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  1. I disagree I fully encourage this change.
  2. The most important group in the game has already been betrayed.
  3. To those asking for a pvp server in support of the pvp community. I am about to deliver a hot take here: There is no pvp community. Don't waste your time. Freedom is the thing people play on the most and enjoy the most.
  4. Mostly untrue. You pay once and you are in, there is an option to pay monthly but it it not mandatory and only offers small benefits. Expansion packs cost money.
  5. Banzai is a great person, and I recommend buying from him.
  6. SOLD Please Lock at the nearest convenience.
  7. Bumping again, because rude people exist.
  8. I am going to be real with you folks right here. I want this account sold. I am on my way out, planning to make a goodbye thread, and I will be out of your hair indefinitely. Do you not want to get rid of me? God knows it has been over 10 years of dealing with my crap. Throw me an offer, no unreasonable offer will be denied.
  9. Account comes with spyglass, rare sword, addy 2h axe that i ripped off the corpse of the King of Jenn Kellon.