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  1. Because I can't carry 500 cabbage (much less THREE) in a satchel, nor can I carry 500 kg's of cabbage in my inventory and still be able to walk. Cabbage, like cotton and pumpkins, do not fit in satchels/backpacks very well AND are very heavy. Most farmers can't walk if they have more than about 70 in their inventory, so I drop them into piles in the middle of my (dirt) field and retrieve them when finished. Your suggestion has nothing to do with reducing the weight of cabbage/lettuce, so this isn't really relevant anyway. If you're harvesting 1 tile, right clicking a SINGLE piece of lettuce in your inventory, turning it to seed, double clicking the seed, right clicking the ground and clicking "sow", then you're doing it wrong on so many levels friend. Yes, that is a lot of clicks, but that's only because you are doing it the hard way. I'd do this if I had a 10 tile farm of lettuce, but that's about it. Once again, not worth the development resources for one guy's 10 tile farm. As I've said, the "reverse" as you put it, does not work for a large or even a medium sized farm. If I harvest 7 tiles of cabbage, I can't walk anymore because I am carrying 70 cabbage. If I pick 7 seeds to replant the tiles, guess what? I can harvest one more tile before I can't walk again. Simply put, you're trying to re-invent something that is working just fine. The reason large veggies such as pumpkins and cabbage have "Seeds" is because it makes it much easier for players to carry numerous seeds without having to run back to the wagon/fsb every 30 tiles. Additionally, putting satchels on your toolbelt, then filling the satchels with whatever seed you want to plant will help your sowing process go much faster. Belted satchels, combined with a "sow" keybind will make your life much easier.
  2. So help me understand.... you're making a change proposal to be able to plant 5 tiles of lettuce faster behind your wooden shack in the forest or something? I don't understand the benefit other than saving two mouse clicks.
  3. Seeds weigh much less than the actual produce itself, which makes planting crops MUCH easier. You're talking about a head of cabbage that weighs 1 kg vs a seed that weighs (what, .05? .10?). That may seem insignificant, but for someone like me that has 500 tile farm, it is not feasible to carry 500 cabbage in my inventory and still be able to walk. Sorry, but I see zero benefit to this change.
  4. Well, on topic then.... are you having the same problem pulling shoes off the horse? Does it only affect the saddle? Only if the saddle has saddle bags inside of it?
  5. The way it should be imho.
  6. -1 Too much effort, and even more complicated to resolve than the Epic skill transfer.
  7. Death tabs are a very poor excuse to warrant PvE death losses just to pad your numbers. Are you guys seriously getting THAT bored on Chaos?
  8. Same thing happened at the TC v JK Kyara raid- both sides disconnected constantly because there were 25 people in local.
  9. @ Mclovin - maybe you should change the name of the thread so people aren't confusing this with affinity farming.
  10. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. If you are a 90 digger with 20 fight skill, that's your choice, and you should not be punished for your playstyle. A death "mattering" is irrelevant. The only thing being under 20 FS grants is not popping a death tab. Re-gaining fight skill is easy to do, even at 70 FS. This is nothing more than yet another change proposal that only benefits one kingdom. When I saw the title of this post "Alt abuse", I'm thinking of non-premium toons.
  11. Yes, which was my veiled question to you. How have you "won" by purchasing a scale set and a 3 year old + account? Because you can accomplish some tasks (like building a knarr) faster? Because you can kill a troll 10 seconds faster? I don't consider Wurm a pay to win game. It's pay to play, sure.... but not pay to win.
  12. And how have you "won" by having a scale set and a good account on day 1?
  13. -1 If your frying pans are 3 QL, then they're going to take big damage ticks. Try improving your frying pans to about 20 QL and you'll see the damage tick (sizes) drastically reduced. And for those that are THAT lazy to improve frying pans, take some 20+ QL iron to your friendly neighborhood 99 blacksmith- then they will be created at 19+ QL.
  14. Wait, what? For once you agree with something that takes AWAY from the utility of a priest? I'm shocked.