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  1. if I see it right, you will need 102 carpentry ( 8x9 - 4 + 8 + 8 + 9 + 9 ), what is above any player skill limit perhaps 3 tiles bigger hole for bridge would help, or anohter bridge hole on other side? Do not forget you will need high masonry for walls and paving for floors too have a nice play Zak
  2. poor starving drake, you should feed him
  3. Winter is coming to Mystic Highlands, so it is best time to join now. Your first winter you will spend under noob protection and next winter you will enjoy frostbites and other winter pleasures already well prepared.
  4. I'm now working on project of connecting nearby friendly deeds into Highway network system. As part of process I have in plan rebuild, straightening and optimizing some local roads. Last few days I spent working on overcome 2-3 tiles high cliff. Yesterday I was working with shovel above that cliff, when accident happened. Tiny lag disturbed timing of set on my climbing. That was not downfall, that was rather flight, more than 600 dirts worth height. One second turned into long time. I was thinking "I will die now, I can't survive this". Then I landed perhaps 7 tiles away and slided another 4 tiles down. And I survived. With 55ql bruise on my legs. Lucky I had horse on rope. I returned to my deed as fast as possible, thinking how to heal such brutal bruise. Farmer's salve should help, pehaps. I made few ones and selected that with highest quality. And it not worked. There was not option to use it. So I moved to BSB with cotton, 95ql cotton reduced that bruise to 48. But few seconds later healing tick returned it to 50, damn. I survived, but time will kill me now. None priest with heal spells was nearby. That bruise was bandaged, so unable to aply more cotton. Only really strong healing cover could safe me now. Time to open Wurmpedia and check which components I will need. In that time I moved to Vynora altar to spam pray. When web browser loaded into RAM of my older computer, I saw, I'm healthy. What? Checking events I saw Vynora healed me on third pray. So only thing I can say is: "Thank you, Vynora, very much. That was help in time of the greatest urgency." happy and alive Zak
  5. While we are living in such dangerous times, how can you know LastPass is not just another tool of state (or other) agencies, collecting passwords connected personally to you? I know, as browser app, its source code is more or less readable and you can check it. Did you check it already? But there could be server side functions or .dll, out of your control. And that mobile app is even more secured, hard to check, what is hiding inside ... Most secure safe-deposit box for passwords I know is paper block hidden in my pocket, but it is rather impractical as there are none clipboard functions and high chance for OCR fails :/ Edit:
  6. pity, we still do not have some "crate storage unit" and we are forced to looking for such solutions ^
  7. KangaWU Adventures

    This weekend was really hot and full of adrenaline. I spent most time on new server KangaWU Adventures. Start without nothing is rather easy. But in combination with higher aggresive animals spawn and unfriendly slopes on coast line nearly everywhere, it changed into nightmare. Well, there are some parts of coast, where slope enable you to catch some breath. But all such places were sand beaches, full of scorps, trolls, spiders, bears, crocs and anacondas. Something like Wurm version of "Omaha Beach". First start I was placed near such beach. After few seconds of foraging one troll unpacked on me his tenderness. I started to run first deeper into land, where I met another trolls and spider and hell hound. It was time to turn it into water for safety. On beach some bears and crocs joined my peloton. And running race turned into swimming race. By some miracle I was still unhurted, so I was able to win that swimming race. But my stamina was dangerously low. With great luck I was able to find some less dense coast, I refilled stamina and even foraged/botanized some branches, iron stones and vegs to eat. With crude knife and crude pickaxe I started to looking for some suitable place to open tunnel and build some safe area. But good plan never works. Swimming by coast with too high slopes I was ambushed by submerged croc. With bite on my back I was unable to swim fast enough to run away. And slopes on coast do not let me run away on land. Well, red tunnel led me back to Botany Bay ... Second time I had in plan to be more carefull. I spawned into dense olive forest on slope around 30-35. Absolutelly blind and with climbing I started foraging. By set climb on/off I moved down. Soon I had followers, some spiders and trolls. With half of stamina I splashed into water and on bearshark. When bear stopped to follow me, I was near few tiles with low enough slope to be able to refill there stamina. But I had to catch breath quickly, as there were always close by some trolls or hell hounds, waiting to hurt me. Exploring coast line