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Found 28 results

  1. would raise rock layer in a tile or corner (could be corner you stand on, or tile you right click on). surface use for the spell, similar to the dirt spell. DA
  2. Is there a functional Surface Mining mod available out there? I've seen a couple of mining related mods available and only one or two Surface Mining related ones but anything Surface Mining appears to have been long since Abandoned and Broken. Does anyone know of, or can create a functional Surface Mining mod? I'm looking for something that can reduce the amount of actions needed to reduce the slope while Surface Mining. Nothing too complicated. Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3
  3. I play WU on a server with no mods installed. Recently I found while digging or mining, that I can select the Tile Corner and the dig or mine that tile corner with no limit on range provided that a wall or building does not break Line of Sight. 1: Target a Tile Corner (Left Click), the little square that is formed where the tile borders meet. 2: Travel any distance from that location, with the Tile Corner still selected or target the farthest Tile Corner from you possible. 3: Right click the Select Bar and choose Dig or Mine as appropriate based on which tool is activated. 4:. Player is able to dig/mine from any distance provided that a wall or building does not break Line of Sight. This has been tested by myself and multiple players on the server I play on. I have talked with the GM about this issue. He is unaware of any settings that can be adjusted or modified that would allow or disallow this to occur.
  4. I don't know of a good reason why tree tiles would hinder terraforming with a shovel. If you do, please enlighten me. To me, it's just a hindrance to quality of life, so I am putting this suggestion out there.

    Hey Release! Have you ever been on a hunting trip and have to navigate around some long-dead badly terraformed area? Tired of rifts landing on ridiculous steeps? I have been spending some time returning the Western Steppe back to its former hunting glory. It's a great alternative to staring at a forge, and makes for a good stamina/strength builder. My next target is the often-used rift area on the map below: I would like to return it all to sand, easing the slopes to where one can easily ride across the whole area. slopes transitioning from 5, to 10, to 15, and to 20 if we must. 1-lane roads to nowhere removed Perimeters are safe, as well as established groves and natural forests.. Wild growth will become sand. Sand not used in restoration is up for grabs after the job... I have no claim to it. Doing this alone is fine, but I'd like to see what a good number of shovels can do! PM me in-game.. let me know if you need a shovel... Food and water provided. Likely time would be 8:00pm(MDT) tonight (8/25/17), but will join any group more than 3 if I'm available. Malokai
  6. Too many times when trying to make a road or hillside look pretty, "You hit a rock in the corner". I think that there should be another way, aside from digging every other corner down to rock -- which can be 100+ down -- to level a tile with rock to flattness.
  7. Located on Exodus H2O The Nomads. Pm me for details
  8. Hi! I'm looking for some digging job. My digging is at 70. I'm living in S15 Xanadu, but can sail to every server. I'm old player, who started Wurming 4 years ago and now back to game. I see that hiring terraformer is less common these days, but I hope someone will need me! Please write here or find me in game!
  9. Hello I'm looking for work near 19d Deliverence. I can make low ql bulk materials and help with panfiling ,terraforming or something.
  10. We have roughly 5,000 dirts to move around a 13x9 area located not far from Summerholt on Xanadu (G22). 1s per 1k dirt.. (Yes, you can have the dirt..) It's an 11x11 deed that we'd like flattened, and we'd like the first tile of perimeter flattened out as well. We have one side finished, which will serve as the target flatness. We've made a good start on the flattening, but it's been too time consuming for us lazy middle aged Americans. I'm usually online at 0000 GMT until 0300 GMT as JackJones, or PM me here. Here's the map:
  11. My skills are low but I am a hard worker and will do most jobs. Already completed commissioned job's: Making and selling 20K stone bricks (and mortar) Making 9K stone brick's over 5 days Landscaping over an 10x16 area, removal and relocation of dirt My main skill levels are: Carpentry 41.10 Fine carpentry 17.50 Shipbuilding 19.08 Woodcutting 24.83 Mining 21.99 Digging 26.96 Masonry 47.77 Stone cutting 43.49 Blacksmithing 23.60 Smithing 12.45 Thatching 9.59 Please message me if interested/to arrange any Contracts.
