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  1. A glitch w/ the new UI. The chat tabs line up across the top of the chat window. As I PM chat w/ more friends, they get added to the end of the line across the top there, no problem... Until, once the top line gets filled, instead of making a new line of chat tab tops across the top...the last single person I chatted, that person's chat tab replaces the entire top, and all the other chat tabs become invisible: The work around, is I can hit the tab key and cycle between all the open chats, even the invisible ones. Just posting here to document an issue that really messes up my chat window since I can not see a lit up chat tab (if it is one of the invisible ones), like if someone chats at me. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  2. Good question, I would not have thot of.
  3. I would like to show up. Hope I make it. I can do carp, fine carp, blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, cloth tailoring, and leatherworking. Would like to reserve a room if u got one available (Teeebomb, three e's, lol). Very happy to see VirusMD still in the impalong businsess
  4. Hey, sorry pester you, but I'm having deed planner issues. I have a deed planner version 3.0.7_alpha, am trying to use this. I have issues with it and want to ask about it. But when I go to forums I am not finding this version anywhere. Has that issue been superseded? I found this link for version 3.1.1. And I see on this page a link to the browser version for 3.1.1. Well that browser version don't seem to work for internet explorer. Is that normal? I get this error when I try to open that browser version in internet explorer (since I can not get past this error, I can not use the browser version in internet explorer, please help here, thanks): That is my internet explorer not working w/ ur browser version. Next. Also. that browser version will not 'load from file' correctly when I click it (when using mozilla firefox browser). Is that normal? From this place (in the following) I am trying to 'load from file' (I click that big 'Load from File' button): So when I click 'Load from File' , the button does seem to depress, but nothing else happens. I am not seeing how to 'load from file' since there is no 'next thing' no 'new window' no way to search around for my on computer file. So I can not get your browser version to work over here. The fact is, I'd rather not use any 'browser version' since it is so darned finicky for me. Is there a 'NON browser' version of 3.1.1? Ok that is my issues w/ this version of deed planner. Thanks your time. I will post my issues w/ version 3.0.7_alpha once I find out if that is a supported version still or not. Again, thanks your time and thanks for making such a useful thing for Wurm, and thanks all your hard work on it.
  5. I'm sorry, did not reference my previous post.... I never got to the place it would allow me to enter anything. But now is working fine Thanks your time. PS your forum icon (cat) is looking at me
  6. Is fixed now. Working like a champ. I'm continuing getting same error on 2 different browsers.
  7. FIXED - is now working for me too now, took several hours. It was down some hours for me. Is fixed now. All is good. Glad your meal and pizza generator is up and running. Meal and Pizza generator down, gives the following instead of working superbly (which is normal): Hope you can fix, if you have time soon. (I already cleared out my browsers temp files, still getting same error). Teeebomb.
  8. Good point. I did not think of this. I'm sure, had I been at a rift, I'd a exited the combat area for the server reset.
  9. Gratz fixes, thanks guys. .. but I do hope the de rifters didn't all just now loose their horses.
  10. Still is borked 30 May 2020. Thanks Anarres the tread, and muchly appreciate the borked measuring jugs, I like to complain about stuffs (I also really like having instances arise when its cool to use the word borked)
  11. +1 Got no idea who would do this. Hopefully you can put them back. Thanks.
  12. Indy just crashed. looks like 0/0 online there now. I can not log in. Looks like this one may be Ping's fault. Thanks your time.