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  1. WTS Fighter

    Fighter? Its seems more like digger. Bump!
  2. 333, 740 [12:40:47] You enter Emergency Deed Plz Help.
  3. 1686,717 [21:05:15] This is within the village of Ravenscrest.
  4. If i remember right, i loaded statuette in wagon and then probably by mistake dragged it in LMC what was in wagon too.
  5. Noticed some weird bug, when i moved from one place to other, i loaded rift beast statuette in large magic chest. Get to new place i unloaded it out of LMC and put on ground. But after some time i noticed this: statuette on ground and still in LMC. I have option in LMC statuette to push, pull, etc. If i do it statuette moves where it is on ground.
  6.,524 [22:47:49] You enter O Rancho.,642 Special place Vynora Mantra,626 [23:49:37] This is within the village of Mountainspirit Gardens.,679 special Mantra of Mantra,672 special Charge of Shame
  7. deed -Harbour of the gods 377,1346
  8. Special place - wake to oracle 479,1482 deed - Mourn 475,1488