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  1. Ok. I don't see anything about 'Bugfix: Indy old casket not opening'. This does not sound promising. I'll check in game.
  2. I just now (Sunday) had a casket did same thing here on Independence. It failed to open, then reverted to.. zero steps. Evil, but Evil in a sinister way. Only one casket here.
  3. Thanks clear that one up a bit.
  4. Just found this thread. I have been foraging/botanizing quite a bit since the new treasure chest update. I got, like 7 or 8 rare coins, a rare acorn, and one other rare food item. No treasure chests yet tho. If treasure chests are not possible due to a bug, this would explain my lack of treasure chests so far. I will post here if I do get a supreme or fantastic item foraging/botanizing. I honestly don't recall if any of the coins were above rare. Did not specifically think to check them.
  5. You were right! Just b4 I rebooted, I checked in my task manager, and there it was. A sneaky other instance of Wurm sitting right there blinking at me. Closed that... and my client updates ok, no error. Thanks o/
  6. I have experienced this before w/ alt logged in when things try to update. But I don't have any other wurm instance running. I checked this in my task manager. I'll try to reboot.
  7. Update: I had other instance of Wurm client in my task manager. Once I closed that, fixed my client update. I am getting an Upate failed! (Error: Could not copy graphics.jar to graphics.jar.bak). I can see other people can log on. Please fix. Thanks … or tell me what I'm doing wrong, lol.
  8. I'm all fixed. Thanks for the updates and bug fixes !
  9. I always keep non citizens completely unchecked. I will double check this in game, as soon as I can log in. Will post it here this spot/edit. Confirmed: Also - I got an alt not in my deed or my alliance. That alt can not plan a building in my perimeter, gets this when he tries... [10:44:37] This is within the perimeter of Cornersville. [10:44:40] Cornersville does not allow that. Apparently Allies can plan/finalize buildings in your perimeters the way things are right now. Maybe we need another check box to allow or disallow allies from building on perimeter tiles? This is my ally role perms window (in case it occurs to anyone to ask) ... all boxes unchecked..
  10. Was this humor? I logged on too late, but I wanted to run go see if I could use over 120 letters in a vehicle name. Will test after server reset.
  11. This is a known issue. Some mobs can escape thru locked gates or doors in a mine. I watched a brown bear walk thru a locked door just as if it were not there (no door opening animation, just the brown bear walking thru it like it was a ghost door). This is why I wont keep animals underground yet. Some random mob can pass thru my locked things and kill my farm animals if I have any down there. Here is a thread I started in 2016... I have tested things off and on since then. It appears that the deciding factor 'may' be the location of the locked area (building or fenced area). But I have not consistently tested things enough to be sure. I was wondering if this is still going on more recently. To my knowledge, no actively aggro'd mob has ever escaped a locked area for me underground. In this case, I mean if they were aggro to me, then they respected the locked gate/doors. But if I was away and return so that they are not actually aggro'd at me, that is when they may sneak out of the locked area. You can test this more, see how it is working now. I mean like which server, which deed, which secured area? in a building? fenced area? does it have locked gates? area all the gates locked? stuff like that. Just I would not test it using some very critical animal or important pet, since we know that any animals in 'secured' areas underground may possibly escape. Thanks for your post.
  12. My full favor is 30, since i'm a follower. I can sac valrei items and get it mentioned in my settlement history... "Jun 8, 2022 10:11:30 AM Teeebomb adds 0.2 to enchant faith bonus" I never knew it got mentioned there tho, b4 this. It also gave me the +2 bonus seconds to my rarity window. Not sure if any of this applies. just thot i'd post here.
  13. Hey! In case anyone is actually reading this.. all my temp food affinities are drained down now... my food bar is stuck at 100% so I'm ruined you can fix the food bar thing now.