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  1. Server Update – 10/01/2020 Added new command /deeds – shows all villages you are in on all servers and how much upkeep they have left Added “Amytis Theophrastus” title for 100 gardening – grats ladybug! Fixed a bug that caused xmas snowmans sometimes to not display their snowballs correctly Fixed rift decoration voucher not allowing selecting Rift stone 3/4
  2. You can just turn on flying as gm, it's not affected by speed
  3. You need a binary from steam ( + that talks to steam servers and handles all the steam-related stuff, registering with steam server list, player authentication, query port, etc. Those libraries don't exist in arm version, so you'd need to reverse engineer and rewrite them or ask Valve to release an arm version (good luck ) There are small single board x86/x64 computers around that you could use, something like ODROID-H2 etc.
  4. I agree. At least if it included serverpacks the benefit would be to server owners not having to worry about people not seeing custom content. Just the modloader without anything is only beneficial to people that can't run patcher.bat But then again, this move is not meant to make the game any better - they outright stated that they want it to be inferior. It's just a farce to make us less annoyed at being lied to.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Santa and julbords are now available at each spawn town and you can get your presents! The present for this year is a Festive Chest – a special bigger and cooler version of a magic chest, and it comes with a new snowman inside! This snowman when placed on your land will produce a snowball once in a while… and sometimes other items too.
  6. This is from the last time the subject got brought up on discord
  7. I can't reproduce this, maybe it's some other mod doing something weird. Try running without other mods and see if it still happens. In general the mod just adds a custom item with a model based on what you preserved... it doesn't do anything special and all the placement and such is handled by vanilla code. It uses the same logic as the game itself to place the item, so >100 piles can happen under the same circumstances it can happen in vanilla. It is less of an issue as it allows digging into cart/crates so less dirt ends up on the ground to begin with. and it doesn't cause db issues, worse that can happen from >100 items on a tile is that after you take some dirt out - you need to open the pile again to take more because the game limits the number of items in a container sent to the client.
  8. Server Update - 21/12/2019 Added this year’s christmas present You will be able to receive it from Santa or christmas trees starting the afternoon on the 23rd Added “Joong Bong Banger” title for 100 staff skill – grats Redock! Added new item: Crown of protection Made and improved with jewelry smithing (check recipe window for full recipe) Provides protection similar to a great helm Added new item: Wolf helmet Made and improved with plate smithing (wolf rug + great helm) Keeps the material of helm and it’s properties
  9. Raspberry Pi has an ARM CPU which is as far as i'm aware not supported by steam, and you need steam binaries which don't exist for it to run wurm. So unless you use x86 emulation (which would murder performance) this is not happening.
  10. I meant spells that cost 5 favor - which are light token and morning fog. Without mods those are available only to mag/fo, so for the other gods the best option is bless which is 10 favor.
  11. No winter mod updated to v0.2 Added setting to lock the season on the client "lockSeason" By changing setting this setting it will instead always stay in one season, according to value 0 = winter / 1 = spring / 2 = summer / 3 = fall By default it's set to -1 which means the mod will work as it did before (go through seasons normally, skip winter). Download:
  12. Channeling is way easier on WU as you can just spam one of the 5 favor spells and keep gaining from it no matter your current skill
  13. It's not, the skillgain system itself is different. Specifically for meditation it makes gaining it on WU harder than WO because the bonus to skillgain from action time is capped at 10 seconds which means you get a lot less than the long ass 2 minute timer would give you WO.
  14. Fixed here - Everyone using this mod should update ASAP. This bug allows deleting ANY ITEM that the player can reach, regardless of permissions or anything else.
  15. Action mod updated to v0.9 New modifier @eq<number> - makes the action target an equipped item in the given slot. Slot numbers: left hand - 0 right hand - 1 head - 2 torso - 3 legs - 4 left arm - 5 right arm - 6 left hand - 7 right hand - 8 left foot - 9 right foot - 10 shield - 11 cape - 14 tabard - 15 right ring - 16 left ring - 17 left shoulder - 18 right shoulder - 19 back - 20 neck - 21 belt - 22 quiver - 23 face - 25 Examples: "act 568 @eq20" - opens your backpack "act 162 @eq2" - repairs your helmet New modifier: @nearby<number> - makes the action target items on the ground and creatures within given distance (in meters) of the player For example: "act 97 @nearby4" - chop anything that can be chopped within 4 meters of the player Note: like area modifier this queues all actions at once, you will need enough mind logic for them all to fit @wipeout and @KiwiBird - This should cover your requests and have a few more fun uses Download: