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  1. As trivial as it seems to argue over something so simple, if fueling a forge (frequently) is a problem for you, maybe you just need to improve your forge? That being said, I'll still +1 this, but it still doesn't alleviate the underlying annoyance of a lump going cold in the middle of a grind.
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    It isn't just about being able to chip bricks on 10 toons at a time either.... it's about how you grind accounts. I don't want to have to log off completely to switch to my priest to do one prayer every 30 minutes (or is it 20?). Same goes for sermons, meditation and lock picking. I feel very strongly about this, and I think the devs should too, considering premium alts (like priests) are a significant contribution to the Wurm subscription base. Not only would they be losing out on alt subs, but for people like me, I won't sub a single character because I don't want to play a single character at a time.
  3. and is the third WL champ forced to go Vyn? Because that's going to be so useful in PvP with the unannounced spell changes coming...
  4. Agatino, there could be other factors at play, such as domain bonus, armor penalty, etc. The journal is not to blame
  5. Full Steam Ahead

    Yes we do! Some of us get B O R E D waiting for 6 actions to finish on one account. Seriously Retro.... not being able to "multibox" is a major deterrent to convince people to play on that new server.... myself included.
  6. When Xanadu first opened, I had a neighbor with a villager that became disgruntled and left the village after packing up his belongings. He packed up his MR wagon, loaded said wagon onto his corbita, and sailed out of local to the NW about 300 tiles. I believe the MR wagon is still floating in the water of NE Xanadu (F24 if memory serves) to this day. The boat sank, probably every item that was in the wagon has decayed, but the wagon itself remains, likely repaired by every sailor that passes it by. It's been what.... 5 years? Carts and boats aren't going to ever go away (abandoned by players that have quit) if people can just walk up and repair them. I would also love to be able to sink my own ships collecting dust in front of my deed.
  7. Things like addy and seryll lumps are not bound to your character - of course you can trade them. Things like religion swaps and affinities, probably not.
  8. But is still achievable on Freedom, and is not a bug.
  9. -1 to every single one of them, especially the first one. Priests should not be able to imp... get over it.
  10. Time and circumstance has known this never to be the case. Wurm has seen an entire kingdom disband in days due to the sudden change in karma teleportation. You want player input? Sure, that's how 3/4 of another kingdom got wrongfully banned last year. Dialogue? Oh, that requires communicating on a forum where posts are selectively edited by people other than forum mods these days. And more on topic, my issue is meta changes in general, and it is not a recent gripe. Constant and unnecessary meddling with game mechanics that worked just fine the way they were! Planter boxes implemented 2 weeks before an announced vegetable nerf is but one example of many.
  11. I almost stopped reading right there. Priests are able to do more than cast spells. Chipping bricks, making mortar, farming, sawing planks and breeding horses ARE NOT restricted by priesthood. Oh, and there's archeology in your particular case, Muse. Courier - I don't think it's unreasonable to ask a friend or priest selling their services to come "bless" your mailbox for you. It is a one time deal, and having a baseline spell for a one time use is trivial. Genesis - Kill it and breed another one. You don't have to dispel every poor creature. If you don't like to kill imaginary unicorns, release them into the wild like the other idiots, and I'll kill it for you if I find it. Strongwall - This one is worthy of its own forum thread TBH. I will not write a book to explain why I disagree with this one, but I will say if all priests get Strongwall, then there's no reason to be a Mag priest on freedom anymore.
  12. The Steam launch.... should.... be ready by the time the kids get out of school for summer. But, that assumes there is any resemblance of marketing strategy remaining on the team. Because of that time table, I can't help but wonder if they're trying to make all these papercut changes now to give the dust time to settle with a stable, not so change riddled future.... or if they're trying to run off as many players as they can before the steam launch.
  13. That depends on the dev's plans. If their plans are to segregate priest functionalities, mission accomplished. There is no longer a "one size kinda fits all" diety. You'll see people starting to say "WTB Strongwall casts" in trade chat again, you will see a whole lot of priest accounts being sold (for pennies on the dollar I might add), and soon veggies will be even more worthless than they have been for the last 2 years.
  14. I think his gripe is that Mag has microscopic utility outside of Strongwall itself. And he isn't wrong.