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  1. Could be worse. I shudder at the thought of a goddess named @PumperNickel
  2. I'm thinking of a Shotel... some gold guy killed me with it in dark souls 1 several times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotel
  3. -1 to a maze. Id rather things like planting x amount of flowers for love, killing for hate, getting drunk for insanity, etc.
  4. -1 because the suggestion says "at least 3." The majority of deeds i've seen don't have storage issues with bsbs, only organization issues. +1 if the width is half of a storage unit and stores 2 bsbs. Its just REALLY ugly seeing a floor filled with bsbs.
  5. Or C. add more special moves that are viable when dual wielding? And make the ql matter so people dont have 1ql off hand weapons to do cool special moves. Would be nice if PvE fighting wasn't mainly "just hit it till it dies"
  6. -1, Tools are already as good as they need to be and foods already give affinities. something new would be nice
  7. -1, I dont even like foraging/botanizing, hunting, or anything of the sort offering money. Extra -1 to the thought of getting 1 silver occasionally for a necessary skill to mass produce cotton, wemp and foods.
  8. but, but, but... toymaking +1
  9. I kinda disagree with this... a horse's purpose in wurm is transportation, and they get slower when we carry a larger load. so I don't see why a cart/wagon shouldnt get the same treatment. The only thing is you can breed a horse so you can hold more items without slowing down. If the ql of a vehicle were to determine how much it can hold before slowing down, that would be awesome because the end result would be higher ql carts moving faster with the same load. +.5?
  10. -1
  11. +1 if only skilled archers can get them, and they have nice drops
  12. Is it just for looks. Or can i butcher them for body par.... I guess just looks. +1 still