge. Tasty, instead of tasteful. Potato A potato. potatoes can be pretty hard to grow to edible size. Capital P in Potatoes. Pumpkin A nice red pumpkin. Pumpkins are orange! Salt Fine white, chunky salt. Reads a bit oddly, as fine can mean "good quality" as well as the opposite of chunky. Maybe just 'Chunky white salt' or 'Chunky grains of white salt'?
  10. Lantern: [11:40:49] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. Candle: [11:46:18] A candle made from tallow repeatedly dipped around a cloth wicker. Metal torch: [11:49:39] A finely bent metal sheet that will hold some oil and a wicker. In all cases, the word should be wick, not wicker. (Wick is the cotton string you light, wicker is the woven wood furniture.) Also, it's canister, with one n, unless that is a Uk vs US spelling issue.
  11. Why is transmutation so horrible?

    I've got to agree here. Not for fruit presses, but I enjoyed the RNG of bot/forage before it was changed to be based on skill. Sometimes garbage, sometimes 99 ql. That was fun and made it more interesting. So #teammoreRNG here!
  12. WTS Holiday Items

    Glass flask, 0.14 Transmutation liquid* - 1s each 2 of these to NeeNee, pls!
  13. Valrei International. 078

    Instead of discarding, everyone can drop those fragments outside my door! That distant terrain looks great!