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  1. The decline continues
  2. pathetic
  3. Good luck friend, you will not be alone in this decision I am sure. I expect many more posts like this in the near future.
  4. It should be expected at some point? It is a pvp server right? I mean whats left of it.
  5. People are just now learning about the problems with the rules in relation to forum posts. I feel like an old man going "I told you so".
  6. *Concern intensifies*
  7. Guess I don't get it, I mean it just adds such an overly complicated method to something that used to be as simple as packing dirt and dropping bricks. I mean reading through the manifest was equivalent to reading through a piece of legislation from the US House. Additionally I am not sure who this update is for, granted there are some players not fitting this category, but most people live along coast lines where bulk goods are delivered via boat taking advantage of the server hopping system. Not to mention almost any item in the game can be mailed at this point. I just do not understand who this update is for aside from an extremely small playerbase who want it because its just something new.
  8. 10 out of 10 would get denied from joining again
  9. I am not sure what impact combining all the freedom servers had aside from some minor negative economic impacts due to an influx of goods made at a higher quality, which I am sure had a low impact.
  10. A lot of the problems people have have been persistent issues that have been growing over time. Most seemed tied to the games economy being based so deeply in real value.
  11. Hate how threads like this always appear when people are actually coming up with constructive criticism, it distracts from the criticism and masks the problems by "oh well I love it"
  12. comic relief

    "I will make small personal sacrifices for the good of the game."
  13. That is half the problem with the game right now, back in the day before everyone and their mother became merchants, communities shared among themselves on pvp servers less focused on the financial end of the game. At the end of the day these are all virtual items that should honestly not have a real world value.
  14. Because it was a life lesson, and it was only virtual items taken, so who cares! Part of the game is running into jerks, and occasionally being a jerk yourself why ruin that for a coddled baby experience?