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  1. Very nice, thank you ausimus Eject
  2. sorry for the delay My portals working fine it was my fail lol i portet to a players deed, planted the portal, rightclicked it and select teleport on the portal with the active wand. That was the reason why i portet back 10 tiles to the token, it was using the teleport from the wand instead from the portal ^^ sorry Eject
  3. Not a good idea, if i look into my database and see over 1300 registered chars
  4. Wir haben diese Woche mit neuen Veränderungen/Erweiterungen gestartet: Nähere Infos findest du auf unserer Webseite: http://www.necropolis.at/game Wir wünschen dir viel Spass auf dem besten deutschsprachigen WU Server
  5. where you can set the min max distance from the place you find the map to the target place? Eject
  6. At the Gestation Time mod, is the cooldowntime in milliseconds seconds or minutes? I typed in cooldown = 30 and i can cast the spell instant a second time. I like 30 minutes, what i have to type in? Eject
  7. Hello Ulviirala Can you make so, that the treasure maps will disapear from your inventory if you change the server, like housewrits or other stuff, same with runes. The problem with runes is, you can port to others place on a neighbour server and i believe the treasure map will bring you to a wrong place if you use it at the wrong server. Eject
  8. release

    That would be interessting Eject
  9. work the pots like the real farmfields? i mean can we tend the plants? Eject
  10. release

    sad so this one is not for me a real tax system would be great so i can fill the kingscoffer because we never used upkeep. if i start this mod in this version, i am sure by the first tick a lot of deeds will disapear lol Eject
  11. release

    Oh thats fine So i can use Tax Config just for increasing the bank amount for inaktive players too? Eject add: i asked again because one desription says it increasing the money in the bank account, an the other sayis its increasing the upkeep.
  12. release

    Hi Sindusk I mean "Inakctive Taxes" from here: Zitat: Inactive Taxes Players inactive for over 2 months now have their bank accounts taxed daily. Inactive players will lose 1% of their total currency above 1 gold. For example, if someone has 5 gold banked, they will lose (5-1)*0.01 money, or 4 silver. There is a hard minimum of 1 silver taxed daily per player. Players with less than 1 gold in their bank are exempt entirely from this system. The system will not allow a player to go lower than 1 gold. If it would be lower, it sets the bank account money to 1 gold exactly. Taxed money will be banked in the King's Coffers. The coffers directly feed our Bounty mod and trader restocking. It sounds different, that why i asked, if your Mod here: Tax Config Download Primarily used to clean up abandoned deeds on servers, this allows you to start increasing the amount of upkeep on a deed depending on when the mayor last logged in. You can see an explanation of how it's being used on my server by taking a look at this patch notes post I made. I'm open to adding more functionality in the future for it, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing so. Is a new feature or if these are different mods. if they are different, is it possible to get "inactiv Taxes" download? Eject
  13. release

    Is the Tax Mod the same like your mod inaktiv taxes? this would be very isnteresting for me because we use no upkeep but its a good idea to increase the money in the bank. Eject
  14. release

    Sindusk, will you add your new mods also here? it would be easier for me to find all ^^ Eject