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  1. Winter frozen Lakes

    The only problem with coding something like this is having the code recognize water in a lake as that which should be frozen, likely a challenge to code.
  2. Animal Breeding - Rare Horses

    We sort of do have that already, most common horses are usually grey, brown, white. Yellow and Black seem more rare, then there are even more colors beyond those like blood bay. Color is a trait in its own, hence why it is passed on, you would have to make color no longer a trait or have a roll to just make an entirely new horse color out of the dynasty of horses who color it had been prior. Which does lack realism.
  3. Compound titles

    No reservations/dissents from me. +1
  4. Long Spear with Small Shield

    Thinking of pvp implications, a spear does insane damage to horses, with the only draw back being swing time and no shield. Eliminating the no shield immediately increases the spear's power. However spears that are used to kill a horse, pretty much kill the horse in 1 hit anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. Plus the reach of a spear is really great but if someone charges you, you will regret the spear. +/-o
  5. 4 year prem gift

  6. Steam Summer Sale

    Friendly reminder that the Steam Summer Sale is now live! Try not to spend too much, you have Wurm Premium to buy!
  7. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    If epic is dead it is the fault of a lack of unique features, that were once unique to the server but can now be found everywhere. And of course, evidently the cries of many for skill transfers were purely self serving in order to fully commit to their campaigns on Chaos, the original call harking back to a time people wanted to destroy the Empire of Mol-Rehan and the Dev team fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I was one of those people asking for the skill transfer too, even though I knew it would be overall harmful for the game, but when everything is the same minus skill gain, why not change it? Now we are seeing the same self serving people demand the epic armor changes, they want any unique features removed. I am not quite sure if these folks also want epic gone because they assume the pvp populace there will move to chaos, but I highly doubt they will.
  8. Supply and Demand

    No, scarcity will not work in a sandbox MMO because of the reasons I previously stated. You cannot deny individuals the base level of goods in a sandbox game for the sake of building an artificial economy. Like Gary said, the game should not be made less enjoyable for the sake of individuals making money. Black Desert Online is a vastly different game than Wurm Online, firstly it is not nearly the depth of Sandbox as wurm as, the game is based on class creation and manipulation, the combat is vastly different, and the players is limited in their interactions in the world. The pay model is also the opposite of Wurm Online, in buying the game you own it forever. It is like comparing a Battleship to a wooded cabin. They only share in common the fact they both have a furnace.
  9. Supply and Demand

    Firstly, while I understand that the basics of supply and demand may appear as though raw materials are the problem, that is simply not the case. Limiting access to raw materials is a huge slap in the face of any new player that comes along in the game, as they are essentially told, "hey if you want ____ you are going to have to join my village, or pay me". Limiting access to materials, specifically iron is almost suicidal for any new player, for gods sake they cannot even make a chisel. Any reduction of additional nodes would lead to exponentially growing problems of the have and have not variety. You would create a demand for wood, sure but now there are entire forests being cut down, and the wood is being sold at a premium. I saw this exact thing play out on Life is Feudal, and it was NOT pretty, you had (I assume this would happen in wurm as well) large groups acting like mafioso in their acquisition of corners of the map in a "you join us and our collectivist society or die" game play that offered extreme rewards for those on the top of the pyramid, while creating a permanent underclass relegated to fishing and living in a hut growing subsistence potato and flax crop. Again, this could and would easily happen in wurm, while not underestimating players will to remove whole forests for skill gain. The modified rare system only works to reward players to make new alts, and does not accomplish much in terms of balance. The other option being recruiting new players to work on specific smithing projects to produce mass quantities of product they don't even want to do. The current rarity system of randomness is in my honest opinion much better.
  10. Hobbies / interests , what is yours ?

    My hobbies mostly revolve around things that make me passive money, mostly investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. EDIT: Speaking of which I have a lot of cash in Micron (MU) and it just went to the moon hahaha I also love cars, but do not own a decent one because I already have a working vehicle and a nice one costs money.
  11. Personal Goal Vendors

    PUMP! We are honestly not the best with prices, if you have a suggested price for whatever you need in our supply let us know. Again if you need it, we likely have it or can make it.
  12. actual fruit press please

    Wine has its uses in the stamina regen realm, plus I personally like making wine, and I know a lot of people personally like producing booze of all kinds.
  13. actual fruit press please This object currently has no use in the game aside from holding liquid, lets repurpose it instead of making a "large juice press"
  14. actual fruit press please

    Better yet make use of the large tubs in game and allow grapes to be juiced in there.
  15. Bringing a gasp of life back to Epic

    My guess is he wants to breathe life back into epic. Why is that confusing?