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  1. I'm not even on the path of insanity and I'm +1 to this....lol. would be fun to see people freak out over imaginary creatures only they can see...
  2. I really want to finish our deed, Astoria on Deliverance, this year. It's been nearly 18 months for this rebuild (4th one), and I hope to never do another one...lol. MAYBE then I can finally start grinding Metallurgy and Smithing skills to become the Steelsmith I've been wanting to do since I started.... (6-7 years ago!).
  3. Hopefully, I'm misunderstanding this, but will the rare fishing spots physically move their position, or just rotating the types of fish in each particular spot? I'd hate to have to go looking for a rare fishing spot every time I want to do some fishing.
  4. I kinda like these ideas, more uses for spells is always appreciated... +1
  5. awen and I actually really like this concept.... add in negative percentages for inbreeding or poor animal ratio, and positive percentages for things like generational animals (animals bred through long generations of ancestors).
  6. Bumping this because this is a huge issue for my wife, Awen, who is AH 80.44 and just as disheartened about this issue. Something really needs to be done for animal lovers who want to truly benefit from having higher skill.
  7. While I like the idea and applaud your intent, there is an inherent flaw, because by making them in the center of a tile, any 2-lane highway would then be off center. My suggestion would be to have the option to place either on a center tile or on a tile border, depending on what road type is being built. You could also go a step further to say that the placement of the cateyes will determine if 2 or 3 tiles will be protected.
  8. I like this idea. +1
  9. I like this idea.... simple, uses in-place system, and is usefull.... +1
  10. If you're not adamant about being directly on the coast, there's plenty of space just inland from Deliverance harbor. Lots of wooded areas out here.
  11. Awen and I created our own version of a covered bridge when using land bridged a while back. Would love this idea be made a reality on normal bridges +1
  12. I think this would be a nice easy addition/replacement to the heritage signs as well, Player created, GM locked +1