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  1. Lets tell a story...

    (you make me want to cry) I watched the wagoneer, he seemed to make a sigh, and think deeply, he clearly did not see me peering from my door.
  2. Lets tell a story...

    (You guys suck at this I gotta do it myself sometimes, like how does the above transition from what I was saying, its like you are making an entirely new story) The Forest of Darkshallow, a nasty bog home to demons and cultists of Libila; but something was off, the smell was getting worse....
  3. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    ^ Yeah, he is not wrong on this
  4. Valrei International. 066

    Re-reading pages so thought I would make this point clear on its own rather than a response quote. Dodge is a thing, cloth is very viable, damage reduction is not everything, movement speed + dodge bonuses make cloth bueno.
  5. Valrei International. 066

    Can confirm, cloth is extremely viable for pve encounters, it also has a VERY good dodge rate. The only thing it truly does poorly with is Hell Hounds, Lava Spiders, Lava Fiends, anything with fire.
  6. Lets tell a story...

    The door opened with a small creak, as I poked my head outside taking a view of the surroundings.
  7. Lets tell a story...

    The moon was still bright in the sky, I could hear the pounding waves hitting the shore. "I might as well check up on the homestead".
  8. Lets tell a story...

    New Story: I jumped up in bed, in a sweat, "that nightmare again?"
  9. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    I actually do not play on Epic, not actively anyway. We have a deed there but I haven't been in a while.
  10. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    1. Yeah that is kinda why the clusters were separated in the first place, unique code and mechanics. 2. You do have the population, that's kinda the whole point of the argument huh? 3. If you really think investing 2-3 years to become pvp viable is an option you been having too much sauce, boss. No one wants instant gratification, but even after 2-3 years the account won't be comparable. It just won't. 4. Epic code iirc was implemented after shift to chaos, point invalid. 5. I want a clear answer on Epic's fate, not continued "solutions" that have been robbing epic of its features for years. Otherwise they are doing what I suggested they do, stringing playerbases along with promised updates to keep them paying.
  11. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    I am not blaming WU for killing epic at all. WU is working to kill Wurm entirely. Imagine if you will you wanting to watch an exclusive Netflix movie, you cannot find this movie anywhere else (like wurm being unique). Now Netflix says, "listen pay us 15 dollars a month and you can watch this and any other new content we put out". Well if you want to watch that movie you might as well pay, and hey you get new content over time that's great! Now imagine Netflix puts out a new service Netflix FreeTime. For the small fee of $2 Dollars (roughly the cost of WU keys) this service will offer all the content Netflix does, but with a few days delay, maybe 5 or so. You do not pay anything, there are no ads, its the same as Netflix. Now you are a new customer, you have not payed for Netflix before, would you still pay monthly at a higher cost? Or would you pay a small fee, and wait a few days for the content?
  12. Personal thank you for the PvP focus.

    This post is dripping with bias. I said it was experiment and to level the playing field, but it was FOR EPIC. How you think Chaos is a better map at this point in time than anywhere on epic is amazing to me, chaos has suffered from years of terraforming, volcanoes, and pre built infrastructure. If anything it is comparable to epic. You are speaking from nostalgia. Again, you will never have a comparable account to those on chaos, 2-3 years is a long time of "waiting" and experience with the game? We are talking about new people. You are being disingenuous to start bolstering Chaos with players that you can kill easily. The people playing on chaos are the people who came from epic you dunce, almost the entirety of Chaos is now epic players, freedomers who are barely hanging on, or people who log in once a month who have been playing for 10 years. I don't really care about your last point, it is just an attempt at personal insult.