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  1. Notch said there will never be dragons... but there were.
  2. Because farming black mushrooms would be hard?
  3. There are suggestions that are good for the game that are not implemented because one or two "powers that be" decide it isn't good for the game. Prime example is my age-old suggestion of "all gales all the time" on Xanadu. That map is too damn big to be able to sail anywhere in a reasonable time frame in a light breeze, and the size of the community on Xanadu just isn't what it used to be. But back to the OP's point, yes, it would be nice to know what's being talked about, what's being worked on.... as much as I agree with you, I just don't see it happening, by their choice. For some, it's curiousity with regard to the process... like me personally I'd love to see behind the curtain a little bit about the recent update to sunlight, because it really was a work of art. For others, it is to endlessly disagree on the priority of changes needing to be made to the game. Should we fix PvP? NO, focus on flower pots! Nooooonono capescapescapes! Some people look at communication about future updates as a sign of hope, and it helps them justify their continued existence. For me personally, the closest analogy I can think of is walking onto the porch, noticing a junebug on it's back, and staring at it for a few seconds to see if the leg twitches a little, just because you're curious if it is still alive.
  4. -1 I see no reason why "Local" needs to change. Delaying death tabs is irrelevant, because spies/friends in one of the two engaged kingdoms is going to give word to others for a backdoor. It happens. The removal or significant delay of /who is just going to encourage people to raid during off-hours.
  5. So what? We could cite examples like the promised PvP overhaul update that was originally due for November. That didn't happen. Does it mean they abandoned Wurm Online? No. Stop exaggerating.
  6. The ability to cast healing spells on dragons has been removed (at least the "Heal" spell), but I can't speak for bandaging, as it hasn't happened in a year or two in my personal experience.
  7. I'm assuming the OP's question is with regard to the rooftops interaction with the adjacent and concurrent building tiles.
  8. Sure, it can be summed up in one word: GREED.
  9. -1 I frown upon this, the same way I frown upon bulk sellers "taking orders" for common items like bricks and mortar. If you don't have anything to sell, you shouldn't be advertising. On a more serious note, what happens when the work order gets "Accepted" by a given merchant? Is this merchant able to take on additional work orders and horde all the work for himself? Are the work orders considered open until the order is filled by someone, or does it remain open for other merchants to "compete" for the business?
  10. -1 I've always been opposed to an auction house system because of this: I'm not here to argue about numbers, but I believe this is an exaggeration. I also believe the concern boils down to the fact that an AH would do nothing to alleviate the already red-lined "buyers" market... in fact it would make things worse.
  11. Yeah, they've come a long way since super Mario bros.
  12. 69 cents? For that price, they should be giving them out like the plastic rings and mini-frisbees at the Chuck E Cheese ticket counter.
  13. Yes, they will. When a new server launches, all the uniques are alive (historically speaking, anyway). And since there are now 5 drakes, 5 dragons, and (4?) humanoid uniques, while people may not be in a rush to kill them, people are certainly going to be in a hurry to pen them up for later slaying.
  14. -1 Until there is a less-AFK method of walking up to an altar, filling your action queue with prayers and coming back 3-4 minutes later, I don't like it. I also oppose followers gaining the ability to cast spells via gems or any other medium.