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  1. No trading powders? If thats the goal then why not make it work like Vynora's sleep bonus spell where you can surpass 5 hours.
  2. -1 No significant benefits.
  3. ... Something smells fishy about this suggestion... but I'll carefully place a +1 here
  4. *Looks at price* Nah *Makes non premium alts instead*
  5. ummm +.5? I always thought that food should restore hunger based on kg rather than quality after the cooking update. CCFP, Huge Affinity times for xp boost, and Nutrition should stick with the ql to make cooking skills important. 1kg of 100ql Pumpkin should not be able to fill me more than 3kg of 10ql pumpkin... same goes for drinks.
  6. so... rares should remain poop because runes are available?
  7. +1, Theres a post in the town square where I mentioned that rare functionality is now crap in comparison to runes, and runes are obtainable through effort more than chance. at some point I mentioned that I would prefer rares have a huge durability boost and, if the item is worth showing off, a new graphic. Armor and weapons looking more royal as you go from regular to rare and supreme. Furniture being more bedazzled, but little things like shafts and food remain default texture. Also was hoping the durability boost would be like 200% for rare, 500% supreme and 2000% fantastic. Anything other than the outdated +1 ql for rares +2 supreme and etc. The runes that give 10% higher ql from gathering make rares look like complete crap. Oh, I also don't know what is good about my rare maul or shield, but im gonna assume the boost it has is small since it feels crap.
  8. .... Are you suggesting a whole new item, or have lanterns function like lamp posts. Lanterns look just like this when dropped on the ground. https://wurmpedia.com/index.php/Lantern
  9. +1 to this and OP. Would be awesome to have glass buildings (green houses) that give potted plants in them a huge boost.
  10. -sigh- Im standing next to a bunch of large and small crates, about 20, and I hate the fact I need to go get a large cart/wagon to load them to rename them. I can't keep track of what is stone bricks and what is rock shards easily. Shameful bump--
  11. Nothing will beat the soothing sound of that beautiful bell. instruments and music writing would be cool
  12. If It doesnt add a significant amount of lag at rifts, Sure +1
  13. +1, I'm having this issue with my residential areas.
  14. You make a great point. I wouldn't go to an impalong if it is going to take place right next to a previous impalong location. Its all about location, not getting a new set of plate armor at 70ql. Honestly though from what i have seen of you in the forums, you wont be able to handle an impalong. Its not going to be filled with generous people following the rules. There will be people throwing 2 sets of plate with fake names. bringing every tool possible when they are told 5. You are going to have a bunch of tools go missing and people complaining to you. Shrimpiie took care of everybody individually. After the impalong was over he took the time to mail my items back to me, and i would assume i was no snowflake to him. Im pretty sure he did the same for every item he can. You seem (i repeat seem) to be the type to point fingers rather than attempt to solve issues. I don't know what you saw in Shrimpiie but it was probably the same thing you saw in me, and thats enough to tell me that you are over exaggerating his wrong doings.