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  1. [RELEASED] StableMaster Mod (Server) - v0.5 (May 20)

    Looks like outdated modlauncher version, that's not 0.40
  2. Server Update – 19/10/2018 Redeeming an animal token that’s branded to a different village will now remove the brand Examining an animal token will now show the full examine text Unicorn random name generator has been restored to its former glory All masks are now dyeable Trick or Treat! Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land. Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them! Note: Client modlauncher + serverpacks mod is required to see the special halloween mobs.
  3. [RELEASED] StableMaster Mod (Server) - v0.5 (May 20)

    Make sure you actually got the last version - The OP is way out of date and the original author has been MIA for years. If it still doesn't work - post logs.
  4. [RELEASED] Live Map

    It's only in my hax version.
  5. Pretty sure that's a vanilla feature if the investigation skillcheck is high enough.
  6. [Release] [Client] WurmEsp

    PSA: if you have "Contribution culling" enabled in advanced graphics, it stops chests... and their outlines... from rendering around farther than 120m away. disabling that options make it work as it used to.
  7. It's a vanilla feature in 1.8, should be enabled by default but in case it's somehow disabled for you it should be in server features.
  8. In WU i made a client mod that changed the grouping of fragments so it doesn't include the counts, eg. The change if implemented in vanila would be exactly 2 lines of code and makes looking at piles of fragments 10x more healthy for your sanity
  9. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    It's a one off thing, if you want to spawn more you need to run the command again.
  10. [RELEASED] Skillmod for agos modloader

    Did you even read what you quoted? > If you have lowerStatDivider / upperStatDivider - the mod will crash on 1.6. Commenting them out will prevent that. Comment/remove those lines as the thing they changed doesn't exist anymore and leaving them in will make the mod crash.
  11. Server Update - 30/09/2019 (which i forgot to post earlier) New creature: Dark Worg Spawn on rift islands, and rarely from lairs in the rest of the map Aggressive normally, but not to players with 50 Animal Taming and Husbandry, not affected by Fo passive Worgs spawned on rift island might randomly become aggressive regardless of bonuses Can be dominated or tamed, led with a rope and ridden or hitched to a cart Require 35 Body Control to ride Can be bred and have speed traits, randomly generated names Can't equip saddles, barding or horseshoes but speed traits have stronger effect to compensate Can eat meat or corpses, do not graze Other Changes Wild Growth spell will now give 1-6 (based on cast power) extra sprouts to the caster's inventory per affected tree/bush in the cast area If inventory is full no extra sprouts will be created Crystal of Eternal Flame can now be used on already-hot items Server Update - 05/10/2018 Dark Worg tweaks They are now considered animals so they can be tamed and will be passive towards Fo priests with 60 faith Their base CR was slightly reduced Their damage dealt has been slightly increased while HP was increased significantly When butchered they can now drop teeth and eyes Carved pumpkins can now be enchanted using an arcane shard to stay always lit and not decay Carved pumpkins can now be planted/secured and are considered decorations Many decorations and furniture items can now be dyed: stone keystone - 976g dye marble keystone - 976g dye oven - 7863g dye forge - 7165g dye floor loom - 12600g dye pendulum - 2g dye practice doll - 600g dye stone bench - 1800g dye decorative fountain - 1400g dye coffin - 1828g dye fountain - 3000g dye ornate fountain - 3000g dye archery target - 1648g dye well - 600g dye bell tower - 4136g dye weapons rack - 1816g dye polearms rack - 2488g dye armour stand - 212g dye gravestone - 96g dye wood bench - 1800g dye wardrobe - 4128g dye coffer - 1888g dye royal throne - 2670g dye washing bowl - 601g dye tripod table - 1332g dye high bookshelf - 4128g dye low bookshelf - 2304g dye fine high chair - 2062g dye high chair - 2012g dye paupers high chair - 1912g dye rectangular marble table - 5115g dye round marble table - 4120g dye cupboard - 2016g dye kiln - 2250g dye birdcage - 1033g dye smelter - 3840g dye sword display - 2600g dye axe display - 2600g dye wine barrel rack - 4680g dye small barrel rack - 4680g dye storage unit - 15008g dye bee hive - 4032g dye still - 170g dye crate rack - 35712g dye straw bed - 33g dye empty shelf - 7520g dye empty high bookshelf - 4128g dye empty low bookshelf - 2304g dye carved pumpkin - 24g dye
  12. Another problem, this time memory

    2k server shouldn't be using more than 2-3 gigs of ram, if you get to 10+ you have a memory leak in one of your mods (or vanilla... but less likely since that would affect everyone). If you can get a heap dump with jmap or jvisualvm Otherwise try disabling mods till you find which one causes it
  13. [SOLVED] Cluster problems.

    ask your hoster if they are doing anything with the database when you restart the server the current server id for each character is stored in the players table, could be the hosts reset everyone's current server to the login or something weird like that during a restart.