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  1. I own the oceanside end of this canal, and I will take care of any needed repairs.
  2. Starting at zero skill. Server going byebye in 6 months. Seems like a waste of time to me.
  3. Because of alt abusers, things like sailing, riding a horse, or even being able to see who's in local have been disabled for F2P on Chaos.
  4. okay, so you're just making the same gripe that some players make because they envy the ability of fulltime players, when they themselves can only log in for 30 minutes to an hour a day, as their life may (or may not) permit. By that logic, Weaponsmithing needs to be made easier.... etc.
  5. Do me a favor.... explain how this is weighted for one player over another? Is it weighted for me because I'm spending hours a day praying and you aren't? Is it weighted for me because I'm using 10 toons at a time and you're just praying with your priest while you're blacksmithing etc etc with your main going about your daily business? Is it weighted for me because I play in a certain time-zone where more people are online? How is this "Weighted" for one player more than another? It is based off of effort, not ping pong balls in a wind-filled box made of plexi-glass. By the way, yes, that IS a serious question.
  6. Three things.... 1. The population (followers) has no incentive to cooperate because they aren't as desperate for sleep bonus now that they can sail to any server, click a button and refill their sleep bonus anytime RoS is casted anywhere. - This can be alleviated by giving followers *very slim* chance of rewards of things like unique potions, moonmetal lumps, and more common rewards that are better than $#@%!$% 13 QL mushrooms as a result of periodic (the prayers that would give faith ticks if <30 favor) from praying. 2. The population (priests) are naturally motivated to get the cast done ASAP - The likelihood of theft combined with the self interest of getting this journal entry fulfilled prohibit any communicative effort with the public to get as many priests to link as possible. The suggestion of allowing a window for other priests to subsequently cast is a good idea, but it should be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. And you should still require 300 favor to cast it. Not enough time? ######, you can summon now. 3. Luck has nothing to do with it if you are actually trying. Look guys.... we can all agree to disagree about how "hard" this is, how "easy" it should be, and you can go on for another 3 pages condemning Retro and the devs for making an attempt to provide new content into a 10 year old game.... but the fact is that this is something you should have to work for, something that is special, and something that should not be achievable overnight.
  7. How about we start a 4th thread about this.... to suggest the journal entry be changed to casting bless on an altar? So everyone will get it done on day 1, just like all these ridiculous proposals? This "quest" was designed with the demand and competition in mind. Much like the Devs decided they want you to close so many rifts for your journal, not just one..... because they know it's going to take awhile. Wouldn't it be easy to get your Rite of Death cast if you were the ONLY Libila priest on freedom? The "PvP" aspect of this, as you call it, is no different than the staff's indifference toward Yellowfinger and all the RoS casts he has stolen over the years...they did nothing about it then, and they aren't obliged to do anything about it now.
  8. The congestion is 100% the reason it is difficult, I acknowledge that. But my point is that that is how the journal entry was DESIGNED. The devs have already met you halfway by allowing links to get credit for having casted it (just imagine the drama THERE!), and people only need to do it once per priest, so the demand will go down over time.
  9. So a few players do the work, someone makes an announcement, and every priest of that religion on every server can come to that server and fulfil their journal requirement without no more effort than sailing a boat for 10 minutes? -1
  10. If you are actively praying, (you, not a robot) then you know the second the global spell is castable, if you are paying attention. If it pops while you're asleep, then someone else that is also doing (hard) work will be rewarded. The gods do not simply gain favor for nothing while you sleep..... someone else is actively praying too. Reflection? Okay, I'll bite. What would you like me to reflect on.... my stance that one of the most grindy games on the internet SHOULD be difficult? You'll want to start another thread because I don't want to de-rail the this one any worse than you are already trying to. Or would you like me to reflect on my experience casting global spells? Or did you mean recently with the Benediction changes? I didn't have to ask, beg, negotiate or otherwise "work with others" to get the goal done. I picked a random server, sailed, prayed my butt off and popped Holy Crop on Independence. I did it again about 3 weeks later on Pristine with Rite of Spring for my Vynora priest. You should be able to do the same. But since I'm nice, despite your argument to the contrary.... I'll give you a small piece of advice..... go someplace other than Xanadu to do your global cast and you'll have a much greater chance of success! Chances are the three people living on Release all have something better to do than spend all day praying.
  11. I think the system is fine the way it is. Not everything should be easy. Might as well beg to have the devs reduce the journal entry to completing 1 rift instead of 100 or whatever it is. You want benediction to be able to sell +5 spell power casts? Earn it. Stop complaining because it wasn't handed to you.
  12. and a timer for embarking/disembarking from carts too.
  13. You also cannot combine two stocks that were made differently (one with salt water, one with regular water). Very stupid overcomplication to the game if you ask me.
  14. it is Just take off your armor. Or, bring back the old king's robes pre-dragonscale lol.