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  1. idk about grass, but for now animals can't graze on planters anyway. If/when i add grazing they can graze on crops planters just as well. Also planters questions should go in planters thread please
  2. What you see in free cam is limited to your vision range from where your character is. It won't show you anything you couldn't already see with esp/scanner mods.
  3. No, you can use it with both live and beta branches of the game. This version is somewhat experimental, since i rewrote huge chunks of code, and might contain bugs, hence it's beta until i can do more testing myself or get more feedback from users.
  4. Why? if your character was created from steam, you can only use steam to log into it - regardless of what server it's on or if they are linked. Same check will be used to block them from the non-steam web store. You could make another non-steam character to buy silver and give it to your steam character (and that's not against valve or cc policies), but prem is still bound to the character you buy it on.
  5. Steam doesn't care, their general policy is that if a user got the game on steam (free or not) - all in game purchases must go through steam and they get their cut. Only exception i know is if you sell physical stuff like "time cards" for subscription (but idk if you need to negotiate some separate agreement with Valve to do that).
  6. Better Farming BETA 2.0-pre1 I rewrote most of the mod to make it easier to extend and let area actions work on items. Quite a lot of code was rewritten or refactored so i'm putting this out as a beta to get more people to test it and see that i didn't break anything with the changes. The mod now includes support for area actions on trellises (harvest, prune, pick sprout) - using gardening skill level to unlock (by default 3x3 at 50, 5x5 at 70, 7x7 at 90) This will also be used to integrate the Planters mod with this one and allow area actions on large planters if you have both installed. I also plan to add the same for trees/bushes but that's not implemented yet. Also considering adding other area actions like picking/planting flowers, cutting grass, etc. The default config got 2 new lines for pick sprouts and prune skill levels, if you use a custom config you'll need to add them
  7. Steam usually takes 30% cut from all sales, including buying stuff in game (so prem/silver). They also usually require developers to not allow players that got the game though steam to use any other payment method that isn't steam (so you likely won't be able to use the web store to buy prem/silver for your steam characters).
  8. Wurm Online uses an entirely different system that grows fields at different times. If you want WO-like fields you can turn off "Crop tile poller split" in server features.
  9. Because that concept isn't as simple and clear as you try to misrepresent it. Just as you try to misrepresent people disagreeing with you as "not undestanding"
  10. And another small update: print actual error if model fails to load instead of crashing with NPE added check for too many vertices in a mesh
  11. That's what said for now, but things change, circumstances.... etc.
  12. Just don't act surprised when you hear this statement echoed about other versions of the game in the future.
  13. Ah such a shame that they can't make money without breaking promises and alienating half the community. Pro business move right there. And guess what will happen when the new overlords decide that non-steam version isn't making enough money?
  14. And that means whatever you or anyone else states can change at the blink of an eye and we will be told that wasn't a promise things change etc.