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  1. If all the players on your server use it then maybe yes. The count shown is based on who the steam api thinks is on the server, and since the privacy mod drops the authentication ticket after logging in - it's likely players using it won't be counted. Also players that kill steam after logging in will not be counted for the same reason.
  2. Mod Loader/Live Map Problems

    Your livemap version doesn't match the wurm version. Get version 1.7 of livemap for WU 1.6.x.x
  3. Server update 09/06/2018 All archaeology statues now require 40 fragments to assemble New item: crystal of eternal flame Can be created from 20 fragments dropped by fire cats, hell chicks, lava fiends, lava spiders, hell hounds and hell scorps Using the crystal on lamps, lanterns, forges, ovens, etc. will light them up instantly and fuel them magically to the maximum Using on other items will heat them up to glowing hot instantly Crystal of permafrost and crystal of eternal flame have a new model and special effect when placed in world, and are now considered decorations Added achievements for killing hell chicks and firecats Added green garden gnome to traders, old "garden gnome" renamed to "red garden gnome" The color refers to the hat, not the vest Red ones hold a shovel, green ones hold a scythe Valentines can now be planted, will no longer decay in inventory or when planted on deed and can be repaired Fixed archeology logs showing time since founded instead of time since abandoned.
  4. While this is annoying, it is completely unrelated to anything in this thread.
  5. works for me.... are you trying to plant chopped crops by chance? if so that's intentional.
  6. That's the key point, and the fact that mods with ondemand=true aren't loaded unless something depends on them.
  7. nope properties file in the jar doesn't do anything unless it has either ondemand=false or being required by another mod. you need the properties in the mod folder, without it most mods won't load.
  8. make sure you have the .properties files for those mods in place... if you just download the modlauncher zip it comes without them i think, you need to get the individual zip files and extract them too.
  9. Server Update - 01/06/2018 New skill titles: 70 Body Stamina - Enduring 70 Body Strength - Brawny 70 Body Control - Swift 70 Mind Logic - Rationalist Want to see more skill titles? Check out this post! New misc titles (those are not retroactive) Kill 10 creatures on rift island - Rift Stabber Kill 100 creatures on rift island - Rift Slayer Kill 1000 creatures on rift island - Rift Master Loot 10 lairs - Lair Looter Loot 100 lairs - Lair Searcher Loot 1000 lairs - Lair Seeker Added a few hidden achievements related to lair looting Treasure chests that are left without looting everything will now vanish after a few minutes Area farming fixes: Fixed an issue where combined crops dropped in bsb/fsb would retain the "pile of" name Area harvesting will no longer add to rare or processed (chopped, etc.) piles of crops Area planting will no longer use rare or processed (chopped, etc.) crops
  10. Better Farming v1.5 Fixed issue where combined crops dropped in bsb/fsb would retain the "pile of" name Area harvesting will no longer add to rare or processed (chopped, etc.) piles of crops Area planting will no longer use rare or processed (chopped, etc.) crops
  11. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Look for anything that calls Communicator.sendRepaint on creatures
  12. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    The crash happens due to a bug in the latest client when a repaint packet is sent for a creature (including a pet) that uses a non-creature model. The default from the latest version config shouldn't have any pets like that, but if you are using an older version it might be that. Also might be another server mod causing repaint packets to be sent for creatures that it shouldn't. If it crashes with every (as opposed to some specific) pet it's likely that.
  13. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    shouldn't be, just figure out their template id and add them to the config or with the command
  14. Server Update 20/05/2018 Added a workaround to mission-related server crashes Players on vehicles will now regen stamina regardless of slope under them