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  1. I think I fixed mine, by just putting other saddle bags on that saddle, then putting that saddle sac back on that saddle. I had that happen to me too. By swapping saddle sacks/bags mine got fixed somehow. Good luck.
  2. im bugged

    Great! Good to hear, I guess I didn't get the update b4 he logged off.
  3. im bugged

    All good? fixed? I don't think you're 'all good' yet. Better correct that post, friend.
  4. BIRTH! This unicorn filly finally popped. Lol. Just over a month. So ya. That's my update.
  5. How did this get down to page 3! Thumbs up this guy. Does great work for me. Consistent, dependable, reliable.
  6. +1 Support if my donkey can also wear a long hay stem out is mouth at the same time. Kind of like this... .. but w/ a donkey instead. Happy pig optional.
  7. So... Just squeeze them? Ok got it, Thanks PS: My unicorn's timer has started counting again. I can't see pestering ppl just for this. I'll just take a patience pill, lol. If the dev's have time and want to fix this at some point that's ok. I understand this could be part of the deal, expected random thing to happen.
  8. I had a piebald pinto foal over here on Indy, Cornersville deed, has that trait. ([12:08:01] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It seems accustomed to water. It seems to be a graceful eater. It has a slow metabolism. It looks stationary. It has been bred in captivity.) It is now Adolescent. I will see if maybe it stops moving at some point when it gets older *shrugs*.
  9. Oh... looks like on yours, you do not have the option of multiple lines. Your 'send' button is in same spot as mine, but mine has multiple lines available. Can you check / see /post the QL of ur reed pen, ur ink or dye, and the QL of ur papyrus sheet? Thanks for your post either way.
  10. So when I right click a papyrus sheet in my inventory to 'inscribe' to it, the window the opens has the 'send' button in the middle of the write up message area... I can resized this window stretch it all over the place. But no matter how I stretch it, the send button is still inside the message window. So then, after I type in the message I want to inscribe, I get this... As you can see, the 'send' button is inside the message area. When I cursor over it, to click it, it will not click. So no way to click to send at all here. I am using the new UI that I downloaded from the wurmonline front page. When I log in using the old UI... the 'send' button is underneath the message window, where it belongs, and it works. Will not work for me using the new UI. Not sure if this is a UI issue or server issue. Other ppl are telling me they are getting different results. Anyways, thanks your time, Teeebomb
  11. I have another example of a stuck pregnancy. This one is a unicorn and is stuck at 8 days. This one has been pregnant since the 27th of May. So.. 17 days ago. Good? Bad? Glitch? Can randomly happen?
  12. Today, next day, that donkey 'Mamie' bred ok. Not sure why it wouldn't go yesterday. is ok now, for my case.