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  1. We have a triple unique hunt planned for today, starting 18:00 GMT! First we will go and smack a punny goblin leader and steal his hat on Avalon, then we will proceed to Walden to skin a red drake and finally we'll climb a mountain to poke Kyklops in the eye (and probably get punted down said mountain a few times in the process). Come join, it'll be fun!
  2. Honestly... i already have a coding day job that i hate, and would rather have my modding stay as a hobby that i enjoy So even if offered i'm not sure i'd jump on it.
  3. Beta 0.5 is out Added an API to allow other mods to control how their items are sent to the client when placed on a surface. If you are using my Taxidermy mod v1.1 or higher - this update is required for correct operation. If you are a modder and want to control how your items are sent to the client when placed on a surface, see here and here
  4. Taxidermy updated to v1.1 Animated models are now sent to the client as creatures rather than items This will fix with wrong display of horse models and allow more possibilities in the future However, this has 2 negative side effects - size multiplier for animated trophies is effectively limited to x4, and normal push/pull/turn keybinds no longer work on animated models. The later can be worked around by using my action mod and making manual keybinds. Horse and Hell Horse colors are now correctly represented on trophies Fixed spam about not having enough karma for GMs If you are using my 3D Stuff mod, update it to v0.5 otherwise animated trophies will not work correctly when placed on tables. The Data2 format has also been changed, with the lower nibble of byte 3 used for horse color. The calculator has been updated to support that. If you made a copy of it - be sure to grab a new one.
  5. To be honest i was mostly thinking about using chat to "talk" to NPCs because that's how it worked in UO (and this mod is 99% inspired by @Malenaand her UO project). But yeah having dialog trees like more modern RPGs could be nice as well. I'll think about it when i actually get to that part.
  6. Heh was just about to complain about it missing
  7. Just grab the whole registerManageHook method. And call it from your init.
  8. Means one of the IP addresses you assigned in the settings is incorrect.
  9. You can just make a copy of the calculator, no need to spam me with asking for access
  10. Armor, weapons, tools etc will appear. They are flagged as invulnerable so shouldn't be possible to kill, but this needs testing. Interacting like that with the world is outside the scope of what i have planned... at least for now. For now you can give them items by activating the item, clicking on the NPC and using "Give", they will equip the item if they can (this also applies to vanilla NPCs). I'll see about enabling interaction via the equipment window. I'll look into adding that. Don't think so... but needs testing. I'll add the ability to move them more easily. For now you can do it with Summon for the static ones, but no way to change their facing i think. I'll look at letting them sit, not sure how feasible it is. They should work with mission triggers like examine and such.
  11. I'll add it as an option. On my server i use the model with the thingy inside as server portals so i didn't want to use it for town portals as well.... we need more portal models
  12. Now there is Also what we discussed about NPCs... WIP, but should be already usable:
  13. This is a work in progress, more stuff coming in the feature. Allows you to spawn a "Custom NPC", which work similar to vanilla NPCs, except: They don't talk... for now. By default the won't move around. Can be set (Manage->Movement) to wander inside the territory of a village or a house. NPCs that end up outside their area will teleport back. If you want to move an NPC, set it to "Static" first then summon to the wanted location. Data for NPCs is store inside your world folder, in a new folder "npc_data", the files can be edited by hand but don't do it while the server is running. Planned features: Ability to customise face More movement schemes Ability to set animations Custom chat scripts, response to keywords, etc. ...? Have any ideas? let me know! Download and source code:
  14. New mod: No Damage Not recommended for normal servers! Removes all damage from items, walls, roofs, floors, fences and bridges from all sources. With this mod nothing will ever decay, bashing is impossible (except GMs) Any attempt to damage anything will reset it to 0 damage, unless it's 100 damage in one tick (this is to allow GMs to still remove walls, etc). Downloads and source code:
  15. Server update – 18/01/2018 Fixed deeds that have a single quote in the name messing up the town portal window Fixed teleporting vehicles between surface/cave layer not working Town portals are no longer indestructible, but won’t decay on deed and take a really long time otherwise Town portals can now be dyed (using 8kg of dye or rune) Town portals will no longer show up as mission targets Town portals can now be rotated (why the hell no one complained about that?) Added some debugging code that will hopefully allow me to track down the issue that prevents a few players from using town portals Server Update – 19/01/2018 Fixed an issue in serverpacks mod that for some players was preventing them from using town portals and passing minedoors.