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  1. Mission example

    I still dont know, how you make missions that each player can join by themselve or mission for more players and everyone get the reward Eject
  2. Mission ruler

    If you write a text in a popup window (trigger effect) you cant do a linebrake (return key) If you give spawned creatures an own name, it will not shown. Eject Add: if you make a mission possible to restart (for testing) and than checkout the restart option, the mission will still work all the time. If you set the state of a trigger to 100% and complete the mission, the trigger disapears and you still can restart the mission (without a trigger) and it works
  3. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    @Batta At the moment you can just activate the wyvern items but Governor told me, he will maybe add an option in the future, that you can add own items Eject
  4. that could work, and if not all Players can do the travel, as GM you can transpher them via command to the other server #setserver PlayerName server-id Eject
  5. Copy items with rightclick

    Hello dear modders Is it possible for you to make a mod where i can rightclick an item with active wand and copy it into the inventory? For some reason that would be very helpfull if you need some more of the same but dont like to create them new. Eject
  6. My Hallowenn creatures are simple human npc´s Have i missed anythink? Eject
  7. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    Hello Is soulstealer working with normal pve servers? I was able to steal soals at my testserver but dont know from where i get the chaos crystals and further...can you skill stealing? I just set my skill higher with the wand. Eject
  8. Client helper mod

    Best is allow it unofficial (dont cry it out in your forum or post a link to the mod)
  9. Update added wurmhole and ausimus modlists
  10. [Released] Server mod; Loot Tables

    Hello Friya Have you done some changes at the properties file, or is it ok if i just upload the new jar? Eject
  11. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    added #bansteam ans #pardonsteam
  12. i can say, this is one of the best game hosters i ever seen! Answering in mx 20 minutes and very professional guys.
  13. @agoHello mate, can you make it possible to edit boh enchant on containers with the GM-Wand? (item/enchants) Eject
  14. CM GM Sorted #Commands List

    Thank you for this information, i add it now Eject