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  1. Give option to, once a measuring jug has been set and filled, to change setting, to ADD content. So. Say you want 130 g. 1> set measuring jug to 100g, fill it 2> set measuring jug (w/ 100g in it) to 20g, re fill it (so now it holds 120g) 3> set measuring jug (w/ 120g in it) to 10g, re fill it -> so now it is set to hold 130g 4> from here on out, if u fill that measuring jug, it will fill to 130g, until u reset it empty to some other value - or if u fill it, and add volume to it. This is a great idea (lol). Please fix measuring jugs so they work like this - unless it's gonna break Wurm. Thanks your time
  2. Does any else here use the toolbelt up arrow indicator? When I go to push the 'up' arrow on my toolbelt, I can not see anything, lol. https://i.imgur.com/BfcTrar.mp4 Was wondering, if it would be a reasonable request to have things so I can see toolbelt number when I put my cursor over the 'up' arrow on the toolbelt in game. (That link above don't appear to be a link, for some odd reason. Just can copy/paste it into a browser, should work. Works for me. I have added images to show the effect I'm talking about.) Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  3. Is this site still supported? I'm getting bad gate way splash, not connecting. Use this a lot. Hope its not down for good. Thanks
  4. Map by Hughmongus. But the arrow and dot are mine
  5. Ok, if you say so. All the points I made, if you read them, point to what you can know from history w/ name security as I have described it. Trying to take my phrase 'name security' and apply it to other things is sort of straw man here, right? Of course if someone is account sharing, then I may be chatting w/ a different keyboard thumper, sure. But that is sort of against the rules, as I read them, w/ a few exceptions. The truth remains, any conversations I've had w/ a toon, as represented in my log files, did happen w/ that toon. No matter who the keyboard thumper is. Unless that toon recently changed their name. Of course if someone creates some other toon, then (normally) there is no way for ur average user to know if that new account is some other keyboard thumper you are already familiar with. None the less, all the facts of all previous encounters w/ that keyboard thumper, remains on my computer log files and screenshots. Just like I already posted above. I have run into accounts that have been sold. Way back in days of yore (a year or two in Wurm is a looong time, for most players), when we were permitted to sell accounts. This usually gets worked out fairly quickly in discussion. Has never been a problem w/ me. Facts of the name on the toon matches my log files either way. Which is what I already posted. I feel silly pointing out the obvious here. Name security is just related to toon names. We are/were talking bout changing toon names here I thot? Not about account swapping or creating new accounts, or even trading accounts (Which can probably still happen, even tho it is against the rules). The way names work now in Wurm - we have the name security as I've already outlined above. And that rocks. I would hate to see it devalued *shrugs* so I post. Peace to you Docterchese, I think we two are also on the same team here, and I hope we don't loose sight of that.
  6. lol. No thanks. Name security means, I guess, different things to different people. If I got an Archaed made item - then that means Archaed made it. No question on that at all. Unless Archaed becomes 'Sam' and some other toon decides to take on the name 'Archaed'. In that case my Archaed made item could have been made by anyone, and has lost value. I find it silly that I got to explain this. So, I may be misunderstanding something. Sorry if that's the case. Name security means, if I find an old toon been around for ages, then I may think.. omg this guy got to be trustworthy - so much history. But then I later discover his name was 'I rip people off regularly any way I can sneak it through the rules' just last week. Name security is out the window. Name security means, stuff like I find an old deed area was founded by Gurubear - then later I meet Gurubear - WOW , hey I know you from someplace - guess what? It was the same Gurubear - unless someone recently changed their name to 'Gurubear'. Name security means like if I meet someone, I vaguely recall them from before, I can search my log files. Anything w/ that toon name in my log files, was that toon, no matter what - unless, of course, this person got a wild hair and had just recently changed their name. Even ppl on my friends list, they change their name and - BAM - suddenly I can never find any of our previous conversations or encounters in my log files. Even renamed screenshots that I may have on hand won't help, since they would have the old player name on them. Archaed, you really need to understand what a great and awesome thing name security is, and not be constantly trying to make Wurm into other, lesser, games. Just because other games do things, does not mean Wurm has to do them too. I heard about Wurm, thot that sounded interesting. When I got here, I liked it. Liked it a lot. Name security (as I understand it) is one main thing I have come to depend on in Wurm. A very awesome aspect of Wurm. Sure, you can systematically go through all the cool things, that make Wurm stand out as different, and try to make Wurm into something more like other games. Just, I like Wurm, so far as name security goes, just the way it is. But peace, we are on the same team, lol. We both like Wurm.
