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  1. TV Tuesday at Cornersville Until we invent TVs, this is best we can do. Happy April Fool's !!! \o/ TeeeBOMBs screenies
  2. First post .. I mean 1st response post.
  3. My door is fixed. Thanks? Sure, thanks
  4. Ok server is back up.. but it xaped me into a different room. I hope they did not do a surprise roll back. Please close this thread, thanks.
  5. Ya me too. I was making a butt ton of pizzas, juggling hundreds of ingredients,,,... all the windows i'm a have to reopen...pita.
  6. Ya. Independence server appears to have crashed the correct way. Please fix. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  7. I have been noticing lately that my venerable sheep have been producing substandard quantities of wool per unit. I have considered individual counseling, group meetings, even total expulsion the wayward lazy ven sheep. But I have opted to post here, get my facts straight before broaching the topic with the suspected underperforming elderly sheep. Wurmpedia says each ven sheep should be providing .6 kg. I have only been getting .4 kg per ven sheep. All of my ven sheep on deed (Cornersville on Independence) have only been giving .4 kg quantity of wool per shearing lately. The old, aged, and mature sheep have been giving .5 kg, .4 kg and .3 kg, iaw Wurmpedia predictions. I think way back when I started shearing sheep, I did notice .6 kg per ven sheep, but really can not be certain that was ever the case, no screen shots. So, if this is broke, please fix it. If this is planned, then we can move this thread to the 'fix Wurmpedia' section, or I can repost there will work too. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  8. … a glitch in the matrix.. I hope you took the right pill.
  9. The main front door of a building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my deed (Cornersville on Independence) is borked. Appears stuck half open to my client. My alt's client shows the door closed. But in both cases, the door does not open/close and does not provide any cool door opening/closing sounds. This door is borked. The alleged door is highlighted in this screenshot. Other doors on this building work nicely. Others do have door opening/closing sounds and animations. Just this one door... Borked. TeeeBOMB Thanks for your time
  10. I was on foot for both these below listed examples. My rope bridge spans between a land, spans a drop off, and a building on the other end of it. I discovered this effect in Cornersville on Independence the other day (Logging started 2020-03-09). I had a pet escape a fenced area, so I wanted to check if it were possible to sneak between a fence and the rope bridge edge. I found it possible to sneak through that gap. As I went out, I stayed at the height of the rope bridge, but was on the outside of its rail. Seemed odd. But I was ok with it, until I turned then started to come back. I got an ouch that hurt, then died. Lost xp. From my event log file at that time... [12:37:14] Ouch! That hurt! [12:37:14] You are dead. [12:37:15] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [12:37:15] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [12:37:44] Nobody can hear you now. The really terrible thing was Nobody could hear me, and I never met Nobody. Had no idea what their intentions were. I tried it again after this. Very carefully edged out between the rope bridge and the wood plank fence. Again, I was hovering at the level of the rope bridge, but outside that bridges hand rails (just like in Sugarfoxx's screenshot above). Then I immediately turned and came back. That time, I got one ouch that hurt, but did not die. From my event log file at that time... [12:41:10] Ouch! That hurt! [12:43:06] You see splinters of crushed bone at the left underarm. I would rather not test this any more, thanks though. I was going to submit a bug report original thread, but found others had beat me too it. I am posting my issue here. Please fix my scary rope bridge, lol. TeeeBOMB My friend said he used to walk off the edge there between that same rope bridge and the plank fence there many times. He never had a problem, just fell down the land slope there, np. So maybe there is a correct way to sneak between a rope bridge and a fence and an incorrect way. I discovered the incorrect way. Please tell Nobody to quit snooping my business when I'm dead. Thanks.
  11. Lol, ya this one looks like would be a fun one to put off fixing till later.
  12. New Champion wolf pet at Kelody's place. TeeeBOMB screenies
  13. My new arrow retrieval unit. Can't wait to test this. TeeeBOMB screenies