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  1. Full crates/bsbs/containers change colour

    Sort by weight and you can easily tell what's full. All those crates have rock shards in them, so anything less than 6020 is not full.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Yes, by all means, lets make the most OP weapon in the game do even MORE ridiculous damage. Put human's demise on it....
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Because they' lose half their subs, because everyone would be a priest, and because no.
  4. creature cage loop bug

    Would be nice, but would require alot more coding to make it happen. I think it would be much easier if you would tame, de-saddle and load the creature crates off deed, then you wouldn't have any trouble.
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    I tested that spell significantly tonight with someone actively beating on me while I was spamming it on myself. I took off my shield and I turned my back to my opponent, who was fully focused and even mixing in special moves. I out-healed him for a good 10 minutes, never dipping below 80% health, and the stamina loss only seemed to go down by a maximum of 1% per cast, even on casts where I was healing a stacked wound of 13 damage or more. In a regular fight where I'm targeting him and actually fighting back, maybe 1% stamina is more significant due to stamina loss from blocking, performing special moves etc.... but there was nothing to stop me from chugging about 10 gems to stay alive for 15 minutes while my hypothetical "friends" could ride across the map to kill my would-be assailant. To be blunt, prolonging PvP engagements is the last thing we need. There have been numerous complaints about players being too tanky, fights lasting too long, and these reasons led to things like the SoTG nerf from 50% down to 30%, the adjustments to champions being different deities, LoF and heal cooldowns and their respective resistances..... I just don't think it is the right direction.
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    Possible bug- [22:26:47] Nahjo would never accept your smiting old unicorn. This occurred only when the unicorn was tame. When the unicorn was not tame.... [22:39:37] Nathan would never accept your spell on old unicorn. Definite bug- Essence drain does not heal my wound when I damage a creature with my enchanted weapon. Not at all, not even .01 damage.
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    After looking over the groups of spells, I'm disappointed in a few things: 1. Fo has no damage spells, no AoE damage spells (not one!), no demise enchants of any kind... and his only compensation for that is now being the only priest that can still cast Light of Fo. 2. Vynora is still lacking for PvP. While yes, her spells are buffed in damage, so is every other religion. Being a nerfed king of enchants is no excuse to be disallowed the ability to contribute in PvP. 3. Can we please.... please.... reroll the useless priest improve bonus into something that is actually useful? 4. Explain why Mag needs a healing spell but Vynora does not. Anybody.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    Because looking at 9 different screenshots to see what priest has what spells after the update makes me crazy, I have created a spreadsheet that is a little bit easier on the eyes. >>>This<<< is a new version of the table of spells on the Wiki, updated with the spells that each religion will obtain (and lose) in the update. An "X" indicates that this spell is available to this priest's religion after the priest update. A shaded cell indicates that the spell was available to the priest before the update. If an "X" is present but the cell is not shaded, the spell is new to this religion. The new spells outlined in Retrograde's post are in bold in column A. Spells are loosely categorized by type in Column B for sorting purposes.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    A couple of potential bugs I found this afternoon: 1. With your "faithful" button turned off, you lose faith as a priest for doing something that your diety does not allow when you begin the action, not when finishing it. This is different than live, and shouldn't be. 2. Activating a shovel and packing a grass/steppe tile is disallowed on priests that are restricted from paving. This is different from live and should not be. Also, can someone explain the purpose of priests getting a bonus to improving items?
  10. Lock the doors? If this mechanic is intended for Chaos/Epic, then the answer is still no.
  11. Valrei International. 070

    so uh..... any word on the public testing for the priest overhaul? Nothing on test yet.
  12. -1 I don't see how this is necessary.
  13. A new use for rock shards

    Jaz is onto something. A craftable "upgrade" to concrete. Requires even more nat subs to make (higher difficulty) than concrete, but when concrete is mixed with gravel, provides a substance that can be used to raise up to 90 slope.