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  1. Source Spring- Source saved now gone!

    I suppose that Source water is coded in the same way as water, meaning that just like water in a container on your deed anyone can drink it. Yes too, best to just drag it into a container now and then and then store in a small barrel locked inside your house. Maybe the dragging it into a container can't be done by anyone without pickup permissions on your deed and that is what was referenced vaguely before but I am not sure if this can be done or not either. Anyway, you have it locked up safely now so all is well. Good to hear that you and hubs are enjoying the game and meeting nice people, so I hope this hasn't diminished your positive experiences here. =Ayes=
  2. Expanding End-Game

    I suggest people read those "limitations" again. This rules out a lot of things but... Actually there is a way to easily "instance content" by creating a new server for it. In particular I am thinking in terms of a "Hunting Server" as has once again been brought to the forefront in the S&I section of the forums. There new mobs can be introduced that are more difficult to kill in various ways and also new item drops could be introduced on them as well with perhaps some enhanced effects on them. This is why an isolated server that contains these types of mobs is a good idea as well; because not everyone enjoys the combat aspect of game play. So this would keep these more "challenging" mobs that the elite fighters are so fond of away from the normal servers. Think of this Hunting Server as an equivalent in terms of rewards (drops) as the HOTA is on the Chaos server, only centered upon PVE combat with aggressive mobs. This is a nice idea too. We have had "Rares" for some years now but they have become almost commonplace, so some "moments of inspiration" that would add a new craftable item recipe bound to that individual character only would make the item very special. In a way this was already done with some new cooking recipes named to the individual creator but then anyone could create them afterwards which removed their special exclusivity of creation. Better that this be retained by that individual who could then offer it to other players. =Ayes=
  3. All hedge types to be upgraded with the beautiful new artwork. Meditation update to make it "easier"? =Ayes=
  4. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    Great all purpose hat for walking around outside with all those security cameras "in this day and age". Nice little Wurm incognito hat too. Won't scare the fish with ugly faces. =Ayes=
  5. Uniques Overhaul

    Slaying Dragons has always been the big money ticket within Wurm due to the armors that can be made from them and then sold; because of this I would not bundle them with other "Uniques" in terms of desirability and adjustments made. The other Uniques are just status symbols with minimal rewards for killing them and the idea of hunting them for enjoyment comes into play on more real basis. I don't see the OP's post as suggesting the Dragon spawning and fighting should be like Rifts but just that a few aspects of it are similar in comparison. The suggestion I like most from the main post is tying Dragons to a fixed spot radius from which they can not be lured out of. Sure this eliminates the "fun" of hunting them down but it also eliminates those hunters from penning them up for their own purposes, which I think are what I already pointed out $$$. The other advantage to this is that it protects the general population from their random destruction and player killing tendencies. These spawn locations could still be random but they should be No Build spots (ohh... like Rifts) when the Dragon is spawned. Why? So those who enjoyed the fun of hunting them down could not restrict anyone else from killing them once they were located. No fun of the hunt removed, only the control of the proceeds $$$. The Dragon spawning should still be announced though (by whatever common means) so that everyone would be notified to start looking if they wished. Maybe all the looting and drops could be worked out more equably but the main point I am focusing on is removing the ability for "Dragon Hunters" to control these killings for profits events. The other Unique hunts are trivial in comparison $$$. May as well put the other Uniques on this same system too since I think fewer will be concerned about them $$$. A much more fair system to give all Wurm players the chance to die at the hands (feet too) of these fiendish Wurm creatures. Heck, they might even survive the experience and come away with something they were denied the opportunity of before by certain individuals. =Ayes=
  6. Pelts...into storage places. PLEASE?

    Yep, pelts not fitting into the backpack in Inventory is irritating as it just adds more to the clutter of objects there that won't fit in backpacks. My way around it is to just create one of those white containers in Inventory and store it there with other too large objects. Only problem is that all those objects within it still take up another Inventory space. Anyway, yes pelts fitting into backpacks and small chests would be helpful. Good suggestion. Added: On some WU servers pelts will even fit into bulk bins. So yes to that too. =Ayes=
  7. Gold mirror???

