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  1. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    -1, for many of the reasons already listed above.
  2. Volume Indicator

    +1 to volume and to grouping
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    [10:30:46] No other players are online on Celebration (1 totally in Wurm). [10:30:53] The server has been up 9 seconds. That moment when it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, I'm playing Wurm too much... Nah Thanks for getting everything back online!
  4. Hatch-ling slaying

    Thanks very much for making this public. Looking forward to it
  5. Wts /PC High-end crafter, caravel, bulk, enchanted tools

    Hey Chemiq, Missed you when you came online and I couldn't find this account sale post. Please PM me or drop by the deed if you are still looking to sell. Thanks. - Thal.
  6. Server Down?

    Also unable to login to Celebration...
  7. High decay rate on lanterns in inventory?

    Hmm. Hadn't decayed very much over the past 3 to 4 months; approximately 10 decay with infrequent use.
  8. I have a 46 QL iron lantern that I keep in my backpack. It has gained 8.43 decay in the last three weeks though I have not used it. A friend sent me a 88.45 QL lantern this morning (14 hours ago) and I lit it just long enough to see how bright it was and then snuffed it. I logged out shortly thereafter and just logged back in. The new lantern in my inventory has 1.13 decay already. Is there a decay rate issue? Thank you.
  9. No sleep bonus for logoff time?

    Account is premium, so I don't know.
  10. No sleep bonus for logoff time?

    I logged off my character Thalorane in a bed on deed last night and was offline nearly ten hours. When I logged in this morning, hissleep bonus was unchanged. it still shows the 5 minutes and 5 seconds I had at logoff. Is there a known issue?
  11. Celebration Map

    Hi Kristof, Please add my deed. Deed name is Thistledown. It is located where Rorikstead was (Rorikstead is gone). Deed coordinates are x8 / y23. Thanks for maintaining the map!
  12. Unable to locate server

    Was playing fine for most of the day. Logged out three hours ago. Came back, and cannot login. Launcher does not display server list. Unable to locate server The error was: <>