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  1. Set structure decay en-mass

    I just know about one mod that makes all items at a whole map to no decay
  2. a red lightspot in the air just seeable for the player would be a nice feature too Eject
  3. (1) Activate your wand, rightclick the wand ----> creatures ---> change kingdom ---> in the popup select your name and a enemy kingdom (2) With activated Wand --> rightclick the cow ---> change kingdom (3) The cow have now your new kingdom, dont forget to swap back your own kingdom (1) Eject
  4. Thank you @Jbergthis is a very good hint! Eject
  5. not important you asked for the CR of the templars, i said 11 days ago, look in governors templar replacer mod lol that was all :))
  6. Hello I just tried to copy and paste a plate and a jug on a large table Eject
  7. Complete Mod List

    Thank you
  8. Complete Mod List

    Allows kingdom titles to operate through bidding wars on Freedom servers.
  9. I said, look in the templar replacer mod ^^ and postet the link to the thread below
  10. Double posts in chat channel

    This issue is still there, when comes a patch or a solution? Eject
  11. You got the link 11 days ago hehe
  12. Copy items with rightclick

    Finished Thank you @Governorfor your new copy and paste mod Eject
  13. If i try to copy and paste items on a table i get the message "you are not allowed to place the item" Eject
  14. Thank you @Governorfor this new awesome GM mod. This makes a lot of situations now easier to handle, i thank you very much...really really really Eject