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  1. Excellent! Well done! Now you will be happy to improve all the cloth armor I create to about 95 QL at a fair price. Then I can wear all my own created stuff instead of the current rag-tag assortment. =Ayes=
  2. The server needs to attract a broad spectrum of the playerbase in order to be successful. "Solo" self directed players contribute to this as well in many ways not so obvious as grouping together to be a follower of others. Deeds too are beneficial as survival points in an environment too hostile and otherwise unenjoyable to all but the most extreme of the boisterous survivalists. Making the server restrictive in these respects then attracts a dwindling remnant of what otherwise could be a multiple mix of players. We can even see the Devs attempting to offer some benefit skill wise to players when they return to their home servers to counteract their thoughts that they are just wasting their time here for 6 months when within the main game they would have been able to progress their characters substantially in comparison. Playing on this server reminds me of starting on one of the WU low/medium rate progress servers and even without some of the benefits that they would offer in terms of starting skills and tools. The main difference here being that Jackal is attached to the main game of WO and you must pay the same rate to play on it. I see it as having about as little benefit to my main character as playing WU, so I just play there with an alt to enjoy the different evolvement of the server, strange environment and creatures. Even then the 6 month wipe time of everything accomplished is worse than playing on a WU server because this is stated from the beginning whereas in WU the goal of most servers is to last for years as a number of them have already done. So this 6 month point will be in the back of everyone's mind from the start. A hard dilemma point for the Devs to deal with I would imagine, as to me it automatically diminishes the value of anything I accomplish there other than passing time in a for now novel environment. =Ayes=
  3. And surprise, surprise players have done just fine there without the ability to purchase their own Traders. An experiment gone well in my opinion. Players can't purchase Traders there either. Also recently someone (Retro I would guess since he built new Trader stalls over them at this time) removed the ability for Traders to buy items from players. Before this someone was bragging in Freedom chat there about how he was already draining those two Traders for some good silver. Seems someone got a clue that with all the new deeds being placed that this would repeat the occurrence on Pristine/Release where those focused on draining Traders were making huge amounts of silver during the initial deed placement phase. Nipped in the bud on Jackal or maybe something temporary? Only those who decided to stop the practice there know. =Ayes=
  4. I thank you for your kind words directed at me @Amadeeand your attempt to explain to this newer player some of the co-operation and courtesies extended to others within it. As I think I have said all that I wanted to about this situation I won't drag it out further with my comments. As always, people will draw their own conclusions on this situation and others, so I leave it to them. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  5. I do appreciate your post here Nusuth. True enough I try to do things that will help new players such as creating this Public Mine in Haven's Landing perimeter without feeling the need to advertise that I had done them; thus using alts who are capable to do various projects while at the same time benefiting their own skills. Even in this case I would never had let on that I had anything to do with it until I read that it had been destroyed. I don't see any malicious intent in what Bloodscythe did here. No doubt before he arrived the person asking for "help" did not describe the situation accurately to him as he stated that when he did arrive there he questioned whether this was a good idea for him to do. Now somehow I am being made out the bad guy for reacting with disappointment that Bloodscythe did this. To state that this was justifiable because there are some other Public Mines available in the perimeter (only 1 that I know of) makes no sense as a justification for the reason that this new player wanted it destroyed. There are vast areas around where he settled that could be used so needing the land was not the issue. Neither was there any danger of falling into a steeper part of the ramp down as there was no path around the top of it to encourage anyone to run around it and fall down to get damaged fatally. This situation just shows a lack of knowledge on this new players part and no concern for the work put forth by someone else to create this Public Mine with the interior facilities as described for all to use that played within that area or even passed by. People should actually view the situation so that they know what they are talking about and have some experience spending time in that area to see how players are interacting with it. Another reason I don't use my character Ayes for these types of public works is that since I am outspoken on these forums if *certain* people find out that I had anything to do with them they might take steps to mess them up with actual malicious intent, which as I stated was not the intent of Bloodscythe but in the end the destruction was the same. As I see Retrograde condones this as acceptable I am sure also that it has more to do with the fact that I was behind the creation of this Public Mine than anything else. Yeah sure, "no big loss". I will continue to do things/projects that are beneficial to other players because well, I enjoy doing them. The satisfaction comes from knowing that a few will enjoy and appreciate them while wondering who created this mysterious project. With some detective work they could many times figure it out anyway. Sometimes obvious, sometimes not. If they are destroyed as this one was I may pop out of the woodwork and say something about it. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows... Happy Trails =Ayes=
