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  1. Great loot! ..and very generous you give opportunity give the guy back his stuffs. Nice. (I tried to PM 'Tort', wasn't online).
  2. Not sure exactly how to fix this. But on the horse shoes wurmpedia page, it says "Can be made of any metal." Then, in the 'Skill and improvement' section it says..."Uses blacksmithing" and "improves like blacksmithing items". This apparently is true, unless it is made out of gold. In that case, it should say "Uses Jewelry smithing" and "Improves like Jewelry smithing" for gold horse shoes. I recently needed to improve some gold horse shoes, and it was jewelry smithing for sure. (not sure why it keeps red underlining my word 'smithing' here. I thought 'smithing' was a word.) Peace, Teeebomb
  3. OMG! I hate that they do this. They read this post all the frick'n work Ostentatio put into this thread and was kind enough to notify the community... so they (WURM) decides … oh lets fix this bug w/o telling any FRICK'n one. Let's remove this documented wurm feature, not tell anyone.. that'll be great for public relations. This sort of thing really torques my gourd. TeeeBOMB #harrassthosethatdiscoverandpostWurmfeatures
  4. indy rift

    Directly on a road? Is this a new thing? Has any rift done this before? That road may require fixing after.
  5. My new take on Wurm

    Thanks this very old (by now) post. I have found the area you are talking about Marlon (prolly long gone by now, I know). I found some artifacts left in game by Mckalister. I always love hearing back stories of areas and really do appreciate your story. TeeeBOMB
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    A foggy Indy morning, at sea... TeeeBOMB screenies
  7. [Bug] IGNORE bug, please don't ignore this thread

    I did try this. One of his alts was 'Teebomb'. So I recreated that, did /ignore teebomb, did not work. Sandyar was correct, verified. Lol, thanks Alectrys! o7
  8. Hey I got a person on my ignore list. Then he started creating alts, I got all his alts added to my ignore list. Now all his alts have decayed, and left these spots on my ignore list... [13:53:56] You are ignoring unknown?, unknown? and unknown?. I asked in CA help, was told no way to fix this. Can not remove ppl from your ignore list if they never premiumed and had succumbed to account decay. How can I remove all these unknowns from my ignore list? If there is no way to fix this, can you make it so there is a way to fix this? I already tried "/ignore unknown". Apparently there is a toon named 'unknown' (sorry I ignored you, whoever you are, but I did unignored you right after). Thanks your time :-) TeeeBOMB
  9. Unicorn Pregnancy ends abrubtly

    Wow... maybe (guessing) if there are too many of something in the area, pregnancies become 'optional'. like hatching eggs? I mean like fertile eggs mostly will fail, just rarely produce offspring? Do you have tons of Unicorns in that area? If not, sorry, and hope you discover the solution/answer and post it here. Thanks the post.
  10. Valrei International. 059

    I see nothing !
  11. Copy entire tab still does not work for Area History for sure. Tried it a few minutes ago. Wish this would get fixed. I would prefer saving area history tab as a searchable text file. Some day. TeeeBOMB
  12. Disappearing Horses

    Well, in case you are still following this. The animals pulling carts/wagon disappearing when entering a mine, is a known issue. I posted a thread shows how it works, and has the fix (just exit the mine, the animal will reattach itself). Would be nice if they fixed this one. Turns out, I have read some ppl having their animals getting attacked by monsters above ground when this happens. My thread... I'm not sure bout the other glitches you posted.
  13. Animals escaping confinement.

    Ok, I started this thread back in 2016. I am right now testing a batch of animals in pens & buildings underground, will provide an update to my thread once I am finished testing. Right now am letting animals all get good'n hungry. My thread... I do hope they get this fixed, would be grand to be able to confidently keep animals securely in underground enclosures. TeeeBOMB
  14. Animals Not Turning "Fat"

    Ok, all my animals appear to be 'fat' except for one. It is a branded horse attached to a cart (I have no permissions on this large cart) standing in a rice field. Can horses graze in a rice field? not sure. but this horse is not 'fat' and is standing in a rice field. I do have full permissions for this horse, it is branded to my deed and I am the mayor. But when I go to feed this horse, it says ... [23:41:37] The venerable Brisknorth '3sC0rBlF 4f20171121' does not seem interested in food right now. So there you are. A venerable horse , not 'fat', standing on a rice field tile which is 'sprouting'. The event read out says '[23:43:15] She is very strong and well nourished.' Sounds sort of similar to this thread. So I post it here. TeeeBOMB PS: While standing there, I saw the following posted in my event tab... '[23:47:02] The venerable Brisknorth '3sC0rBlF 4f20171121' grazes.' So that horse is grazing just fine on a rice field tile. Just it is not 'fat' yet.