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  1. Well. Thanks for the sneak peek. Does this mean all the 5 … Unfortunately, it is looking like the top notch 5 speed horses we got now .. will all become junk horses.. in one update... is what I'm hearing. Sort of seems like to me, I may have a strong negative view on this update - for that reason. I am still trying to figure the point system. Will re re re read that, see about it later. Besides that, hope it works out to better Wurm.
  2. That link works. Thanks Eobersig. Hope they get their web page fixed. Teeebomb
  3. The link on the main page now works. Has been fixed whatever was wrong. Thanks When I click on this link on main page... I get this... Is that the link we are supposed to be using to create new toons? Thanks for your time, I'll post here in case I figure out how to create a new account. Teeebomb
  4. I personally hate having my name randomly assigned to items that I did not make. I hate hate hate this. (3 hates. Almost 4 hates, but not quite). I wish they'd come up w/ some other mechanic for 'no maker name on item that should have maker name on it'. One idea would be for it to be assigned the maker name 'made b4 maker names'. … or 'no found maker' … or "OMG Teeebomb did not make this frick'n thing". 'Signature Intentionally Left Blank". Any maker name (signature) that does not tie some innocent lout (me) to it (random item) that never created it. If I ever see a maker name on an item, then that should mean, that person made that item. (imo)
  5. +1 When getting towards the end of the harvest time for planter pots, there are always a few spare stragglers who refuse to become available for re planting. Would be nice to be able to scrape them empty. This is good suggestion imo.
  6. I'm using the new UI. The area on the crafting window that allows your cursor to indicate what your selected crafting item is, does not cover the actual icon. Example below. The icon is located directly above the 'CREATE' button. In this case shows a question mark. When u cursor over that question mark, it should indicate what your selected choice is. But the area that actually affects the cursor here does not match the area around the question mark. In this screenshot, the red square shows the area that affects the cursor, and will indicate what my creation choice is. The action area here does not match the question mark area. Thanks for your time, TeeeBOMB
  7. I have had this happen to me when exiting a mine on deed over here on Indy (Cornersville). Usually mainly happens when I'm in a hurry and take a turn as soon as I think I've exited the mine. This odd thing happens, I get de embarked, my horse or cart is out side the mine, but I have to go inside the mine to embark. I have discovered, I can avoid de embarking, if I am careful when exiting, to not turn, until I'm completely outside of the mine. Hope this helps. Still should be fixed I guess since it's annoying when it happens.
  8. The names of the creatures go off and outside the attack bars. Not a show stopper. Maybe this is intended. Just post here in case someone else agrees that it doesn't look right. Two examples below (both are branded, so, I guess images don't show up in target window. So is ok no images in attack bar, maybe. Unless it isn't. lol): Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  9. Well - once I right click locked those 3 windows, log on/ log off - now the 3 windows have moved over away from the right edge, and I can not move them back. So... locking them does not fix the problem. The screenie: Problem persists, even w/ widows locked, they move away from the right edge. Was worth a try. *shrugs*
  10. Ok thanks. I got those 3 locked now, see if that works. But.. why should I have to lock them? Right?
  11. When I have the settings window open to a particular place, then close the settings window and re open it, it opens at game tab, no matter where I had it open to previously. Old UI allowed that when we re opened the settings window, it would go exactly to the last window tab and position we were at. I hope this is an over sight and you can easily restore this window memory for the settings window. That was so darned convenient when I was petering around with key binds. Please fix this so the settings window, when closed and re opens, returns us to the last tab and position we were at last time we had it opened. Thanks, Teeebomb
  12. Wow. Thanks. I found it !!! CA help in game showed me how to unbind keys. Thanks tons. Now, w/ the old system (old UI) I click on that shortcut, a drop down menu appeared showed me all the options I could select. One of the options I could select was to give it 'no key option'. Dang that was nice, convenient, easy. So now the drop down menu is gone and I'm lost. How do I unbind those now a days. Sorry I'm slow. Thanks!
  13. I asked this in CA help in world. No one there knew how to fix this. So I'm posting here. When I cursor over items/objects in game, I get words over the normal ID splat. Those words are like 'F: Open' or 'R: Burn (repeat)' or whatever. These words are distracting for me in normal game play when I'm trying to quickly read what is in the boxes below them words, like when I'm foraging/botanizing. Here are screenshots of what I'm talking about. Is there a way for me, something in settings, that I can make those words go away when I cursor over stuffs? I already have 'show in-world action text' and 'Show detailed hover information' unchecked in my settings. Can not find the box to get rid of these suggested option things. Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  14. OK, so when I first log on, three Wurm things on my Wurm window move/shift to the left a bit. I usually like to keep these 3 things pushed as far to the right of my Wurm window as I can get them. But when I log off, then back on, they get moved away from the right edge a smidgeon, and I need to re move them back toward the right edge of the Wurm window. That is one of the windows that move when I relog. The other two are my tool belt, and the icon screen, shows all the food affinities I have active and faith bonus icon on it. I try to keep these all three pushed as far right as possible so I get more window in the middle of the screen to show me the Wurm world. Please fix. Ok. Tried locking these three windows in place by using right click 'lock window'. Even w/ those three 'locked', the 3 things shifted away from the right edge of the wurm window. But now I can not move them back. Not without first 'unlock window' on them. Locking the windows does not work to lock them in place when I log off, then log back on. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  15. So when I right click examine an item in game, the right click window will not close on new UI when I select the 'examine' option. Just a little annoyance. I need to click elsewhere on the Wurm window to make the right click pop up window go away. I have noticed also, the same right click pop up window will not go away when I select 'Wurmpedia' option too. It does go away when I select an emote. Not sure if this is a bug or expected. I find it an annoyance, since I'm done w/ that pop up window once I've clicked the 'examine' option. Would prefer if it went away on its own, and did not require me addition clicking to make it poof. Thanks your time, Teeebomb