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  1. My bad, first time adding highway 1. 851, 800 851,838 969,837 2. 852, 800 852,755 896,753 897,705
  2. I have 5 affinities in body skill, today got this: [14:40:48] You realize that your affinity for body has grown stronger. Ofc didnt get 6th affinitie, but this seems not ok.
  3. Ok found it, it was on ocean "floor"...
  4. Try to finish mission about traitor killing: Description: Vynora urges you to slay the traitor champion Dolphin seen fleeing from Valrei to these lands. It was last spotted within about 5 map squares of L10. Found spot but nothing there, pendulum saying: [23:26:30] The adolescent champion Dolphin (traitor) is in front of you a stone's throw away! And no i am not blind nothing there not even that glowing effect whats show up on traitor mobs, playing on max settings btw. Need fix for this...
  5. Maybe weapon smiting is not for you? Its fine how it is, i like wurm with all those challenges
  6. Few new special places 832,690 - Testimonial of pain 833,711 - Testimonlial of left 830,674 - Secret to vynora 830,669 - Ascendants Secret 811,670 - Trolls trail 811,676 - Shimmer to seafarer 802,692 - Waters Charge 807,716 - Fool mantra
  7. [08:42:26] You enter Telmar Outpost. 318,287 The settlement of Sunnyvale has just been disbanded.
  8. 580,818 This is within the perimeter of The Enchanted Glade. 305,947 You enter Domik Travnicy.
  9. April Events

    I dont get it, i have premium for next 6 months, to get those extra marks i should buy more premium time?
  10. Fighter? Its seems more like digger. Bump!