    *agrees with Evalla and Amadee* Not adding the Name Change option out of fear that it will enable or enhance scamming is really an overreaction to what would be a shallow cover for only a short period of time until the old character of the new character is once again revealed by their actions. If the option were only available through the Wurm Shop for a reasonable fee with some time restriction before doing it again it could generate some good income for the game since it seems that there a number of people that would make use of it in a positive manner. Myself, I created all my own characters and chose the names I wanted for them, so personally I would have no interest in making use of it. Still, I see it as a good option for others if desired. =Ayes=
  8. Suggested before, TelePortals at every Starter Village to every other Starter Village on every server. Really not such a big deal since they would (should) only teleport the player and what they can carry. Then they are at the Starter Village and still would have to travel on the server to get to their destination or maybe have a friend pick them up. =Ayes=
  9. POLL - Please Vote

    For anyone in your position the Wurm Shop has options when using Xsolla to pay with various gift cards and cash cards, even in different currencies/countrys. They are always less expensive than using the PayPal option too. I read that you prefer to pay in game with silver but you have these Xsolla pay options as well which require no bank account or credit card. Even if just for curiosity log into the Wurm Shop to check it out. =Ayes=
  10. Valrei International. 072

    I guess you are wanting the fully grown old camelia hedge graphic (which resembles a medium growth cedar hedge) back as an optional choice? I really am starting to like the new camelia hedge look and wouldn't like to see that changed now. Nice attention to detail on it raising it to the height of low stone walls and iron fencing as well. Also, remember the cedar hedge might get an updated graphic as well, which I would prefer too. These new hedges all look much better than those old smooth rounded top ones. =Ayes=
  11. Valrei International. 072

    The new oleander hedge looks great! but the oleander bushes/shrubs look terrible in comparison and are in dire need of this type of excellent artwork applied to them. Still awaiting this suggestion from March 2015 to be applied: Unfortunately I cut all the oleanders down around me as I find them so ugly. Now I will have a hard time finding any to pick sprouts from to plant for these new beautiful oleander hedges. Shot myself in the foot there I guess, heh. =Ayes=
  12. Priest overhaul testing

    Just thought I would take a look in here finally to read what the Priest updates are all about. Good to see all the interactions back and forth as well as Sindusk's attentive responses to them. What I am left with is the continued aversion to having a Priest character due to any normal player restrictions being applied to them. If they were all removed would everyone then just make their non-Priest characters into one. I suppose so because on some WU servers players have that option. I prefer the Fo Priest mainly because of the 60 faith 30 favor aggressive mob protection. Other than that I don't pay much attention to the other Priest abilities, so in effect the things I choose to do in WU are little different than the way I play WO. Even worse are the additional excessive Priest skill gains to grind in WO to get to be anywhere useful in most cases. I hardly think that if all Priest restrictions were removed and then "everyone" decided to become a Priest in WO that it would have much impact at all on the desire to have one's gameplay become centered around one of these types of Priests, who are even then still divided by the particular skills they have available to them. As for the LT adjustment. Yeah, now with a 100LT longsword, medium shield and 85+ cloth armor I can kill those pesty Trolls without needing to run away. Am I overpowered now? This is all I am really concerned about, going about my normal routine in light cloth armor with this setup and eliminating these type of pests if they attempt to distract me from what I am doing outside in the local area. If specifically hunting I will mount up and put on heavy armor but for regular gameplay I would be disappointed if my LT weapon would not heal me up on these types of fights as it currently does. Just have to wait and see I guess... Anyway, for those who enjoy playing their Priest characters I hope these changes work out well for you. =Ayes=
  13. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    When players change vast expanses of free land it is bound to upset someone, be it with tundra, steepe, trees, sand, dirt or whatever. Sure, anyone can do anything they wish with it but it does seem that at least Aldur is attempting to reach some compromise amongst those concerned with this area. Hopefully they can work something out. =Ayes=
  14. Tich, All of us Wurm children who have walked these lands have been touched by your dedication and creative efforts. Even though I took the road less traveled there you were, in the lands I wandered, in the shaded woodlands, in the lands I leveled out before me, enabled by your work. A truly great loss to us all who spend our time within the game and of course all the more so to those who knew you personally. We all must pass on someday but you have left behind much for us to continue to enjoy as each day dawns. I am very pleased to see this fitting tribute statue of Tich being added to the game. I will put one on the waters edge by my deed near Green Dog in memory of the great fisherwoman and creator in Wurm. Always welcome, perhaps her spirit will visit there to cast a curious eye towards Green Dog to see a new player arrive as the fish splash in the clear waters nearby. Maybe I will even cast a line out myself or at least stand there a moment to reflect upon her wonderful contributions to the game. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  15. New Server Hunting Only

    The idea of this Hunting Server is that it can be exclusively for aggressive type mobs and the possible addition of new harder to kill aggressive mobs that would need 2+ skilled players to kill them. To me the importance of this is that it maintains the general aggressive mob balance on the current servers while it gives those players who are always wanting harder aggressive mobs to kill a place to go for that option. The aggressive mobs are not "zoned" in Wurm like other games but they run rampant throughout all the servers, thus even under the current conditions those weaker fighters or those who have little interest in them are constantly under threat and harassed by them. I would not like to see the current servers impacted even more than they are to satisfy the players interesting in hunting and more difficult mobs to kill. This is why this Hunting Server is an even better idea as time progresses to create an actual "zone" to contain them, mainly to protect the current servers from this type of increasing aggressive environment. =Ayes=