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  1. Ok. I just had this happen to me. I was on Maple island on independence, 26Nov2020. I got all they way back to my deed b4 I noticed I had lost my horse. I embarked as commander, and started the trip back to my deed. [04:34:36] You start leading the venerable fat Bomhappy '5sC0rWhM 6'. [04:34:38] You board on the "Adventure Bucket" as the captain. [04:34:38] You stop leading the venerable fat Bomhappy '5sC0rWhM 6'. My boat was not anchored, and I immediately started turning as I boarded. Usually this does not happen. But ya, this does still happen. Not fixed yet. TeeeBOMB
  2. Good idea. Or some way to preserve books from decay. Something.
  3. Indeed. Wow... So you will allow anyone to pick up the dead dragon carcass?
  4. Very impressive. Great event. Impressive deed and effort. Thanks so much for such an awesome Impalong !
  5. I had a similar thing happen to me on Independence, at my deed Cornersville. The building is a lighthouse there at UDA Bay. A building I own. It's 9 stories tall. On the 2nd floor, the tile was empty, but it would not allow me to push a bed onto it. Said it was 'not enough space'. The floor above had a bed on it. The floor below had a tapestry on it. So I pushed the bed as close to the intended tile as I could, went about my way. I think I logged and re logged, maybe next day or day after that I was in there and thot to try to push the bed, and it went! No idea what happened, just the bed went to the tile I wanted it on. Nothing else changed I think on that building so far as furniture. I may have moved a statue around up on the upper upper floors, like from the 9th floor down to another tile on the 4th floor. I did move a statue from that tile on the 9th floor. Just not sure if I did that between the bed moving attempts. On that floor on the 9th floor above that tile, I had 4 nymph statues, and a marble brazier pillar up there. I did move a nymph statue from that tile on the 9th floor down to a different tile on the 4th floor. Just I don't think 9th floor statuary should affect me trying to move a bed on the 2nd floor. Anyways so it fixed itself. But I had the same sort of 'not enough space' on an empty tile happen to me.
  6. This is still happening... A friend loaned me her dioptra (just yesterday) that she recently (months?) bought. I examined it to see the maker name and I got this garbage... "[11:30:58] An astronomical and surveying instrument, mounted on a tripod. It could be improved with a lump. [11:30:58] Since its creator tag has faded, you decide to keep history alive by scratching your name on it. Afterwards you proudly read 'Teeebomb'." Now the dumb thing says I made it. Will you guys stop this! I did not make that dioptra, I don't want my name applied as a maker name to stuff *takes a deep breath* I DID NOT MAKE. Thanks your time.
  7. You are still in Wurm!! Howdy o/


    I have been maintaining a colossus over here (named Colossus of Katfish Point) made by QueenRocks. Very good to see u still in game (I noticed ur post on NFC impalong thread). I would like to chat with u some day (a flood of a billion questions over here for person who may have lived in the area I live now, but years ago 😉 ).

  8. Congratulations Ehizellbob o7
  9. Hey! Very cool. I would like to attend. I don't see an imper list, but if there is one and I missed it,,, I can imp the following to 70+: Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Masonry, Stone Cutting, Blacksmithing, Jewelry Smithing, Cloth Tailoring, and Leatherworking. Also, can u save me a room, if one is still available? Thanks and am looking forward to attending, if I can. TeeeBOMB
  10. A Grim Reaper arrives to see off a nice pet rat of mine. Thanks to Enki's road kill abatement policy, this otherwise friendly (when it's not dead) rat has finally been sent off to a better place...prolly... [20:32:31] Enki starts to bury the corpse of old large rat. Teeebomb Screenies
  11. I got this same issue w/ a branded rat of mine died on my deed. Branded to my deed (I am the mayor). The rat died in a building I own, on my deed. But I can not pick up, move, or access this dead rat. I oopsed and failed to discover this thread, until after I opened my own thread here.... So this problem is STILL happening. Well over a year now. I did submit a support ticket for my dead rat: I thot this a very critical and important issue. It never occurred to me this was an on going yawn event that falls under the heading 'glitches we have not fixed yet'. Anyways thanks this thread and your time, TeeeBOMB
  12. My Dead Rat

    UPDATE: Found this same issue on another, very old , forum thread. Apparently this is already a known issue, even though I did not find it in the 'known issues' list. I'll check that list again, maybe need to feed the 'clean my glasses' hamster over here. So I have a rat. It died. So now I got the corpse of my old dead rat. It was branded to my deed (I am the Mayor '[19:04:44] It still shows a brand from village Cornersville.'). It is on my deed here at Cornersville. It is in a building I own 'Gamerdood's Shed Shack'. But, when I try to pick it up, I discover that I do not get the option to pick it up. I tried to relog for /lotime. This did not fix this problem. I submitted a ticket: Did not yet get a response on this. I think this is sort of important, I can not access the carcass of a branded animal that died and should get looked at soon so we can figure out the glitch and have a chance to get this fixed before some more important branded animal death causes more problems down the road. Is this a known issue? I'll review the 'known issues' after I post this. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  13. LOL. I know we have this, I was suggesting put some words into my event tab, just before I fast, since I miss the hunger bar thing so often.
  14. I did not know this and will try to find those, thanks... I been using scythe, maybe that weapon don't have those specific special moves, I will investigate those tho, thanks But I'm a leave this suggestion up, cause I think it just make sense we are gonna know just before we starve to death (lol, I mean fast).
  15. True. Unless, u want to nibble a pile of affinity pizzas to gain all those affinities at the same time so that u can get urself back on schedule. Once I've fasted, then there is not enough room left in my food bar to nibble all those affinities. The price is, I got to wait another 2 or 3 hours till there is enough room in my food bar to nibble all them affinities. I guess u never ran up against this, understandable. Last time I was chatting in Freedom chat, not actively skilling in Wurm. I was actually waiting for my food bar to lower so I could nibble 19 affinities, but missed the mark got caught up in the chatting missed and starved (fasted). That filled my food bar to over 60% and forced me to wait another 3 hours b4 I could properly food up. Would be tremendously more simpler if my event bar notified me that u are about to, here in a minute or two, starve, maybe u should eat now. If this does not affect you, I can understand that, np.