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  1. Thanks for all responses. It seems that just fighting mobs with a 40-50 QL shield is the way to go then, even to start from 1.00 skill level. I have a longsword now with 100LT, high CoC, etc. on it and some longsword skill from years ago to start out with, so that part of training is covered. Anyway, a long way to go to even 70 shield skill but good to have some general idea on how to start out. =Ayes=
  2. I remember reading last year in the news section that shield training was changed and improved in some manner. So with just a shield equipped at 1 skill is it still best to start with a pig and target another animal nearby so as not to kill it? Then how high in the shield skill is it time to just move onto regular hunting? I think one of the things mentioned was that gains through regular hunting were improved enough to make it the effective way to go. Anyone with recent experience in shield training can comment? =Ayes=
  3. SOLD / WTS encahnted tools 5c

    I would like to purchase the following item: Butcher Knife, 30.17 QL, CoC75 for 5 copper (hard to resist at that price) Please mail to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  4. WTS Rares and other bits

    I would like to purchase this item: Longsword 88.84 QL, N93, LT100, C86 for 3 silver. Please mail to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  5. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    So you voiced your opinions about what changes you would like to see be made for priests. I hardly would equate you with being a whiner for doing so. You were never abusive to others in the process either, which is a very positive quality when presenting ideas that conflict with others opinions. Anyway, it seems to me that your main discouragement is with how priests function in the game as stated. So yeah, if it has gotten to the breaking point for you it's understandable that you would say farewell. Probably best to do as a few have suggested and just take a break from the game for a while. Just don't sell off your account with all the work and enjoyment you have put into it, as none will appreciate it as you have. Perhaps someday you will return. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  6. Deliverance Community Map

    A few more deeds located nearby: Turtle Lake Outpost 781, 1181 Fairshadow Grove 791, 1044 =Ayes=
  7. Does dirt decay?

    MMM no. A large crate will only hold 300 dirt whereas a bulk bin will hold 853, as well as the same amount of shards and sand. Guess Cecci missed it up a little there. For some items a large crate will hold more due to the item volume each, such as logs, slabs, support beams and maybe a few other things. Over time you will notice this and use the best container for unusual items by volume weight. =Ayes=
  8. Mysterious giant sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

    I can directly trace my family lineage to this time period by the carbon dating of a petrified brain fragment of my ancestor that has been handed down through generations and now *lies* within my possession, securely hidden within the family crypt, safely ensconced within my great grandpa's skull cavity. Recently, through the subatomic delusional imaging device being developed by Chaser Atoms LLC., we have discovered sub-microbialistic renderings of the exact dimensions and intervectral shadings of this object. This being the result of examining the aforementioned ancestral petrified brain fragment, which is why I mentioned it aforehandidly. Now we (they really) are almost to the point of establishing legal precedent to make claims upon this object due to the fact that my ancestors petrified brain fragment is made of the exact same geonomic fragmatisms, less time expansion degradations that can't be quantified so they are more or less suppositions based upon a combination of religious and evolutionary theories, as the doctored picture of the object above below the surface. In the interim, all fake news agencies (not Fox of course) have been contacted by our representative Mr. L. Mao of the Hong Kong firm W.U. Limita ccc.; thusly being duly notified of their trespass into illegal non-consensual egalitarianism post-pre possession before our rightful heritage could be properly claimed and taken advantage of in a court of the current lawlessness. All this is to state that the state of affairs as has been attempted to be concocted by mixologists of dubious and obvious sub-factual fabricants can't not be justified by these recent scientific advancements made by our affiliates yet unpublished to the general public for the safe preservation of their advancements to humanity and the resulting mass hysteria that would surely ensue should the truth be known about this object's objectives. As I have plainly outlined and justified my claims above that may be subjectified to any but the utmost scrutiny, I think it best to not disturb the reflective quality of any further thoughts that might emerge from the depths of the unknown. Then just be assured that since the unknown is not unknown to me due to these unusual circumstances, that if anything bad that is foretold to happen I will not foretell you, for the future is still to unfold, although still a bit crumply. =Ayes=
  9. How is Wurm?

