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  1. Fix Maker Names

    Presently maker names seem to randomly get erased over time because - who knows why. Please fix this immediately. I love maker names. Please make maker names permanent. Also, some items do not have maker names. So please add maker names to those items. Thanks
  2. This sounds bad bad bad. But it never happened to me *knocks on wood-ish* yet. I have had hitched animals disappear. As mentioned above, I embark as commander, move a bit, and all re appear. I have had vehicles disappear on me too. Mostly boats here, but also we had a rare guard tower was not there, should have been. One time I could not see my friend, who was standing right in front of me. Relog for lotime fixed all of these. It really seems that if you look at your animal management screen you can find these missing bison. I don't see it mentioned here except by SmeJack about generally there is no animal management screen on pvp servers. I am a huge fan of branding all important/useful animals. Are you on pvp server? Maybe something pvp-ish is happening. Dang this sounds harsh, I hope you get it all sorted out.
  3. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    Well, for mine, I knew to try to limit time in inventory. My method was gather fast, w/ horse on lead, 3 rows at a time, get around 15~20 tiles, then jump on horse ride fast to larder, to drop off 99 QL snowballs. Only paused long enough to batch rename all the snowballs with date/time. I limited time in inventory by gathering fast, and riding horse to larder. Also, gathered very close to larder, no far away snowball gathering. Either way, the 99 QL snow balls in my larder (full ice box larder) inside a building on a deed has upkeep paid forward of 2 months.. got some damage... some few had significant damage. While the snowballs I did not want, lower QL, I dropped in a pile outside on the pavement, still have no damage at all. Something seems odd there.
  4. Patch Notes: 20/SEPT/18

    Ayand, I hope, my foals look more foal-ish…
  5. SnowBalls taken dmg.

    New update for this season (19 Sep 2018). I do have screenies. The way I collected all these new snowballs was w/ horse on lead. I collected a single line (20~30 tiles) of 3 across tiles. Quickly renamed that pile of snowballs w/ date time. Then jumped on horse and ran to larder (very short trip, either on deed or near deed). I dropped in the 99 QL snow balls into larders that had 100 snowballs in their iceboxes. The larders are in a building (Teeebomb's Tall House), on a deed (Cornersville on independenc), w/ over 2 months upkeep in coffers. These are both older larders, been around a while. Above: Two 99 QL snow balls, just over 2 days old, got 18 damage already, on 4th shelf of larder TB01. Above: Two 99QL snowballs, just over 2 days old on lower shelf in larder TB01, have 19 damage. Above: Three 99 QL snowballs with over 20 damage, on middle shelf of larder TB02. Above: Six 99 QL snowballs with 18 damage, these are 3 days old in the ice box of larder TB02. All of the above examples are AFTER frick'n snowball season (lol). So I can not fix these. But RL yesterday, I checked my larders were all acceptable damage, except for some newly-ish collected 99 QL snowballs in the ice box of larder TB01. So. When I noticed this, it was during the last part of snowball season, so I was able to replace those lame snowballs. These are the ones I replaced: Above: All these ones are just over 3 days old, 99 QL snowballs, two have 19 damage, 7 others have 18 damage. Inside a larder, in a building, on a deed w/ over 2 months upkeep. Meanwhile, on the pavement in the afternoon heat... Above: Lower QL snowballs, 1 day old, no damage at all. Laying on cobblestone pavement Not one bit of damage to these 'never been in a larder' snowballs. Above: One day old lower QL snowballs laying on pavement with just minimal damage. Just to be clear here. I am not posting this to complain my pavement piled snowballs are not taking huge amounts of damage (lol). I don't care about those ones. I am posting this to document the (what I consider to be) very large amount of damage taken by 99 QL snowballs inside good larders who's iceboxes have 100 snowballs in them (on deed w/ over 2 months upkeep). So.. I can not be certain if this is normal, but .. well.. it seems normal now a days, lol. Just posting here to document facts as I see them. Thanks your time TeeeBOMB
  6. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    ~~~ FIXED ~~~ Turns out I had unchecked the 'monitor events from player' box. I did check that box, is fixed now. So happy Howdy o/ Well, my Wurm Assistant quit updating when I smile/examine. Not sure what I did wrong. Just normal use. I got the animals with correct names in my herds. The required herds are selected. My wurm assistant is set to monitor my main toon. Just earlier today/yesterday, I updated a bison, then the next bison it would not update when I smile/examined it. Now it won't update any of my animals when I smile/examine. Well, tbh, I did not check all of my animals. Just a few. None of the ones I have checked are updating when I smile/examine in game. Do you want specific examples. Not sure which information I should post here. Or is this something affecting many ppl? Let me know if I need to PM you for this. Thanks your time TeeeBOMB
  7. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Sign me up for imping. I can do blacksmithing, carpentry, fine carpentry, and masonry up to 70+ QL. Also, if you have guest rooms available, I could use one of those if it has a bed. Either way, thanks and hope to see you there Mr Shrimpiie o/
  8. Dragon Fang western trail

