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  1. It looks like the windowed mode worked. I'll have him keep trying to make sure nothing else happens. Thanks!
  2. I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm going to say it again.... can we PLEASE, for Fo's sake, make the pea pods into a basket when harvested and dropped? They are nearly impossible to find.
  3. New prices and animals available! check us out!
  4. Just make it so that instead of getting the SB directly, everyone involved gets the bonus as the 30 min minor sleep powder. Non-drop, no-trade item that is given even if you've logged out when the mission is complete. this will give the people with full sleep bonus a reason to complete missions, those who can't stay online to ensure they get the bonus when it is done to assist as well, and there is no penalty for the people who already do the missions. The only drawback I see with this idea is the possible abuse of high-level people mass completing the missions so fewer people can help with them, but that rarely seems to be the issue since it can be done with the current system.
  5. Nice idea... +1 from me!
  6. The idea is nice, but there'd have to be left and right limits, upon meeting would proceed to move your entire body. Otherwise, we'll end up with a bunch of head spinners like a mob of exorcist monsters...lol. +1
  7. OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! Just thought of an expansion to this! make our bookshelves containers, with an empty and full image so we can store said books!!!!
  8. emote

    +1 Absolutely. I'd love to have this in the game.
  9. I have a friend I'm trying to get into Wurm, but his settings don't make any sense. He's running on a laptop with Intel quad-core processor (I3 I believe) with integrated graphics. I made sure he has the latest Java update for 64 bit (Java 8 update 131). With all the compatibility settings set to core and unchecked, he can't log in (Java crash with error logs) and I've gone through all the modifications noted in the other posts. I've only been able to get him logged in twice, but when he logs out, he can't get back in again. I need to know what you all need to help him troubleshoot this issue, cause at this point, I'm completely lost....
  10. Please, can we fix this???????? +1 Million!
  11. Solid trees can be a boon and a curse, because while you have to go around them, so do the mobs. in some cases, it can make it easier to lose them if you are being hunted. I always HATED going up to the NE in Deli to the olive forest there, because of a lot of trolls that would come out of the woodworks there. I'm better at survival now, so it's not a big deal anymore. I'm ok with it either way now.
  12. I'm also a vet, and I have the same issue, though not to the extent of most other vets. Having mortars and larger fireworks go off in close proximity to me without knowing about it in advance is extremely unnerving. I've dropped to the ground ( and took a friend with me) when an M80 was dropped in a lake and blew up. I went in the house and cried for at least 20 mins afterward from fear and embarrassment. If I know they are coming, I have no problem. All this being said, I agree wholeheartedly. Please get to know your neighbors and know if they are vets, they may need special considerations. Thank you all who have served in any armed forces for risking your lives for the sake of your home countries.
  13. +1 Like this idea. would be cool to make a server-wide library that people can visit and read the various tales of the server history.
  14. though I haven't been there yet myself, the pics are looking great, good job guys.
  15. This is an awesome and new idea, Huge +1 for me!!!!