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  1. As i know, the problem with facing south is fixed at any update earlier My npc´s all turning to players. btw. dont try it with a gm, trade on npc with a player character and it will work
  2. @Mthecyour new banker update is not compiled (if this is the correct word), there is just the source code to download Eject
  3. Please look, if you have the mod installed correctly and in the right folder.....and properties are not disabled.
  4. @Mthec 😃 Maybe i forget this, the banker also always looking at the southside, maybe i forget an update? Eject
  5. lool yes I built my new dungeon and placed some beastsummoner at a tower where no player can go. these summoners only get summon prices with 0 so its faster for gm´s to fill the dungeon rooms. My Dragon Arena have beastsummoners outside with prices for players
  6. Can you make a minimum price of "0" for the beastsummoner nstead of "1"? that would be very easy for gm´s to spawn with special beast summoners ^^ Eject
  7. Found some little bugs: Beastspawner: The NPC always faces to south, also if player make a request Crafter: You cant equip cloth shoes, this shoes disappers in the air Question: Is there a way to unequipe clothes for players? Or change them. Eject
  8. Is there a way to keep Skelettons alive? They are always death after spawning 😃 I like to make a horror-dungeon Maybe this is an idea fpr a beastmaster update or a new NPC (i know you love to create awesome Npc´s ^^) A Dungeon NPC should just be created from GM´s and Players should just be able to start the dungeon for money. Ideas to setup the dungen npc: create different mob collections for each room like Room1: 4 skelettons, 3 zombies Room 2; 3 skelettons, 1 worg, 5 goblins . . setup the coordinates like you do it with the whole NPC but here just for each collection. setup a random loot for each creature (ql 80 sword chance 30% for goblins) shout out a serverwide message if the dungeon is started by players (or make a countdown that players can choose) auto-gift an item (or more) in the inventory, if all mobs are killed. (or if a collection of mobs (in a room) are killed) Thats just some ideas i have atm 😃
  9. @Mthecyou are so great! Thanks for all your updates bugfixes and the new NPC I will play around today with the BeastSpawner, i try also to use it, to fill dungeons 😃 Eject