    Dang, I have been there! Maybe I have that achievement. sort of cheating tho, since u can ride a horse the entire way... Oh, I see, that is for personal goals. I don't have that one then. Got it. (Still seems like cheating, lol)
  9. [Issue] Full House Pizza Crumbles to Dust

    Ok, next update. Not absolutely sure if I should post this here, or make a new thread. As the story develops … So that day. three days ago, the meal I had created to provide foraging affinity for my main toon, instantly decayed. So I created another such forage based pizza. I made the new pizza that same day. Right after I created this thread. I stood there w/ the oven window opened watching. As soon as it was cooked, I tasted it to make sure its affinity was correct, I wrapped it in wax paper and tossed it quickly into my larder (on my deed which has over 60 days upkeep paid, in a building I own, the larder had 100 snowballs in its ice box, those same snowballs are all still in that icebox today). So, all good. Today (Sep 10, 2018), at 1416 EST, I pulled that 3 day old wrapped FH Pizza from the larder, tossed it into a lit forge to heat it up for some mid day snacks. BAM - 40 damage on that pizza. Again, I got no idea exactly how the game mechanics on this work. I am learning thanks guys your posts here to explain some. But...it sure does seem to me odd that a three day old pizza (from 6:52PM on 7th, to 2:16PM EST on the 10th - not even yet 3 days old), 56 QL pizza, got 40 damage on it already. Being mostly ignorant of the exact game mechanics, and certainly I lack the ability to make an online game work. Having said that, I'd say, this seems a lot more damage than this pizza should have taken after 3 days in a good properly equipped larder. So.. same bug? new bug? Not a bug? I got no idea. I will (in my unprofessional opinion) though, declare this a bug. The 2 recipe's are completely different. I do have screen shots of those 2 recipes if you need that. Thanks your time.
  10. [Issue] Full House Pizza Crumbles to Dust

