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  1. This definitely appears to be a problem to me. Is ur LMC on deed? Inside a building? Is it inside some other container/vehicle? Is it under ground? Which server? Is ur deed upkeep maintained consistently at least 30+ days? Are ur rift stones inside some container in ur LMC? Does that sub container have runes attached that supposed to decrease decay on items inside it? Maybe you are experiencing a double decay protection thing where the 2 'reduce decays' are battling each other. Does ur LMC have any runes attached to it? Even though I'm not GM or DEV or anything, I'd still like to know what's going on. In case there is a LMC glitch going on. Would be nice to give them as much information as possible so they can have a chance to do fix it b4 catastrophic LMC decay happens to everybody. Besides that, I have been storing all my rift materials (stones, wood, and crystals) in bsb's (BSBs which are inside a building, on deed w/ 30+ days upkeep in coffer). This seems to work ok for me. (like elentari just stated, but I didn't see it till too late)
  2. Just happened again, 2nd time today (this time 10:45 pm EST, 29 Dec 2021). I was on deed (Cornersville on Indy). The last thing posted to any of my log files went to _Event.2021-12.txt "[22:45:26] After you finish improving you will start improving again." I was imp'n some tackles, shipbuilding in an open field, not in a building or underground. The new java crash file in the AppData/Local/Programs/Wurm Online folder shows this... I have not had a chance to try the things mentioned in the wurmpedia entry posted above.
  3. Ok just now (3:31 pm EST, 29 Dec 2021) had a similar crash, in that the wurm client disappeared w/ no crash log. I was in my main building (Teeebomb's Tall House) on deed (Cornersville on Indy), preparing/cooking pizzas. The differences are, I saw my cursor freeze and it turned into an hourglass for a instant before the crash, and there is no new error report in AppData/Local/Programs/Wurm Online folder. The last post to any of my log files just before the crash went to my _Event.2021-12.txt file … "[15:31:19] You selected 1." I just now found a section in Wurmpedia, that may address my crashing issues. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Common_bugs_and_solutions I will look at this, see if any of this fixes my random odd crashes.
  4. +1 Suggest fog ducks, which provide fowl meat, and spawn in huge numbers floating in duck rafts along the shore line. One butcher able item is duck bill. Which can be crafted using a chisel to make it into a duck caller. When used, a local duck will come to your location, take ur blunderbuss from you and break it over their knee. Or the fog troll.. either way. Just so long's it provides fowl meat when butchered.
  5. Just had similar crash (7:05 PM EST, 28 Dec 2021). No crash log. Second crash of this sort today. On my deed (Cornersville on Indy), on 2nd lvl of my main building (Teeebomb's Tall House), was working floor loom, making square pieces of cloth. I checked, Wurm had dumped from task manager. So Wurm Online was not in my task manager right after this crash. The last post to any of my log files was to my GL-Freedom.2021-12.txt "[19:05:42] <Storelot> yes". Crash file found in C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Programs\Wurm Online (hs_err_pid####.log) … The saga continues...
  6. I have only one jvm.dll file on my computer. It is under the Wurm Online folder for me. I have been posting to this thread for these issues, never found this JasonoNovi thread... My most recent crash, a few minutes ago fully posted on that link (above).
  7. Just now (7:16 am EST, 28 Dec 2021) happened again. Same, no crash log type of crash. I was on deed (Cornersville), in local farm tiles just south of my main building (Teeebomb Tall House). Wurm window just disappeared. I did immediately check my task manager. Wurm was not in my task manager at all, was completely dumped from my memory. Thanks to JasonoNovi's post above, I looked in my AppData\Local\Programs\WurmOnine folder, sure enough found another hs_err_pid#####.log file had shown up (created 7:16:31 AM, 28 Dec 2021) ... The last entry in any of my log files was to my event file "[07:16:28] After you finish farming you will start farming again." I mean I had just logged in this morning "[07:13:50] Welcome back, Teeebomb! Wurm has been waiting for you." So I was in game for almost 3 minutes. Started a quick run around to check the local farm tiles, was just say'n hi to friends. Three minutes later, BAM. Wurm client gone, completely gone. I also have Wurm Assistant up, on my computer, would that affect java? Maybe two different programs trying to access them log files? Don't know. Just mentioning I always have Wurm Assistant loaded when I play Wurm. Just whatever caused this crash this morning, did not happen for 26 and 27 Dec, I was on many many hours both of those days, not one crash. Seems random. This is a link to Jasononovi's forum thread.
  8. Ok, thanks JasonoNovi, My last crash of this sort (on 25th Dec) shows same as yours posted above: I do hope this helps someone figure this out.
  9. Crashed again same way, no crash log file. Just now, 1334 EST, 25 Dec 2021. First crash today. On deed restoring fragments. Been online several hours this morning ([08:47:27] Welcome back, Teeebomb! Wurm has been waiting for you.) Mostly all on deed. I started doing identifying/restoring about 4 hours ago ([09:34:46] After you finish identifying you will start identifying again.) But did take many breaks, a few completely afk. I did not check my task manager till a few minutes after the crash. Wurm client was not in the task manager by the time I thought to check it. Last log file entry was "[13:34:03] You successfully recreate a pottery flask from the fragments."
  10. Crashed again same way, no crash log file, 23:53 EST, 24 Dec 2021 (4th time today). Below ground this time in a building (named Cornersville Long House) on deed (Cornersville) on Indy. The last thing posted to any of my even log files is "[23:53:35] You found some ash!" I was shovel cleaning things. Forgot to check if it dumped Wurm client from my task manager this time. Sorry
  11. Fun fact. Iron lanterns seem to explode in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House), on deed (Cornersville), on Indy, when u change their names if they are sitting on a lit forge... https://i.imgur.com/8LecieK.mp4 Not sure this will work. This is my first attempt to get imgur to do a video. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  12. Crashed again just now, 17:01 EST, 24 Dec 2021 (3rd time today). Just standing on 2nd floor of my house (Teeebomb's tall house), chatting in chat tabs. Last thing posted to any of my log files was "[17:01:04] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Retrograde'." But the crash occurred several seconds after that event was posted.
  13. Crashed again just now, 1212 pm, EST, 24 Dec 2021. On deed, in Teeebomb's tall house, making pizzas. Last thing posted to any of my log files was.. "[12:12:02] You drop two breadcrumbs."
  14. WurmOnline crash - no log file. At 11:38 am EST , 24 Dec 2021. Just now happened again. I had been away from deed for a day or two mostly, none of these odd crashes. I get back to deed, start opening windows to get ready to make a pizza- BAM. Wurm client is gone. Don't see it in task manager this time. So not in wurm launcher. Not sure if it matters.. but the last post on any of my log files was to my Event log "[11:38:02] The venerable fat Briskchaser '5sC0rEbF 8' grazes."
  15. WurmOnline Crash - no crash log file. Just now happened again. I was in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House) on deed (Cornersville) making pizzas. The last entry in my log files was to my Event Log "[17:15:27] You selected 1." I logged on at 4:17PM EST... so I was online, on my deed for like 1 hour 8 ish minutes. I did check, this time. I see the WurmLauncher64.exe is still 'Running' in my task manager. I have never checked that before after a crash. As far as I recall, this is first time I looked for that. Wow. Something may be relevant. While typing this. I watched as the WurmLauncher.exe in my task manager, decreased in memory usage till it was 90,000 something K. Now, suddenly that same WurmLauncher.exe has over 842,000 K. Not sure if that's helpful or not. But I have no WurmLaunchers open atm. *shrugs*