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  1. More interested in unique region beverages than I am cheeses. Imagine how pretentious I could be "well this is a vintage 1289 North Xanadu port"
  2. Mclovin, would a complete reset at this point be out of the question if a epic to freedom transfer is now actually on the table? Keep your work essentially on freedom, start new on epic? IDK
  3. Guys this is not simply about pvp. If you continue to let accounts cycle around in the freedom market you continue to allow extremely high level account with 10+ years of age make goods and products at ridiculously high levels to the point where it saturates a market blocking newer players from accessing the same market as sellers. If people who quit, just quit instead of having a platform to sell this creates more competition than having that character perpetually in the market.
  4. Not allowing the sale of accounts would create inherent risk that will cause less people to perform in the action. It still causes extreme problems down the road in both pvp and economic aspects.
  5. not another reset
  6. We covered how this would be done a few times in thread.
  7. I noticed one of the main concerns of people is the account trading would be preformed on the back channels outside of the forums and ingame, the concern seems to be among a few things, that scams may occur. But that in essence is an automatic enforcement to the ban, without the player protection and guidelines you sell an account AT YOUR OWN RISK. This in itself will deter others from wanting to sell an account as it is no longer being backed by the development team and moderation staff. So if you are worried about scams, that is the whole point, the end to account sale safe havens as well as the end of account sales. Runescape for example prohibits account sales entirely, yet you can still buy them. However if it is discovered through the game management team that you purchased the account, its a ban. And if you get the account hacked and taken back after a sale, you have no quarter.
  8. ^ This is a start, I am not entirely sure on a policing was aside from this. Granted it would be up to player reporting I would say as well to report when they think a sale was made. I am sure I can think more about enforcement, and I will come up with more later. But step one would be banning the players who buy and sell after a policy change.
  9. Any explanation as to why, oh 1 post settler?
  10. probably ex nunc, what was done before is already done when the rules were as they were, only fair. But isn't that literally the problem I am stating? People are treating this video game as a form of investment with a cash out option. It is supposed to be a video game made for fun and not much else, it it time to remove the equation.
  11. This has been brought up before and I am bringing it up again. The allowance of account sales is toxic to both the game and community and causes extreme problems both in game and out of game creating a hostile environment of money grabbing and credit card warriors. Almost no modern video game allows for the sale of accounts whether with in game or real money, it is time Wurm caught up.
  12. It is absolutely tears me up that I keep seeing so many posts in this thread about "loss of value" and "my economy!" it is almost like people forgot that this was a video game. The purpose of which is to have fun and not find ways to "profit off the game". This is absolutely abhorrent behavior.
  13. Thank you for acknowledging potential negatives. My main concern with hay primarily stems from overcrowding and mass breeding of animals as if yours. I do feel like the deed animal ration may be a fix for that but in a theoretical sense there is a limited number of creatures that can truly exist on a server whether that is a soft cap or a hard cap. I just thinking having an easily harvestable and fullfilling new crop like this will create more problems than it is worth.