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  1. lol - there were a bunch there 1st day. Thanks the updates o/
  2. My friend Leonardo got a champion traitor black bear to wave at him... One thing led to another, and someone became a bear rug wannabe... Great work Leonardo!
  3. I have (on Indy server, Cornersville deed, in building Teeebomb's Tall House) 1 xmas cake (from 23 Dec 2022) and 1 slice of xmas cake in a LMC w/ zero damage... not sure how many xmas cakes I should have. But I put those in this same back pack in this LMC. If there were more than those 2, then they decayed, not sure. But these 2 have zero damage, so far.
  4. I never knew this! On Indy server, I do get directions, if I have a compass in my inventory. With no compass, I get not directions. Thanks for this thread.
  5. Mission window is now missing useful columns. The older version of mission window had useful information in several columns, thus: The new version is almost useless, thus: Please put the mission window back the way it was. Thank you for your time. Teeebomb
  6. Yes of course. We can recolor them. But nothing we can do on our end will make them like they were b4 they mucked them up. I'd prefer they just put them back to the colors they were before. Someone took time out of their day to post the words "and existing carpets have been dyed to retain the colours they had before this update (including carpets with colour runes). ". Then someone took specific action to make the rugs so that they are supposed to look like they did b4 this update. I suggest just get someone who is not color blind for that particular job. Fixed. I don't know how difficult fixing this would be. I'm not a developer. Just.. why do my red rugs look so obviously orange? Anyways, just I hope its fixable and not too code'y, is why I posted this. Thanks your post.
  7. My 16 large planters on Independence server, deed Forest Glade Farm - all had between 8 and 12 damage to them. Just now repaired all of them will now monitor see when they take damage next. Deed upkeep is well over 90 says for this deed. Wow - glad you posted this.
  8. Small cotton colorful carpet color changed. Normal red rug color changed to orange. This used to look nice, now its crap... BRING BACK OLD RED RUG COLOR: Thanks for your time.
  9. I like new carpets, and carpet dying. Good idea! Too many words for me to read right now for the sacred places tho, will need a nap first. What I did read, it sounds fun. Thanks the updates. Agreed!
  10. OMG I just want to reply!!! First :-) Ok I like the new options for rugs - good idea. But you garbaged the look of the old rugs we already had.. this used to look nice, now its crap... WTF. Where does this sort of thinking come from? Lets garbage the look of stuff already in game. WHY! BRING BACK OLD RED RUG COLOR: Thanks for your time.
  11. I have just logged on and noticed HUGE unexpected decay on 2 of my deeds. GM responded. Hope it's fixed now. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  12. Does this apply to old never-been-premium accounts too? Retroactively? .. or will this protection only apply to newly made non prem toons from this point forward?