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  1. Is it possible to use Wurm Assistant to track timers in both WO and WU at the same time? How do you change the logfile path for a custom server group?
  2. -1 Sorry, but I have to disagree, on behalf of all the idiots that put rainbow lamps on every tile.
  3. -1 I fail to see why this should be enabled on PvE.
  4. He's on the path of Dadd.
  5. -1 This over-sophisticated suggestion can go back in the basement, thanks.
  6. What part of "he had nothing to do with the MR forum incident" don't you understand?
  7. OK, what spell do you feel appropriate to increase the speed of a nautical vehicle? Life Transfer?
  8. A post was made a couple years ago with a similar suggestion. Being able to "equip" your ship with components, rudder, sails, oars, etc with WoA, much like horse shoes. Difference is, these items would be made by cloth tailors, fine carpenters and ship builders, so it would spread a little love to these professions at the same time. Sails (uses cloth tailoring)- Increases speed by .20% per 10 QL, changes the skin of your sails to the respective kingdom/PMK logos. Number of "sails" slots depends on the boat (1 for sailboat, 2 for large boats, 3 for caravels perhaps). WoA enhances this effect. Rudder (uses fine carpentry)- Allows for 1% tighter turn radius per 10 QL. This effect is doubled when the Vynora's Hand spell is casted on it (which requires the item to be 70 QL or higher). WoA does not enhance this effect. Oars (uses shipbuilding)- Increases the speed in low wind speeds by 3% per 10 QL. Further benefits from Wind of Ages casts
  9. Yeah, I stopped reading right there.
  10. -1, you're lazy. With plot course allowing you to almost instantly go to ANY server, regardless of your current location, I don't see why mission scouting needs to be even more effortless.
  11. -1 It's a 20 difficulty spell. It takes like 3 casts to get a 90+, dispel is not necessary.
  12. Hexd (probably Egard)
  13. I will take the 100 ql enchanted whetstone for 60c.
  14. After looking at my logs from that day, it looks like combat/event logs do not record when YOU recover from being stunned, but it does record a third party recovering from a stun. Example: [2017-02-23] [01:47:41] An aged son of nogump bashes the Jenn Kellon tower guard! [2017-02-23] [01:47:49] The Jenn Kellon tower guard regains her bearings. I found about 11 occurences where a Nogump bashed either a JK tower guard or a spirit templar since February, and the above is the best example I can find, and it was an 8 second stun. Here's a sample of a Nogump targeting me. Would be very helpful if "you regain your bearings" was added to the combat logs", but it isn't there. Either way Pedro, 8 seconds is close enough to 9, I stand corrected.
  15. I never said I didn't back out, and whether I did or didn't is irrelevant...I still don't think you got stunned for a 9 second duration, and it definitely didn't happen twice. Actually, if I did back out, it would further disprove what you're saying, because the temporary stun resistance granted by having been stunned would be reset, thus I would be more likely to receive a stun with a full duration upon engaging the Nogumps again.