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  1. Just use multiple cups at a time. For example to make meatballs with potato (in bulk), each frying pan requires .70 kg of gravy. So, set one to 500g and one to 200g. Drag twice, highlight both, drag to the frying pan.
  2. There's a modifier in the spell power formula based partly on your alignment and partly on your faith bonus. As a 100 faith priest, you gain the full benefit of a high QL altar (maximum of 70 I think). You'll notice as a 60 faith priest, you'll only get a portion of that faith bonus, but never the full 70. It's basically "(alignment + faith bonus) divided by two. But the answer to that formula will not exceed 100. As a result, if you're a 100 alignment priest, you would get the same benefit to casting if you had 50 faith bonus or 70.
  3. -1 until charcoal veins.
  4. enchanting

    You can rename gems. Just right click, rename, and add something simple like a "v".
  5. Nope, just a credit card and lots of friends.
  6. You do realize there are 8 uniques alive on Xanadu right now, right? As there's not even close to that many uniques alive on any given server, I'd say the spawn rate is working just fine.
  7. +1, and I'll also bring up the tiny "open" range for sailboats needs to be looked at. Embark as commander, or you're never close enough to do so.
  8. -1
  9. Is it possible to use Wurm Assistant to track timers in both WO and WU at the same time? How do you change the logfile path for a custom server group?
  10. -1 Sorry, but I have to disagree, on behalf of all the idiots that put rainbow lamps on every tile.
  11. -1 I fail to see why this should be enabled on PvE.
  12. He's on the path of Dadd.
  13. -1 This over-sophisticated suggestion can go back in the basement, thanks.
  14. What part of "he had nothing to do with the MR forum incident" don't you understand?