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  1. It already works this way. But imbues do not increase the QL of a created item that can be improved. It works for small nails, as an example.... but pickaxe heads are still capped by your skill because they can be improved.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Because this will only address casting pillar in a crowd. Does nothing to stop the priest 5 tiles behind our melee fighters queuing up an inferno.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    I've been waiting for an answer to this for the last 5 pages or so....
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Because as far as I am concerned, very little changed in the priest update. Priests were OP before the priest overhaul update when compared to non-priests. Utility from just being able to heal yourself, or oakshell your horse or even oakshell yourself and run away "naked" at vastly superior speed are scale-tipping advantages. @platinumteef- show them your 1v5 against LoA where you *almost* wiped 5 non-priests from standing there healing yourself.
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Your kingdom could easily pull a 5v5 or even a 10v10 without asking the enemy kingdoms to come participate. You chose not to. TC went to great lengths to test the catapult/trebuchet/battering ram changes on the test server, I'm very surprised that they didn't do the same thing for the priest overhaul update.
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    Watch the video Budda. Look at the deaths. These are not multi-boxing players that are queuing simultaneous fireballs to 100-0 TC players in 15 seconds. People with 2h weapons being targeted by 6 people, and that person waiting until 30% to switch to a shield is not a problem with spells. People being targeted and deciding in the middle of a fight that it's a good time to work on their backstroke is not a problem with spells. People being lost in the woods is not a problem with spells. The list goes on....
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    Those of us that went to the test server, tested and gave feedback, were mostly just screwing around doing 1v1's or taking turns throwing fireballs at each other to test damage. There is no way to "Test" a 20v20 WL recharge.
  8. Make Archery Great again

    Why? So that trolls don't pull out a bow and shoot you? -1
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Bringing a knife to a gun fight doesn't mean guns need to be nerfed.... it means you should have brought a gun. If you have moral issues with using guns, then PvP is not for you. There are plenty of ways to "block" spell damage... 1. You are a priest. This gives you two additional ways to negate the damage of an incoming nuke to the face. a. You have a hard counter interrupt on a 3 second cast called tangle weave. It has an even longer range than the aforementioned inferno. b. *edit* You mentioned pre-casting in your post, that was what was going here. 2. MOVE!!! If Inferno, or whatever spell... has a 10 tile range, depending on your current distance to the target you can do two things... a. Move in on them and try to hit/shieldbash/kill them, which might make them back up, thus interrupting their cast. b. Move AWAY from them. If I'm 9 tiles from you and I start to cast a spell on you, all you have to do is back up 1 tile and I should stop casting automatically. If you're encumbered, or you are wearing plate, or you are stunned/hurting because 5-6 people (even non priests) are hitting you with melee attacks.... that's your problem, not the spell itself. 3. *Removed* - Sorry, this one I don't want to share. Bottom line - the mechanics work fine. There are measures you can take to prevent them, with the appropriate awareness on the battlefield.
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    I'm still not understanding how this benefits one kingdom and not the other. Mechanics like MR CR buff on sand are examples of one sided buffs. Nothing stops both kingdoms from using the same battle tactics to achieve victory. Someone (Niki, TC) explain how you are unable to replicate the same strategy. I saw CHAMPIONS wearing leather trying to fight us yesterday....so what seems to be the disconnect? You don't have statuettes? Maybe TC has a gem shortage? Seriously, where's the strategic disparity between the two kingdoms? @ mods, this isnt kvk trash talk, I'm being genuine here.