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  1. Legacy statues!

    yes pls +1
  2. "She has recently given birth"

    +1 ofc
  3. Changes in tame and care for dialog

    Sounds good! +1
  4. Add epic curve to freedom

    -1 i dont see why we need this!
  5. Make name change Possible.

    absolutely NO -1
  6. Chance to Fail Summon Soul Cast

  7. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    Yeah this is good question...
  8. If you don't care why you answer LOL!
  9. Dont be lazy and just bind dig to pile action - DONE, why devs should waste time on your laziness? -1
  10. Ballistas

    yes pls +1
  11. Toon birthdays

    Presents is always good thing! +1
  12. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    Ofc not, what are you thinking! -10000000
  13. Increased Macro Questions?

    I got macro check once, that was in my first year in this game. Question was something like: Caravela start with letter.... and ofc 3 or 4 ansfers . Now i am in game 6-7years? Never got this thing anymore. I grinded a lot back then Still doing it, time per time.
  14. Coal mine

    -1 Charcoal piles are lifestyle!