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  1. We found Avipoeighteenb's turtle zoo :-) New player and neighbor Det points out most recent location of Champion tortoise. Never seen a tortoise before this! TeeeBOMB screenie
  2. Sounds fun. Depends how much coding this would take. Would be nice do something w/ puppets.
  3. Ok the 2 original ghost doors are not in place. I'd call it fixed now.
  4. These ghost doors had different sloped tops. Looked like this before Hestia came and removed them.... But these ghost doors now line up w/ no slope (as in Zorako's image). These are ghost doors. Cursor over them shows 'Mine door'. But when u examine them, only words u get in event tab are ... "You see a hole." Also, when you walk thru them, they don't open. U just walk thru them like they are not there at all. So they have no opening animation. Hestia came and removed them a while ago. But now they have reappeared.
  5. Well... thanks make them doors go away. But they came back. I am at the N17-ish one, is back now. Z says other one has returned too by the water at the clay pit. Persistent/recurring ghost doors. Delayed spooky.
  6. I found a mine door, when I examined it, I got no data in event tab. It only says... [07:18:45] You see a hole. On Independence, N17-ish on in game map. I then found another mine door w/ no 'examine' data in event tab, same 'you see a hole' dialogue. Looks like these wooden mine doors are missing the quality data. These doors, I can walk right through them. I can not tell if they are locked or not. Cursor over does show the 'Mine door' words...just the examine data is not showing up in the event tab. TeeeBOMB
  7. lol why? Why nerf this. What is happening over there? This is evil. A spare little bit of sleep bonus for participating in a mission.. you take that away? *shakes his head* I can not not make this make sense. Are you just mad at us? Nothing in my brain comes to me to explain this. I will say it. Dum. Dum dum dum dum dum.. Unless there is more to follow. Some explanation? It just seems dum to me to take this feature and trash ur own mission system. Did anyone think this out? Just wondering. Bewildered. (thanks JakeRivers bring this to my attention, good eye)
  8. Ok so... What is it? I see New: Creature movement overhaul... I see tons of complaints and comments that creatures are stuck in fences and warnings that creatures will soon begin getting out of fences. But I do not see any description about what the change is. So I ask. What is this Creature movement overhaul thing the developers love so much? I mean, in so far as what is the change? I see there has been a creature movement overhaul installed and the players don't seem to like it much. But besides that.. what did the change do? Thanks for your time :-) TeeeBOMB Ok the following link was given to me from GL Freedom chat (thanks Thibbledorf o7 ):
  9. This horse name starts w/ an H. Is cared for, not branded. I suspect a player stopped playing, deed disband, fences decayed. But if not, I will be glad to get this nice horse back to it's owner. PM me in game is best. It's possible I may read this thread later too. So posting here may work.
  10. Great event! Hard to point out anything wrong. That mine!! I can not imagine how long it must've taken to mine all of that open. WOW! Impressive mine hole and impressively outfitted w/ HUGE buildings. Masterfully placed. Very great work. Thanks for all of that. It was worth the trip there, just to witness that underground city. (loved the sauna ;-) The affinity numbered food was awesome concept! I am certain that took some doing too. Thank you for that! Only constructive feed back I can offer would be that some of the skills for imp'n was not exactly centrally organized. It was very easy to find the smithing area, but I never saw a carpentry or fine carpentry area. I guess the stone cutting and those carpentry areas were mixed in w/ the smithing area. So, would've been nice to see some container labeled 'carpentry', 'fine carpentry', & 'stone cutting', like that. Again, thanks for all the effort! It was a great event.
  11. Nadroj getting screenied in a spiritual way... Ghostly visitor (TeeeBOMB ;-) photobombs Nadroj's photo shoot. Thanks Nadroj and all helpers and crafters, an awesome event. Great fun, Great food. *burp* TeeeBOMB post (image captured by Xagru the Enlightened [Dreamweaver], Thanks Xagru o7 )
  12. Ok, happened again to me. This time was a longer disconnect time period. At about 10:04 PM EST, on 20 Oct 2017, I caught a heavy lag. I could not enter gates/doors. My right click drop down menu's were not opening, and my horse was riding odd/backwards. So I logged out. Then I could not log back in. Not only could I not log into wurmonline (the log on window opened very slowly, then would not allow log on), but I could not access/open any Wurm pages in my web browsers (IE11 & Firefox 56.0.1). Pings were all resulting in fails to wurmonline, the forms page, and wurmpedia page. Tracerts showed severe hindrences and many many request time outs. Wurm did not work for me until 11:20 PM EST. I am running a Windows 10 computer in Ohio (EST). Something is happening, and yes this should get fixed. Of course if this continues, I'll find somewhere else to spend my time. I hope you find/fix this issue. I do have tracert screenies if you think that will help I can send them to you. Glad to be of service if so, let me know. TeeeBOMB
  13. +1, but I want myne to have a bouncy spiral spring antenna w/ a bobbing red ball on its end, that bounces to and fro as I move along. ty
  14. Oh come on guys.... Ok, everybody out. Get back to work. Teeebomb screenie ;-)
  15. On Independence. Been happening to me. Not sure if it's same exact time every day tho. I'm EST too. Tonight (14Oct2017) it happened to me at around 9:12 PM for some minutes. I was pushed off of Wurmoline. I did not try a tracert this time, but I did use ping. Was not able to get good pings to www.wurmonline.com, and Wurm forums would not open for me. The other websites I tried to access worked fine for me. Ping'n www.google.com gave good ping results. My internet connection was good. This is not the normal server back up time for me. Sort of frustrating this seems to only affect me, sometimes, seems that way on freedom chat. This time tho, there were others in Freedom chat had same issue so they said. Thanks for this thread Champagnedragon o7