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  1. SotG Rework

    SOTG Rework: Remove
  2. Chaos, Complete 180°

    Chaos should be representative of the "live game", as it is directly connected to the freedom cluster. - 1
  3. Epic, Complete 180°

    God Bless.
  4. My Food Addiction: Update 3

  5. Sindusk is missing badly, get him back!

    That is literally how you get a forum riot of epic proportions. Completely silencing folks in that manner would have been tremendously worse for the entire game than just letting people air their grievances for a short period of time, taking account of what they say and moving on. The moment you start silencing the voice of the community in that way is the moment you lose the community. You also do not know what you are talking about, Sindusk ran a pvp server for a long period of time with almost no issue.
  6. Sindusk is missing badly, get him back!

    Best way to stop esp is have someone screenshot their client. Gotta close the client to turn esp off. Ban those who are cheating.
  7. Things I am looking forward to in Wurm...

    Additional dead end skills. Like Thatching, which should not exist.
  8. Let me tell you a story

    I know two people from WW2 Online (came from that game) who are still somewhat active Jackburton (Jg2pto or something) Zehive (Zehive)
  9. Looking for Owner of Sickle of Awakening

    Somebody just make the guy an addy sickle and rename it already.
  10. Post your best memes

    My memes usually get deleted.
  11. Rock/paper/scissors meditation rework suggestion

    Always open to more meditation ideas because I still fail to see the point of having so many available paths and such a fleshed out feature that is almost entirely unused aside from one path that is clearly better than all the others in almost every situation pvp or pve.
  12. Best one is old school Jenn-Kellon model actually.
  13. Name and Shame: Legios

    Yeah but no one cares. Like literally no one. This is just a personal disagreement.
  14. Name and Shame: Legios

    This is not worthy of a call out thread. This sounds like your own personal little drama; name and shame is meant to be a warning. Legios is very unlikely to run into this situation with someone else, you're just mad.