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  1. Hello @Cuddles It works wonderful now. But I admit, I did not pay attention to the altar name before Eject
  2. I tested it again with some rings sacrificing the first [05:40:50] Anubis accepts your offering and increases power by 12500 the second [05:41:06] Anubis accepts your offering and increases power by 12500 Here it would be better if it shows....The altar have a power of 25000 then i sacrificed some rings more so i get a power of 75000 and test "spawn mobs" [05:42:02] Anubis requires more power, the altar needs at least 100000 power it only has 75000 ok, good to know here, the altar needs more....so i sacrifice 2 more rings and try spawn mobs [05:42:27] Anubis requires more power, the altar needs at least 100000 power it only has 25000 Now here happens a reset of the altar, and i have to begin new. My meaning was, if i forget how much i sacrificed or the event window is too full with informations, so counting the power after each sacrificing would be aweosme, or dont reset the altar if i looking to the power when i try spawn mobs. Or maybe a menu option like "Show Anubis power" Eject
  3. if i use "spawn mobs" the counter will be reseted, is there a way to find out the value of the counter? Eject
  4. Hello @Cuddles I am sure this would maybe be a little rework on the mod, but is it possible for you to add a feature at rift event, so we can add more tiers in the properties file? Thanks in advance Eject
  5. Sorry i mixed two mods while downloading, now i got the right one ?
  6. Ah ok, so i had to add the line craftable=true? because the prop file includes just one line ..... mobmaxes... because the altar i tried to create it with the wand ^^ Eject
  7. I dont know why, but i cant find the altar of anubis in the creation menu. the mod is uploaded and should work...i believe Eject
  8. btw. can you add a list with the mob id´s? i cant find mine ^^
  9. Hello Mate This new mod looks very very awesome, i just have one question and maybe 1 ideas Are the sacrifice points you get on the new altar for each player or is this global, so a group of players can sacrifice and get the points faster to spawn rifts, Is it possible that the players can attak the rifts after empty there inventory? or can you make it so that the rifts disapears after looting? Or is it at gm side to remove the rifts? Thank you very much Eject
  10. thank you @Battai will add it laters, i havent seen it because sometimes i am blind ^^ *cuddles*
  11. yeah, this sounds like a very very interessting mod! I like to try it...thank you @Mthec
  12. Can you make the delivery contracts so that i can pack up items in it and sell it via mail? Just tested it but i cant drag and drop the delivery contract into the mailbox
  13. Hello I cant remember exactly,,,for delivery contract....is it possible to pack mats into it and send the contract via mail to another player and he can open it to get the mats? Eject
  14. I love the new mission ruler system, its perfect for me and much better as the old one. I just miss one think: setup missions which each players can make for himself or make missions that all players can make together. ....or i havent find this option
  15. My opinion is, i dont need to play normal with a gm char, for this i have a simple player char. Gm chars are needed to work on the server and do things fast, further its senseless to gain skill in normal way for a gm char.