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    Hello Pepejot, I would like to purchase this item. Please cod to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  2. Well then, I was quite hesitant to tell my tale previously lest people might think me, well, nuts but due to the devotion that Muse has put forth on this search I will relate my very unusual experience. Now while out picking sprouts as I often do to generate new ideas from the soil, I frequently hear a soft chittering sound as if the faint mocking laughter of some hidden creature. As I wander on in that direction trying to find what this might be I am reminded of the mythical Wurm rolfess chipmunk, which very few Wurmanites have even gotten a glimpse of, thereby others often making a mockery of them for suggesting that they even exist as other than a figment of a delirious mind due to a lack of foresight to carry enough water in even a small container while wandering the lands. Of course this was not my circumstance as I always wander long distances in search of the *rare* sprouts with which to germinate unique ideas of grandiose proportions and thus realize that to keep all delusions to the minimum I must stay well hydroporportionated at all times. Nevertheless, delusions can be very helpful in tracking down rare creatures such as this so in order to create the delicate instability required, I have found that sipping water from a hollowed out coconut provides just the right amount of leftness within it so as not to slow down the bursts of swift movement necessary to keep up with chipmunks in the wild forested areas of rolfness. As I often discard these hollowed coconuts upon my return trips to reality, I have on occasion come across their abandoned husks in such exact locations that I use them as roadmaps of sorts to make the journey home that much more reassuring that I have not strayed too far beyond the minds capacity for bendability. On this return trip much to my astonishment I distinctly saw one of these discarded coconuts rapidly bumping along the ground in the opposite direction that I usually take, when there it was! A rolfess chipmunk was bouncing the coconut husk along the ground in front of it while scurrying away from me deeper into the unknown and remotest of forests into which neither I nor any other Wurmanite dared to venture. Always being the foolish one with little regard for the stability of common sense, I sensed that in this circumstance the dance was worth the chance, as I caught the louder taunting chitter of this chipmunk. With a further wink of its eye it passed me by the way of a watery pond of shallow reflections. All this I viewed clearly within these dark pools of still waters where no doubt many secrets were left hidden by this rolfness chipmunk. Yet it did not pause here for even an instant of time stretched laterally but dashed between those seconds of the here and now into what was beyond. Just beyond that time there was a mine opening placed upside down into which the chipmunk nudged the coconut so gently and slowly that it slipped in and downwards just beyond the grasp of my perception of introspection. With a final maniacal chitter and a wink of the eye, in jumped the chipmunk to the soundless depths below. What was this!?! Were these rolfness chipmunks all suicidal and that was the reason that so few had ever seen them or perhaps even lived to tell the tell as they dove into the inverted mine shaft opening in their futile pursuit for the truth? Always being the cautious one in my foolishness, I slowly crawled on the ground to the edge of the mine shaft opening. As the shaft was so deep and due to the peculiar opening situation I could see nothing below except a few shattered coconut husks clinging to the side ledges of the decent into madness (?). Now since I was not mad but in a happy mood that day due to discovering the cuteness of the mythical rolfness chipmunk I was not about to descend to break my cheerfulness and spoil an otherwise miraculous discovery. Still, my curiosity had to be satisfied somehow so I lit my lantern and threw it quickly into the mine shaft opening. Eventually it faded out into the unknown lands below and I was left above in the pitch black of the Wurm night. Being that I was afraid to even move from my precarious position in the mine shaft opening I just fell asleep right there with the melodious chittering of the rolfness chipmunk lulling me into a more unstable state of mind. As the daylight broke I awoke in my bed safely from a good nights sleep, full of the newness of the day and went out to tend to my faithful horses grazing contentedly within their pens. Finishing grooming my horses and harvesting a few crops I opened the trash bin to discard a few items. Inside I was surprised to see a few coconut husk remains. Now how did those get in there? Happy Trails =Ayes=
  3. Lets tell a story...

