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  1. Yes; it was fine at first but a couple hours after the restart it tanked and hasn't improved since.
  2. I guess I'm not the only one who got disconnected
  3. Thanks; I'll give it a try. Sometimes it saves and sometimes not.
  4. My apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Over the past 3 to 4 weeks I have started having problems with my HUD windows. About 1/3 of the time when I login (and this is on multiple characters), the window setup I had arranged previously is completely gone; forgotten. So I have to go through and arrange it again, and there's a good chance it'll be forgotten next login. I'm particular with my setup, so this takes several minutes to setup each time it happens. It's annoying; is there a solution on my end? Thanks in advance.
  5. Agree; the lag was non-existent two-three months ago and now is so frustrating I'm hard pressed to stay logged in and play. Doesn't seem to matter if I login one character or three; one character will refresh and the other doesn't. Also been disembarked from my knarr a lot and have been disembarked from a cart while leaving a mine. Sometimes have to relog in order to embark the knarr again.
  6. Celebration has been experiencing intermittent but significant periods of refresh lag for over a month now. It's been discussed in Freedom chat so I'm not an isolated case.
  7. That is one fine looking wagon... But seriously, I think you handled it much better than I would have.
  8. I updated my key bind in settings for V to Center View, as it was before 3D view. It worked.
  9. I am getting this warning: "A dangerous crack is starting to form on the floor. You will have to find another way." My deed is 1,065 dirts above the water. I mined all the way down to the water level, and began opening up an area 140 dirts above the water. At this elevation I found two adjacent dropshafts in the middle of the area I was opening up, and all the tiles surrounding the dropshafts give either a side shaft or dangerous crack mining warning. My initial thought was that the floor of the dropshafts must be 254 dirts or higher than the floor I was mining at, so I went up to the surface, located the tile two tiles away from the dropshafts, and tunneled in. I was able to open a tunnel but the next tile in gave me the dangerous crack warning. At this point I had received the dangerous crack warning when mining from both up high and down low. So I mined in from another direction, at an elevation approximately halfway between the surface and the water. I can see the dropshaft immediately in front of me two tiles away. Its floor is fairly close to my elevation and its ceiling is very high. I received the dangerous crack warning at this elevation also. I am wondering if the ceiling height of the dropshafts exceeds the max ceiling height, and if that is what is generating the mining warning. If so, what options do I have to get rid of these two tiles? Thanks -
  10. Well, I'm coming in late to this post, but congrats Samool and best of luck. I look forward to what you all have planned.
  11. I favor bringing WO to Steam. Launch a quarantined server with PVE and PVP zones. Allow up to five characters per Steam account. Discontinue the old client when the servers merge. Current characters will have to be linked to a Steam account. Characters not linked to a Steam account will no longer be able to login but can be linked to a Steam account at any point. All new characters start with five skills of their choosing at 10.00 vice 1.00 skill. Provide a UI at character creation that explains skill basics. Increase nonpremium skill caps to 25. As previously mentioned, lower sleep powders prices at game store and merchants and restrict to the purchasing Steam account. Any server with no populace can be closed or given a treatment similar to Jackal.
  12. Flubb spent a lot of time praying and organizing the casts. My priest was the only one left on his ROS list, so Flubb messaged me to get ready and then he starting asking around for others to participate. Minutes later Yellowfinger sniped the cast. That sounds like deliberate and malicious griefing to me. Edit: Changing the ROS cast to a major cooldown would reward those whose actions are the subject of this conversation, and punish those who had not completed it.
  13. Hi everyone, Well, my plans have been changed. I will not be on for the planned ROS cast this weekend June 15-16. Please keep me in the queue if the cast gets postponed or if another cast is planned. Thanks very much.
  14. No option to drink from fountain, barrel, etc. without opening the container and right-clicking on the water. Also no option to drink from container in inventory (e.g., lunchbox thermos) without opening the container and right-clicking the water. Drink option is available from inventory item if no items are activated.