  6. Yes, it is a big deal. Your response is nonsense. Everything that is needed to be known about this situation is within my posts. If you can't figure out that a mine created within the Haven's Landing perimeter for public use labeled as such with the interior 2 iron veins exposed, facilities provided for smelting the ore and excavated as described should not be sealed up just because one individual wants that for some peculiar self centered reasons without consideration of anyone else then any further explanation of the obvious will be rejected by you as well so is both time and wasted words. In addition, this new player has not the capability, skills, nor knowledge to make a new mine anywhere near the standards of the one that they strangely were able to convince someone else to destroy. Beyond this it is even pointless to do so. This is not some remote location with a pit dug into the ground awkwardly as a new player would attempt to do. It was designed for all new players to use, even old ones too if they wished, within Haven's Landing perimeter. The sign next to the stone mine door was even labeled "Public Rock-Iron Mine". But you have read all this and are capable of comprehending the situation and continue to attempt to justify it defying the common courtesy of not destroying a Public Mine created for others that did not interfere at all with this person Wildelf residing next to it. So I call your response nonsense made for other motivations that I can not comprehend nor even have any interest in since yeah, it's nonsense (to put it politely). You are just looking for an argument I guess with nothing better to do. Enough said to you then. =Ayes=
  7. I agree, you should have known better to do this as you stated that you had noted all the things that I mentioned and went ahead sealed up the mine enabling whoever to start to fill up the ramp down to it with dirt. I also agree that you could go and "easily" fix it as well and return this Public Rock-Iron Mine to its former state of well constructed usefulness to everyone. I am sure you did not do this with malicious intent but were mainly focused upon "helping" a new player but all the same this does not mean doing anything they ask you to do. All the while you even state here that you were questioning the reasonableness and fairness of what you were doing. You should have just trusted your own judgement and explained politely that this was a Public Mine as indicated by the sign and it should not be destroyed within Haven's Landing perimeter which was a public access area created for the benefit of *all* players. Actually my alt guy already explained this to Wildelf when he met him once over there casually talking and the guy even said at that time that he didn't like this slope that was dug down next to where he had fenced in fearing it would fill up with water or was just too deep into the ground to be safe. I calmly explained the water table and the depth that must be dug to reach rock in this area to make a mine and that it should be left as is for everyone to use. Then he turns around anyway and convinces someone to destroy it a week or two later. Yes, my former post was address to you as I see no value in contacting or explaining anything to this person after what he in effect did with no thought of anyone but himself. You admit you made a mistake in judgement here and there was no need for me to sweep it all under the rug within a PM. Actually you could have sent me one if you wished to discuss it further. I think this other person who convinced you to do this needed to have the situation put forth out in the open as well, so there it is. A very selfish individual who was the instigator of this whole mess. Now my alt guy should have to go "fix" this and perhaps this instigator will then just find someone else to destroy it all again or maybe reach the point in skills where he could do it himself later? Not gonna happen... =Ayes=
  8. So you destroyed a Public Mine in the Haven perimeter because this person did not like it next to the spot they settled at there? I would think that you would realize that the rock level is very deep there so a paved 20 slope path of about 10-12 tiles long was necessary to reach the level to mine the opening. Then you would note that a stone mine door was on it set for all to access and that a sign was next to it marked Public Rock-Iron Mine. Then when you entered the mine to look around you would have noted that all the floor tiles were level and paved with stone slabs. You would have seen 2 50-60 QL forges in there with a bulk bin next to 1 of them filled with fuel logs marked as such, as well as the forges marked Public Forge. You would have seen all the side walls were reinforced maybe 10 tiles into the mine 2 tiles wide where at the end players could continue to mine rock. You would have seen a Vynora altar in there with a trash bin next to it for mine clean up. Also a oil barrel there filled with water for all to use. Why do I know all these things? Because one of my alts built that mine for everyone to use. As I described it you would have noted that it was all well constructed for that purpose with the entry ramp leading down to it set at the standard 20 slope for easy access. I have to say that I am very disappointed in your decision to assist in destroying this mine based upon the lack of knowledge of a newer player who my alt guy even spoke to about it when he complained to him about this mine next to his spot, which by the way my same guy had also leveled out that whole area so anyone could build there. Why should this mine be destroyed just because this 1 person did not like being next to it? Maybe better they should move elsewhere and leave the mine alone so that every other player who would be in the area might have a chance to use it? How did this whole situation I described not occur to you in your good intentions to "help" this player? If I destroyed a Public Mine in the Haven perimeter I don't think I could justify any reason for doing so. So yeah, I wouldn't do it for any reason really, especially one that was so obviously set up for everyone to use with a path down into it designed correctly. I was very disappointed to read this and then go to see the destruction that was done with the mine now sealed up and dirt started to be filled in on top of it. You should have known better than to do this when you arrived there and examined this clearly labeled Public Rock-Iron Mine. Maybe you thought you were back on the pvp server? I am very disappointed in your lack of judgement here. Wow! Kind of amazed that you did this really... =Ayes=
