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  1. There is no "normal" keybind for any modded actions. You can keybind with my actions mod but the number will change depending on what mods you have and their load order. Creatures stay in the database, they are just hidden from the world. The token just contains the id of the creature and when you exchange it back it makes the creature reappear at your location.
  2. That's a novel concept around here lol
  3. They might have learned to spell in the decade that passed since
  4. Assuming you are doing it by editing the DB... Note that when moving items (including tokens) you need to update their ZONEID to reflect the new position, otherwise weird bugs will happen You can calculate it like that - Y/64 + (X/64 * (SIZE/64)) - where X, Y are position SIZE is the size of your map (in tiles) and all divisions you drop the fractional part For underground items you need to add (SIZE/64)^2 to the result
  5. Wurm tries to set up port forwarding for your server using a protocol called UPNP that in your case isn't correctly supported by something in your network. If you set up port forwarding manually (or if you don't need it and only connecting locally) - you can safely ignore that message You can also disable that part from wurm.ini file by setting AUTO_NETWORKING and ENABLE_PNP_PORT_FORWARD to false
  6. You can't cut down trees with that modifier as it targets items and creatures, not tiles. The log message is likely from it trying to apply the action to some random items/creatures around you. For cutting down trees you can use tile or area if you have enough mind logic.
  7. It's not currently something that the mod can do. Check if your router supports NAT Hairpinning (or sometimes called NAT Loopback) if it does you can configure it to redirect connections to the public ip from inside the network to the server.
  8. That's cow poop. Paying money for anything that gives you an advantage is pay2win. This includes a 90ql super enchanted sword, a scale set, a huge deed that you wouldn't be able to afford with the money you make in game, or a stack of sleeping powders to make your skilling go 100% faster than for someone that didn't fork out out the money for it.
  9. Yes and those thousands when they hear that CC has abandoned the existing single-purchase version to instead push their subscription + p2w cash shop "online" version instead they will be ecstatic to just rush right over to play it
  10. I'm sure they figured it out over the 3 years that passed since that post was made lol
  11. The difference is that people could argue before that since you can sell your stuff for $ it's not "just" P2W, it's an investment/economy/whatever. To me it's P2W either way, that's why i play WU (and don't run cash shop "donations" like some servers). But now it'll be harder for people to argue it's anything but.
  12. Forbidding RMT by players while keeping the cash shop selling silver turns the game into 100% P2W.