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  1. i can say, this is one of the best game hosters i ever seen! Answering in mx 20 minutes and very professional guys.
  2. @agoHello mate, can you make it possible to edit boh enchant on containers with the GM-Wand? (item/enchants) Eject
  3. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    Thank you for this information, i add it now Eject
  4. If i create a random treasure map and edit the quality with the gm-wand, will this affect the treasure chest after you dig it out? That would be nice for an special event i like to start. Eject edit: found it out now, that works great
  5. Finaly next 2 weeks i am free and finaly i have enough time, sorry for the delay and delay again. You will get a frsh actual list in the next days (hopefully the new live update is coming soon) Eject @BattaThanks for the link
  6. Der Skillday wird bis heute am späteren Nachmittag verlängert. Nutzt die Gelegenheit und pusht euren Lieblingsskill in die Höhe, der nächste Skillday kommt erst wieder in einem Monat Morgen Crafting day GM Aufträge werden am Crafting day doppelt ausbezahlt!
  7. Please Close (Templar Replacer)

    What you mean with "replace models"? Eject
  8. Sorry for my offline time, i am back again and will work on this list at this weekend happy wurming Eject
  9. Teamportals!

    Hopefully, anyone of you would have the time and interessting to create a teamportal. In wurm you are able to create teams, why not a teamportal for different situations or missions? The idea is to set in data1 and data2 the tile coordination and in auxdata the value of needed teammembers: example: if Ausdata is 5, you need 5 players in the team to use this portal. with this you can port players behind the portal and start a mission on the same tile with "step on tile" or...Auxdata 10: you need minimum 10 players to come into a fenced area with 50 mobs to fight against them. Eject
  10. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    The link works for me Batta
  11. Hello dear Batta, i try to find out whats wrong with the mod, i never used it by myself Thank you for this information i will remove it
  12. [Released] Server mod; Loot Tables

    Hello Friya =) Happy that you are back again ^^ I like to ask you how i can self created items (with mod or js) to the loot table, i tried it simple with insert the item id (that the item gets from agos modloader) but it doenst work it seems. Eject
  13. At my experience direct connect doesnt work, it always open the launcher. I tried it with the connection port and the same port with +1 but always get the launcher. speaking of a button link like.... steam://connect/
  14. [Release] [Client] Discord

    Hey Ildar Thanks for this new mod, i added it to the modlist Discord mod by Ildur Greets Eject