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  1. Awesome, we need more not-annoying wurm streamers that aren't called emoo
  2. Server Update - 12/08/2018 Fixed unintentional suicides from draining yourself Draining yourself is no longer affected by deed permissions Overflow items from praying with full inventory will no longer drop to the ground, instead they are immediately destroyed
  3. Server Update - 11/08/2018 Vessel spell removed from Libila priests, instead they can now fill gems by using "Drain" action To use activate an empty gem and click a creature or your own body Draining converts some amount of health from the target into a stored favor, success chance and power is based on your channeling skill and the difficulty of the creature Draining can kill a creature if it causes enough damage, but will never kill the caster if using on yourself Cannot be used on tamed, dominated, cared-for or hitched creatures or against any creature you would not normally be able to attack Drain Health spell damage rebalanced Base damage increased by 600% but now scales with natural armor of the target Expect to see more damage against weaker creatures and less against stronger ones Can now damage uniques Healing component is unchanged Smite spell damage rebalanced Will cause variable damage based on your channeling skill, the difficulty of the creature and RNG Vesseled gems now show how much favor they hold in the name Fixed taxidermy not handling hell horse colors correctly
  4. Is it winter yet?

    Come to WU we have nowinter mod ... and cookies!
  5. How is Wurm?

    And since i had more time to waste at work i decided to plot WU CCU data over the same timeframe... Blue line is WO premium numbers (and they match the left Y axis) Red line is WU CCU numbers (and they match the right Y axis) Also all big WU updates that came out are marked on the graph Note that the compared numbers are different things, but if there was any trend of one affecting the other i'd expect it to be visible here... and i'm not seeing any to be honest.
  6. How is Wurm?

    Sadly the current MRTG data goes only back to June 2016 and i didn't keep the old data, so here's an updated graph for the last 2 years. Standard disclaimers from my old graph threads apply
  7. Online Map Viewer

    run from the command line in the folder with the jar "java -jar mapgen.jar" - it should print stuff to the console window
  8. You could build houses on slopes up to 8 at some point in the past before the multistory system and new roofs, and they indeed looked like poop.
  9. Online Map Viewer

    Look at the output from the generator that it prints as it runs, if there is an error it will be there, if you can't figure it out post the full text here.
  10. Online Map Viewer

    Try using the other slash ( / ) in the directory paths, or doubling them up ( \\ )
  11. Online Map Viewer

    Those folders are where your actual map images are. Check the output from the generator for any errors.
  12. Online Map Viewer

    It should work. Are you getting any errors when running the generator? And does your output folder look like this?
  13. Rite Spell Improvements

    One idea i had is having Holy Crop give all Fo followers a long (maybe a day or even week-long) temporary affinity in nature-related skills and possibly something like the noob buffs (reduced aggro and increased healing). For mag it could be a timed affinity for mining and fighting-related skills + CR buff (like you get from the potions) . It's really hard to come up with bonuses that are comparable to 5hr of SB in usefulness tbh. The main limit is always the 1k god-favor per follower i think. On a sidenote - if the bonuses/sb also applied to offline players it would reduce the amount of drama related to people "ninja-casting" them by a few orders of magnitude.
  14. Just need to set ITEM_TYPE_DESC_IS_NAME flag on that item template. That's how e.g. shelfs work.