  7. I have noticed, name changing is generally supported by the game keepers. I hate it. I like name security. Name security is one of the nicer things about Wurm. *shrugs*
  8. This don't work well. I've seen it in another game. that decided to change so ppl could change their names. Does not work well. Any name changing function leads to chaos and confusion. I'm not a fan, don't like it. I can probably come up w/ some rare example where it would seem to be a good idea in that one instance to allow a name change... but why muck up all of Wurm for that one. I would support it if, when u purchased a new account from somebody, at that exchange, they be able to change the toon name. That would only make sense. Unless, of course, you knew, when you purchased the account, if you already knew you would be stuck w/ that name. In that case, no need to allow name changing. It also makes sense to allow cap letters in player names- for cosmetic stuffs. I could be TeeeBOMB, sure. But over all - no, lets not mess up all the cool things associated w/ names in Wurm, because someone made a toon name and played on it for 10 years, and now decided they want some other name. You have an awesome name? Madnath? You don't like that? We have a really cool thing here in Wurm. This name security rocks. It is an awesome thing. Well, I'm just me. if nobody else agrees w/ me then its just me then. No matter how strongly I feel about giving away name security in Wurm, it's still just me. If it's just me. I hope its not just me.
  9. I like you just exactly as you are Docterchese. Please do not ever change LOL - no. Pick the name you want, then go with it. If you don't like that name, create a new account with the name you like. How can this be difficult? It has never been difficult to create a new account. So if you create a name you don't like - ditch it, create new named account. Do not continue playing on the bad named account , then 10 years later decide you want to muck up everybody's friends list because u suddenly decide you don't like your name spelling. Maker names - friends lists - arch journal pages/mini tokes - for the love of God - do not ever allow anyone in Wurm to ever change their in game names. Nobody really wants this anywhere. If someone has played a bad named toon for ten frick'n years, then they get no vote. The cemented their decision literally years ago. Of course this entire gambit is a play to easily hide bad behavior behind easily gotten, cheap, alternate names. BAD IDEA. I never never never want an aged toon, been around for years - to have had its name changed, hiding a players previous activity. So then you try to come up w/ a way to avoid making it so someone could change their name - and still yet remain accountable for their previous behavior. OMG, it's so frick'n easy - just don't allow changing names - this idea SUCKs. So word it up all you want - I guarantee no normal player wants this in any context. Even if they post here, omg yes I do, lol. Any change of this nature to allow ppl to change in game names will wreck name consistency, and while technically, I can not speak for everybody - I can say I honestly believe my words here. But - I also like people posting suggestions for new ideas. So keep coming up w/ ideas for what you believe to be positive changes - good work there. Just, in case you have not noticed, I hate this particular idea with a passion. Having posted this - I must say, I am not a great spokesman to champion honest causes like this one. I will just repeat myself and may verge on posting un appetizing remarks about my opponents mothers and their heritage, lol. So I would ask someone w/ better verbal etiquette talents argue this side, the correct side on this issue. Do not ever allow anyone in Wurm to change their name - SPECIALLY if they have played on their badly named accounts for 10 years.
  10. Yep, no way to view or to react w/ 'cat' option. No 'cat'. omg - ok.. new update. You are correct - if I hover my cursor over the heart option, then I can see the 'cat' face show up. Well - lol.... has it always been like this? I thot there used to be 2 icons, heart and cat.. Now I only see one option, 'heart'. Then when I cursor over it, the 'cat' does show up. Was there a change. Well , it seems to be working as you prompted. Sorry if this has always worked this way, I got no idea how I glitched did not notice. I will look for screenshots, I may have a random forum screens capture how it used to be, maybe not. If I find one, I'll post it here. Besides that, I guess this is fixed. Thanks to everyone the 'cats' posts - give me some 'cat's , lol.. Very generous. This is the community coming together
  11. My cats disappeared on forums. Earlier, I had cat option, now it's gone. For a while there, I had no cats in ie, then later, my cats disappeared off my firefox browser too. Other players showed me that their cats are still there on their forums. Please fix this - or show me what I'm doing incorrectly. Thanks.
  12. -1 Never bring rename character. Bad idea. It really messes up a friends list. Terrible notion. Do not support. When they did this to RS , it really just confused the heck out of everything. My Gorsh. If you want a different name, make a new toon w/ ur preferred name fcol. I suggest Wurm formalize some code that solidifies all names, and completely makes it fundamentally impossible for anyone ever in the future to start up any rename character feature. This is huge bad idea. Anyone who thinks they want this, I guarantee - you really do not want this.