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  1. There are no shortages of venues for voicing a political viewpoint, and in my opinion a game forum is not the place for it. I'm not going to read all the lengthy posts that followed. It's clear to me that your apology and explanation was simply a means for you to justify posting a political commentary for the purpose of igniting an ongoing political thread. I'm done legitimizing it. Have a good day.
  2. Nothing is wrong with the explanation and apology. This as a problem: "PPS. don't know why this must be stated, but it is 2020 and here we are.... Those who serve not the people, but their own ends, are unfit for public service. " The Wurm forum is not the place for this. I agree with the statement. However, the accompanying commentary article reduces It into a polarizing statement that is posted solely for the purpose of expressing a political viewpoint and implying that anyone with an opposing viewpoint is wrong.
  3. @Amata- Not the place for this. Have a good day.
  4. Things I drew

    Thanks very much for the slaying, Stanlee.
  5. Ultima Online introduced tents. You could put your tent anywhere, and people did. They walled off dungeon entrances and other spawn points. UO had to remove tents. Then UO had houses. You could buy deeds for houses and each type of house had a specific shape and dimensions. You could then put the house anywhere it would fit in the terrain. This only somewhat fixed the problem. On a large open area you could still create a "courtyard" walled in by houses and the only way into the courtyard was through one of the houses. Removing deed perimeter or reducing it below 5 tiles would cause similar problems.
  6. Today is a week since the update. I haven't seen any other posts regarding mob spawns... I posted several times about the mob spawn after the 8/18 update and don't know if it mattered one bit. This is northern Xanadu, B20 and C20. Three deserts, two steppes. Before the update they had pretty decent spawns. They have been almost completely empty of all mobs since the update, only 3-4 hyenas, a couple mountain lions, and rarely a scorpion or huge spider. Maybe I've missed spawns but I've checked in the mornings and afternoons EST and there have been no mob corpses either. It was the same after the 8/18 update, and spawn returned after the update was reverted. I found a small pocket of scorpions and spiders Saturday on Release shortly before the public dragon slaying, but almost nothing else. I hunted for about 8 hours yesterday, on south Exodus, south Release, and here on Xanadu extending out far into the surrounding forests. Very disappointed and am hoping this is temporary. 5 screenshots taken over the past few minutes:
  7. Day two. Northern Xanadu where I am (three deserts, large steppe, and forests) is largely empty of mobs. The Get Info list is about 1/3 of what it was before update.
  8. Yes; I agree, you can continue it in the crafting window but not start it there.
  9. High iron fence types can be built within the arches as described, by activating tool and right-clicking the tile border. I have not seen it available in the crafting window. As far as I know you cannot build any type of high iron fence gate within an arch; I never got the option to build a high fence gate.
  10. Northern Xanadu where I am is completely empty again, just like it was after the August 18 mob spawn patch.
  11. Happy birthday and thanks for yet another public slaying.
  12. I played EVE Online for some time and was (in my opinion) successful with it. I mined initially for isk (money) and explored in High and Low Security. Then I secured a Class II wormhole system, put in several bases and a citadel, and setup an extensive factory system for building multi-tier resources. I made, on average, about 4 billion isk per month. Some isk I spent for ships, some I gave to others, and some I used to play around with the Exchange. I say this to give some credence to my opinion. EVE is very different from Wurm. I don't feel a reasonable comparison can be drawn between the two games, and what works for one does not translate to the other. I've also played other MMOs where there was no strong distinction between PVP and PVE areas, but limited my reply to EVE since that is the example you used. Again, based on my experience with those other games, what works there would not work here. -1.