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  1. For custom dye you can mix colors https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Dye
  2. If you mean this, it should come
  3. try this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nD2UjalQSf-Db-if1N74zu9S99ViLf09dML8XY2lZPM/edit#gid=0 Eject
  4. for a size 20 data 2 need the value 102400 , oh but this is very big ^^ Eject add you need: (size * 20) * 256
  5. sad...this is an old bug, and not fixed in the last two updates
  6. Wonderfull mod sooo amazing =))) I am courius about the chat scripts, with this mod, there will come so many new ways to improve your world. Thank you Bdew! A little question.......can you use this new Npc´s also for missions? Eject
  7. Hello I tried so much, can you help me to put in the code on the correct place? That would be very helpful Thank you Eject
  8. I never tried it but can do it than. Can you explain me for what a battlecamp is? Eject
  9. Hello friends Can anyone explain me how to code a build plan for new items with starter materials and additional material? I have just this example but dont know how i can change it function onServerStarted() { var itemId = IdFactory.getIdFor("nekropolis.transports.openwagon", IdType.ITEMTEMPLATE); CreationEntryCreator.createSimpleEntry(SkillList.CARPENTRY, ItemList.clothYard, ItemList.shaft, itemId, false, false, 0.0, false, false, CreationCategories.DECORATION); logger.info("Created creation entry for open wagon"); } Thanks in advance Eject
  10. @bdewhello, at any reason this is working now, i dont know why lol we found now a nother problem, if a player attaches a lock there is no option to set the permissions for inventory and embark and so on. Does anyone know the item type for this permissions? Eject
  11. downgrade your nvidia driver, one of my players had the same problem and now it works Eject