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  1. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    have you tried with unban IP or name? I never used a steamban
  2. The Link above is not working I hope this will do: https://discordapp.com/invite/yrvGsdU
  3. For the next time if this happens, just login with a gm char and kill/destroy the dragon
  4. this is a hammer! this mod becomes a fantastic tag thank you very much
  5. I am glad to be your guinea pig lol It´s because i like your mods
  6. Copy pricelist does not work i activated the contract from the buyer with a big list of prices, rightclick the new empty buyer and say copy pricelist if i than manage this new buyer and go to manage pricelist, the list is empty Eject
  7. I was able to delete the ghost-items with the #loadItem command ^^ but item per item lol still 17 ghost bricks on the ground, i dont know how i can delete them
  8. It seems all is working now but i have a little problem ^^ i destroyed my delivery contract and have now the rest of 83 clay bricks in my inventory that i cant destroy or move out in a container [07:10:10] You cannot reach that now. It is in the mail. edit: idea, i tried to buy a new contract (it looks like an empty container with the square) and move the bricks down in the contract, sad it doesnt work i hope with that i can just make a "deliver here" and can fix that by myself ^^ So in the modsupport database i also dont find the entrys for the filled contracts or items they losing the contract (because deleting it) lol Have you an idea how i get rid of this brick holograms? ^^ second edit: restarting the server also dont fix the "ghost items" maybe a new command or menu entry in the gm-wand to delete ghost items serverwide would be awesome just for the reason if contracts disapearing at any player, so gm´s could help
  9. My Problem was, i was not able to pack up the items from Ground Eject
  10. You are so awesome I just uploaded the mods while starting a new event, my players are very courius now ^^ add: i droped 100 bricks in front of me, activated the contract and rightclicked the pile [07:21:22] It would not be possible to unpack that many items at the destination.
  11. @MthecSorry i missunderstood the concept ( i havent read the posts above) I thought with this players can bring and sell big amounts of stuff to my buyer Some told me its not always easy to bring 1000 of bricks to my buyer (they like to use portals) Eject
  12. Can i pack items on server 1 and sell them at the buyer at server 2? For the packed items you get a paper or how would this work? Eject
  13. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Wonderful you´re soo right hehe This is also a good idea, i havent thought on that ^^ Thank you mate
  14. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Hello dear @Cuddles My last question ^^ The trade storage that you can build for the routes, can they decay if they are not on deed? Eject add: can you extend it so, that no one can overdeed them? (like if there is a house in the way and you have no ownership)
  15. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    can you explain what is starty endx endy in your last picture? Eject