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  1. Regarding what you said in the last video about people visiting the server using default textures... When you get to that stage you could make a pack with your textures and have people with modded clients automatically download them and activate for your server only without affecting their game on other servers. It's really easy to do with serverpacks mod (comes with the modlauncher). Added: Also you should probably mention to your viewers to back up their changes to graphics.jar so that they won't be wiped next time steam updates. Added 2: Regarding changing the database while the server is running... It shouldn't break anything but the server likely won't pick up any changes until next restart since it loads most of the data to memory on startup. Some things changes also get overwritten when it shuts down. So yeah it's best not to touch the DB while running. For focus zones specifically you can create and delete them ingame using the GM wand.
  2. Everything is about right except this part. You can run multiple servers (as long as you assign them different ports), and if you have multiple clients running you can be logged into multiple servers at once (or multiple characters on the same server).
  3. Yes bees only spawn during spring, if your map starts later in the year, you'll need to wait for next year. Found this out when i opened my most recent server (also named, funnily enough, Avalon)
  4. Yes, make sure you have enableServerTransfer=true in your properties file
  5. Another small update to my version: Improved naming of animal tokens Fixed being unable to lead a creature you redeemed on other's deeds Fixed redeeming tokens underground putting the creature on the surface
  6. Now i'm confused I thought the limit is 255 between floor and ceiling in mines? Or is that not what you meant with the change?
  7. Out of curiosity, how does that work? isn't it limited to 255 by the map format?
  8. Just tried with latest firefox and i'm not seeing anything. What exact link are you clicking and what message are you getting? Are you sure it's not your school/workplace/provider/whatever content blocking software being stupid?
  9. We have a triple dragon hunt planned across all 3 servers on this Saturday!
  10. Wasn't there at some point in ultima history an algorithm based on moon phases or something crazy like that... that set where each moongate goes? Not sure if it was in UO or the singleplayer games...
  11. Yes the zones and the portals aren't really connected. You can destroy the stone with the gm wand ingame if you want. You can also add/delete zones and name them however you wish to get that "You enter whatever" message. The stones in vanilla act as respawn points, since the "creative" template map doesn't have a starter town, you instead respawn at those stones, they aren't portals. There is a mod (by Xype iirc) that adds portals that you can set their destination with a gm wand.
  12. It's the vanilla level border action they added in 1.4, i just made it work with carts etc.
  13. Server Update – 14/07/2017 Leveling tile borders now works from cart Removed double “move to center” option Reinforcing cave floors action will not show up with incorrect item active (use a mallet) Cooldown on Shadow Gift reduced to match Genesis
  14. Better Digging v0.7 Added LEVEL_BORDER to default allowWhenMounted option to allow using the new level border action from carts You can just add this to your properties file Move to Center v0.2 Removed move to center option (now in vanilla)
  15. I'm pretty clueless about 3d modelling myself but it shouldn't be too hard. you just need to export your model as DAE then throw it in graphics.jar and change mappings.txt to point to it. Say if you want to replace a fountain you make myfountain.dae then find this line in mappings.txt model.decoration.fountain = structures/Fountains/Fountain.wom and change it to model.decoration.fountain = mymodels/myfountain.dae Scaling, orientation, etc. might require some trial and error to get right. If you want to add new items (rather than replacing the models of existing items) that will require some actual coding but again shouldn't be super hard for someone with minimal programming knowledge. WOM (the format that most vanilla models come in) is a separate proprietary thing, and i don't know of any available authoring/conversion tools for it. Edit: Oh yeah and if you change graphics.jar - it will be replaced when WU updates the next time. So keep a copy of your changes elsewhere. You can also install the serverpacks mod that comes with the modloader. You'll need to have it on both the client and the server, but with it you can have a separate .jar file with all your art assets that gets automatically downloaded from the server to the client when you login.