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  1. Switched my Shares

    Apparently they are so hands off that they now decide which graphical updates WU will or won't be getting
  2. Can you even install a JRE in Windows S mode? Assuming you can - you could just replicate the JNLP functionality with a shell script that downloads the right jars and passes the right parameters to run them (that's all JNLP does).
  3. Look for other errors during startup, stuff like that usually means something broke during initialization (possibly caused by some other mod) and the mod didn't initialize fully.
  4. Yes, i don't have it as a readymade mod but this code can remove that restriction classPool.getCtClass("com.wurmonline.server.spells.Spell") .getMethod("run", "(Lcom/wurmonline/server/creatures/Creature;Lcom/wurmonline/server/items/Item;F)Z") .instrument(new ExprEditor() { @Override public void edit(MethodCall m) throws CannotCompileException { if (m.getMethodName().equals("isMagicContainer")) m.replace("$_=false;"); } });
  5. The problem is not bag of holding, it's that magic chests now can't have spells cast on them at all in vanilla.
  6. Update to the latest version, that bug was fixed almost a year ago. If it still crashes - post logs. Putting stuff on benches is supported (with some minor limitations)
  7. Install the latest version, this was fixed over a year ago
  8. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    It kinda works but there's a lot of broken stuff with current WU versions. I need to find some time to actually work on it... Pathing and visible equipment is definitely not working 100% right, i'm not sure about FPS drops as for a client an NPC should be equivalent to a player in render range (and cause similar levels of load)
  9. Server Update – 08/06/2019 Added “Crack Pot” title for 100 pottery skill – grats Kitcorps! Evergreen twig can now be set to change 5×5, 3×3 or a single tile Kingdom animals that are born on deed will be assigned to the kingdom of the deed This will hopefully prevent newborn hyenas from suiciding by attacking their parents or guards. Fixed Rite of Death failing to spread mycelium on otherland server Gems below 10ql will be destroyed if you use them with Libila drain ability Server Update - 28/06/2019 We no longer support server ranking site due to them blocking users with adblock from voting, as such all voting links have been removed from the site and from the game God avatars have been granted the power to dispose of mortals that annoy them too much Fixed multiple cases of engrish in modded actions Discord bot will now show the number of online players
  10. It also encourages people to use forbidden tools to aid them in finding the uniques even more, especially considering there is a very strong RL cash incentive to doing so. And put legit players into even more of a disadvantage.
  11. FishBuddy 1.1 released Fixed window size and invisible buttons issue with weird UI settings Downloads: @Nappy@Bludragonplease try this version and let me know if it shows correctly for you.
  12. The WU mod (which i made) was originally requested by some streamers because their audience wasn't too excited watching a mostly black night-time screen
  13. Make sure you have the latest version of both fishytweaks (including the properties file which was broken in 1.0 release) and the server mod tools. If it still doesn't work post full logs from server startup.
  14. So apparently now you can't vote with an adblocker enabled. I'm strongly considering removing any references to it from my site and servers as stuff like that both hurt the integrity of the rankings and expose my players to potential security threats. Anyone feel like starting an alternative that doesn't suck?
  15. Hmm i'll see if i can reproduce and fix it. I only tested it with the default UI so it might be because of that. Or font scale ?