  12. I've got 10k of dirt for sale, not just any dirt, but dirt dug with blood, sweat, and tears! This dirt can be yours for only 1s/1k! 20c crate exchange if you don't have crates to swap. Free delivery possible, with large orders or local accepted Pick up available at Q12 on Indy.
  13. PE advises all past, present and future customers that this business is closed - until Lando returns from his leave of absence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note: we now have a policy of payment upfront - CoD with a papyrus. PE Enterprises: Lots of new stock always coming in -------------------Bulk Sales + delivery any server (except Chaos) - usually within 48 hours. - Bricks 2.0s per 1k - Mortar 3.5s per 1k - Dirt/Sand 1.0s per 1k- Planks 1.4s per 1k - Concrete 12s per 1k 1.25s/100 for smaller quantities- Iron lumps 90ql 7.2s per 1k 75c/100 for smaller quantities - Leather PM Baloo for prices- Sleep Powders 1.5s each Large crates available if you have none to swap out - or we can unload into your BSBs Ships, Pylons, Obelisks, Wagons, BSBs, Large Carts, Fence Bars, Support Beams, Forges, Floorboards, etc - made to order - some in stock Steel and charcoal available - made to order - slate and other ores in lumps available too. Farm produce grown for advance orders, e.g. corn, garlic, onions, wemp, cotton, etc - although some in stock too We can also supply: clay, ores, lumps, logs, etc for advance orders - along with high ql bulk items - Forge 80ql 1.25s each - imp'ing forges, rare or otherwise - same price- Forge 90ql 2.50s each - imp'ing forges, rare or otherwise - same price Contact Baloo for sales - PM in game Baloo, or preferably, Forum PM Baloo----------------------------- Priest Services: Fo, Mag and Vyn - contact Lando ingame or Old-Lando on forum------------------- PE Delivery Services: People or goods - professional service guaranteed!-------------------------- PE Construction:---------------------- Housing - Terra-forming - Land Bridges- Canals - Fencing - Repairs Not much that can't be done. Large projects our specialty. - Looking for workers and suppliers - contact Danato (in game and forum) or Lando (in game) or Old_Lando (forum) PS: Our main warehouses are on Inde, but we have warehouses on most servers, including 3 corners of Xana.
  14. Hey everyone, welcome to what will hopefully be a series of tutorial videos for Wurm Online! I've seen various tutorial videos online and figured I'd give it a shot and see how everything rides. Please leave me feedback and requests for future guides/tutorials. Keep in mind this thread is intended to help new and veteran players with various features of the game, and is not intended to be a place for verbal abuse, harassment, derailing, etc. I hope you enjoy! If you have a request feel free to message me or comment below! Note: this video will also be posted on reddit in the Wurm Online subreddit. So if you're a reddit user be sure to subscribe to /r/wurmonline
  15. ~Alternative Payment Options~ <10ql Gems 1c per ql Sleep powder 1s each Filling 1k pans 1.5s 1k Onions, Corn or Garlic 1s 1k Wemp 92ql+ 1s *Some suppliers within this group may not take all items listed above as payment *Trades will be delivered to a place specified on discussion ~Delivery~ Price discussed upon PM or C.O.D. *Delivery depends on availability of group member Blacksmithing ~Tools~ 54ql - 5c 64ql - 15c 74ql - 40c 80ql - 80c *Large Anvils are 2x the price listed ~Horseshoes~ 54ql - 10c 74ql - 20c Set of 74ql - 60c ~Dredge~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 45c 82ql - 85c ~Iron Lamps~ 50ql - 15c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 40c *Lanterns add 5c to price Shieldsmithing ~Wooden Shields~ 50ql - 15c *Made from oak unless requested otherwise ~Iron Shields~ 50ql - 20c Carpentry ~Carpentry Tools~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 40c 82ql - 80c ~Fine Carp Tools~ 54ql - 15c 64ql - 25c *Looms are 2x price listed ~Freedom Wagon~ 50ql - 1s Ropemaking ~Favor~ 1k Favor of Cordage Rope- 2s ~Ropes~ 1 Cordage Rope -5c 5 Rope - 1c Thick Rope - 8c Mooring Rope - 5c Mooring Anchor - 20c Jenn Kellon Flags, Banners and Towers can be picked up at Opeklia Market E/F 25/26 from the Jenn Kellon Merchants Look for the Tall Jenn Kellon Banner *will rarely trade for wagons, shoot a pm to see if we can *trades are taken on a supply basis for Jenn Kellon merchandise Jenn Kellon Flags - 40c Jenn Kellon Banners - 60c Tall Jenn Kellon Banner - 1s (Has freedom Design currently but still says tall jenn kellon banner when highlighting over it) Started Jenn Kellon Towers - 50c Jenn Kellon Wagons - 5s
