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  1. [08:16:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Millammber in less than ten minutes.
  2. Looks like your the winner, if nobody bids over you within 7 minutes Mail to Millammber in-game?
  3. Hi. I have no idea if this has any value but I have no need for it. Starting bid 10c Min Increment 10c Snipe protection 30 mins
  4. A few high QL logs I do have 3x small crates exactly like this. Top 3 bidders will get one each. I prefer to send with wagoneer or pickup at north Deliverance. Starting bid: 0,75 s Increment (minimum): 0,25 s Buyout: 3 s
  5. Hey I would like to buy Mining potions QL94,47 QL91,60 and QL78,45 Please COD to Orando Thanks!
  6. Awesome. Sorry but please add from 1455,276 to 1455,295 aswell. There is connected catseyes there aswell, from old highway.
  7. Hello! We have made a new highway with a tunnel in the north east. 3 tile wide. It is extending current highway from for purple tunnel, and continues in a straight line to the east. From 1136,276 To 1454,276 The tunnel named "Marbleous Tunnel" From 1234,276 To 1311,276
  8. +1 that would been really nice! walking paths.. Love it!
  9. Thank you for you services! Fast delivery, great service! A++ this one. So nice that you took your time to show me stuff I did not know and help me with the waystone and wagoner. I will absolutely contact you again if I need something!
  10. Hello! Thanks for making this amazing map! I'm new to the game and just started my own settlement. Norfolk [1431, 180]