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  1. -1 I'll give you points for creativity, but priests not being able to build houses is not a problem.
  2. I have crossed from Freedom to Epic (for the first time ever) with two toons. The first, my crafter, crossed with no issues. The second, my priest, crossed a day later, after all the hotfixes, and although I retained my Freedom skills, all of my body/mind stats were as if I was a brand new character. I crossed a 2nd time to Epic, and my body/mind stats came with me. If this happens to you, cross back to Freedom, then back to Epic a second time, and the problem should correct itself. If it still doesn't restore your stats, you'll need GM intervention, per Enki's WSA.
  3. Also don't forget that emotes no longer work.
  4. 31
  5. Yes, you can get rare rock shards from leveling cave floors/ceilings, and from leveling dirt on the surface.
  6. No, the first rule of unique club is, YOU find it, YOU reap the rewards. Your suggestion is clearly intended to turn unique fights into welfare loot, like Rifts. You want a light in the sky to show you where to go for free loot. No.... find it and earn it.
  7. Because reasons. -1
  8. As much as I agree with you (really, I do), you're talking abuot the sale of accounts in a game that already lost ALOT of players due to Rolf shaking hands with Player Auctions, a website specializing in the under the table sale of game accounts (even in games which selling your account/character is not allowed).
  9. Hello Indi, I will be disbanding my deed, Garden of Shadows (e23) in a week or so. Although I have moved all my belongings to my new deed on a different server, I have several champion animals (some are legacy animals) that can no longer be found in the wild. i have the following: 1 black wolf 1 goblin 1 rat 1 cave bug 1 black bear 1 brown bear 1 deer 1 dog I also have a greenish cave bug, great for animal taming. All animals are already cared for by my toons, but that can change if the new owner desires. I have no interest in ever laying down roots on Indi again, so I won't need the care slots. If you're interested in these pets, send me a PM here on the boards, or message Wargasm and Wargsfaith in game. Thank you!
  10. My deed, Garden of Shadows, is being disbanded. Coordinates 56x 9y, and can be removed from the map.
  11. In all seriousness, Glasshollow is worse than Kyara for lag. Some players with a less than perfect computer have issues just sailing by it, much less driving a cart through the obstacle course of a dozen deeds there. If you live on Xanadu, and the lag bothers you... MOVE. Celebration, Pristine... there's 7 other servers that are at least 4 times smaller than Xanadu, most with much more favorable terrain. If you are stubborn and want to stay, then you bring the lag on yourself.
  12. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.