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  1. WTS 10K Stone Bricks

    Selling Stone Bricks, up to 10k for up to 15 silver for all of them. Deliverable to any coastline except Chaos. PM me in the game or leave me a message if you're interested.
  2. Battering Ram Queue

    I would like to have the ability to queue multiple uses of the Battering ram. Currently, once you start ramming, you can't queue another action because "[22:05:56] You cannot use the battering ram right now as it is already being used." It defeats the purpose of the queueing system. Very small quality of life enhancements.
  3. New Trait?

    what skill level do you need to see these?
  4. I have a question about locked transports being left on deed. A former friend of mine has left a rare boat transport on my deed and has (afaik) left to play on Unlimited. His deed has fallen and his toon hasn't logged in for 23 days so far ( his wife's account has been inactive for 133 days). I'm wondering what, if any, are the requirements for having the hauler transferred into my possession?
  5. Archaeology masks

    i like this idea. +1
  6. Mag follower convert - deli

    Got you Covered... lol.
  7. Priests creating altars

    No, I know they only need to bless these altars, I'm talking specifically about wooden and stone altars.
  8. Ok, this has been bugging me for quite a while, and I don't fully understand it. Why are priests penalized for making altars for their OWN deity? I just had a Nahjo priest have to go unfaithful to complete a stone altar closer to her workplace (for strongwalling). This single action resulted in a -0.09999998 point loss of faith. I could understand having this penalty for creating altars to other deities (which isn't even possible), but why for their own? Priests should be able to promote their own deities across the realms by building traveling altars. Likewise, they should be able to destroy altars of those that don't belong to them (they are even given a spell to do so). I would like to see this corrected if possible.
  9. Wild Animals on Slopes

    +1 The thing I find most irritating with this is the fact that if you are riding a horse, they won't go up the same ridiculous slopes that they can apparently go on their own. Some could say "we're just too heavy for them", but then:
  10. Insanity Hallucinations Red not Blue.

    I'm not even on the path of insanity and I'm +1 to this....lol. would be fun to see people freak out over imaginary creatures only they can see...
  11. Plans ?

    I really want to finish our deed, Astoria on Deliverance, this year. It's been nearly 18 months for this rebuild (4th one), and I hope to never do another one...lol. MAYBE then I can finally start grinding Metallurgy and Smithing skills to become the Steelsmith I've been wanting to do since I started.... (6-7 years ago!).
  12. Patch Notes 07/FEB/18

    Hopefully, I'm misunderstanding this, but will the rare fishing spots physically move their position, or just rotating the types of fish in each particular spot? I'd hate to have to go looking for a rare fishing spot every time I want to do some fishing.
  13. Spell re-vamp for better utility.

    I kinda like these ideas, more uses for spells is always appreciated... +1