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  1. Had a good time and finally got my Fo priest Jyndae to grind his faith.
  2. I posted about the reduced mob spawns after the August 2020 update and was told to quit complaining, go find other hunting spots, and the spawns will settle out in a couple of months. The spawns haven't settled out, in my opinion, and the few good hunting zones I have found on SFI are being over-hunted and emptied of mobs. Over the last 18 months I've spent a lot of time and well over 100 silver (entirely my own fault) placing, and maintaining deeds only to have the mob spawn vanish or have hunters come through clearing it out on a regular basis. At this point I'm finding little enjoyment in the game.
  3. I didn't get that impression from your post at all. You said - "I was in on the F giant, I believe it was deli server. The "hoarders were there too" That is a name I've chosen for them as they take almost every unique." I take offense to this statement. You have participated in 29 slayings in just under a year. There have not been anywhere close to that number of public slayings in that time. Think about your words.
  4. The forest giant was found by someone who went for the rift and was out hunting in the area before the rift started. When the rift ended, they announced in local that anyone who wanted to help kill it could come. I agree the word could have been spread better but I didn't consider it a private slaying, just that the person who found the FG wanted to head back to their deed and not remain on the other server.
  5. Category: Combat and Defense Location: C15 Celebration Upper Bailey - Manor House Manor House - Main Hall Manor House - Den Upper Bailey - North Face Upper Bailey - Western Approach Upper Bailey - Workshops Upper Bailey - Armory Lower Bailey Harbor - The Gatehouse From the sea
  6. Allowing macroing would be the fastest and surest way to guaranteed I never play wurm again. And yes, I've played games that allowed macroing.
  7. Change the drop so only the characters that actually hit the unique get blood (and scale/hide as appropriate), and not all characters in local.
  8. Want to sell: Fantastic recipe foot and mouth stew Supreme tall tail sausage Reply here or pm Thalorane in-game. Thanks.
  9. There are no shortages of venues for voicing a political viewpoint, and in my opinion a game forum is not the place for it. I'm not going to read all the lengthy posts that followed. It's clear to me that your apology and explanation was simply a means for you to justify posting a political commentary for the purpose of igniting an ongoing political thread. I'm done legitimizing it. Have a good day.
  10. Nothing is wrong with the explanation and apology. This as a problem: "PPS. don't know why this must be stated, but it is 2020 and here we are.... Those who serve not the people, but their own ends, are unfit for public service. " The Wurm forum is not the place for this. I agree with the statement. However, the accompanying commentary article reduces It into a polarizing statement that is posted solely for the purpose of expressing a political viewpoint and implying that anyone with an opposing viewpoint is wrong.
  11. @Amata- Not the place for this. Have a good day.
  12. Things I drew

    Thanks very much for the slaying, Stanlee.
  13. Ultima Online introduced tents. You could put your tent anywhere, and people did. They walled off dungeon entrances and other spawn points. UO had to remove tents. Then UO had houses. You could buy deeds for houses and each type of house had a specific shape and dimensions. You could then put the house anywhere it would fit in the terrain. This only somewhat fixed the problem. On a large open area you could still create a "courtyard" walled in by houses and the only way into the courtyard was through one of the houses. Removing deed perimeter or reducing it below 5 tiles would cause similar problems.