    Thanks for you post here But I'd like to submit, if it is "catch up" decay... "catch up" decay should be outlawed (lol). Very disconcerting, when it has not happened like that before... so far as I know. I'd like to call this a bug. *points finger at his full house pizza instant decay* Look! A BUG !. There, now can you fix this? I'll watch see if this happens in the future w/ my older pizzas. Will post any updates here.
  11. UPDATE: I just heard from another player, that meals stored in meal storage items (like larder/hota statue) may be taking damage but not showing the damage. In that case, we would experience getting a lower than expected nutrition off of our meals/pizzas. I have not tested this at all, but am posting it here for any who want to test or post any test results on this thread. Could be my pizza did have damage when it was in my larder, but was instead showing me zero damage. I will try to watch how my foods affect my nutrition in the future, trying to detect undeclared damage, specially w/ older meals/pizzas. I will post on this thread if I discover anything along these lines. Ok, just now, a few minutes ago (7 Sep 2018, 17:33 EST), I moved a Full House pizza to a lit forge to heat it for eating. What happened, at that instant, the entire full house pizza instantly decayed to dust. What I'm saying is I moved a full house pizza that had the affinity I wanted, from a larder to a lit forge, and the pizza (which had ZERO damage) instantly crumbled to dust. WTF! Are we broke? Is this a new glitch... food instantly crumbling to dust? Ok facts in this case: On Independence server. In a building (TeeeBOMB's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville), of which, I own the building, and I am the mayor of the deed. Upkeep has been paid over 2 months atm. That larder shelf is full of full house pizza's affinity listed. That larder has 100 good snowballs in it's ice box. The full house pizza was for foraging for my character (TeeeBOMB), and had 43+ QL with no damage on it. I made that pizza on 5 Dec 2017... so it is... 275 days old. Like a very very very old horse. So.. I am not sure about what are the correct game mechanics on this. Just my experience. My experience is that meals slowly gather decay when stored in a larder that has snowballs in its icebox. I was quite miffed, on this day, for this pizza, to have it instantly crumble to dust with no warning at all. POOF. Gone. So I post here, to document something new, I just now had happen to me in game. This may be a glitch. It certainly feels like a glitch. If this isn't a glitch, it should be (lol). All the full house pizza's on that shelf, no damage on any of them. I certainly would have noticed had there been any damage on that pizza. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  12. Constantly ejected from boat on server crossing

    No. This is the 1st time I ever recall seeing this messages show up in my even tab. A big WARNING yellow-ish (orange?) colored message in my event tab. One thing I later learned was.. it is a message about my cart "Cornersville Zipper". My cart I had just loaded onto my knarr. So this is a warning about permissions concerning my cart. Odd I did not notice this. I thought it was a warning about my knarr. So ya, my cart does have group permissions on it. So.. this mystery solved Sorry my mis interpretation.
  13. Constantly ejected from boat on server crossing

    UPDATE ! I just got this message posted to my event tab: Ok, now I checked permissions for this Knarr (on Independence), and I notice right off that I do not have any group permissions on this boat. Just a bunch of individual permissions. So...ya, an update...Maybe I should open another thread for this. I mean, how can I fix group permissions on a boat that I don't have any assigned group permissions? Updated.
  14. Constantly ejected from boat on server crossing

    I have experienced this same boat tossing at server border crossings. It seems to me to be fairly random though. Sometimes I get tossed sometimes not. I generally try to cross at center edges of servers when I can. When I do need to cross towards a corner, I do try to make sure I am a goodly distance from the corner. Most recently (20 Aug 2018), me and alt of mine, and my friend Xagru crossed to Xanadu from Independence near center of edge of server (not anywhere near any server corners). From North to South. We all got ejected from the boat (Adventure bucket, my knarr.). I am the owner. So I had to disembark 1st, then embark to get back on my boat. I had my alt do that too. I looked and saw that Xagru was still on the boat, so I traveled on. Xagru later pointed out that he was still in the water, and could not see my boat anywhere. This confused me, since I could see him sitting in my boat, right in front of me. When I examined the boat, it had him listed as a passenger. So I went back toward where I thought he was. So as I was looking for him and he was in the water (on his client) looking for my boat to show up.. We had several other 'edge of server' problems show up. I got blew (by a wind) out of my boat. I could not embark, every time I did embark, the wind blew me out again. So that was fun. CA advised me to turn my boat so it was facing towards land. I did that and was able to get back on my boat and ride it away from the server edge. At some point during all this, Xagru said he was back on board ok. Maybe his client finally caught up? Hard to tell. So anyways, getting ejected from my boat at server crossings happens to me often enough that I am getting better at it. Would be nice to have this fixed just the same. TeeeBOMB
  15. Meal and Pizza generator

    Thanks What I'll do, is I'll make some more pizzas using your Food Generator. Will let you know how that goes.