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  1. v0.9 is out Fixed spells not being castable on surfaces (e.g. large anvil) Made surfaces that aren't originally containers to not display as such
  2. Do you have a gui system on your server? If not you can run it in headless mode -
  3. You can see (and edit!) it in your mods folder (called minipets_types.json) or here Red dragon is 77
  4. The current plan (when it's implemented) that you can have any number of pets in item form for displaying around... they'll just act like normal items (or like the animated trophies from taxidermy)
  5. You can't directly summon them from the wand, either use the the wand on the leash and change the AUX number to the pet type, then use the leash to summon; or use #summonpet <number> (that one is temporary, it will only last until you relog). You can see the numbers for the pets in the json file.
  6. Make sure your server has serverpacks + httpserver mods installed, and your client has serverpacks mod too (the client version)
  7. He's busy negotiating the acquisition of CC by Microsoft
  8. I think newbie friendly flag only affects "normal" (tile/lair based) spawns, fog spiders spawn by a separate chunk of code when it's foggy. But yeah it would make sense if setting it on disabled them.
  9. Using improved improve? Make sure there's no pelt on your toolbelt so it doesn't get confused.
  10. Sounds like soundsense for DF ( You could probably borrow some actual sounds from it too.
  11. Do a backup first in case of any issues. Then shut down the server, delete and from the world folder and restart the server, it should generate the cave layer and spawn ores.
  12. Server Update – 15/04/2018 Tweaked drops distribution in archaeology a bit more – net effect should be less junk and more interesting stuff especially at higher skill levels Saddle sacks are now craftable (cloth tailoring skill, satchel+leather strip to start) Added a work around for a vanilla mission generation bug Added Legion of Anubis kingdom to heraldic certificate
  13. Hm? Steel plate is dyeable in current version and shows the color... but other materials (including iron) don't.
  14. @Retrogradesaid it will come this week FWIW
  15. Looks pretty natural to me, stone gets that shine when it's slightly polished (and not dirty)