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  1. And thank you too Nicrolis o7
  2. Direct link to page: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Animal_husbandry Since wool now drops into your inventory after shearing sheep/rams, the part on the Animal Husbandry page (Shearing) where it says: "Wool bundles drop to ground, not to your inventory" can be updated. Maybe to read: "Wool bundles drop to your inventory." Or, "Wool gathers in your inventory." Or, "OMG! Where the heck is my Wool!" Anyways, After all this time since the update, I just recently stopped looking on the ground for newly sheared wool bundles. So.. I guess it's about time the Animal Husbandry page can be finally updated. Thanks :-)
  3. Independence Giant Slaying (22 July 2017 EST): Alyeska vittles? pre event munchies ! (I did not touch the stuff in the green barrel which showed up later, honest!) Pingpong & Xallo mixing it up. Pinpong splat pre event: Forest Giant extracts hisself to investigate the commotion: Thanks again Gumbo and Whykillme for setting all this up! A fun & worthy event o7 TeeeBOMB screenies
  4. Me too. I had to uninstall the broke Java. I did install the new Java version, broke my Wurm. Then installed the older Java. Wurm was still broke for me. When I looked under the place in my computer shows what had been installed, I saw both Java versions were on there. So I uninstalled the broke Java version. Then Wurm worked fine for me after that. Good luck Wurm and Wurm developers o7 (...and java if they need it)
  5. Confirmed. Blek. Ok reverting to old Java. Good luck.
  6. Thanks! But i'm out in the wild right now, can not risk a log off, to try this. I have to wait till I get to safe spot, will try then. Will post here the results. Again thanks o/
  7. Uninstalled newest java update fixes Wurm. I updated to Java Version 8 Update 141 as per nagging update your java popup had been telling me to for several hours. Once I did that, I fiddled w/ the shortcut to make my old Wurm Online point to the correct Java folder. But then Wurm would not work. My desk top icon would not work. I double checked it pointed to the correct Java folder. So then I tried the Javaws -viewer thing and deleted all wurm entries. Went to Wurm main page and clicked 'Play'. But I kept getting pop up said unable to something (locate? connect, dang sorry not sure... but it was sure unable to do something. And I was unable to play Wurm). So then I installed the older version of Java (Java 8 131 update 64bit << thanks Nicedreams (I was so hoping this was not a virus)). Same set up unable to play Wurm pop ups. So then I uninstalled the newer version of Java (Version 8 Update 141). ... and BAM. Now I can go to Wurm Online main page click 'Play' and it loaded up Wurm and put a nice shortcut icon on my desktop. Gosh. I sure hope you guys can fix your game to work w/ the newer update to Java. Aren't these Java updates to add security and whatnot? Reverting back to older versions of Java sounds patently 'not good' to me. On the other hand, since it appears to be the only way for me to play Wurm Online, it is my only option. I got some cows need grooming. Thanks for your time.
  8. Oh come on. Nothing new here. Nobody else is having any issues with this? Has any of the developers tried updating their systems to the new Java? Does everyone have to revert to old java to play Wurm Online? Would sure be nice (at this point) to see some update to this issue. Something. You know? Thanks :-)
  9. I got same problem on Windows 10 computer. Am gonna plan on reverting java back. Maybe later. Let you guys fix this maybe. Good luck. TeeeBOMB PS: now a days, I hate updating Java. PPS: So.. is everyone having this same problem? Or are some people playing WurmOnline after this Java update? Is it only 3 or 4 of us? Problem Kids. Would be nice to know if someone is getting normal Wurm Online operation after updating this Java thing.
  10. ahh... omg... REALLY ! Usually I just forget my armor TeeeBOMB screenies :-)
  11. Great you keep changing the game along as we go. I'm not a huge fan of change, so my post may not be a popular one here. I guess some people have suggested bringing back collisions with trees at some point. I was not that person for sure. One fact is I am not a game developer. I got no idea really how I would ever go about putting together such a place as Wurm. So please feel free to read my input with that in mind. I do not think bringing tree collisions back is a good idea (I'm posting this from a position of never having played Wurm with tree collisions). I assume you used to run into and bounce off of trees in Wurm at some point in the past. Then the developers from that time decided tree collisions were a bad idea so they got rid of them. Maybe too many people dying? I got no idea. I will say.. what we got here in Wurm, is very difficult game to play/survive. Newbies log on, try to figure a bit of something, find it is very difficult, too difficult, and so they go to other games. Some die, from falls, monsters, drowning, I'm sure there is a wild gambit of ways to die in Wurm that I can not even imagine. I am not a big fan of dying in Wurm. It's not my thing. Either way though, some stick to it and stay with Wurm. I have been here for almost 2 years. So now you propose to take this very difficult game to play/survive, and make it more difficult. Ok I don't get this. It does not make sense to me. I realize things would be more realistic, if, when I'm running for my life from a horde of mobs, if I had to navigate around the trees. Ya, sure. Realistic. But.. as it is.. death comes swift enough right now in game, even though I can run through trees. For me, for now, my vote (glad this is not a democracy though tbh) is thumbs down to tree collisions. I will ask around my friends and chat tabs, try to see what other people think about adding the new complexity of tree collisions. Who knows, I have never played Wurm with tree collisions. Maybe i'll be like.. OMG.. this is great ! So ya, take my opinion as it is from someone never had tree collisions and got no idea how to make a good marketable online game. Thanks your efforts this game, TeeeBOMB
  12. Ok, thanks :-) Other side of this question is, how do I access the mine layer for deed planner? Can I add underground mine tiles to my uploaded map from in game? Would be fun to be able to run underground in deed planner see my mine tunnels. Could be very helpful. Again, would be nice to know how to do this, but great product even if I can't.
  13. Howdy o/ Sorry to pester you with silly stuff, but... can't be helped. I see in ur update history that a mine layer has been added. So... Does that mean I can access the mines under my deed by loading a map dump from my village plan into deed planner? I would like that :-) Either way, how do I access the mine layer in deed planner please? And thanks a great product (even if I never find out how to use mines in deed planners) TeeeBOMB
  14. The person I was with was the owner of the house. She was online and said she did see a 'sleep' option when I had this issue pop up on Xanadu. She saw the 'sleep' option but neither one of us thot to have her try to sleep. Had she tried that, she prolly would have gotten the message 'house not finished' or whichever. I did have full permissions on that building. So this does sound like the same issue.