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  1. Please add two deeds for me. One is connected to the highway system (Cornersville), the other one (Sandstone Cove) not added to highway system yet: Little red squares mark the spots. Thanks
  2. Indy is up \o/ *dances on the grave of the recently departed hamster and tip'n his hat to the newly installed (and hopefully younger ish) hamster*
  3. Independence server appears to be down hard. Can not log onto Indy server. Can log on to Xanadu server. This sever status link shows ppl still on Indy, but they're not: This server status link borked: Please feed Indy hamsters, give them whatever they want. Thanks. TeeeBOMB
  4. Well. Thanks Brash_Endeavros ur recommendations. I guess... in order to get the newly changed/updated IP, I have to know where to look for it, so then I could maybe consider system file edits. But finally I got connected. I do wish Wurm, when they want to change some feature like their IP, and since everybody but me knows this can take time till I get my local updates the new IP,... why won't they tell us they did this instead of having us running in circles trying to get logged on? Anyways, it seems my local area got updated (if that's what happened), and I am on Wurm Online again, after (looks at his watch) an hour-ish. I do hope Crimsonearth, Raix, and Rhydricia, all got back online too. Peace.
  5. Ya this is not a specific server issue. My client is not updating, so I can not log onto any server.
  6. Can not log on. I get 'Update failed! (Error: Error opening connection to path server.)' Please fix this, thanks, TeeeBOMB
  7. lol. This client bug is working on my client too. I suspect this is not client but server issue. [22:36:13] A large war machine designed to knock down walls and doors, used by ramming the large log into the wall you wish to no longer exist. Wood colors: R=1, G=1, B=1. It is made from oakenwood. You will want to polish the battering ram with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 81.19298, Dam: 0.0. I'd suspect this is a server issue? Maybe not. But is definitely borked. Well, it isn't black looking at all, not even a smidgeon. TeeeBOMB
  8. tytytytytyttytytytytytytytytty I'm in wurm now.. PLEASE, next time do what ever you just now did, do it b4 I try to log on (lol) Thanks o/
  9. No. I'm not using steam. Just using the normal links on my desktop I used a few hours ago, they worked fine. Now they no work. Unfortunately for me, I had system updates that happened on my machine between then and now. So, of course, at this instant, just after my Windows 10 system updates get installed, Wurm team decides to move their JNLP client. So I got no way to know if its my system updates that broke wurm or wurm teams never ending need to move their JNLP client that is causing me issues here. Please fix wurm. Thanks.
  10. Can not log onto Wum Online. Wurmlauncher looks like it wants to starts, then quits. So I saw some mystery message about JNLP Client. You guys moved it and so Wurm wont work. Needs to be uninstalled a certain way. Got it. So you say I need to run some command javaws -viewer. No notification where or how to run this command. So I try it from my command prompt. I get the following w/ an eye out for a list of options, one of which should be Wurm Online. So ya. I see no 'Wurm Online' option on any list here. Sorry guys, I'm too dumb to play wurm any more. Please add more words to tell me exactly the special new way you want me to uninstall Wurm Online or just fix Wurm. Thanks. TeeeBOMB
  11. ouch.. is it underground? on deed? is it over the fence or over the gate section? Sounds bad.
  12. Ok. I'll go w/ that if you believe the changes Sindusk made are correct. So many years of bad data, lol. But, of course I'm not in charge of anything. Just I never knew this, and would be great to understand how Sindusk knows he entered the correct values. My thinking is: why allow random unsubstantiated changes to be made to Wurmpedia? Seems that we should have some reference for changes would be great.
  13. Sindusk has tested and verified his data updates to Wurmpedia. Can close this thread. I have noticed that Wurmpedia page for 'fuel' (https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Fuel) has been updated by an account named Sindusk on 3 Aug 2020 (thanks CA help remind me of Wurmpedia page update area). The values/amounts of fuel has been changed quite a bit. Sindusk did not provide any references for the changes. I suggest you guys would change it back the way it was, until some sort of verification for Sindusk's new information has been hammered out. Personally, Sindusk's version looks better, but still. Having random unsubstantiated changes to Wurmpedia should be limited, I think. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  14. I have an order! Oh, I got you in game, np. Great to see ur still in the imp'n biz.. !