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  1. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    -1 Stop being crybabies for Christ sake it is a dragon that serves no purpose to freedom aside from pure greed. Go ahead and tell me what any of you need drake or scale for? You will not come up with an acceptable answer.
  2. steam trains

    I still want my flintlocks and cannons.
  3. A New Elevation

    FYI in reference to the question of steel and flint, you can make 1ql campfires with wood scraps and kindling
  4. Player Impact on another Player

    I consider my core group, friends, to the extent I would hang out with them in real life; and have with two of them. But that is what happens when you play games with them for 10 years.
  5. "Elevated Account" Status for wurm players

    Making the game free up until level 50 skill won't help anything for population. If cost was a concern for most users, they will just play WU.
  6. Increase libila passives

    The passives argument is only really tantalizing enough to bite into if we switched to no-player gods system. Otherwise my response would be to go follow a different god with better passives.
  7. Wine bottles and such

    Glass blowing for glass items, bottles, flasks, glass windows, stained glass windows, and everything else has been requested as far back as 2009. It was on the same wiki page as "bridges" aka the wikipage of things that have been requested (and likely won't be added).
  8. the cape spot

    It just seems so unnecessary.
  9. the cape spot

    Wait this person is from Australia? Anyway, pasting together this word salad it sounds like you want a pet slot, or at least the ability to turn the cape slot into a pet slot. Your example specifically citing a dog. But we do already have a pet system, so why not just use that?
  10. the future of pvp mechanics

    You own Nahjo right? Just confirming something.
  11. Current state of discord moderation.

    Your responses are almost entirely anemic as always. Why do you have any status in the discord if you cannot answer simple questions?
  12. Current state of discord moderation.

    Thank you for stating you don't think mutual respect between players and GM team is necessary; and continuing to justify the attitudes I laid out as a problem.
  13. Current state of discord moderation.

    I will never appreciate the blanket theme of totalitarian rulership that seems to permeate most of the decisions made by moderation teams to the extent it feels like I am living in 1930s Germany. This might be because a vast majority of staff are European and have far different ideas on what they personally find worthy of action. It is more so a battle in recent years than any others, as if those with the thinnest skin are allowed the most voice and power on these teams, which really doesn't surprise me. Which is why I have to at least give props to @Retrogradefor taking tremendous amounts of flak, I wager it is in relation to his nationality and the people's carry on attitude. I have been around for a lot, maybe I haven't been playing the game concurrently for the past 10 years, but I have been "orbiting" across multiple platforms for as longs as I can remember. I know how this might sound but honestly what the team needs is some excrement tossers, because the majority of staff keeps goose stepping across everyone. There seems to be no counter-balance anymore which we seemingly had when people like Duce were still around. What I find most hilarious is that you people genuinely do not know what Toxic is. Like honestly your concept of what constitutes toxic is laughable. I would love for you all to forcibly spend time with me and my ilk to get a grasp and get a grip. None of the current staff would agree with this statement but: You need to put a "toxic" person on your team to counter balance your asinine ideas because you carry innate biases that gain you no respect. I have a feeling you read that bold text and your immediate thought was "I will make them respect me".
  14. A New Elevation

    I am fairly concerned about the future of Truestrike + Large Weapon hits on the new server. As well as the already popular/unpopular priest changes. Personally just so you know where I stand: Remove player gods, original 4 only. Keep parts of new changes people like, remove parts people dislike.