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  1. Bar stools

    I like the idea of taller bar stools and would prefer their look/use but I think the effect would be the opposite on the deaths and personal damage issues as when people get too drunk they would have a longer fall to the floor. So maybe these short stools are just a safety precaution for shattered skulls, broken arms and such (especially for Emoo). Few can afford that extra damage to brain cells. =Ayes=
  2. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    *agrees* The 10% tax just decentivises the use of Merchants. I know that when the mailing cost was reduced to 1copper I made many more purchases and would more frequently send items to others back and forth. I think the same results would be for Merchants use/sales as well. =Ayes=
  3. WTS Super Cheap Mailable Items

    Please send 1 Picnic Basket = 1 Silver to Ayes. Thank you. =Ayes=
  4. Valrei International. 085

    Congratulations to Rolf, the Developers, Wurm Staff and Volunteers that have made all this possible! Although I missed the start by a few years the rest of the journey has been most enjoyable to participate within, for without the above people there would have been no in to be. Uh huh! =Ayes=
  5. (basically *agrees* with Killroth as I was making this post while he did the one above) Probably the PvE players contribute a lot to this situation by purchasing these PMK and other items from Chaos HoTAs. Some years back Chaos was isolated from the Freedom Isles PvE servers just like Epic has always been. When Chaos was joined into the Freedom server cluster due to some "reasons" then the door was opened for the Chaos pvp players to profit from this arrangement. Then Chaos was given items that could only be acquired and/or produced there. Now this is attempted to be justified by the higher costs of playing the pvp side of the game. To allow any of these types of items to be produced on the Freedom PvE servers will create an equal competitive environment which will then reduce Chaos pvp player profits from "playing" the game. Nope, not gonna happen. This one sided financially beneficial system will continue to be protected by them while the majority PvE side of the game will suffer for the lack of the same opportunity. Yet the PvE players can effectively resist this situation by simply not purchasing these items. Seems that's not gonna happen either... =Ayes=
  6. Valrei Invasions

    Pretty dum-dum to tell me that PoK protects Fighting skills loss too and label it as "wacky antics". Then when I correct your mistake with facts you don't admit you were wrong and go off on this silly imagined tangent. Better to just zip it up while you are only this far into the pit. =Ayes=
  7. Building taking unexpected damage

    Trolls can bash down walls on deed if they feel they are "trapped" under certain circumstances. As they "bump" into other walls they will damage them too. So if Trolls can enter your deed I would put the blame on them for this and try to find a way to keep them out. Sometimes if a steep hillside ledge is on your perimeter with an on-deed wall against it they can "fall" over this onto your deed and bash other walls (house walls too) in a blundering attempt to escape from it. Once on Independence I had an open deed with Trolls in the area and they entered an arched passageway, bashed one wall down, damaged a few more on their way just passing through it. Another time a Troll spawned in my mine, exited through the entrance that had no door and bashed some fencing down to "escape" from the deed. This was some years ago after the Devs gave them the ability to bash walls on deed to prevent players from just fencing them in there for fun or whatever purposes. =Ayes=
  8. Valrei Invasions

    Hello dum-dum. Also mouse over of the effect states "Fighting Skills". Doh! =Ayes=
  9. Valrei Invasions

    Or just have PoK with the "No skill loss" symbol showing but I don't want to loose fighting skills either so.... pass. =Ayes=
  10. Valrei Invasions

    Will we loose skills if we die to these things? If we do thanks for this notice as I will be "ready" to log out. =Ayes=
  11. Mule with Travois

    Not a bad suggestion but it would involve adding another riding animal to the game which I wonder if the Devs would want to do. Also this "Travois" should be another separate created object with say a under 20 carpentry skill requirement. Way too much capacity for this item too due to its realistic size capacity. Just make it equal capacity to a large cart and can't be "runed" up. Sort of a poor newbie immigrant's rideable large cart substitute. Lower the "loading" requirement on it to 20.05 Body Strength as well for newbie benefit. =Ayes=
  12. Add basic mirror to traders again

    Put this in the proposed new and enhanced Wurm Shop that players must then purchase for RL $$$ and I am all for it. Not on Traders that players can then avoid paying RL cash for which would otherwise be used to improve the game that they have already profited from playing. Suggested price: $5.00 us. =Ayes=
  13. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    As further interest is being expressed on this topic I will point out something overlooked by all but Drastox early on. That being all these funds collected and distributed to deeds (say on a monthly basis) would then be available for other players to attempt to steal from those deeds. In turn the accumulation of coins being a prime factor of pvp players motivations it would in turn again turn up more players on the various Epic servers in search of these turned up coins with which to line their pockets. The problem here being when you enter into the dimensions of preconceived notions then only the trees are seen rather than the forest in which they are dwelling. Maybe the thought here is that I am referring to turnips but this post is really about u not i, so just adjust that spelling accordingly and you will have your answer! =Ayes=
  14. Devblog: The Rest of 2019

    What I can attempt to de-code out of this statement is that a new "hunting" server will be created on which this will occur. If this is correct, which may also include Valrie new/beefedup/interesting creature mechanics, hopefully they will be isolated to this maybe new hunting server and not infect any of the current PvE servers. Basically my response would be is that if this aspect of additions does not effect current PvE gameplay on the current PvE servers and can be avoided by simply not traveling to this "Frontier" then I am fine with it. Since at this time the whole thing is so non-specific and a nebulous mystery I really can't make any conclusive judgement as to what may or may not be happening here. Yeah, what it is ain't exactly clear... =Ayes=
  15. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Greetings Asheram, I am sending you a rare 90QL Small Anvil that I would like enchanted with BoTD 85-89 for 80 coppers. I will label the Anvil with the same. Thank you. =Ayes=