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  1. +1 sure why not
  2. Scenarios need balancing, some "players" need balancing, everything needs balancing. Seems to just be a slow decline in quality of the game over the past few years, which I think can be attributed to the lack of a proper vision of the way forward. (Rolf) Probably just fix some of the missions, add new ones, take some out. Have a more transparent lottery system with leaderboards involved that actually track your progress and compare it to the progress of others to see who has the most points in that lottery system to get the item. More than just "scenario points"
  3. Some old school folks in that pastebin
  4. fully agree with a smaller map, I would say elevation as it was before the new map in terms of server size. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel brings some degree of hope for epic, knowing there are skirmishes makes me happy. Hell if the map was shrunk I would be game to play again. Not sure how I feel about a "lot of water" I think it would be good in terms of people not having hell horse access unless they build a landbridge, normal bridge, or frontline deed (the best option of the 3 imo) but part of me knows how face roll boat combat is especially when one side has numbers and boats of rarity.
  5. From what I always understood, a rare item is always better than a non rare counterpart in general.
  6. OH YES +1
  7. Also this, a lot of people do not get the culture surrounding Wurm as a pvp game, it is truly the penultimate of wurm the last being retirement. You are not just making plate or chain to fight some trolls or wolves nearby, you are actively working as one cog in a large machine that is a running kingdom working together to hopefully have these cogs propel the machine forward. You are building a tower for a strategic importance, it has to be done, not just for decoration. You are making that weapon so you can supply a new guy, so he can fight the enemy. You are making bricks not for a stable, or a church, you are making fortifications for a war front. Just thinking about it, makes me want to get back into Wurm PvP again like right now. THIS IS THE EFFECT ACTUALLY OCCURING. It is a drug.
  8. That is because people who play on the PvP cluster have a different sense of community compared to those who play on freedom. It is generally much tighter knit while on the surface it may seem volatile and tough. Almost everyone who plays on a pvp server at least partially knows their enemy, or they directly know their enemy. Posting on the forums has been a long standing past time of all pvp players, and you would be surprised how many of the people posting are the same few dudes (my combined posting between all accounts on the forums has to be well over 7000). I could go to freedom and not know my neighbors, but on pvp clusters you kinda have to know.
  9. Epic is dead because of core problems with pvp as is, not so much freedom populations or whatever. Wurm is proving to be a better pve game than pvp and that is just the plain truth.
  10. Well that can't be true because when you load the game you end up on the starter island, and cannot be attacked by players.
  11. Came to the conclusion that this is not a game for most wurm players, wurm players are used to the idea of "well if I need it done I will do it" Life is Feudal does not offer that, instead you have a very specific job, and must rely on other players specific job to actually advance in any capacity. Be warned.
  12. No
  13. *Banning account sales mindset intensifies*
  14. I mean these towers have interiors. So you can actually go inside of them. And climb the stairs. In a physical tower.