    This has turned into the same old discussion here on to "save" the game from its "inevitable" demise. All the things you listed as problematic to the game "economy" have decreased the costs of playing the game for everyone, except of course those who would profit financially from selling items to other players and taking advantage of opportunities. Only really the reduced deed costs and mail costs directly reduce game income since they are not player mechanics that can be used for personal profit. Yet those reduced costs benefit everyone financially by reducing the costs for playing the game. Even more so the reduced mail costs greatly encourage trade among players since most purchases and improvements to items go through the mail. Somehow you think to list this as problematic when even those who profit from increasing the game costs to promote their trade (making money) are benefited from mailed items reduced to 1c in contrast to 10c. Sure some people play the game because of these effects listed and yet they cost everyone else more to play the game. So all the changes you have listed here I see as positive effects since I and many/most others pay to play the game directly out of their own financial reserves obtained from outside the game. As for this idea, it really eludes me as to how it would create anything but loss for all those who play and continue to play the game because of the Villages that they have created. Somehow packing players into more confined spaces (fewer servers) will "encourage" them to interact more and make the game seem more populated? If the objective is to create more player interaction, making the game more attractive and enjoyable to those who are positively influenced by this aspect, then I see a far better way to do so. That would be to make it easy for this to happen by having Portals able to be created on every deed to every starter Village. Then at every starter Village have a Portal to every other server. This would make social gatherings and visits to other players readily available with minimal time devoted to traveling to them. This system can be easily created by the Developers since it is already in existence in the game but in a much more restricted format. Even then these points are not what will "cure" the decline in the Wurm Online population and I think they are the wrong direction to look if that is the goal. Wurm Unlimited is now the great direct competitor to WO since it is basically the same game. Yet this has had some positive effects in that ideas from the Modders there and certain concepts have been gradually and gently introduced into WO. Until WO can become as player friendly *time wise* as WU it will always have the lesser advantage, thus drawing more players to it (WU) who prefer this style of game. The *time* needed to accomplish anything is the great destroyer of the WO player and as you see, only the strongly determined survive. Reducing some of these time sinks are the most beneficial changes for the game population as a whole, as well as new players to come. This is I think what should be focused upon as an improvement to player enjoyment and retention. Beyond all this, if a person plays the game to enjoy the creative sandbox elements which are its core, then I only see the game as accelerating positively in these respects by what the Developers have added to it over these past number of years. What the future holds in this respect I have no control over, so I don't see it as my problem to resolve, which pretty much frees me up to just enjoy what the game has to offer. =Ayes=
  10. Thanks devs.

    Trolls are swarming on the east side of the west mountain next to Green Dog. Tried to wander through there a week or 2 ago and every minute after killing one I would come up against another one when trying to proceed further. Usually a few will respawn on the west side too and might have to kill those if they try to pester me on perimeter. Seems that usually if there is no one traveling into these areas they will just continue to build up their population. Nice to *not* see fog spiders around though... =Ayes=
  11. Raise the item limit

    No, it's just *one* too many but yes I agree that books should not decay when placed anywhere within deeds. =Ayes=
  12. Useless Unicorns

    I remember some years ago when Unicorns use to spawn like crazy around my deed. Colored ones too. Yeah, they did seem to be unusually good for raising fighting skills in contrast to other animals but there seemed to be too many of them around, displacing other spawns. Hopefully it won't turn into that situation again. As for their taming difficulty and restrictions, I guess it's more their mythical status that influenced *someone* to place these deterrents to the common Wurmanites abilities upon them. Not meaning to horn in on this topic though... =Ayes=
  13. I used to just hop off my cart and fight on foot due to the CR penalty on carts. All the hopping on and off gets to be a bit irritating after a while though so if the CR penalty isn't much (looking at it) I just stay on cart. Normally I wear cloth armor and can kill everything except Trolls with my 2hand sword that has LT on it. I like cloth because I still get some protection while suffering no movement speed decrease, even when dragging carts. So I can run around just as fast as I could without any armor on at all but I am not really "unarmored" as your goal would be. Since you prefer swords I would say a longsword with LT and some type of shield would be best since with decent shield skill it will help provide a lot of protection in place of armor. Kind of an odd goal to wear no armor at all, so I would suggest that you would be better off wearing some high QL cloth armor as I do. People are strange though. *grins* =Ayes=
  14. How is Wurm?

    One thing you could do to find out a lot of information is to read through the Valrei International posts in City Hall, as they list all the new additions to the game as they become available. Also the Patch Notes in the Website News section cover all the specifics. I would agree that the introduction of Wurm Unlimited did draw off a good portion of the Wurm Online population. Yet even then, some players continue to play both versions of the game. Best bet to see is just to *sneak* into WO and take a look around at some of the more active Villages to see what they have done with all the new creative additions made to the game. I find the progress in this respect to have been most enjoyable, with many new options to choose from. =Ayes=
  15. A (Hi)story of Pristine

    I (Ayes) was keeping a low profile there in respect to Zip being my account. I just figured I would let his playstyle stand on its own. Good to hear Zip's sprout areas are still providing them for others to pick too. Great work on resurrecting Clay Harbor Ohana. I stopped by there with Zip some months back before he sailed off server to take a final look at the very well designed and improved addition. Clay for all! =Ayes=