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  1. Double wide bridge done! Still working on the whole roads part.
  2. Part of this is that people expect Wurm to be like other games--grind for a bit then hit the dungeons forever. It's just not. It's almost meant to be casual and ongoing forever. A lot of people bail because it's just not the kind of game that fits their personality and that's fine. Some people need pressure from a game. Some hate pressure. A lot of people need more guidance from a game (joining a village helps there and like Zexos, I was part of Harvestmoon as well!). Joining the older servers (or a village of older players on the new servers) may be beneficial for players who want to see how older players work, while the newer servers would work better for players who really want to do everything themselves. I spent about my first three years in game just being a low level casual player with almost no goals except raising pigs and wandering around. Then I got a few goals. Then casualed again. Repeat. I spent my winter term break building and terraforming a new deed because I had time and now I'm finally getting back to the finishing parts, 8 months later. It's been 6 years and I do have a few high skills because I got really into the activity, but sometimes I log in and do nothing. Or don't log in for a bit. If you have the Wurm love, you do. If not, it's okay. You might leave, miss it and come back. You might not! It's a weird and truly unique game, especially psychologically. I hope we get more newbs who start Wurm journals! It's really great to hear the experiences and POV.
  3. Anyone who told you you have to "go big or go home" was only speaking from their experience. Probably 3/4 of Wurm players are casual. The ones yelling in chat are not really representational of the rest of us. One of the best things about Wurm is that you can and should play in the way that suits you and you don't have to follow anyone else's directions. That being said, do what you want to do and if you aren't enjoying Wurm, you just aren't. I enjoyed your updates.
  4. I'd rather something more medieval instead of a Wurm thong parade . As long as it's optional for those who want it.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That was fun. Thanks, Stan, Panda, Bakhita and co.
  6. I'm glad you decided to stay! Your choice of home location might be a bit harder than you planned, but it can be rewarding to accomplish something you really want, even if it takes longer.
  7. [15:58:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  8. My stocks are low, so I don't have either of those. If you need a tenon or peg, I have those. [17:25:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. If these are the in-game help pages you're referring to, they're in the process of being taken down. (They say category: Ingame help at the bottom).
  10. I could straighten the land out there and do a wider bridge as well. One of these days, if you want, come by and show me where you were thinking of putting it?
  11. Oak, I don't need them quickly at all! I have someone making 20 so far, so if you want to start doing 20 and just do your best! Let me know how far you get. Thanks!
  12. The older servers are probably a good place for players who fund their own gaming, not players who are looking to make in game silver right off. (Though there is money to be made off of us old, lazy players!) We have space and highways and good communities!
  13. Yup! It was fun to see them get an unexpected visit and try to feed their villager to a dev!
  14. I saw a stream with some roleplayers the other day and they seemed to be having a blast. I don't know what would be involved in adding RP elements to Wurm, but it seems fun.