from water two times I was in situation, where my stamina was empty and friedly slope tiles nowhere around. I had to log off for few hours to refill some stamina. Eventually I returned to place, where I spawned as there were less density of beasts on coast and only one bearshark and none crocs/anacondas nearby. I opened tunnel close by water, deep enough to be able sail rowboat inside and still not deep too much. With some finesse I was able to catch breath on entrance. But what a bad luck, second mine tile was marble vein, with 11999 shards inside (my highest skill there is prospecting). So I opened second tunnel few tiles away, secured entrance top and sides with low stone wall and closed it by stone door. From that time I had some place to hide. Soon I discovered iron vein. To end of veekend I was able to build BSB and FSB there. My biggest problem was wood. With only some oaks rather far away and olive forest on ufriendly slopes close by, my source of wood is limited. Armed by large axe, I was able to kill bears and smaller animals. Slowly I gather enough wood to build rowboat. With boat and horse it was good timing to do more exploration and to locate some source of clay. Without clay one can't build forge and without forge there is not possible any serious smithing. So much for my weekend. Now I have everything I need to survive. Soon I will have shining plate armor as I sniffed glimmersteel veins inside my mine hide. Just without compass, it is bit harder to locate veins, than I'm used to. This server is hardcore and harsh. One small mistake can easily lead to death. And forget you will easily locate your corpse or your base. There is none map, none compass and only shape of crazy tall mountains can reveal, where you are. Perhaps with time we will know that land more precisely and we will be able to navigate there. And I like it. Nothing there is cheap, nothing is easy. On othes side reward is high too. I already have perhaps 30-40 rift shards, some rift wood and more than 20 small kill tokens. Soon I will be armed and armored in glimmer steel. But I fear I will like to stay there. Return back to common KangaWU do not attracts me now Zak
  8. I know, I know ... you can say "what a necromancery here ... reviving such ancient topic" But it perfectly fits to this new feature of Wurm Unlimited KangaWU server It is part of WU, so it seems, it should be in another part of this forum. But I think, it could interest Online Wurmians too. It is perfect chance to try "hardcore Survival man playstyle" once again. I noticed it today and I already know, what I will be doing this weekend ( Thanks Budda for wrecking my plan of exploring 270 billions of star systems in Ascent - the space game ... ) I think, it can't be feature of Wurm Online as returning with loot back to Freedom could and should be considered as cheating. Because gathering moon metals and other special things should not be possible such easily on Freedom ... I'm pretty sure all WO and WU players are welcome to visit KangaWU Adventure. Well, WO players will need to buy WU first, of course. And many thanks to Budda for such great experimental feature added to my favorite WU server Zak
  9. ehm, I do not know this Java magic, I prefer C# or Delphi Pascal, but is not: int myRandom = 1 + (int)(Math.random() * ((3 - 1) + 1)); exactly the same as: int myRandom = 1 + (int)(Math.random() * 2); well, not that it is important usually random return real value between 0 and 1 as default parametr is 1 I expect, it should work using non default parametr of Math.random as well int myRandom = 1 + (int)Math.random(2); I'm not sure if casting (int) round it down or mathematically ... in case round down, chance for result 3 is really low and you should look for some round() function probably something like int myRandom = 1 + Math.round(Math.random(2)); but as I said, I'm not expert in this Java magic ...
  10. Indy is best server for sure, but smaller servers are fine too, if you prefer hermit style and smallest lags ... When talking about WU servers, KangaWU is great one ... with Budda as operator, there is good promise of its longevity ... there are only 3x skills and 3x action speed. It is faster than in WO, but not that crazy fast as some other WU servers. Free premium, free deeds ... deed's "time to disband" is raised by villagers activity. There are special events such Hunt Event and occasional contests. Daily refreshed map. As new feature now even no priests have limited ability to cast spells ... and much more
  11. Talios, in time you spent with this topic, you could have your blacksmithing decently improved - problem solved (without need to chance source code of game, risking introducing another problems/bugs. )
  12. I have ancient turtle, which was traitor traitor traitor, but when there was 4th mission for him, his name degraded to traitor traitor only cruel Wogic
  13. hey, 3D view editing sounds as great idea ... seems, once Deed planner could be even better that Wurm itself where is hiding some alpha ver. to test?