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  1. Hi Neenee, Happy holidays to you. 


    I was looking at titles in Wiki and it reads; "I'm a sawry at 50 skill"

    Is that right?


  2. Thank you! I added some of these to the page. I think we need more research for the rare rolls (and I removed the CR conjecture from the page as well. Needs more research!)
  3. Thank you, that page has been added and is in progress.
  4. Thank you! We made a glass jug page (work in progress!) and added the information to the treasure hunt page.
  5. Add to pottery flask page. Glass jug page will be added soon (and that info will be there as well). Thanks!
  6. Please COD the bear to NeeNee. Thanks!
  7. Good catch. Fixed, thank you!
  8. Sorry for the lateness but it's been fixed. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the late reply. You can absolutely ask here or in the Discord, by PM, etc. It's been fixed. Thanks!
  10. I'm asking for further clarification from devs on this! Thank you!
  11. I don't disagree, though the recipes that everyone gets are already in the cookbook in game. (Of course the crafting recipes are as well!) I'm not sure how to cleanly and effectively add hundreds of recipe pages (IF we did, no binding promises being made here) in a way that helps anyone (there are some nice Google Docs out there, but some that are pretty messy) with a small team, but it is something that has come up and is on my list to discuss/ponder.