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  1. Just had my only single large planter glitch at me. I planted it and farmed it over some days. Missed a day (had some RL interference), came back today (16 Jan, just past mushroom day 6 I guess) and BAM,... ...it is displayed as "green" mushroom weeds. When I harvested that 'green' mushroom, the words in my event tab actually had it right said: [17:37:28] You start to harvest the black mushrooms. [17:37:31] You managed to get a yield of 1 black mushrooms. Ok. So the large planter is on my deed (Cornersville on Independence) located on the 2nd floor of an underground building. There was a server reset during the time between my last 'tending' action (black mushroom 4) and this screenshot: I'm sorry, it only belatedly occurred to me, to have an alt account come look see if it was a client error or a server error. I had already harvested it before the 2nd account idea occurred to me. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  2. YES ! It wrorks. << happy Thanks your time , and sorry to be such a pain.
  3. Thanks the speedy response I have asked 2 friends they tried the link to ur sight, and it's working for them. For me , not working. What I did, was I closed all my browsers. Cleared/deleted all of everything in IE browsing history, then tried to open ur page, but got the same issue. Then I tried to open it on two other browsers (edges and firefox), both of those give me the same Server Error in '/' Application. Is there something else I can do? I did try rebooting my computer and modem earlier. Should I have to do that again do you think? Again, thanks your time
  4. Howdy o/ Sorry to say I'm getting this when I try to access ur web page : This started yesterday...I noticed it 1st time yesterday, and it's still doing this today. If you have time, thanks.
  5. Wow... Themystrix, you are correct. Later on the same post, he said Yes to damage on use, and he wasn't sure about decay damage... So.. ya.. now I'm not sure at all.
  6. Your bedroll not supposed to take damage iaw this link:
  7. I have noticed this too. I just assumed the horse hit its weight limit. I think there should be some indication in event tab (do you hate all horses? or just this one?)... or maybe the horses can complain somehow. Maybe once u over fill a horses weight limit, the horse immediately just screams and dies of a broken back?. No. I don't like that last one. But some notification in event tab would help clear up the mystery silent fails.
  8. Agreed. I have heard of ppl having problems w/ mobs targeting thru floors. I watched ur vid. It looks to me as if that troll just climbed up the stairs after you...which is his right. Humanoids are allowed to go through unlocked gates/doors, and they can climb stairs up or down to come get you. Which is all they really want.
  9. Just noticed today, as I was giving my trusty old low QL anchor to a newbie boat owner, who did not have an anchor, that anchor had 13+ damage on it. Never saw any anchor take damage before. I mean I got them in use, under the boat or in my inventory normally, so no damage. But today this one had damage. So I checked my other boats. Two of those boat anchors have damage, one does not. Need to collect more data. I mean the metal of the anchor, if I ever had it unmoored, on deed off deed, such as this. The one I got on deed here, that I have not used since the boat update, has no damage on it yet. So maybe *shrugs* if u moor ur boat w/ the anchor in ur inventory, it takes no 'in use' damage like b4? Needs more testing. Thanks your time. I'll update this any new info I discover on this unpleasant discovery.
  10. Ok I got stuff here, nothing on the new Radeon Software now has the words 'Driver Packaging Version.' So I'll just post here what I got and hope this gives you the information you need. Radeon Software Version 19.12.3 released 12/16/2019 Software Version 2019.1216.1341.24649 Driver Version Thanks your time.
  11. Update to this post - shadow flicker returned once I rebooted my computer. So, not fixed yet. So.. I now have that AMD/Radeon software on my computer, after a clean driver re install. AM looking up which version I have now. Will post it here. It does not exactly match the stuff at ur link Samool, so I'll try find which version I have will post it here. Once I find it. Posted previously... Thanks Samool. I did finally grow bold (just now) and installed new drivers for my Radeon RX 470 (uninstalled what I had on my puter).. and BAM. shadows work again. So... apparently the shadow issue I was having was caused by my graphics set up. Now that I did that, I no long have that AMD settings software on my computer. It may re show up after a restart. But I have not restarted yet. So I can not use the AMD settings to find my driver version. The one I downloaded from Radeon was named: Revision Number 'Adrnalin 2020 Edition 19.12.3 Optional', if that helps at all. I hope I installed it properly. lol. So we can close this, I hope. Fixed.
  12. Update: Its not my graphics card (I think). I did notice, when I got back to the computer and opened the Wurm window, there was some sort of client/server update. Things paused as other things were loading. The graphics jitter I am experiencing only occurs when I have any of the shadow detail options selected (simple objects, objects, objects and structures, everything). If I turn off shadows - no more of the crazy flickering Jitter. Fixed. But not fixed. I'd like to be able to use shadows, they look really cool... when they work correctly. Please fix and let me know when u got it sorted out. Thanks
  13. OK sure, here you go. But I strongly suspect its my graphics card...
  14. Two updates below. So, I was away from computer a day or two. I return and now my graphics looks all jittered up. When I 1st logged on , my video card suggest 3 items, I allowed it, then forgot what I allowed. All this jitter is new. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? Or what additional information I need to supply to get help w/ this? .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlGf5YuwWWA Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB 1 > Update. This particular crazy flickering/jitter only happens when I have any of the optional shadows selected in the settings. With shadows disabled, I get none of this flickering/jitter. I would personally prefer to play w/ shadows enabled. Please fix and let me know when this is fixed. Thanks. 2 > Update. I got the flickers back on reboot. So I later did clean uninstall and fully installed my graphics drivers, those should be good now. But my shadow flicker is still in place. Not sure why.