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  1. Coffee

    Yeah and you can get them like any time.
  2. Been using the forums for years and clicking browse to return to the main page is so instinctual in its location, I now hit "Rules" instead because I am hitting the location not the name. If I am the only one my b.
  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Toxicity in Wurm PvP has gotten worse over the years, because the primary non-toxic people have long quit and the consequences for acting like a prick in a kingdom are almost none, whereas in the past on Wild you could be killed and ostracized by your own kingdom for repeatedly being a prick. On epic it depended where you were, but it was never that bad we all kinda sorta got along. Also local smack talk used to not be a thing, at all and typing in local was considered sacrilege. Black Light on Wild even made it an official rule, and it carried on forever. "DON'T TALK IN LOCAL" Bingo
  4. Update Creature Spawners

    I got nothing this is good.
  5. Epic, Complete 180°

  6. New Server Hunting Only

    > 1 page of some +1's > Wants to move the idea along. LOL
  7. Coffee

    I love good quality coffee
  8. Panic Sprint Option

    > 2010 Wurm > Youtube it LOL
  9. In-game notepad

    Every time this was asked it was always "hurrr durrr /t yourself in game durrrr"
  10. add skillcapes

  11. Premium suggestions

    If cost is a consistent issue Wurm Unlimited offers a 1 time payment that seems to satisfy what you are asking for.
  12. New Server Hunting Only

    -1 Consolidation of current servers is necessary before the implementation of a new server. Game population is declining at a steady pace too many servers causing wide spaces of nothingness.
  13. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Java games are all the rage right now.
  14. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Lol I know those boys
  15. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Chest finders, esp that outlines enemies, no trees, etc.