  9. Yes, another Jackal Hunting server should after a time be created with some of the things you mentioned but none of this excessiveness should be introduced into the current Jackal server. This goes way beyond what the normal Wurm player can handle and transforms the whole thing into a mere survival experience, meaning just avoiding numerous deaths for anyone but the most elite fighters which have taken years to develop on the other Wurm servers. The only flaw here in this "awesomeness" is that rift beasts will follow you right into the water and swim after you until you run out of stamina and drown or catch up to you and kill you or both. Then they will swim around out there, spot someone on shore, swim back to them on shore and repeat the process. Frequently this was happening at the starter village there at the beginning with the only way to kill some of them off was to lure them to the 1 GM built guard tower so the TGuards would tank it while a few players tried to help to kill it. They were not always successful at it either before all the TGuards were dead and the players ran away if not targeted but we are beyond that point there now so not as difficult. =Ayes=
  10. I have always bought 6 months max for the past 9 years fearing that the game might not last beyond that. Stepping up to paying a year in advance would involve a lot of faith. Not too sure I am willing to take that step yet. Maybe if I survive to 10 years I could be more certain. Will check back then. =Ayes=
  11. The more actions you can queue the longer each of those actions will take. The only advantage a 7 queue which 60+ mind logic will provide is if you want to divert your attention elsewhere while this extended time limit winds down. Although I have a 7 queue I rarely if ever go above 3-5 depending upon what I am doing since I actually pay attention to what I am doing and want to finish the queue in the shortest time frame to then continue on with the next one. Also true as was stated that you will run out of stamina if that is not high compatibly to sustain the actions within the skilling range of some remaining stamina necessary. Naw, earn your queue even on Jackal and when you see you can finally queue up 4 actions it will be an accomplishment of relief. Well, at least for a time. 50 QL toolbelt too like Finn says, which just a few can make now and are not selling unless for exorbitant prices. Time soon enough heals all wounds except for the dead and even then you can resurrect your interest. =Ayes=
  12. The deeding system needs to be setup differently on Jackal since the idea is to set them up across the server in order to convert the whole thing into a Freedom environment. As is now most players just set them up at short intervals apart and also many of them cluster around the starter Village. The way I would suggest to do it is to have the deed locations preset by the GM's by a started Freedom Beacon as the deed center marker where one could be placed. The total deed size would be 250x250 with whatever whatever size out from the beacon a player wanted to have the Village tiles at the same cost as current. Then the rest of the tiles would remain perimeter of that deed included in that cost. So say a 21x21 tile deed inside of this area would be about 1 silver maintenance fee per month with no charge for the remaining perimeter area. No building of any sort would be allowed within this perimeter area except Freedom Beacons by the villagers to further cleanse it of the corruption. What this would do would be to make players always go further into the wilderness to seek out these locations if they wanted to place their deed. This type of preset deed location system would much better serve this concept of wiping these poor creatures from the face of their planet as the revenge and conquest expansionism continues into the unknown Wurm universe which yet remains to be discovered. The starter Village would be setup the same way except that players would be allowed to build within the perimeter there as they wished. If they choose to huddle sort of securely for some time all well and good since the more valiant and brave (foolish?) souls will no doubt be content to venture forth without them slowing their pace. =Ayes=
  13. You make some good points in your post Rhea. The solution to this is simple but maybe too "easy mode" in the minds of those who have the power to make it happen. The Freedom Beacons should all also function as teleports for anyone to return to the Freedom servers. Seems to me an important point that has been too casually overlooked in that many want to pop back over there to attend to the things you mentioned. As for me, Ayes has stayed at home and won't venture there due to those issues. Well, even beyond that I prefer to keep him on Freedom anyway to work on skills and enjoy puttering around the deed. I just sent an alt over there to mess about and don't care if he stays there the whole time or not. Always need to keep in mind that the Dev's will get ya some way if they can. *winks* =Ayes=
  14. Far away into the corrupted area my guy recently needed to go to find a horse as where I saw them much closer several days ago they had all been killed off (bison, bulls, cows too) by I would suppose leather workers for their hides. Since that time the area has been barren of these creatures as the respawning there isn't happening so I had to make a much longer journey into another direction. Up into the woods some way from the coast in that area I saw a couple of horses. Just as I led one I saw a smaller version of those red rift beacons and a few seconds later several of those rift foxey guys started to chase him so I had to run for my life in what seemed to be the direction of the coast since I had not even a poor compass to provide some direction. As he ran a few more mobs added onto the chase like a troll, spider and scorpion. Seemingly out of nowhere a rift beast added onto the pack until I finally lost them all except the ever pursuing rift beast drooling at the prospect of a tasty foreigner in his lands. Then off to the side glancing I noticed another rift beast had joined his friend in the chase. Almost out of stamina now with a few wounds slowing him further I was at the coastline where in passing there before I had noticed a cave entrance with a fence surround and a gate set for all to enter. With the last fading of stamina he reached the gate and the safety inside. The poor horse still led behind terrified followed inside quickly enough. As I moved further inside calming both my new friend and myself we both seemed to share a victorious shake of the head and a sigh of relief at our narrow escape. Not so easy for the lone foreigner in these lands with no deed, compatriots, fine armor, weapon and the skill of a mount to ride, I would say. At least now he has gone out and captured 2 horses to pull the cart around... =Ayes=
  15. Good news with the latest patch, now rift beasts will enter deeds so if you hire a Spirit Templar they will take the aggro while you fight them. =Ayes=