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  1. Update update 3D Stuff aka putting stuff on tables to v 0.9 Fixed spells not being castable on surfaces (e.g. large anvil) Made surfaces that aren't originally containers to not display as such
  2. does anyone know if the cropmod is bugged with the new version? it seems that the players get not more crops from the fields if i add like +4, they got the same like without the mod.
  3. @Batta Sorry my mistake Please try this Link https://github.com/dmon82/SteamIdBan/releases I will correct it in the list too now. Eject
  4. New Servermod added Steam ID Ban Thanks to @Governor
  5. Clientmods added Improved improve by Munsta0 added CustomClientRender by Sophorino added Old Mobs by Sophorino added Season Configure Mod by Joedobo
  6. Update update ScriptRunner to v 0.34.1 Initialize ModVehicleBehaviour and ModCreatures in Scriptrunner
  7. Thank you mate i have the latest modloader (from days ago) and install now the new scriptrunner I am very happy if this works =) add hitching works now without problems, the wagon permissions still dont work thank you for your work mate
  8. Ago can you explain which codeline i need to implement this? (because my hitch problem)
  9. Hello @ago Because scriptrunner i get this errormessage: https://pastebin.com/P8EvsZVi the same old problem with hitching horses on a new wagon Here is the template.js https://pastebin.com/ynNKY7c7 I hope you can help me out =) Eject
  10. with the actual mod, you can easy remove all rift mobs (and items) with your wand.