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  1. Oops didn't see you there XD, I would accept a ban happily as long as SOMEBODY who held SEVERAL pay-2-enter lottery got their punishment too (probably got a warning like me). I read the rules and misunderstood it, and I technically should be punished. But there are others who completely disregarded it and went unbanned. Infact I think the rules, along this statement that went uncorrected for a few months, is what lead me to believe the macro was allowed.
  2. Ah, So I only followed the attendance part of the rules. -macro deleted- Time to just use the "click everything" macro which has the same function but has a messier event chat lol. That's the only thing i saw on every forum post about macros and followed it. Thanks for the clearing up!
  3. I don't like that macro... The rules state that you MUST not have a delay or have repeated functions, but does not state (at least as far as i read) that you can't detect what is needed in order to do your actions. The important part of wurm is to be there clicking a button the whole time. The macro i made to simplify my improving only requires me to middle click the icon of the object that needs to be improved. 5 images around 10 pixels in radius of my picture are then looked for. If the image of a hammer is detected, then a certain number of my toolbelt (I alphabetize the toolbelt) is selected, and then the keybind for improve (I repair after, so i can queue several items to imp). After im done improving I repair and then press middle click on as many as my mind logic allows. From the rules: "Make sure to attend your game session when performing actions. If you use keybinds and send actions that finish often, make sure that your actions have desired effect before starting a new queue in case you watch TV or do something similar that steals your attention.... This will of course not happen when playing normally or being afk. You also have to make sure to respond to any popup questions that may occur due to such perceived automation." AutoHotkey Script: This is for when i grinding cloth tailoring as Siasia for Nathan priesting (I am a noob programmer, sooper noob, so its messy) So if people want to -1 then go ahead. As far as I read there is no rule against it. Those who know how to make the macro can enjoy this feature while doing their assignments or enjoy their leisure time.
  4. +1, My name sounds like an injured donkey trying to sing back-up in a country song. Plz help me
  6. Its a player market. If a person makes a pickaxe, they can improve and sell it. If a person makes a toon, they can improve and sell it. If a player does not want to level blacksmithing, but wants to level weaponsmithing, he will probably need a pickaxe from somebody else to get a supply of good iron/steel. If a player does not want to spend time leveling much, and wants to just enjoy the game, he will probably need to spend a lot of money on a toon thats on sale. https://www.epicnpc.com/forums/89-MMORPG-Buy-Sell-Trade-Accounts Pretty sure whenever an account is sold, a player joins wurm. Not sure if that is considered bad or not. Rather have a person leave and somebody jump on their account than a bunch of people just leaving. -1
  7. Exactly, and this is a suggestion to fix that problem. Welcome to the suggestion forums!
  8. 1.) nobody looks at a message board in a village, even if its advised. Thats my experience from them lol. 2.) everybody knows you can message on the forums, but the more you have to minimize a game and open your browser, the less you feel "IN" the game. 3.) Im not gonna add every person I talk to on facebook/discord/skype/etc. To mail a letter it cost 1i, and im sure people have at least 1 copper in their bank to send 100 letters. The dye you need could be 1ql and any color, shouldnt matter since you pretty much want gray. Its honestly a really nice method of messaging offline people, and if the wiki is right about how many letters can fit on a paper, its not bad. Paper can be in a bsb and dye is pretty easy to squeeze out of a cochneal. +.5, Not really needed but i understand for lazy people. I get like that sometimes. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Reed_pen
  9. Sounds more like a fish issue than a fsb issue. Thousands of meat have the same volume as a few catfish.
  10. *Activates dye in huge tube* *Activates glowing iron lump inside forge* +1 Yes please
  11. I like these, except i kinda don't like what I ***-ed. Rather than a shiny creather, Id rather them they glow as if they have a lantern. +1, Would be fun to be snuck up on by a troll, ride a super croc, or need to pull out a bow to kill fast shy creatures. -1 to
  12. If you are gonna put it back, at least do it right and make it a completely new structure. the two fenced gate and arch walls wouldn't look complete if you just slap them together. They would look amazing if mixed properly though. Edit: Apparently I said that before... point still stands.
  13. Any hole in my wallet is considered a bad hole o.o. I used to be in a village where all of the public items were 50ql tools, then public houses were available and you would store your own enchanted tools. Because starting with a 70 coc tool would give 70% more skill... If a player wants to, they could forage and botanize until they get a few silver and buy the gear themself. That would make them "Skip all the growth." They could also attend like 4 impalongs within 2 months and get tons of 70ql stuff and maybe even some decent enchants on the way. If a player joins a village, they already skipped a lot of growth. There's more to do than grinding!?! +1, Its the villagers choice if they don't want to spend their time with 20ql stuff. Creating the tool is nothing, Its the grind that takes more time.
  14. Sounds about right lol, Your earlier description matched the game though. If you are looking for a community where the majority is nice then thats not the game, but I can assure you most of them aren't young (at least the guild i had joined had plenty of adults). Odds are your guild will treat you well and you should expect major salt from any enemy. Crafting itself is truly amazing and the combat COULD be loved. May seem like crap at first, but theres tricks behind it that make it more enjoyable. Only thing i like more in wurm is the PvE option and the fact I can do my easier homework while doing simpler tasks like praying or meditating.
  15. -1 to poof, +1 to it being on your back until you target something.