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  1. Add entire villages to permissions

    -1 Deed perms allow for passing gates. A specific gate can be further modified to deny access, like if it's your personal house or something.
  2. Increase oven burning time

    And FFS please increase the volume of ovens. Or make a new unit useable as an oven with much larger volume!
  3. Procesing rare items

    200 essence to make a rare bone with a guaranteed chance to turn something rare.
  4. Vynora converting

    T21 Celebration.
  5. How many traits do the mother and father have? What is your animal husbandry skill? Are the mother and father siblings? (Is their mother or father common among them)
  6. Stuff with 100+ enchants at a flat rate.

    c101 knife to Wargasm please.
  7. Tomes for Sale!

    All sold.
  8. Add neutral traits to Genesis.

    +1000 Oh, and inb4 the 70+ AH players raise a stink.
  9. ill take a green Cherry mate

  10. Tomes for Sale!

    I have the following tome charges for sale, prices negotiable. Accepting silver or euros, will also trade for drake. Blood of the Angels- 100s/e Grants Karma Continuum which reduces all damage taken by 20% for the duration. Great for PvP, rifts or mitigating those big damage strikes from unique bosses. White Tome of Magic- 50s Grants the firewall spell, +15% bite resistance, +10% pierce weakness. Green Cherry- 50s SOLD! Grants the stoneskin spell, which prevents all damage dealt to you for the next three attacks (including truestrike). PM Wargasm/Wargsfaith in game or here on the forums for inquiries.
  11. Celebration Map

    That bridge is long overdue, nice work.
  12. Exodus Community Map

    Free bump because reasons.
  13. Which is why they put in a side menu to the "Pour" option.
  14. Animal Handling Revisited..... Again!

    -1 I can appreciate that there are ways to simplify breeding, but I also see added complexities. I definitely do not want a new skill where I have to spend time "training" my horse to run faster.