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  1. Wow great idea, branded to my name... maybe 1 animal branding available per letter in ur name? or 2 per letter? … oh no better yet. One perm animal branding, plus one per full year since ur first day in Wurm. This way u can have a branded animal, even if u are deedless, I like this idea. So far. Also support including a cross server care for option too.
  2. Why not indeed. +1 this barding on unicorns idea. Confirmed this day , 26 Feb 2021, can not put cloth barding onto a tamed unicorn: "[00:04:42] The venerable fat unicorn 'C0r f20180319am' can not use that."
  3. This happens to me on Indy server, underground hitching post. The horse is facing East when hitched. So with the horse hitched... I unhitch it, then I lead it, then I embark. The horse is still facing East When I start to move, my horse suddenly spins in direction and is suddenly facing West. This effect I can duplicate here at my deed (Cornersville). Thanks the post Jaz o/
  4. Well dammit. Sorry to see you go Retrograde. Hope everything works out well for you in your greener pastures. One day you appeared on my cart when I was lost out hunting, is one of my more fun memory moments in Wurm when I had stumbled into one of your old haunts. Also, I am very happy to have found one of your stashed small chests (very very late, much damage on it) is another good memory moment for me. Good to have met you and fun to see you in game, and thanks. Thanks all your work those seven years. I've only been here just over 5. So I'll thank you mostly for those five, lol. Welcome DemonaNightshade o/ Hope all turns out well for you with your new Wurm position.
  5. Oh - maybe pets quit escaping underground locked doors? and gates? .. would be nice. Also, pets stop attacking you when they are on other building lvls, another nice ish animal keeping thing would rock. So ya, there is room for improvements here, I guess. Like maybe grazers stop all moving toward the same darned corner of a wider area. I am a little worried if you all start messing with the caring for mechanic, and accidently kill a bunch of cared for animals b4 u get the bugs worked out.
  6. Sounds ominous. Hope not in a bad way.
  7. I'd trust Oblivionnreaver on that. Just if I were gonna get a spell cast on some very very nice item, I'd much rather it be 90 QL instead of 80 QL so far as it getting shattered by accident.
  8. Just noticed you are also taking grass away from chickens... why? Grass is best food for hens if u want as many eggs per possible. Please let chickens continue to eat grass (and please do not change grass weight or characteristics). Thanks. Ok, can feed seeds or herbs for same effect. But still.
  9. LOL - I want a hidden wall that looks like a window! This hidden door thing is great idea!
  10. If I understand this correctly... Wilczan wants to build a house on pillars. No ground floor at all. Make access by bridges and 2nd or higher floors. If that's not it, then Wilczan wants to be able to make a functional house with no doors on its ground floor for some other cosmetic purposes. Either way, I'd like the option. Forcing us to put doors on the ground floor does not prevent new players from walling themselves in. I have had to help 2 such newbies by bashing a wall, when they added a room to their new buildings (I have screenies, I said to one, no just stand there by the window so I can get a screenie (lol)). But I can understand GMs don't want to spend the rest of their lives answering support tickets, where newbies walled themselves into their new building. I like Reylaark's idea of making it level dependent. Another option is make it somehow tied to being able to teleport out. Like a karma or meditation teleport. I'm not sure what would happen tho, in the case where a troll gets stuck in a newbies new house (I have had a troll spawn inside locked house on deed, once), and the tower guards may have a problem mapping to the evil intruder (in the case where there is a walled in ground floor w/ no door access on it, the guards would need to figure a route across the bridges thru rooms and such down a ladder...). So I give a conditional thumbs up on this one. Good idea. Thanks for posting. Teeebomb
  11. Dogs eat grass. Why take that away from them ? Teeebomb
  12. The way it is right now, for hitching post permissions, if someone has hitching post perms (May Use Hitching Post), then they can unhitch any animal off that hitching post. I suggest the following change: no one can unhitch a branded animal off a hitching post, unless they have been granted permissions to lead, for that branded hitched animal. This way, public hitching posts would be more secure for branded animals from the random passerby who accidently 'unhitches all'. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  13. Found it. Thanks Howdy o/ I use deed planner version 2. Just thot I'd try version 3. One problem, can not figure out how to look up and down.. my mouse seems to have no affect on version 3.1.1 at all. I need to be able to look up and down. Been trying all manner of key combo's w/ mouse attempts. Have not discovered how to change my view up and down. In Deed Planner v2, I can use my mouse to change my view no problem. Thanks ur work on these! very useful. Teeebomb
  14. My branded bull (named 'cfbBarugliaB1800510') , here on Indy server, got teleported out of its pen, thru a high stone wall, outside it's locked pen. Normally surrounded on all sides but one by locked fence gates, the last South edge tile is a tall stone wall, this bull defied the laws of physics and escaped his locked pen. It was found one tile south of its pen, outside the pen, and free to roam about all of the Indy server. The following image indicates the surrounding area on my deed and the spot the bull got teleported from and where it got teleported to: Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  15. Ok. Not sure what you mean here Finnn. But I like to know when friends log on.