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  1. I still cant get it, who wanted this in game? Its so bad...
  2. If i remember right i got recipe on chaos, when hotfix was released i was on deli.
  3. Today completed The winding road path in journal. Game say i should get increase in max SB and Talented title. With SB so far all fine, but i got wrong title: [10:40:52] Congratulations, you fully completed The Winding Road and earned the reward: Talented Title, Increased Max Sleep Bonus & 6hr Sleep Bonus [10:40:52] You have just received the title 'Proficient'! Proficient title should get from Picking up Speed path in Journal.
  4. Yeah you should most of things do again from 0
  5. I just give up to wait till it got fixed, looted new one
  6. Good for you, but why me and bunch of other guys still have this issue?
  7. The Screenshots Thread

    Tell something new
  8. Why i need re-discover, if i had it some time ago... And i don't remember all ingredients.
  9. [Fixed] Bill Sheep Gruff Stew Recipe gone after hotfix

    Same there...
  10. Show journal goal progress