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  1. Ships should have interchangeable parts that can be removed, improved and replaced. Think of it like horseshoes and a saddle on a boat. Sails- 1. Improved with cloth tailoring, these give a speed bonus of x% per y quality (TBD). 2. Can be enchanted with WoA for a slightly larger speed bonus. 3. Dying the removable sail allows you to change the color of your sails when you want. (As opposed to dye being a 1 time use). 4. (Dream change) option for PMK sail graphics Rudder- Improved with ropemaking (same tools for net traps), these grant both a slight speed bonus and improved navigation (cornering) Oars - Improved with shipbuilding, these dramatically increase speed when traveling INTO the wind. (10 kph instead of.... 3....)
  2. You've made a grand total of 32 posts. Just make a new account dude.
  3. No, it doesn't matter. Give us a new South Freedom map or two to settle on that doesn't require making a new character.
  4. Stop training on rats and upgrade to a goblin. Or a cave bug. You should be training your skill based on difficulty, and for shields it is VERY similar to the skill you need in animal taming (example: 40 skill for a champion mountain lion). Unless the devs changed it in the last couple years, the harder they hit, the more skill gain you get.
  5. I would happily build a new deed on a new server if I could use my same character. But as much as I agree that there shouldn't be 10 different servers to build on, there are people that play the game that will move away before they'll live "near" someone in 5 locals.
  6. I'd like to see a visual of the last 5 years.
  7. To what end? There's no reason to hoarde gold now.... you can't sell it thanks to the removal of RMT. Take shipbuilding for example. You should spend time building boats because you like doing it, not because you think you're going to make 40s selling a knarr or whatever on the new cluster. Compare that to the what.... 6s you get on the old cluster? But guess what.... the 6s on the old cluster buys you about the same thing on the new cluster for 40s. Wait til people start selling drake sets and rift mats, you will see.
  8. Greed at this stage of the game is.... dumb. Other than being able to finance your deed's upkeep or prem for years to come, there is no benefit to stockpiling gold now that RMT is gone. The decision to remove RMT was a smart one, because the players that hoard gold were among the most cancerous of the player base.
  9. NFI timeline

    Because after the first idiot that tries to solo a rift with 10 FS is going to complain "waaaaaah, it's too hard", and cry for rift nerfts. You aren't playing NFI for journal entries, you're playing NFI because you like to live in the nostalgia of a server with more than 10 people online. While I agree there should be rifts, and I agree there should be a clear roadmap (now, not "when they feel like it), from a business perspective, it makes 100% sense to sit back, make money and continue spouting the "coming soon" nonsense. Keep paying your subs like good little boys and girls, just let it happen.
  10. Honestly, I would settle for being able to successfully prune an overaged bush/tree without failing 5+ times on a regular basis. (90 forestry, 90 ql sickle)
  11. You sound like you think sleep powder is the driving force behind some players passing others in skill. I promise you, that isn't the case. The difference is playtime. Take Eve for example. You can spend 18 hours a day mining, blowing up other people's stuff, playing the market, etc.... whatever YOU want to do, and you will gain X amount of skill over time because you clicked one button when you logged on. Alternately, I can log in Eve for 30 seconds, click a button and log off... and the next day when I log in, I have as much skill as you. Wurm on the other hand encourages ACTIVITY, not just paying for prem, sub, VIP or whatever your game of choice chooses to call it. You play for 18 hours a day, you gain 18 hours worth of skill (assuming you're grinding optimally). Your sleep powder argument lacks merit due to the fact that it only works in tandem with "no-lifing" the game. I did it for 6 years, and I just can't bring myself to do it again from the beginning. Does that make you a better player than me because you bought 23450938079826 sleep powder and and made it disappear like rum cake in an AA convention? No, it doesn't. Sleep powder is not an instant gratification item. You don't simply eat sleep powder and BOOM you have 90 weapon smithing. (As opposed to a skill injector in Eve, parallel to my previously mentioned comparison). Sleep powder requires effort (ACTIVITY) in order to maximize its benefit.
  12. It has been my observation that you're much more likely to get a "new coat" by breeding two new coat horses together. Even if 2x piebalds don't yield a piebald offspring, it is highly likely it'll be jet black, skewbald or the other "new coats". The reverse seems true for the "old coats".