  16. Hi, I provide a Digging Service on Independence 88 Digging Skill 1000 minimum to Dig 1,5K Clay/Tar 1S Delivery 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market free Terraforming: 10 Coordinates around Freedom Market on the Independence Community Map or Easy Access to Water and you provide a large Cart with Rafts and Horses 10i per Action or I can have the Dirt Any other Area PM me with your Coordinates
  17. I'm building a harbour at my deed and i want the slopes to be paved with slabs. For the S and E facing slopes, that works fine - I can pack a pave even if the S or E part of the tile is under water. For the tiles where the N edge is under water, I can't pack the dirt. With these i have tried raising them to above water level - then I can pack and pave them. My problem is that now i can't lower the northern edge of those tiles below 20 slope. I tried with both digging and dredging. I get this message: [09:36:59] The road would be too steep to traverse. The tiles are paved with slabs, not cobblestone. My question is, how do I pave the northern slopes of my harbour?
  18. Currently the marsh is a menace people would rather remove, terrain like this does add something to the game (something to hate) but other than that it adds little. This proposed overhaul adds a few odd properties to the marsh tile. 1. can only spread up to 5 tiles away from water (limits growth) 2. spawns mushrooms (slightly higher rate than forests) 3. can be foraged (even if underwater) for lingonberries (uncommon) and red mushrooms (common) 4. can be botanised (even if underwater) for any herb (common) and brown (uncommon) and yellow mushrooms (rare). 5. can be planted in water using mixed grass 6. has a unique tree (mangrove) 7. removable using rock shards (weight 40) to "firm up the ground", uses paving skill to do so. Turns unto a dirt tile 8. any grass tile that sinks below water level turns into a marsh within 1 day Mangrove tree : Planted in a marsh, wood has the same properties as pine (none), tree grows normally up to mature. At old tree spawns roots on marsh tiles in a 3x3 area centered on the tree. These roots can be cut down (regrowing within 1-2 days real time) for an 8 weight mangrove log. The tree itself gives the same amount of logs as a pine. If the tree is cut down (or reaches the withered stage) the roots decay away within 2 hours. Slow growing (same speed as oak). Notes : Properties 3 and 4 could be linked to
  19. I've seen this suggested before but it's so important I needed to make a new topic. To make a dirt or sand pile right now you need to drop 2-3 items to make a 'Pile of items', then place your sand or dirt into it (then take back out what you dropped in the first place). This is really annoying, especially when you're doing big terraforming projects, especially when you're doing this for days. It just doesn't make sense that it hasn't been put into Wurm - it should be a given! We get x update, y update, but still no option to place a pile - why? I just don't understand and I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds this annoying. I don't know anything about java coding, programming etc but looking from the outside it seems like it would be very easy to put in. This should be in Wurm as standard! Terraforming is a large part of Wurm and this would be one of those updates that is small in size but massive in impact IMO. What do my fellow Wurmians think about this suggestion?
