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  1. I have often thought of this *sprite* feature concerning crops, since if you look at them from one side direction they are very thin and featureless in comparison to the other way. We did have this *sprite* feature many years ago in an online building/chat game called Active Worlds, so it always comes to mind when I view the "flat" side of crops here. Maybe it is not resource friendly for Wurm, this being the reason it is not implemented here? =Ayes=
  2. See!? The poor soul just wants to settle down and build a roof over his head. Probably will just string it up over some cedar trees down in the dip of a valley. =Ayes=
  3. You are a very cruel person to want to kill this gentle green giant. Some years back on Pristine one of these towering behemoths wandered onto the perimeter area of my Village. A spectacular sight to behold. Then he slowly lumbered off into the deeper forests once he had seen how the other humans had cut them down so carelessly in the surrounding area. =Ayes=
  4. What beautiful cockroaches! Almost makes me a bit less repulsed by them, so I may leave them be to skitter around. Naw. *squish* =Ayes=
  5. I would say that the major deterrent to players staying with WO are the action timers, especially for new players where they are exceptionally slow due to low skill levels and poor tools. There is no way not to realize this as the blue line with the seconds listed slowly creeps across the bottom of the action bar. Even after playing the game for many years there are only a few tasks that I can enjoy without turning my attention elsewhere as the thin blue line creeps onward. Add onto this the slow skill gain system along with pitiful fighting/killing abilities even at higher skills and you have even more of a reason to look elsewhere if you have any interest in accomplishing anything in a shorter timeframe or killing mobs efficiently. Still, the game does have its ultimate charm of being able to create your own little/large Village independent of anyone else's control but your own, as well as the ability to join with others in a group effort. As I see it this is the major reason players will continue to play WO and all these small Dev additions to this aspect of the game are what enhances this further. As for WU, server owners have the ability to modify these 2 main aspects (timers/skill gains) and it is the major difference between them, which attract players with different interests in this regard. I find it no wonder that players will prefer these choices in comparison to WO and yet the major weakness here is that these WU servers will never have the security of not closing down without notice at the server owners discretion. Any drastic drop off of player numbers here in WU was due to the fact that it was on sale from that "donation site" for $1.00. So many flocked to it for a lark and were shortly departed when they realized that the game at heart is one that you grow within over time. Yet surprisingly WO endures these storms over the years where games with roots of shallower depths have fallen over, withered and crumbled into the dust of insignificance. =Ayes=
  6. Thank you for the response. You expressed your intent for the server well and I found it interesting to read for further understanding of those objectives. This is the wonderful thing about WU and the various servers that their creators make available to the public, that being that they can shape them to their own individual visions and see these results unfold over time. A real gift to other players in this respect, which I am sure many appreciate. I did play the original Wyvern when WU launched and enjoyed being there for quite some time. Perhaps I shall drop into your new one here as well. Again, I wish you the best with it and may you find it a rewarding experience to provide to yourself and to others. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  7. As for this skill gain system I think it is pretty mild, since even at the starting point of 10x once a person hits 40 skill it drops off dramatically. Then at 60 skill it is almost WO style. At 40 skill levels game play is really not that great and even at 60 skill levels there is nothing overpowered about those reduced skill gains. Then you continue reducing gains all the way up to 90 skills where it seems they will be the same as WO. It seems to me that at this rate it will achieve your objective of limiting the number of top level skilled players for a very long time, except of course those extremists who will devote most of their day to grinding up skills just for the sake of some sort of "achievement". If you reduce skill gains any more than this stated method, along with the need to obtain coins for deed placement and upkeep, I think it will deter a number of players from continuing to play on this server for any length of time. After all, in general WU is a more casual style of game play than WO, which I think is its strength and draws more players to it, especially with new servers unproven to stand the test of time. Even at these skill gain levels the server holds a marginal attraction to me, with only the newness and various mod improvements being to main reason to check it out to see how everything works out over time. Best of luck with it all. Hopefully it will withstand the test of time, which reveals all. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  8. Hopefully enjoying his life, family and doing whatever he feels like at any given time with no responsibility to fulfill anyone's expectations. May his time spent in creating and sustaining Wurm Online be well rewarded in this manner, living an unfettered life as much as possible. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  9. I agree. The obvious was to move this topic to Town Square. Well done! *winks* =Ayes=
  10. Well this ability to disable it in WU is good to hear anyway. Also bdew's comments about server owners being able to attempt to resolve it if patched in is encouraging as well. =Ayes=
  11. Two things I would add to this nice idea of *Meadow Tiles*: 1. Once the tile becomes a Meadow it will never change unless a player plants something on it or alters it in some way. 2. All Meadow tiles will have flowers on them. =Ayes=
  12. Activate rope, lead horse, click horse, convert to token. Click player figure in character window, select Return Home, click. Activate rope, click horse token, redeem horse token, lead horse, ride horse. And put him/her to rest in their pen for the evening. Then go to sleep in your bed. Dream on that this will ever happen in WO. *grins* =Ayes=
  13. The best in game player location system I have seen is on Sklotopolis WU where you just type in /gps and it gives your co-ords. Then you have to go to their online map and type them in to find your exact location. It would be a lot more work to setup for WO though since all the server player maintained maps are different formats. So I guess something like this would need to be setup on that in game M map somehow. Probably all the coding work involved to set this up one way or the other is why it never has or will be done... =Ayes=
  14. You can tell which seal ate one too by the sheepish look on their face afterwards. =Ayes=
  15. Richard, If you want to keep the seals you will need to build and enclosure for them or they will wander away as you have seen. They don't really need water inside it. Players just do that sometimes just for the visual effect. Also, just drop the fish (not sure what else they might eat) in a few piles around inside their enclosure and they will eat it as desired. Check the piles every few days and re-drop more fish until you get to know how much they will eat over time. Don't hand feed them as they will only eat a small amount and refuse any more for some unknown time, so no point to that. =Ayes=