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  1. Hallo ago Have the other mods an update too? because they have all new version numbers. Eject
  2. I think about another "problem" if you move to another server and use the ring, will it work? If yes, you can maybe port directly into a deed from another player or? Eject
  3. Thank you master Xyp =) The rings are a good idea, how often can you use the rings? one time or endless? Is it possible to set this value in the properties file? Eject
  4. In letzter Zeit gabs viel zu tun, aber nun wirds mal Zeit dies hier wieder zu pushen Montag und Dienstag startet unser Farmevent, nähere Infos dazu findest du wie immer auf unserer Webseite. Happy wurming, Eject
  5. Hello joedobo How can i use your example at my server? Can you give me a little help how i have to import this classfile? Eject
  6. Hello dear modders Is it possible in any way that we can change some settings while the server is running? I know, Fryia use this option with the dropmod (loottables) and the modsupport.db There you can turn on and off different rules. For the other mods it would be very aesome to start events like (example) cropmod turn on +3 from harvest and turn it off after 5 hours if the event is finished. Bountymod...increase the multiplier for some time without restarting all servers 2 times Eject
  7. Hi master bdew Is level border that what i think/hope? can you make ramps now? Eject
  8. Hey Friya I love your new update of this awesome mod Is it possible to give us the option to create the new items with the wand? Eject
  9. Hello dear Ulviirala Are the mods now for the newest version? specialy nomailcost for me ^^ Thanks in advance Eject
  10. yeah i missed that ^^ thanksfor the hint, all is running now Just the nomailcost makes troubles but not as mod itself.....it pumped up my ram usage lol so i had to stopped it. (hope i find it in the endless world of forumtopics and there is an update too lol) Eject
  11. yes i found it out betterdig newportals and bagofholding makes problems Eject
  12. Hello friends Can anyone help me out with this message? Thanks in advance Eject
  13. i saw it now the system can not find the mapviewer file? look again in the config file and compile the map in the correct gamefolder ---> creative Eject
  14. have you asked pingperfect to help you? i have no idea atm