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  1. Understood. Thanks for the clarification. =Ayes=
  2. Got a chuckle out of this statement but naw, it's more like you don't get the free cream without buying the coffee. Then without buying the coffee you don't get a cup, so what good would the free cream do you then anyway? =Ayes=
  3. Seems like a nice idea and fun competition for players to enter; however, I don't see what this G-Loot has to do with it. I went to their website and see that their app must be downloaded and run at the same time that you are playing certain games so they can track various competitions by monitoring your game statistics. How that fits into this competition is unclear to me. Furthermore they don't even list which games (only 15+ at this time) they are compatible with. Anyway, I am not sure that the performance issues of ones computer would not be diminished by using this app nor that their monitoring ones gameplay would be desirable either. Perhaps I am not understanding the meaning of their "powering" these cash prizes and would be interested in some clarification on this aspect. Thanks. =Ayes=
  4. I would like to see a new SF Isles server with NO hostile mobs of any type on it. Everything else on it can function exactly the same as the other SF Isles servers, i.e. skills etc. Open to any current character that wants to sail to it or spawn there as a new character. This has never been done before so it is not the same as any current server in existence. In that respect it offers a new *type* of server. =Ayes=
  5. Those casts have enlargement and different sorting options on the WU servers when cast on bins. So maybe this is a *bug* that this code is now enabled in WO without changing these options on bins here? =Ayes=
  6. Don't get catty with me!! =Ayes=
  7. I see no inherent nobility in being an individual who prefers to do things with others, which you are exalting here by giving them preferential treatment in return for their social co-operation, as already they are benefiting from this by the ability to accomplish more and the satisfaction that they get by this social interaction. "People needing people" is not actually enjoyable at all for those people who prefer to be more self sufficient. Perhaps these people who prefer to accomplish things on their own without any dependence upon others are actually more together within themselves than these social ones who have some "need" to interact with others to find similar satisfaction. So here with this post you make *alts* the target when in reality you seem to want to punish the individual who prefers to do things alone by either removing alt assistance or giving some sort of preferential benefits to social groups and activities. This just seems unfair and controlling to me in that you seem to believe that socially active people are the preferred playstyle as a reflection of your and societies way of life. People are different and should be who they are, be they loving to do things with others or preferring to mainly do things on their own; thus, the game of Wurm Online provides all with their own choice of gameplay depending upon ultimately their own personality. Fortunately this game offers more freedom of choice than RL where societies dictates either subtly encourage pursuing common goals and interaction with others or blatantly enforce it with their confining rules and punishments. The "loner" types are then looked down upon or with suspicion by those social types who simply can not comprehend why anyone doesn't think as they do about the delights of interpersonal interactions. I don't think that the game was specifically planned out to give each individual the choice as to how they prefer to play it but this is the way that it has turned out and my preference is that it remain that way with acceptance of these diverse styles of playing it and ultimately allowing people to be who they are without the judgement and needs of others interfering with it. If alts are abused in some certain instances then those should be dealt with and alts remain as useful for other "less sociable" purposes. Mainly I see no problem with them and feel at ease about letting others play the game as they wish as far as social interactions are concerned. =Ayes=
  8. ....wander off in the direction of the Blue Traveler's home knowing that they would be here fighting all the troll respawns. =Ayes=
  9. I hope they will be *smart* too, then we will have Wise Quackers! Don't try to ride them though because they will break easily and leave crumbs on the ground. =Ayes=
  10. The *myth* is that those greenish Worg's can be tamed, as was told long ago in Viking lore. If we could do so then we might assemble a *pack* of them to fight all this recent increase of monster Troll spawns. =Ayes=
  11. Yeah, I was mining a Bit of gold (ore) back then but I used it and didn't sell any for coins. Never did see any balloons or warchests either. =Ayes=
  12. I have a couple of Twigs on Ayes I bought years ago. One I keep updated/set to a tree on deed just in case I might get stuck somewhere due to a bug. Also could be exploring some long mines and exiting a locked mine door onto someone's deed; thus being locked on their deed if no one is around. Mainly a self sufficient option not needing to contact anyone else for help in some unusual situation. Probably wouldn't buy any these days due to the karma option to recall home instead if necessary. =Ayes=
  13. Yes to starving animals *immediately* becoming unhitched when they reach the *starving* stage because then these seemingly abandoned vehicles can be pushed out of the way. This is more the main benefit I see to making this change. =Ayes=
  14. Soon after there was much squabbling over who could claim the body to take home, preserve and make a statue trophy out of it! =Ayes=
  15. The Heavy Metal "band" was so rubbery that they decided to make a catapult out of it. It would tone down the music too... =Ayes=