    So Ayes sneakily painted a big red target on Frank's back made from the red tulip dye he had created.
  4. Yep. For over a year when Rifts first started, every other time one would spawn close behind my deed on Deliverance, just shifting to the east or west in that area. Not long ago someone made a large deed in that area with also another re-deeded south of it and it pushed the Rifts quite a bit away now. It seems to me that Deliverance being smaller than Indy that Rifts here just favor two general locations rather than scattered over such a large area as Indy. Anyway, good riddance to having them near me, ha! =Ayes=
  5. Valrei International. 067

    Good luck for you then. I had my ridden horse (not tamed either) attacked 2-3 times by Trolls while out hunting about a month ago. So on some rare occasions mobs will still target them while ridden but I have always had bad luck with this "rare" situation. One Troll I taunted off, the other when I went back in to attack targeting it first. It still wouldn't stop attacking my horse so I had to ride away, dismount leaving the horse there and kill the Troll on foot or my horse would have been killed. So, yep it can happen... =Ayes=
  6. The title of this post conjures up many thoughts and responses; however, for the sake of decency I think that I must keep them to myself. And yet as Mr Peter Paul and Mrs Almond Joy would say: "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't". =Ayes=
  7. Lets tell a story...

    Ayes finally reached the top of the hill and seeing the naked body covered it in the daffodils that he had picked below while FtT had been doing all the fighting.
  8. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    Steveleeb, You make some good points within your reflective topic about the "Personal Goals" option within Wurm and yet it remains just that, an *option*. This is very much what I like about it since I am free to ignore it if desired, which is just what I am doing. I took a look at it once just out of curiosity and confirmed that I had many more enjoyable options to choose from within the game. One the other hand, I have no qualms or objections to those who choose to devote their time to it. It really just all is a reflection of one's personality in that some (perhaps many) people are *goal* motivated. More rare I find are people that will just go their own way independently of what are more commonly perceived as what are the standards expected of them by society and Wurm in many ways is just another expression of how the individual behaves in the outside world. I find it sort of funny (strange) that some people reach a point where they find themselves wondering what to do with themselves within these Wurm worlds. So I suppose I can understand the Devs attempting to put some sort of goal type options into the game to give them some directions to pursue. No harm in this and for them it can be a positive experience. For me the road less traveled is where I choose to venture and as long as it remains open I am content to awaken to the next day and wander on further *seemingly* aimlessly. Yet whose eyes can we look through but our own, be their visions that perhaps none other can see. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  9. Question about coins

    The section to look for work to post in would be "Classified Ads" in the Freedom Isles Market section. WTS is normally for selling items. =Ayes=
  10. Water and buildings

    Also, the floor tiles must be reinforced in order to plan buildings and I am not sure if you get any message requiring that when trying. Too low ceiling height will block planing as well but you will get a message to that effect. =Ayes=
  11. Being that we as "Owners" have "Permissions" to manage gates, is it safe to sacrifice the keys to those gates? Also, how about keys to large carts and wagons being sacrificed? Reason I am asking is that I must have a few 100 gate keys stored that I and alts have built over the years. Some of the gates I have even destroyed and it's hard to tell which keys go to those too, so it would be nice to finally sacrifice all of them (gate keys) if they are really not needed anyway. =Ayes=
  12. Movement Speed of Tar

    Depends also upon the amount of feathers applied to the person as well... =Ayes=
  13. Lets tell a story...

    Ayes swiftly drew his longbow back and sent an arrow flying past Franks as he recklessly ran up the hill to do battle at close range with the JK intruders.
  14. I suggest that bank storage be increased to 10 items. Why be so stingy with only 5? Give everyone a break and up it to 10. Yeah, that's tha ticket! =Ayes=
  15. Coffins!

    Add in the ability to "plant/secure" coffins to the ground and I am with ya, otherwise off deed players will just load up all the new types and run off with em. =Ayes=