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  1. Runes - An Equitable Solution

    Are people no longer doing it for free? Last time I was on a person took my 20ql and below materials and made runes out of all of them, then placed one on my tool. I said sorry about the low quality and he was like "nah its good, i get a 90+ % chance anyway." When i tried doing it myself it was hard, but with all the pros around its easy to somebody to make it quickly. Its easy to crank out crappy rift materials, and its easy for him to craft with crap, so its pretty easy all around. I wouldn't say runes are replacing priests though, just that runes are replacing possible priest spells.
  2. WEAVING Your Way To Success ...

    I wanna +1 cause it looks cool, but a lot of the stuff seems either out of the wurm theme or useless. This seems very tribal, and the only thing I could relate this to is pig on a stick... -.5
  3. Fish Farms

  4. Epic, Complete 180°

    new idea, challenge server, completely free to play, Wurm Royale. Huge action speed bonus and skill bonus, maps last about a week or so.
  5. Future of Wurm

    wait.. they don't do that? You can buy silver in the game with cash.
  6. Future of Wurm

    New people or people who played wurm before and left? Do you mean like emailing wurm emails "Hey we have a new cluster!" or putting on wurmonline.com "New world made blank days ago."
  7. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    free to play challenge server would be cooler. World resets every 3 months or something like that.
  8. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    stolen carts... they are locked on creation nowadays aren't they? And it doesnt take long to get 5 carp and make a home where you can drop items. Even if you don't make a home you can make a gated fenced in area where people need body str to bash in... the only drama i encountered is with building off deed. I once tried to make two bridges, one to walk and one for boat passages. In response, a staff member living near by threaten to grief it saying it was ugly and boats can't pass the big bridge. Other issues, unclaimed orchards being chopped or harvested. Then small stuff like "Darn i killed a bear on someones land and now i can't get the meat." Whoever is having pve drama more than twice a year, I don't know where you are but the people you live around suck.
  9. Wurm PvP - Why Players Don't PvP

    Looking at the results... I feel like the survey doesn't turn out to be constructive. The fact that the majority of people think that a toxic pvp community is the biggest issue, seems more like a "I don't like PvP in general" type of feel. Toxic PvP is in almost every pvp game unless you find a private game. If the survey is supposed to find information that would benefit wurm pvp then shouldn't you target people who are interested in PvP games to begin with?
  10. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    I can't imagine a flood of trolling griefers... I would imagine a person seeing sandbox, come in to troll, then leave because they were not strong enough to hit a wall with a huge club. Takes some body str in order to do that. There is also KOS-ing with deeds. Also... whats the difference between squeezing silver out the game and participating in the market? One just sounds derogatory but they both end up with the same thing. The game itself is too slow to really "feed" a troller. If you are talking about deed it or lose it people, that would be less of an issue because less money would go into premium and more would go into deeds.
  11. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Started wurm around the age of 13 I believe. Playing for a long with just 20 for my skills. I had no means of paying for games online on my own and my parents always believed that you had to pay monthly for were rip offs. I played until I was 20 in almost every skill and then tried getting silver. No luck back then and quit. The game was perfect though, look up and click 3 times to mine. Look down and do homework. 1 minute later i would finish mining (non prem nub) and do it again. eventually I got the advice to make bricks and after reaching 500 bricks with my crap tools, I saw that making 5000 bricks a month would not have been worth it (Actually i think a little less than 5000 back then). I left until I could pay for the game once again.
  12. can you seriously not cut a tree....
  13. Overpowered mechanics Irl. Open spoiler to see. Horrifying and should definitely not touch wurm. *Sarcasm* You can't plant two different crops in 1 tile, I don't see the issue other than realism with specific crops.
  14. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    same, those who spend money willy-nilly could buy plenty of cosmetics and those who spend very little or nothing still contribute by being a part of the wurm population and community. I miss all the people I met in a village on xanadu , very fun people.