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  1. Howdy Mr K, Is this still active? i'm getting things returned in mail.
  2. You should start your own thread for this idea. It seems to be a good suggestion to me.
  3. Presently, we have to be standing on the ground floor in a mine to be able to prospect a ceiling tile. So. If I'm atop a building, I can not prospect the ceiling tile - unless I get the ceiling tile in my action window... then run down and stand under that tile on the floor level. Then, from that position, I can prospect that ceiling tile. I think it's a honest thing to want to be able to prospect from higher floors in a building, the ceiling tiles. So - if it don't break the game (lol): I'd like to be able to prospect ceiling tiles while standing on higher floors inside a building.
  4. +1 lowering ceiling corners using concrete.
  5. +1 for some woodcutting xp for stump removal. Should be significant enough to make ppl want to remove stumps, imo.
  6. Well, this is still happening. Just today while imping lamps, one said is maker name has faded, and now it says I made it. When I did not make it. Oh this burns me up.
  7. I never tried to feed my horses from its saddlebags yet. Thanks post this remind me that is a thing!
  8. Lol. I foresee flying pigs in Wurm before I'd try such a rift. But it could happen. I did participate in a Dragon Fang Mountain rift one day. Dares won't work. I'd suspect gold coins may get me to 'show up' tho.
  9. Ok. This is very challenging location for a rift. Atop a mountain. No roads lead up here. Can not get cart up here. Need to climb to get to the rift beam. But can lead a horse up to the rift beam. Lots of tree problem, needs addressed up here. On this map is best guess the location of it. The white path tracks from that guard tower (if u can find that) to the rift thru the woods. Hergasterix and I investigated this area, killed local mobs. Good luck whoever decides to try this rift Teeebomb Some kind soul (Thanks Timegypsie !!) chopped trees to show to path from the Sandstone Cove direction. Once u follow the roads West from Sandstone Cove and up into the woods u'll see them. This is the path from Sandstone Cove (Thanks Ronal o/): https://imgur.com/5sOEfln
  10. Epic fail on Traitor champion sea serpent mission: I did find the traitor, near my deed today: The wind was right, a gale from the south. So I drove my runed knar past him heading to my deed. This is about the time the gale turned into a strong breeze. If anyone was wondering if traveling in a boat at 24 km/hr is fast enough to evade a champion sea serpent...it is not. It was definitely fast, and was catching up, followed me into UDA Bay (on Indy). It did not seem to loose interest until I ran the boat aground and scrambled onto a local arched bridge. (I had forgot I had a donkey on lead, who made this screenie by accident) After this was my screenie time. Here he is camping my boat (the sea serpent, the donkey didn't seem interested all that much in my boat): This is when I engaged combat on horse, the sea serpent was so close to shore. We maneuvered about UDA Bay, I kept healing and returning to the battle. I had him down to 50% health, but by then he was just hitting too hard. So he finally left UDA Bay (ya, prolly got bored). While I did fail completing that mission, it was a fun attempt and lesson for me. Sea Serpents are fast and still a bit tough for my solo attempts. This traitor sea serpent last sighted at 39x42y (indy community map). Good Luck! Teeebomb screenies
  11. Well so it does. Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. Ok. Then I suggest a rewrite of that area I'm referring to on the right column under the area named 'Skill and improvement,' we make it to read then: - Uses Masonry skill to create - Uses Paving skill to improve - Improve with clay Then remove that bit in the Notes about paving skill used for improving. This will put all the correct information in the correct area for the next person to look at this page wants to see which skill is used for pottery shingle roofs. Thanks for your time Teeebomb
  12. The pottery shingle roof page on Wurmpedia (https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Pottery_shingle_roof) says it 'uses masonry skill, improves using clay,' towards the bottom of the right column (on the right of the page). It seems (just now testing this), improving the pottery shingle roof gives paving skill xp. I suggest re write that part to say, ... Uses paving skill improves using clay Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  13. When I opened that link, I saw this... I thot... wow.. peats everywhere. Update: That image works ok in my other browser. Ya. But now I'm a run around check my local peat fields, this sounds bad.