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  1. Getting access to map data

    To get the tile type call Tiles.decodeType on the value returned from getTile To get the village you can call Villages.getVillage (the TilePos or the x/y version)
  2. Make sure you have the latest modlauncher and latest version of the mods, if it still doesn't work - post logs.
  3. Archaeology Tweaks updated to v1.1 Fixed error when merging journals with duplicate reports Fixed archaeology reports overwriting inscribed paper or almanac reports
  4. Getting access to map data

    I don't see anything wrong with the code... how are you calling it? and where does the NPE happen?
  5. Server Update - 23/11/2018 Added Apocalypse Order graphics to heraldic certificate - can be used on tabards, flags, banners, tall banners, wagons and military tents Feeding Hand can now feed grazing animals that are underground or on tiles that they can't graze on Libilla priests can now "Repossess" zombies that have been untamed or went rogue Ominous gravestones event is over, the ones already existing will remain until investigated but no new ones will spawn
  6. That's not how it works, their speed is only affected by the weight when the weight is above some threshold. That threshold is 5kg per point of BS + some bonus from traits (e.g. strong leg muscles adds 10kg while very unmotivated reduces by 3kg). Both of those numbers have multipliers that you can configure now and move that threshold. In theory if you set it very high you will have no effect at all on speed from weight, tho that's not necessarily what you want. You might need to do some experimenting to see where those numbers need to be with your setup. For my servers i use the following settings:
  7. Movement Tweaks v0.5 released Added a fix for delay in speed traits starting to work when mounting up (optional, can be disabled in config) Added configurable multiplier to horse, hell horse, unicorn strength stat for purposes of speed calculation and carried weight Added configurable multiplier to speed trait effect on speed calculation and carried weight
  8. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    Did you read this?
  9. Cultivate is digging skill, not farming, did you get 30 digging too?
  10. Server Update – 09/11/2018 New spell: Feeding Hand Available to all priests at 30 faith, can only be cast on food storage bins FSBs with this spell will automatically keep creatures around them fed if they contain the right type of food Radius is based on cast power – 3×3 at 20+; 5×5 at 40+; 7×7 at 60+; 9×9 at 80+ and so on Grazing animals will not be fed to prevent food waste Fixed items not stacking correctly when putting damaged items into bulk containers that sort by QL Changed moving item from bulk container to normal container so it's not limited by player inventory space or carry weight Sorting in BSBs and FSBs can now be toggled on and off
  11. And another small update to bulkseparated Removed carry weight limit when moving to a non-bulk container outside player inventory
  12. [RELEASED] Non-combat Pets Mod (Server)

    That error generally means that the pet number you specified is not known. Try running #reloadpets and see what it says in the logs.
  13. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    mod.creature.ocelot mod.creature.panda mod.creature.zebra the rest i think are just piggybacking off vanilla creatures so don't have a separate id
  14. Here's an updated jar: For rift mobs the right format is: Rift_Beast_Bounty=800 Rift_Jackal_Bounty=1000 Rift_Ogre_Bounty=2000 Rift_Warmaster_Bounty=10000 Rift_Caster_Bounty=2000 Rift_Ogre_Mage_Bounty=2000 Rift_Summoner_Bounty=666 This version also supports custom modded mobs, the format is Custom_<identifier>_Bounty=<value> e.g. for my Halloween mobs you can add Custom_bdew.halloween.pumpkinmonster_Bounty=800 Custom_bdew.halloween.eviltree_Bounty=800 For other mods you'll need to figure out what ids the author used.
  15. POLL - Please Vote

    I'd rather see a server with premium costing 2x or even 3x as much but no cash shop or RMT at all, completely isolated from current WO economy and tweaked in a way that the game provides enough silver inflow through gameplay (plenty of ideas for that on WU).