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  1. I understand that this topic has been brought up numerous times, and I hate to bring it up yet again, but Awen and I have worked out something we feel might help this system. As long-time players, Awen and I have seen how the breeding system works, and the many suggestions on how to “fix” it. We understand that not everyone will like this proposal, but we would appreciate some honest feedback on our idea. We do not know the feasibility of incorporating such a plan, but we are more than willing to assist in fleshing this concept out and make it more game friendly. Here is what we came up with: Animal Husbandry Reworked New Trait list This is how we envision this modified system working: At first, one can only breed un-traited animals. Reaching level 10, a toon gains the ability to breed one trait at random with a 50% chance of any one of the above positive traits being applied. This chance is modified as follows: So, for example, a character with 40 skill can breed an animal with one of the above traits with an 85% chance for the trait they want if they have 3rd generation male and female both with the trait desired. If however, the same character is breeding spawn horses, that chance drops to 60% (50% base + 10% for skill level). A character at 85 skill has a 95% chance of breeding all 4 “positive” traits. At 90 and above skill, the character must have both parents with the desired traits to be able to select which traits they want to breed, but still at a max of 95% chance of success. We feel this concept is pretty well balanced since a person with low skill still has a chance to get a decent animal, but the higher skilled players can have more custom options. How effective will the above traits be? Part of that will be up to the developers, but we have a way to make them even more effective: New Skill – Animal Training This has also been rehashed before, but this concept will be beneficial to the modified version of Animal Husbandry. The way this skill will work is once an animal has a trait, the character can attempt to train that animal to use the trait more effectively. The character chooses to lead the animal with a rope (or with a training whip – new item). They then right click on the animal to get a menu option for which trait to train (animal must have the trait to train it, of course). The animal will get a training skill, which will be modified by the frequency of training and the skill level of the trainer. The animal’s train skill will reflect a percentage boost to relevant abilities tied to that trait. For example, A character training an animal for greater endurance can make the animal maintain their top speed even longer than an untrained endurance animal. A trainer for Bravery can make the animal’s combat rating, attack, and defense skills higher than normal (combat pig!). Obviously, the specific mechanics behind this skill and its abilities will be up to the developers, but you get the idea. I hope you all understand where Awen and I were going with these ideas. Please be gentle with your comments.
  2. "Display" style magical storage options

    I like the idea, though I would add that a person looking could examine the items still to see their magical qualities. +1
  3. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

    This appears to be a pretty well thought out. I like the pictures to help show how the skill advances. I'll give this a +1.
  4. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Amazing work guys, I can't wait to see the final product.
  5. Rebuilding of Astoria

    (So, nearly another year has gone by, and it has been slow going. Although the pictures may not seem like it, a lot of progress has been made on the deed. The beach has FINALLY been completed, along with the edges of the deed slope. The only area that needs to be completed now is the area by the mountain for our main house. For those of you who remember our old home, it will look the same, with some major additions around and behind it. The whole thing will overlook the rest of the deed for an amazing view. Our Cats have their own "Cat Houses" Our new Beach, complete with pet whale! The altars still show where the old temple used to stand. The nice, sloping south hillside, and the former location of my mine.... A different view of the beach. Hopefully, our next update will have the finished model of our home, workshops, and warehouse. Thanks for your time and enjoy the pics.
  6. Lurker in the Deep

    I can confirm that they do work, but there does seem to be an excessive amount of failure messages. I couldn't get any success messages until I was within 3 tiles of the spot. I'm wondering if the "moving depending on the season" part meant that they rotate the special fish, or do the physical fishing locations also move?
  7. Breeding Broken

    Bumping this post because this is a real issue and honestly needs to be addressed. Awen has been a Breeder on Deliverance for years now (80.46 AH). Even with a Huge deed (99x65) and deed ratios normally around 20 we still have a problem of getting only 7 trait horses, 3-speed horses with negative traits, horses with inconsistent colors, and so forth. If necessary, I have a chart that I use to track all our animals and will be willing to create a history to help the developers see the long-term issues the Higher level breeders are having.
  8. WTS 10K Stone Bricks

    Sold, Pls Close
  9. WTS 10K Stone Bricks

    Selling Stone Bricks, up to 10k for up to 15 silver for all of them. Deliverable to any coastline except Chaos. PM me in the game or leave me a message if you're interested.
  10. Battering Ram Queue

    I would like to have the ability to queue multiple uses of the Battering ram. Currently, once you start ramming, you can't queue another action because "[22:05:56] You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used." It defeats the purpose of the queueing system. Very small quality of life enhancements.
  11. New Trait?

    what skill level do you need to see these?
  12. I have a question about locked transports being left on deed. A former friend of mine has left a rare boat transport on my deed and has (afaik) left to play on Unlimited. His deed has fallen and his toon hasn't logged in for 23 days so far ( his wife's account has been inactive for 133 days). I'm wondering what, if any, are the requirements for having the hauler transferred into my possession?
  13. Archaeology masks

    i like this idea. +1
  14. Mag follower convert - deli

    Got you Covered... lol.
  15. Priests creating altars

    No, I know they only need to bless these altars, I'm talking specifically about wooden and stone altars.