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  1. I have a question about this issue... I'm still having this issue at random even after taking ownership of the files as described above. This has happened to me multiple times after taking the time to reset all of my windows... I'm not sure what the issue is, but any help would be appreciated...
  2. well, our idea behind it is to make it easier for breeders to breed the hostile creatures. And even though I know most people don't ride crocs and bears because they are slow, some people find it entertaining to do. Like in Joelle's case, those that ride hell horses (could also work for unicorns so they wouldn't have to remain tamed to be ridable also) don't run the risk of losing some of their favorite animals. Awen (my wife) has the goal of riding a champion unicorn, and it would be devistating to have it die just because she had to keep it tamed while out and about....
  3. So, yet another idea.... create a muzzle that can be put on tamed hostile creatures so that breeders/riders can untame them and still be free from being attacked. This would also prevent ridden hostile creatures (crocodile, Hell horse, bears) from getting attacked while out in the wild. This would make the other ridable creatures a bit more viable and fun to use.
  4. For those of us who still trade in person, I'd like to propose a wagon/ship trade window. This window will allow people to trade crates and other large objects from vehicle to vehicle without having to worry about deed/vehicle permissions or moving off deed to load and unload all the items. This window will be functionally the same as a person to person trade window, but with the benefit of allowing large containers to be moved between vehicles without the loading and unloading requirements that is currently necessary. This will also benefit those of us who do not use or have access to wagoneer contracts (or are just too cheap to buy them...lol).
  5. This is an actual roman crocodile leather armor suit. With all the varieties of metal armor, I'd like to see some other leather options, like this one. I'd be ok if it was functionally the same as regular leather just with a new skin for it!
  6. NOT A BUG, PLEASE CLOSE. "Be careful as it's possible to surface mine a slope's steepness one mine action beyond what your skill will allow. This small mistake prevents any mining actions on top of the slope." upon reaching 81.67 mining skill I was able to mine the slope as needed.
  7. I disagree, the dirt spell didn't make the sale of dug dirt obsolete. It will most likely just shift the purchase of concrete to priests... I think this is still a valid option, so +1 from me.
  8. My toon (koroth) on the Deliverance Server has a mining skill of 81.352837, pickaxe skill of 84.478661 and a rare steel pickaxe ql 90.55 dmg of 8.90, WOA 78, CoC 85. When attempting to surface mine a slope of 244 (which according to the calculations, should only require 81.333333 mining skill), however, I still get the "[14:26:26] You are not skilled enough to mine in the steep slope." error. I have verified all other slopes are lower than this one, and although I know I could resolve this with concrete, this seems like some kind of bug. Is there something I'm missing?
  9. Animals on Deed

    There were a couple of chickens that got missed, but you can either keep them or let them loose. Thanks for your understanding and help!
  10. I would like to propose the idea of making large and extra large mine doors. Reg Size doors - No change Large doors - only placeable on slope of 91-180, requires 2x materials of Reg Doors. Extra Large Doors - Only placeable on a slope of 181-270, requires 3x materials of Reg Doors. Simple enough, I think.
  11. Animals on Deed

    that will be perfect, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Would like to get ahold of Sputnix, Awen and I left some animals on his deed close to the Steppe (don't remember the name of it). I was unable to lead them when I logged back on. If I can coordinate with them or an alliance member, I will gladly come to get them. Sincerely, Koroth
  13. I'm not sure if this is important, but I had a crash as I was logging out. I figured I'd post this for the devs just in case.
  14. I understand that this topic has been brought up numerous times, and I hate to bring it up yet again, but Awen and I have worked out something we feel might help this system. As long-time players, Awen and I have seen how the breeding system works, and the many suggestions on how to “fix” it. We understand that not everyone will like this proposal, but we would appreciate some honest feedback on our idea. We do not know the feasibility of incorporating such a plan, but we are more than willing to assist in fleshing this concept out and make it more game friendly. Here is what we came up with: Animal Husbandry Reworked New Trait list This is how we envision this modified system working: At first, one can only breed un-traited animals. Reaching level 10, a toon gains the ability to breed one trait at random with a 50% chance of any one of the above positive traits being applied. This chance is modified as follows: So, for example, a character with 40 skill can breed an animal with one of the above traits with an 85% chance for the trait they want if they have 3rd generation male and female both with the trait desired. If however, the same character is breeding spawn horses, that chance drops to 60% (50% base + 10% for skill level). A character at 85 skill has a 95% chance of breeding all 4 “positive” traits. At 90 and above skill, the character must have both parents with the desired traits to be able to select which traits they want to breed, but still at a max of 95% chance of success. We feel this concept is pretty well balanced since a person with low skill still has a chance to get a decent animal, but the higher skilled players can have more custom options. How effective will the above traits be? Part of that will be up to the developers, but we have a way to make them even more effective: New Skill – Animal Training This has also been rehashed before, but this concept will be beneficial to the modified version of Animal Husbandry. The way this skill will work is once an animal has a trait, the character can attempt to train that animal to use the trait more effectively. The character chooses to lead the animal with a rope (or with a training whip – new item). They then right click on the animal to get a menu option for which trait to train (animal must have the trait to train it, of course). The animal will get a training skill, which will be modified by the frequency of training and the skill level of the trainer. The animal’s train skill will reflect a percentage boost to relevant abilities tied to that trait. For example, A character training an animal for greater endurance can make the animal maintain their top speed even longer than an untrained endurance animal. A trainer for Bravery can make the animal’s combat rating, attack, and defense skills higher than normal (combat pig!). Obviously, the specific mechanics behind this skill and its abilities will be up to the developers, but you get the idea. I hope you all understand where Awen and I were going with these ideas. Please be gentle with your comments.