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  1. It dont need to have any timer at all on pve, you already take 3 sec to activate the lock right clic the door and clic attach... +1
  2. Sleeping and getting sleepbonus while on a long journey can be interesting ? Probably something very easy to add ? Corbita - cog and caravel only
  3. 20s ? not sure you gonna have any deal, supreme maybe but not a rare one...
  4. Cant receive mail, cant clic any box
  5. Small problem and example: I got 4 barrels rack that is renamed Cow Milk, Sheep Milk, bison milk and another not renamed, when i put my mouse on them i can see the name, if i drag a barrel on it, i loose the rack name. When you get around 22 rack of Crate it can be nice to see the name of them when draging a crate into them. My rare leather Jacket dont show good skin in Character windows
  6. Remove being able to finnish journal on epic then, cause its stupid.
  7. I can fit 12 fine high chair in a single tile also i just added 2 fine high chair with a tower bell easly on 1 tile but it just cant work with royal throne.
  8. I tried to put 2 royal throne on a single tile and i wasnt able to do, also tried to put a royal throne and a bell tower together and not enough space.
  9. Thank You! In a hurry to make your next order !
  10. I can see a light going from nowhere (or a mine) far far far tooo far away... not sure why !