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  1. Aeryck, I would like to purchase this item: Rake, iron, c93, Ql 17.68= 50c Please CoD to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  2. I would agree that these types of contained "zones" are how the game should be programmed. This is how mob spawns in other popular online games are set up. Unfortunately Wurm is not programmed this way, rather all types of mobs freely roam the servers creating a real imbalance in fighting confrontations where the newer fighters are at a real danger of being easily killed. The Devs seem to think this danger is to some positive effect and shrug off players being killed by mobs that they are in no way capable of handling on their own, nor has there been any interest expressed by them to change this aspect of the game. So I think this is a hopeless wish for any future change. Only suggestions to make this situation worse (more "challenging") seem to garner any attention. Yes, create "zones" for all mobs which they will not leave and then adding all these types of more difficult mobs, groups, swarms and camps would not concern me at all since then I and others would have the choice to either go to these locations or avoid them out of disinterest to enjoy other aspects of the game. =Ayes=
  3. Aeryck, I would like to purchase these items for 50c each: Shovel, iron, c93, Ql 29.96 Pickaxe, iron, c93, Ql 10.49 Hatchet, iron, c93, Ql 1.07 Please CoD to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  4. Yes that option. It will also hide *most* on-screen messages. A few still show up like server's going down and such. =Ayes=
  5. Citizens of Haven's Landing

    Yes, Haven's Landing is setup pretty nicely for players being able to use various options there. A few slight problems arise such as them digging in the farming areas and packing some of the lawn tiles along the roads. A number of small homesteads are being setup along the perimeter close to the deed too, which I think gives a good impression to new players of what they can do there by example. Even an older player built a small cafe with merchant inside selling some things, well designed appealingly. =Ayes=
  6. *agrees with Ajala* This issue was brought up not long after bee hives were introduced into the game with a request for an option to be able to turn these messages off. The Devs did give an option to turn off the large screen message about bees but never did anything about these green event messages. A good step taken but just not far enough, so now we still must endure this event spamming. The green color is nice though, reminds me of trees, which I enjoy very much but those I can go and look at as desired. Green, green the grass grows too. Pretty stuffs, yeah! =Ayes=
  7. I just took this as a troll post wanting to aggravate and annoy others for a response. Now much to my surprise I see that some others are taking it as a serious suggestion with somehow beneficial results. If players want more interaction with aggressive mobs there are plenty of opportunities to go out and do so by their own choice. Harassing miners with something of this sort is not one of them. It reminds me somewhat of Rolf's decision many years ago to make cave bugs into cave floor miners that would dig pits in cave floors randomly, as well as some other mobs too (maybe lava fiends). The justification was to "spice things up a bit" to make things interesting in mines. The end result was a lot of messed up cave floors that players had originally taken care to create. Eventually reality caught up to common sense and this "fun" thing was removed. Of course the players were left to their own resorts to rectify the damage done. I see the same mentality at work here in this shortsighted fashion, if it is indeed sincere in its intent (which I doubt). Point being you do not make a positive impression on players by harassing them needlessly with unavoidable consequences, of which this suggestion would be a prime example. Words wasted most likely but sometimes composing thoughts in this manner is its own reward. =Ayes=
  8. The building of Haven's Landing

    Something I have noticed about new players going through the Tutorial is that many times they will ask where to go to dig or maybe some other spot to complete something. I will then say to them for instance to look at the house that says digging and go inside there. The problem is that they may have already wandered out of the area of these 3 houses. In contrast the old tutorial area on GV of some time ago made players proceed through locked areas each of which they had to complete to proceed to the next and eventually finish by then being let out the end. This seems to me to be a better system than the new one at HL where it is now too easy for new players to get sort of lost outside of that area before completing it all. I am not really sure if anything can be done about this with the new tutorial but I have noticed that there have been a lot of questions about where to go for the next step and strangely where to go to dig is the most frequent one asked. Something to consider improving somehow? =Ayes=
  9. Wurm Contrails?

    I wish people of you stated belief systemic would stop saying this because what I know is not what you know and so if I were to say so then I did when you said I do then you would still not know what I know. Anyway, within our Wurm confines it is not what you know but what I know which then is the way that I go and I still don't know that I know what you know either. With this in mind, simply stated either or is the way to go, so I suggest that you do without the further ado of well, you don't know. =Ayes=
  10. WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    Duplicate post. Ignore.
  11. WTS High Vyn / Fo Enchants (updated)

    I would like to purchase this item. Please CoD to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  12. Problems with butchering

    If you butcher animals on village deeds that might allow this they may most likely also have their settings not allowing non-citizens to pick up items on their deed. Check to see if you are on a deed by using "Examine" on the ground tile to check if you are within a village, then you will know if this is the situation. =Ayes=
  13. A good idea Clova. This is the one security flaw in using ladders to access upper floors. If you want to keep other players out of above the only option currently is to wall the ladder opening off with a door and lock. This would be a much better solution which could even be added on later for current ladder openings as well. =Ayes=
  14. While this idea seems reasonable on the surface it would require a more intricate coding system established by the Developers rather than just straight up reducing the loading requirement for *all* items to 21.00 body strength per my original suggestion. This being the case it would discourage them from doing anything at all and just leaving it as currently requiring 23.00 body strength while shrugging it off as requiring too much effort for the insignificance of it all. To me this just provides too much justification for doing nothing about it. If there is some good reason from the Devs to leave it as is 23.00 I have yet to hear about it, neither from any players as well. In the end I will eventually hit 23.00 bs (now about 21.98) but does this mean that too bad for others then? I think not really as the recent experience I have related is something others will need to progress through too. Walking in another's newbie shoes for a while is enough to change your perspective a bit. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  15. I recently made a new alt to check out the beautiful new starting and tutorial area at Haven's Landing. I found it to be well worth the visit but somewhat unfortunately I became drawn to Premium him up as I wanted to build a little place on the perimeter and soon some of his skills and characteristics were hitting the cutoff point of 20.00 for further progress. Not many complaints about the slow progress of skill development but a glaring exception to me of a problem is the requirement to have 23.00 body strength to be able to load anything into large carts, as well as ship transporters (yeah wagons too but those are still an even longer way off so forgetaboutit). As I am now only 21.84 body strength and slowly rising, that ability is still a long way off in comparison. From this experience it seems to me that requiring 23.00 body strength is unreasonably excessive and 21.00 body strength would be a much more reasonable point to achieve for this very useful ability. At that level a player still has to be a Premium account so it keeps that incentive to Premium up intact. Sure, the poor weakling newbie Premium guy can just call on the mighty player of longer term to achieve 23.00 body strength to load his cart with the meager small crates that he can create (which I did) but he still can not load and unload them when desired. Or maybe he might have been more ambitious to create a small rowboat at Haven's Landing and a ship transporter to drag it down to shore but oops!, he can't load that up either. Ahh well you say, all he simply needs to do is to call out to others for help and maybe someone will be around to do it for him. So much for the spirit of Independence after which the server is named. Tldr? Lower the body strength requirement to 21.00 for loading objects to carts, etc. =Ayes=