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  1. We've had reports that the wiki information is wrong re: converting but it seem like like it might be a bug as well? We've had reports that you can convert to Fo from -1 and to Lib from +1. Is this intended (so we can fix it in the wiki!) or is there need for fixing this?
  2. We were just talking about it the other day: who has the details of when someone emptied their prayer pennies container and lagged the whole server out? Probably back 2014 or so. That was definitely an event!
  3. I'm not sure of this is what you mean, but pages are added to categories by adding the [[Category:Whatever]] text to the bottom of that page, not by editing the category page itself.
  4. It looks like the bear is hoarking, but it's an artistic bear hangover. I love it though.
  5. Thank you for the update, Blacklotus!
  6. I am psyched for more tea options (and tea that makes a difference with various additions/recipes, right?). Let us have Wurm builder's tea, because it gives us masonry affinity.
  7. ^^Yes, they are still "stone cutting items" technically. Let me bring this to the team and we'll come up with something. Would maybe a gallery or the like be more helpful? Is it just knowing where they come from that's needed (since that's just in the crafting menu)? Or general design help? We can probably get a pic in Deed Planner for comparisons.
  8. Thank you, I finally (finally!) added this to the page.
  9. Good catch, thank you. I turned that into a redirect.
  10. Someone making a guide would be useful, but putting in percents on a main wiki with varying skill levels, tool ql, material levels, etc is subjective. Not everyone will be using an 85.62 ql tool with 5.23 skill and 7.67 ql materials. We put in hard capped levels for creation because those are in the code. Feel free to make a guide for any skill you like and we can put it in the wiki, with your test results and everything. We welcome these guides.