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  1. Sell actual land in Wurm / Heraldry

    -1 for permanent land control.
  2. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Priest update... Tower chaining update.... Deed penalties.... bashing bonus.... Plenty of "PvP" updates in the works.... but Epic is dead, sorry bruh. No change the Devs can make is going to make the population jump by the desired 5,000% on Epic.
  3. Strongwall off deed - erupt option please

    I remember a recent change to allow all "warrior gods" (such as Smeagain) the same double chance of successfully disintegrating a reinforced tile, but I do not know if Mag is still the only priest permitted to cast disintegrate on freedom. Either way, the functionality exists, it should not be easy, so -1.
  4. We shouldn't have to watch a stream to get insights into what's coming down the pipe.
  5. Can Enchant Grass Inside House?

    Even if it is dirt, and you build a house, you can plant thatch indoors to make grass, then enchant it with your meditation ability
  6. I'm inclined to disagree, because the enemy kingdom can have 3 champs just like you can.... even if it's 5 people instead of 6 actively playing, it's still something. The way you portray your issue makes it sound like one kingdom can have champs and the other cannot.
  7. Champs on Epic is a very different situation, given the drastically reduced population there. Half your kingdom are champs because there's 6 people on everyday.
  8. Well, it's a good thing that things aren't your way. Not everybody has shared bicycle accounts to champ and share out hashes to 10+ people. As a reminder, given the 3 champ per kingdom restriction, I don't think this is a game breaking change.
  9. An end to Uniques please.

    If unique drama bothers you.... stay at your deed. If you're jealous of loot because you aren't one of the group.... find uniques yourself.
  10. Data Request - Premium Purchases

    Good luck with that.
  11. Cobblestone Texture Change

    So all the cobblestone highways will become the texture on the left? I don't like it because it isn't as contrast in color. Cobblestone roads have a sharper difference in multicolor that make them more visible.
  12. Sextant

    examine the sun and you'll be told in event what region of the server you're in (NW, SE, etc). -1 To pinpoint locationing.