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  1. No! I can't bare to face up to this prospect. Let's face it, some people are better to remain faceless. It would save face to do this but better turn the other face than the cheek and not only for the meek. =Ayes=
  2. This is my main issue with the current system, so to split/separate completely the game mechanics for each would allow each side of the game to reach a higher potential for enjoyment. Doubt it will ever happen though as the re-coding of these two sides of the game would seem a monumental task. I wouldn't mind seeing this happen either. Why subject either side to reading posts that combine PvE/pvp when they might have no interest in opposing views on that basis. This is already available by choice but seems the pvp people just like interjecting into the PvE forum grounds with their pvp topics. *shrugs* Basically this would mean cutting off Wild (Chaos) players from traveling by boat to the PvE servers. I see no need for this really. Let them travel where they wish. This has little negative impact on either side of the issue. Only thing I would suggest is not being able to import pvp items (hotas, gtowers, banners and such) from Chaos into the PvE servers for the exclusive profit of pvp'ers. This one sided profit potential creates some resentment within the PvE side of the game. Anyway, now with the Public WU server choices available whatever happens one way or the other along these lines, they provide a way out into more distinct choices in these areas, so I am really not that much concerned. Why comment then? That is the question..... =Ayes=
  3. Great suggestion Delacroix! Since soon after diagonal paving was introduced I had often found myself wishing for diagonal fencing and hedges. Since they would be from corner point to corner point of a tile it makes me think this might be possible to code. Who knows... =Ayes=
  4. From the pictures it certainly looks like you and friends did a great job at reproducing them as they had existed. This familiarity is what threw me off a bit about it all. Not many would go to such extent of reproduction, which gives further excellence to this project. Well done! (Thanks for the clarification) =Ayes=
  5. Naw, we are not *fatigued* of the topic yet... =Ayes=
  6. The *Lone Wolf Award*! And for any further disputes with both sides of the issue you are awarded a *Wolf Pup*. I have quite a collection of them myself and when you gather enough of them around you they will keep you nice and warm when left out in the cold. =Ayes=
  7. Nice work! Looks like you made some nice improvements there so I will have to run over sometime to take a look. I remember some of those houses along the highway near the bridge, wouldn't they have prevented you from deeding over it? Anyway, worked out well that Pragmatist returned so that now you can adjust to cover it (maybe). =Ayes=
  8. pvp enemies have now adopted the tactic of hiding within cow skins. Watch them carefully before approaching and if they move slowly without mooing then leave them sneak onward in peace. Nothing to crow about really Mark but perhaps they might have some tasty insects on them from those rotting skins. I guess the smell would be a giveaway too, if only we could smell; but hey, maybe we do! =Ayes=
  9. I have a few abandoned rowboats in the pond behind my deed (off deed) that players can row around it in. Yep, they get decay so that every few weeks I repair some damage on them. Also, if you want to eliminate any decay on your ships you can as well load them onto a ship transporter and put it on deed. No decay on them then either. Pretty easy way to eliminate any decay, which you would then need to repair and reduce the quality of your ship in the process. =Ayes=
  10. This is a very good way to enable this function because sometimes I (and others) would prefer that the dirt goes into our inventory as normal. Now with a keybind it is an option rather than a no choice imposition. Yep, WU is way ahead of WO in these types of options/improvements to the game so this is just another nice *tiny* step in that direction. =Ayes=
  11. An excellent post Retrograde! Most impressive to read all these additions to the game this year laid out in the manner that you have done, as it once again brings them to the forefront of the imagination of what has been and may be yet to come. Surely they have been put to good use with the creativity of many Wurmanites as can be seen across the lands. I am sure Rolf must be quite pleased as well to see and realize what good hands (and minds) he has left his game under the care of. Almost as if it had been planned. Imagine that! *winks* =Ayes=
  12. Mmmm, if your ship is on a deed tile (even in the water) it will not receive any decay at all. I noticed this maybe over a year ago. Don't know how you all missed it. =Ayes=
  13. Does anyone exist other than yourself? Due to this extreme intolerable loneliness have you created this diversity of existences? Now have you become entrapped within it with these various created participants that lend some seeming validity to it as something separate from yourself? Then you would no longer even realize that nothing but yourself exists. Fortunately the body only has a finite existence and then one day you will be free of it to finally know the truth that you hide from yourself. Until then all is folly and can not be substantiated as the truth; thus, the end is the beginning of that from which you hide. *wiggles futility within the restraints* =Ayes=
  14. Unfortunately you are just one number shy of an appropriate completion of this years VI series with #49. Perhaps next week a short note of congratulations to all Wurmanites for making it through another year would do nicely as Valrei International #50. Anyway, great to have those pavement keybinds available soon and I would agree with Nadroj that a *discard* keybind is much needed as well. Not giving up anything for it though. All in all a great year of Wurm progress with my thanks to all Devs and Staff for making it so. I will save my Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings for edition #50. If not, well.... Happy Trails =Ayes=
  15. So very true. Glad you noticed that this was one of those market (money making) protection "suggestions". There have been many veiled ones in the past attempted to be justified as something else. No doubt there will be more in the future. As for iron plate, looks very cool, affords nice protection at less expense if purchased and even opens the opportunity for more players to create it with an easier skill set; thus, it may become more popular than plate for those reasons. A great addition to the game! =Ayes=