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  1. What about requiring the Epic mission structure to be blessed to be considered 'active' for missions, then add blocking of active mission structures to the griefing ruleset (i.e your not allowed to do it, and tbh i'm surprised its not in there already). This gives people ones for decorative use and mission use. Allow the decorative ones to be on deed/deeded over, but not the active ones.
  2. Nice!
  3. Its in J17, there is an old rift healing area 1 tile off the rift zone suggest we re-use it, might just need some new gates. Yellow box on the map is the old healing area.
  4. Cow took the insanity plee. Diagnosed as mad cow disease.
  5. Many thanks to Gofs and crew for this one. Took this just before the fight was good to see. [00:01:49] 149 other players are online. You are on Celebration (560 totally in Wurm).
  6. yeap, prem. also noticed the purple message that was showing at login is gone.
  7. /poll now gives a message box saying there are no polls talking place.
  8. Not sure why i thought it was 200, corrected it anyway and point is still valid.
  9. You've conveniently forgotten the part where traders have a proximity limit and can't be placed within 63 tiles of another trader. So no, not everyone can have one.
  10. They were broken before, they are broken now. Make the few items of use that they still sell available for purchase directly from a deed token or the 'coming soon' webstore and remove them entirely, you can make a case for a percentage refund. Even Rolf knew they were badly broken, thats why the only traders on Xan are the starter towns.
  11. The real issue here is the 3 trees listed, I'm sure nobody here has objected to any of the others getting it back. So IF tree collision were to make a return and a change to the model/collision box of these 3 trees was included, I believe the happy middleground for everyone could be found. P.S. As someone that has lived on a place that had an olive orchard, the ingame model is very wrong, the trees of very old/overaged/shriveled have trunks way out of proportion. They look like olive trees that are several hundred years old.
  12. Considering the materials used to make it..... excessive is an understatment. 1 String 0.20kgs, 1 piece of paper 0.01kgs, 2 strips of leather 0.03kgs each = 2.00kgs... I hope whoever did that math pays someone else to do their taxes. It should be 0.30kgs + contents (0.01kgs * 20 pages) = 0.50 kgs for a complete almanac. I think we'd all be happy with that.
  13. I can really see these being useful, those annoying 1-2 tiles in your mine that need collapsing, but aren't worth the cost of getting a priest to come to you, that nice pony you just bred that has a lone bad trait, etc etc. So long as theres a favor cost for the spell at some point and an ordinary scoll isn't permanent, I don't see a problem. Just thought of another idea, instead of unique blood, what about using a gem with enough ql to store the favor needed to cast the spell + the special paper.
  14. Its in O19, looks like its sandwiched between 2 previous rift sites.
  15. Same, interestingly it does it for both the normal and unstable clients.