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  1. I added colossus bricks #surface add 519 1 1 5 0 0
  2. Yes you can do with the mod what you like And how you said, just change the textures and edit the names in the js files
  3. Sorry for the download problems, i never was working with github, so because this, the file is a little bit hidden I try to find out, how other modders uploading files. Eject
  4. added the alpha version of the craftable pile of items mod
  5. the next little mod will be the option to create all wonderfull pile of items as own item: As own items, you are able to craft and place it wherever you want. Like this i have testet now on my test-server
  6. Hello friends of wurm I like to give you two simple mods for the decorative aspect in wurm 1. i release my old but working mod for new decorative armchairs 2. i release a alpha version for craftable "pile of items", beginning with the pile of corn I am an absolutely noob in Java, because this, i created years ago my first mod with javascript. It works the same like the other mods you know, just copy the mod and the properties file in your mods folder and enjoy the new decorative chairs in your game. 14 NEW ARMCHAIRS To all the awesome modders (with javascript experiences) Have one a idea how to make the chairs so that players can sit on it? At the moment, the chars are just decorative. Download at: https://github.com/Necropolis-Orakel/Necropolis-Furniture-Mod/releases/tag/1.1.1 CRAFTABLE PILE OF ITEMS Today i thought about this wonderful images of "pile of whatever" that you get sometimes if you drop your stuff on the ground. A lot of piles look awesome, so wha not like us to create it as new items, and place it whereever we want? That why i drop in this testversion of "Craftable Pile of Items" Its a poor Alpha version but it works, its using pile of crops, yeah....you can craft now this pile like a unique item and place it on your tables or or or The next days, i like to include all other good looking piles into the mod, but you should have the option to test it, or extend it however you like Please feel free to download my first version at: https://github.com/Necropolis-Orakel/Craftable-Piles/releases/tag/Alpha At the moment its a german version of the pile mod. For the cornbasket search for "maiskorb" in the crafting menu. I will fix this, if all other piles included. Enjoy, Eject
  7. Hey @Ulviirala I use your awesome mod for special events 2 times in a month for a weekend. my little problem is, if i am ending the event and my players have collected a lot of treasure maps, i have a problem if i restart the servers. the servers are trying to load the maps stored in players inventory or chests and cant find them, this is using a lot of time while start up the servers. Now my question for you: Is it possible to include a menu entry to delete the rest of all maps in the database after ending the event? Thanks for you time Eject
  8. Hello I tried this #surface add 484 1.7 1 0.5 0 0 and played with the numbers, but after pushing pulling i see no difference.
  9. Hello Does anyone know the heught of a bed and can help me to add it to the mod? https://postimg.cc/KRHZH3jd
  10. I added this mod and now the server dont start...its stucking without an error After i removed the mod, ...same problem What can i do now?
  11. Decorations

    For any reason, if i try to place the chess figures on the table, it needs 2 minutes. Edit: i now see the figure on the ground for placing, it connects not to the table. Edit2: now read above the solution
  12. Decorations

    How can i add more windows?
  13. Decorations

    Hello @Cuddlesi love the painting mod!!! Would you maybe later make a mod with curtains? It would be awesome to make windows beautifullier with different curtains Orakel
  14. Hello I tried the Temple/Altar mod. All is working fine, but the huge marble altar i cant find with the wand to create it. Orakel Edit: got it, its called "altar huge"
  15. Necropolis reloaded! Wir heißen alle neuen Zocker herzlich willkommen! Die Server wurden mit dem alten Stand restartet...die 5 monatige "Coronapause" war uns ein Anliegen, um alles Mögliche an unseren Servern und unserem Webauftritt zu verbessern. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch und reichlichen Zuwachs in unserer erstarkten Communitie! Orakel