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  1. [Bug] Keep net stuck on my boat

    Yep. Right now, my keep net is attached to my row boat still. Has the same 3 fish in it...the fish have no decay at all so far (is working, that part ). Just I can not remove my fish, … [16:17:51] You are not allowed to do that. I get that same message if I'm beside my rowboat or embarked as passenger or as commander. I guess is a tricky code to get this to work properly. I do hope they can fix this part. This is one of the nice parts of the fishing update.
  2. Constant Desync

    I had leading horse issues today (28 Dec) on Indy. I was on a boat, traveled across the sea (Crystal sea) from east side to west side.. just as I anchored, debarked from my boat, then my horse (on lead by me & wearing a saddle) started walking off east into the water. I went in after it, got the 'embark' button on my bar - did that, w/ both horse and me in the water. Was able to ride it to shore. It happened again when I got back home (Cornersville deed), anchored my boat, debarked, just saw my horse take off into the side of a hill here. Could not see it anywhere, and it was not in my 'selected' bar. So I went up over the hill it had walked into. At some point, it just became visible, I spotted it ahead of me, then it went down over a place. I ran forward to a spot I could click it to get it in my 'selected' bar, then I could 'embark' to get it and me fixed. Still going on.
  3. Barber

  4. [Bug] Keep net stuck on my boat

    I still can't get my keep net off that rowboat.
  5. Multi-story bugs

    I agree w/ Cecci on this. Go ahead move your animals around till you get a situation that works. But still it should not happen like this, and this should be fixed. Would be nice if animals obeyed the same laws of nature we got to use. Good thread. I'll be interested to see when this gets fixed.
  6. creature cage

    Are you the owner of those cages? That's only thing I can think of. Right click the cage to check that under manage>permissions. Which server are you at? Are you on your own deed? Are you trying to unload the cages from a vehicle? ...or are you trying to unload an animal from a cage? If you are trying to unload an animal from a cage, do you have a rope in ur inventory activated? The only other thing I can think of is you moved those creature cages across servers. The vehicle you used to transport the creature cages. may have got their permissions mixed up if you had alliance or some other group permissions on it before you crossed servers. In that case, maybe you can try to unlock that vehicle, then re attach that lock. Or. try to re add yourself as the owner of the vehicle under vehicle permissions. Honestly I'm guessing. Not exactly sure what you are trying to do. I do hope you get it all worked out though. Good luck.
  7. Howdy. I tried fishing earlier, got my fishing net and keep net created and imp'd. It seems I can fish ok. But my keep net has been a non stop problem. I tried to 'plant' it on ground tiles. It would not allow it on any tiles, on some tiles it said water too shallow, other tiles it said water too deed. I could find nowhere to 'plant' it. So any help explanation I can get for how to plant this thing would be greatly appreciated. So. Next I got my rowboat, brought it out. I was permitted to attach my keep net to my rowboat. So then I moved my 3 fish over to that keep net. That did happen. All good. But then I moved the row boat to the fishing water area, and it would not allow me to net fish while embarked. So I moored jumped off boat. Then it took me a while to find a spot, where my boat was close to where I could stand and fish at. I found such a place. But then it would not allow me to put fish into my keep net, nor could I remove my keep net from the boat. So I jumped back into my rowboat, still could not pull the fish from my keep net. So right now, here on Indy, near Cornersville deed, I have my keep net is stuck on my rowboat named 'T-Bomb's RowRowRow' w/ 3 fish on it. I'd surely like to get this keep net thing to work, sounds like an awesome idea .. to keep fish fresh in water, while fishing. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB << frustrated fisher wanna-be
  8. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    I know you guys put a lot of work into all this fishing update. I just wanted to try simplest thing. Everyone sayd try net fishing, I made my net, and my net fish keeper net, imp'd them up.. went to the water.. catastrophe after catastrophe. It would not allow me to plant the fish keeper net anywhere, not on any tile. Water was too deep, or not deep enough. So I scrapped that idea, got my rowboat, attached my keeper net there. I thot I was good, put my fish into the keeper net. All was sweet. But then, it would not allow me to net fish when embarked. So I tried to move my boat around to a spot I could stand and fish. I got it moved, but then i'm too far to take stuff out of my keeper net. I embark on the boat, it still says i'm too far to take stuff out of my keeper net. And it wont let me detach my keeper net with stuff in it. This is all too complex for me to figure out by myself, sorry. So I'm posting here. Thanks your time.
  9. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    TYT DEVs Not in a rush...
  10. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    This is HUGE update.. ok *bends over puts his face into a paper bag and breaths rapidly* LOL Looks good on my 1st look see....
  11. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Thanks everyone who showed up, was a fun Shrimpalong! Special thanks to the impers and staff so running around doing stuff to make this work. Special special thanks to Shrimpiie , all his work and time and effort, and let us stomp all over his island!! Was a grand event, and I'm happy I got to attend and get my skull cup I did get distracted from this Impalong a few times, but was great fun the time I was there. Getting killed in the arena was a very special time for me, provided the proper justification for having earlier placed my tent (lol). On a brighter note, I was able to re acquire all my lost fighing xp, that very same day. Peace, and hope to see you all next time o/ TeeeBOMB
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Shrimpalong 2018 ! Fun times. Just I recommend everybody reads and heeds all applicable signage... TeeeBOMB screenies
  13. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Hang in there Damascus. This is a good thread w/ a valid point. If we allow others to shut down our good ideas because they are hostile and mean to other posters, then they win. I generally don't really understand why aggressive hostility is so important to some people on forums threads. This thread is about two groups of players. One group likes to play Wurm. Other group likes to make it harder for the 1st group to play Wurm. That is clear. Something should be done. Keep up the good work Damascus !
  14. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    True that. IF its a mission structure you built. I'd agree w/ that. Still is just being ornery mean tho. Either way. Names on fences will clear up who's fence and then we can tell if a report ticket is the right course. Thanks your posts here JakeRivers was a fun read.
  15. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Now this has been one entertaining thread. Thanks for opening this. While I have mixed feelings about names on fences. I do like privacy, but I do hate griefing/griefers. Since it is specifically against the rules to block access to buildings/structures you do not own, then, of course, surrounding mission buildings clearly violates that rule. Specially since (as Jakerivers' trolling this thread clearly points out) nobody owns the mission buildings. So, that is reportable. In my opinion, and if the developers have access to specific information regarding exactly who built which fence, then the developers can chastise/ban the perpetrators, and we should all do our part by reporting this obvious griefing. But.. I think maybe the developers do not have that information available. In that case, yes, I'd like to see names on fences. It would be a nice added feature. I also like to know who built what. If we can not have this happen, then I'd suggest Jakerivers be summarily forced to visit each mission structure, several times while that mission is open, and do his deed by bashing any fences erected around them, since he can so easily do this. Such a nice guy. Thanks Jakerivers ! Specially since Jakerivers has no use for these missions hisself, and would only be doing this cause its so darned easy for him to do it, and will add to the enjoyment of the game for those of us who like participating in the game. Good thread. Over all +1 on names on fences, unless the developers can find the griefers some other way. But, players (us), we need to submit griefer tickets - it's our part, that we can do.