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  1. +1 Support. Cloth tailoring items should have maker names on them. So - if it wont crash the game, lets do this for all future Cloth tailoring items. … or at least, some more of them.
  2. Fixed. I was not able to delete the graphics.jar, because it said it was in use by wurmlauncher. So I 'end task' that wurmlauncher, fixed this. Thanks !
  3. Fixed. Hey, I can't log on. I'm getting update failed (Error: could not copy graphicx.jar to graphics.jar.bak. How do I fix this? Thanks. [Imgur]()
  4. Fixed ! Thanks tons o7 TeeeBOMB
  5. Howdy the Locath o/ I get error when I go to load your page it get this: Hope you have time to fix. If not, your meal pizza generator had a great run. Thanks all ur hard work. Peace. TeeeBOMB
  6. One is now at 37x42y Albia map (just east side of UDA bay), N18 in game map. Is at water's edge of Crystal Lade (at UDA bay area).
  7. Hey the Deathlyghost ! Can you do me a favor and move your cart and 2 horses off my deed? You can store them in the palisade area on a patch of enchanted grass where it was before, would be great option. Thanks tons save me a support ticket to have a GM randomly move them off deed somewhere.

  8. Horse shuffle still occurring on my wagon on Independence at server restart. This happens every single server restart for this wagon. Is reproducible. This is my preferred arrangement. You can see the saddlebags horse close to driver. This is how my horses were arranged before. The following is a screen capture just after the most recent server restart. Now (above) my saddle sack horse is way out front. As driver, I can not access that horse now, since it has been shuffled out of range. Thanks this thread. TeeeBOMB
  9. New ritual mission location. Located on the tiny island that hosts 2 bridges. Right in the center. Thanks Hughmongus & Skyefox for all you do to upkeep Indy community maping. TeeeBOMB
  10. Thanks VirusMD o/ Just my name as another 'e' in it, lol. Too many e's you think? Well, Teebomb is my alt, but he aint come'n. Peace hope to see u there. o/
  11. I hate to correct a post... But lets be honest here: TeeeBOMB screenies ?
  12. I just killed an aged troll on Indy near my deed Cornersville. It also has no club. If this is a glitch, it's still glitched.
  13. Fun event. Thanks ? One person pointed out that if u look thru ur spy glass at the dragon fang statuette, u get to see all kinds of detail *looks straight up from base of Dragon Fang and waves at who ever may be peering down thru their spy glass* Just can we get a more precise date when the event will end, we have some ppl in time crunches would help to have exact last day of event. Thanks.
  14. Yes. I was getting screen shots ready for my own thread. Don't mind using this one. I put specific horses near the driver of my wagon. Every single server restart shuffles my horses around. I was gonna collect data over time, see which pattern the shuffle went. So far, it seems to be clockwise. And, if I leave them how the server put them, then next server restart, don't seem to shuffle them. I like the fastest horse near the driver, so I can unhitch and do stuff w/ that particular horse. Cant do that if it gets moved away tho. This could be fixed by preventing the horse shuffle. OR.. could be fixed so that the driver can access any of the horse team members while sitting as driver (imo, this would be ok fix for me). If you have ur horses arranged by color for some cosmetic reason or other tho, the horse shuffle will mix u up then. Thanks posting this thread. TeeeBOMB