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Found 11 results

  1. I'd like to see a few different door options in Wurm. Currently, we are limited to the plain wooden doors or a portcullis, which is not solid. It would be nice to offer perhaps studded doors, metal doors, arched doors etc. Also, an option to dye just the door would be great. Below are some examples. Medieval style doors Castle doors
  2. I would like to propose the idea of making large and extra large mine doors. Reg Size doors - No change Large doors - only placeable on slope of 91-180, requires 2x materials of Reg Doors. Extra Large Doors - Only placeable on a slope of 181-270, requires 3x materials of Reg Doors. Simple enough, I think.
  3. Mod idea

    If possible (in-keeping with the medieval theme) to add some extra features to the game; Wind Mills could be used to grind wheat to flour faster, or grind down salt into 'fine salt' portions ( 1 salt in > 2 fine salt out type thing) to add seasoning (+difficulty) to meals), or just aesthetics (blade speed determined by wind), because Windmills, yes? Barn doors/walls would make a lovely addition to wurm. 2x1 animal fence-pen spam is hard on the eyes and I hate using it.
  4. I love to have guards sneak through all door types, so when we hear doors, we know it is either a person or humanoid monster.
  5. So lockpicking is bugged. woo. as for doors it nerfs the unlocking mechanic into the ground. (probably same for gates too, didnt check too closely if all issues are present there aswell) 1) Upon unlocking a door a 10min re-lock timer activates. (all goodie, intentional and working as intended, no issues). Basic stuff that lets lockpicking for doors "work" 2) If a enemy player walk through a unlocked (willingly unlocked or lockpicked) door a 1min timer is applied before re-locking occurs. 3) If you are offdeed and walk through a door owned by your kingdom and there is enemy presence then a set timer of 2min is applied. #2 & #3 doesn't check if #1 is active... in other words if another timer is already running. Thus whenever you unlock a door and something walk through it the timer can instantly loses 80-90% of its remaining time... leaving just a tiny 1-2 min timer. The fix is simple. #2 & #3 needs to have a if statement that checks if the current timer is less than the time it tries to apply. for devs:
  6. So here's one for the art team, as I don't see any new mechanics being needed. Gate half: In terms of mechanics a double door (a noclip wall like the arched walls), so single big door, ends at edge of that wall. Since we can "flip" walls now you build two of those and flip one to make a double gate. Gate half top: Half the top of an 2-wide arch simply put. Goes on second story (or ground level as someone would make it work, <3 creative Wurmians... heck, could be another wall to add, noclip version for ground level) above the gate halves, works as a window in terms of collisions for the protection of otherwise flying farmers heh heh heh. Barns anyone? And on that note, as an alternative to the "Gate Half", "Single Wood/Stone/Timberframed column" which is basically the arched wall's side pillar straight from floor to roof on a single side of the tile.. once again can be flipped like any wall so no problems with layout, lots of fun to be had for barns, churches, shipyards........ I'd do images but imma terrible artist or photoshopper =P Guess I could make some primitive ones if this confuses too many ppl
  7. Hi I play with monitor headphones and a headphone amplifier, so I get sounds through very clearly. Pretty much most things sound great and crystal clear. There are some sounds that have some artifacts though, and It might not be a problem to most, in which case, ignore me. When the door sound plays as you pass through it, it sounds like there is some background hum (60-70hz). Kind of reminiscent to it being recorded on an old tape deck, and you can hear the motor This could probably be fixed with some post-production, but again, not a dealbreaker. Cheerios Marlon
  8. I would like to see a Mine Wall that you put in Mines/Tunnels/ Shafts that have a lockable door on them. This would be mainly used for on deed preferences to lock sections of mines so that they may not be accessable to other with appropriate permissions. Set them up as a regular building door but have the somewhat stronger with the intentions of a mine door (even making them out of rock possible to hide sections, but this would still be seen through by the more experienced players). The reason being is to lock off veins of ore that have more precious value to them than the lesser quality ones that you may not want mined. On deed or less likely off deed(where they could be bashed with somewhat more difficulty than a rock shard wall because of the heavy beams used in them) they would use the appropriate skills to build from Wood or Stone("clevery hinged into the surrounding rock making it nearly invisible" ). Just an idea.
  9. Another thing I pondered and found only archived suggestions. Secret door that you have to manually open and has to be successfully searched to find if you are not on the writ. (Bonus points for a creepy scraping sound)
  10. First off wanted to say this is for Off-Deed and Chaos only. My suggestion is keep the mine hoping change (2 minutes unlocked) to prevent players using easy to create mines to escape PVP. Instead make houses an alternative. Suggestion: Remove all current restrictions for off-deed houses in regards to unlocking/lockingApply a 10-20 second "unlocked" period when passing a door during combatIf an enemy is inside an unlocked house, all remaining doors unlock until players leave (Prevents being trapped after chasing)Keep current Mine Door ChangesWhen a player passes through an off-deed locked gate or door during combat, it "requires time" to close and re-lock the gate/door. This will allow players "some" defense when off-deed if they spend time creating a house and locking the doors but ensures that players in combat cannot easily escape by simply hopping into a house/mine to retreat. Obviously the issue with players inside the house becoming trapped if they chased in is why the remaining doors unlock, however re-lock instantly after the last enemy leaves (If possible) to prevent abuse. TLDR: (Lazy) Simply how to make houses better as they can easily be catapulted/lockpicked into unlike mine doors and at minimum require 80 mortar, 80 bricks and 1 door lock to work where as mine doors require much less effort and provided greater defense.
  11. Since we now have multi-story buildings with internal walls and doors (yay!), why not secret doors as well? They would work essentially like stone mine doors. Requiring more skill than regular doors, they would appear like a normal wall of the appropriate type, but would allow passage unless a lock is applied. Would be subject to all the normal rules for internal doors, including locks and picking said locks. Detection would be possible as per stone mine doors (i.e., right-click and Examine a bit of wall you suspect contains a secret door) What do you think?