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  1. It's just in case rolf comes back and decides to allow raiding the PVE server again lol
  2. Heh was just about to post that whichever kingdom ends up on it will cause whines about the bigger gap lol Also didn't they say that you can only move between PVP and PVE with portal without being able to transfer items?.. why are there lines representing boat connections?
  3. To me the "massively multiplayer" part of "MMORPG" should stand for something more than a few hundred players at once. I've seen bigger minecraft servers lol. But that was a side tangent of my post, and put in braces to mark it as such. That's like your opinion man. My opinion is that it's very much P2W. And i explained thoroughly in that post why i think so. You can disagree or argue with it, but it's not misleading in any way.
  4. What exactly was misleading in any of my posts here or in that reddit thread? Can you quote anything i said that isn't true?
  5. I just want people to be aware of what they are getting into and what can they expect from the company (and their new owners).
  6. What is so disruptive in what i posted? I just stated some facts in a reply to someone calling reddit "trash". I am bitter but this has nothing to do with it.
  7. From modding discord:
  8. It's a blatant ad, for a re-release of a 15 years old game, that was never more than extremely niche, and even inside that niche they managed to alienate a good chunk of players that could be interested in their product. You'll have to excuse reddit for not being overly excited about it.
  9. Just create it then, it doesn't need anything else besides that line
  10. did you add creaturepack.jar to your serverpacks.config file? it should have a line like this: serverPacks=creaturepack.jar If there's an existing line like that in there add the file after it with a comma (serverPacks=foo.jar,creaturepacks.jar)
  11. you should be able to do #chat <r>,<g>,<b> so #chat 255,1,127 for pink etc
  12. check that you include the animation files in anim subfolder and the relevant entries in properties.xml in your pack
  13. Make sure you have custommap mod installed in the client, it's required for showing maps (of both kinds)
  14. You unpacked something to the wrong place, my guess is "" that should go into the main wurm folder ended up in mods folder, where modlaucher tries to interpret it as a properties file for a mod (which it isn't) and fails.
  15. Just note that this is for handmade maps that you place in a serverpack, not for the auto-generated maps from "servermap" mod like in the screenshots above.