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  1. A tracker and web server list for Wurm Unlimited

    So apparently now you can't vote with an adblocker enabled. I'm strongly considering removing any references to it from my site and servers as stuff like that both hurt the integrity of the rankings and expose my players to potential security threats. Anyone feel like starting an alternative that doesn't suck?
  2. Hmm i'll see if i can reproduce and fix it. I only tested it with the default UI so it might be because of that. Or font scale
  3. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    Are you gm level 5? #dropeggs needs level 5 to use #givepet requires only level 1
  4. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    ^ This mod will tell you which pets cause the problem, you should then find them in the config file and remove the color effect from them. Color effect can't be used with static (non-creature) models right now due to a vanilla client bug. The default config doesn't include any pets like that, so check your changes/additions.
  5. There is, or should be, a stop and pause button on that window. Can you post a screenshot? The spearing yourself in the leg is a game mechanic, not a bug.
  6. @AlystaraPlease post your server log from startup and including using the mod (running the #fixguards command with a gm when you are on an affected deed)
  7. Server Update - 10/05/2019 Statue of Unicorn, Lava Fiend and Tich reduced to 40 required fragments like the other statues Amount of investigation required to uncover an archaeology cache reduced by 30% Server Update - 24/05/2019 Gorillas will now spawn on all servers (in mountain areas) Hyena changes: Hyenas can now spawn as both sexes Hyenas can be lead and mounted without taming by players with 50 AH + AT Hyenas base speed as mounts and bonus from speed traits increased Hyenas will live significantly longer Note: Hyenas still spawn only on otherland, this is not changed. If taken to another server they might be aggressive towards players that don’t have the 50 AH/AT bonus or Fo priest passive. Rite of death Land of the Dead can now be cast on all servers
  8. i'm not aware of any issues with it but i also haven't used it in a while, so check and let us know Note that it's only meant to fix one specific bug (infinitely spawning templars/shadows due to a DB mess up)
  9. Altar of 3 and Bone Altar Issues

    Last i tried manually spawned altars don't work right because they need some special dark voodoo to associate them with all the stuff correctly. To get a white light you need to activate "end game items" in server settings, then delete the manually spawned altar(s) and restart. The game will automatically spawn a new WL+BL that you can move to where you want them (or delete one if you don't.) After moving restart again for the lights to update.
  10. Treasure Chests

    I *think* the "unlocked" message is a bug. They are actually locked when they spawn with a lock. There is no key for them, they are meant to be lockpicked on PVP servers, and can't be opened at all on vanilla PVE. You can use my claim mod to be able to open them.
  11. Your server needs to update the files in dist/recipes folder most likely.
  12. Server crossing

    make sure you have RMI enabled on both servers in wurm.ini and that all ports and passwords match between them.
  13. with a gm use GMTOOL on the tile it should list the items on it, from there copy the ID and #loadItem it added: all sea life seems to have a problem with sinking into the ground atm, this affects both living and taxidermied creatures
  14. put the command in autorun.txt then it will run every time client starts up