  20. Tried to keep it simple. Level Main / Guides / Level Levelling is the digging process of taking an adjacent tile to the same level as the one being stood on (the reference tile). The reference tile must be flat; a tile is considered flat when all four corners are of the same height, which can be seen by examining tile borders. If all 4 borders around a tile are reported as "level", the tile is flat. How to level a tile When standing on an already flat tile, select the level command by right-clicking on the required adjacent tile with a shovel activated. If the tile to be levelled is lower (or contains less dirt) than the reference tile dirt (or sand) must be held in the player inventory to begin. If the tile to be levelled is higher (or contains more dirt) than the reference tile the player inventory must have space for at least one dirt to begin. This dirt is then dropped or collected automatically to bring the selected tile to the same height as the reference tile. The process will continue until the tile is level as long as new dirt is brought into the inventory for raising, emptied from the inventory for lowering, or the player runs out of stamina. Notes As with flattening, when lowering a tile levelling will stop once rock is found in one corner. Since levelling typically takes or adds two dirts at a time it is possible to repeatedly select level to remove the one dirt from the corner which has not hit rock.
  21. How about adding Level to the tile edges as well so we can level one corner at a time? It would be a pretty good workaround to rock stopping all leveling. There would be no flat tile requirement, so all it would do is take the corner of the tile you're standing on and level the other corner alongside the edge you're leveling by either digging dirt into your inventory, or using dirt from your inventory to raise it. It would be nice in my opinion. Copied from my post here: http://forum.wurmonl...100#entry765431 - The thread was getting too messy.
  22. You should be able to Level, or Flatten, Marsh. I don't mind having to pave them with Floorboards to remove them, but having them block all forms of terraforming underwater is annoying, especially since you can't get rid of them until they are above water. Currently, it is next to impossible to raise marsh tiles at large slopes underwater to match the rest of your docks because you waste 90% of your dirt dropping it to raise them.
  23. [21:03:42] You start to leveling the ground. [21:03:46] You use a dirt in one corner. (times however as many dirt that's in your inventory) Basically, you drop dirt from your inventory until the tile adjacent to the tile you're standing on is flat on the same level. Good night sweet flatraising. Ssh no tears, only dreams.
  24. Wtb 5K Dirt

    Hell's Gate, a "not so new" deed on the Pristine Server, is currently looking for someone capable of delivering 5k dirt to our deed, located at: X: 28, Y: 14 on this map - Please pm me, my name is xTheosx, in game with a cost of providing your services, the estimated time that you will be able to provide the materials requested, and whether or not you are willing to help disperse some of the dirt. I will of course, want to know your digging skill if you're willing to help disperse it, so please have that info ready. I am willing to pay a fair market price for the dirt, and may want to negotiate further payment for help dispersing the dirt if you are willing to do so. Keep in mind that if we are not able to come to an agreement on a price for the dispersal, that I may only have you deliver it, and that while I'm offering to pay someone for help with the dirt if they deliver it, I am not currently looking to pay someone only for terraforming - this secondary offer is only available if you can deliver the dirt requested. If you cannot deliver the dirt, your services will not be considered. Also, if you are not able to provide the full 5k, I am willing to accept smaller quantities, in increments of 1k, if you can deliver it. Thanks!
  25. Hello fellow Wurmians! I have a small request, while I'm not entirely new to the game I am rather new to terraforming. Currently I'm working on flatraising tiles out of the water in front of my deed to expand my space, to do so I've been taking some dirt from the hill behind me, but I realized by the time I was done the hill would look rather ugly. I've been staring at it for a couple of days now, and outside of a terracing it, I'm coming up short on ideas for what to do with it to make it either "natural" looking with the rest of the hill, or how to terraform it to go with my deed. The most frustrating part about it is the hill actually slopes diagonally compared to the way my deed sits. As such, I'm asking for ideas/help from fellow players, if you had this hill behind your deed, what would you do with it? The furthest back corner that's been dug is where my deed ends.