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  1. Even when looking at multiple landmarks, You may see a set of structures that seem true to the map but is really another area. Also like i said earlier, landmarks change and the map won't show that. I remember a time i tried looking for a biome that didn't exist :/, in game map fooled me. Not saying the map is completely not functional, but there are tools available outside of the game that make the in game map crap. There are plenty of people using that community map and then go ahead to say "No, If that map gets any more efficient it wouldn't be wurm anymore. The only change it needs is a new letter k".
  2. Highways, guard towers, and free locate souls don't occur in the ocean. On big maps some may find it difficult to figure out where they are. A simply mistake when jumping islands could place you on the opposite side of the map and leave you thinking "Ah yes!!! a lake next to a double peaked mountain. Im here!" Sure you can figure it out once you are land but if the map was there it would save the annoyance.
  3. Plenty of -1's on here. How many people here ONLY use the in game map and not the community made map? the community made one has enough info for a person to find where they are EASILY. Making the map not interactive just makes players like him have to open another window in order to continue enjoying the game. Getting lost in wurm was only enjoyable when i was a noob that had plenty of time and had to run away from certain mobs. Now if im lost its just a killing spree until i find my way home. Nothing really fun about it unless i meet new people (Which i don't need to get loss to do) Also, the fact that the wurm map is an image of the initial world is completely disorienting. Theres no "key" showing what color means what type of land. Even if there was, people sometimes change the land like desert to forest. Theres also landbridges that are easily seen in game, in community maps, but are simply not existent in the in game map. All that map does is allow you to orient with mountains and lakes, which gets isnt amusing after doing it 2 times. I don't say "YES I FOUND MY WAY" i say "YES IM FINALLY DONE" when i make it to sermon parties or other events. +1 to an interactive map. If not showing where you are, at least update the image. im honestly shocked the community map posts have so many views yet people in the suggestion forums say no to an easier map to read in wurm
  4. Makes a good point, The quality of the armor and the power of enchants on the armor should be visible by enemies as well. Huge difference between a guy with 60ql and a guy with 95ql armor on. But then again pink swords sounds like its much more wurth it. +1
  5. -1, hurts my eyes. The trees look beautiful and that it, but thats only to me. everything else turns out way too bright.
  6. Are you saying -1 because affinities from crafting is new, people are aiming to put some useless things to use (some people don't care for their affinities) and because being able to get an affinity should be good enough? Should people wait 3 more months to suggest something?
  7. Hope the "don't promote alcoholism was a joke" lol. I jumped off of buildings several times before grooming animals for a much larger timer. If it was possible, I would cut myself with a sacrificial blade. But anywho, drinks wouldnt be OP if this buff was in play.
  8. @Alkhadias Are implying the idea of having PvP missions for the PvE oriented people in a cluster where theres 1 PvP island and I think 7 PvE islands is not a bad idea? Wurm's personal goals are one of the dumbest features I have ever seen. To make finishing a game easier for some players and not others just by random is just... weird. The personal goals of your character could not fit your own interest. Nothing drives me away more than a sandbox where it chooses your own destiny. The first sentence you see in the https://www.wurmonline.com website "Wurm Online is the MMORPG where the players are in charge!" and then a little later on it says "Whether you enjoy conquering kingdoms, building your home or hunting dragons, Wurm will let you." You can do what you want, but if you want to win you might have to do things you don't want... Who likes playing a game where they do things they don't want to in order to win the game? I know personal goals isn't the main part of wurm you see people aiming for, and its not a huge widespread issue, but its just dumb seeing it there. I don't understand why people pay for a game that is very much like their life experiences when they could just experience life. I pay for a game to experience things I don't experience in life. When you make a game why would you say "Lets make it unfair for people just like real life" rather than "Lets make this enjoyable for people to play"
  9. HUGE +1 to a method of selling/trading affinities but I see one issue with the method of removing it. If I had a "Place holder" alt to hold an affinity, would I still get the 1/500 chance thing to get an affinity with the affinity role happens, rather than the 1/1000 (I forgot the exact numbers) as if its a second affinity. Anywho, Along with what Etherdrifter said, People sometimes get affinities they don't want. If its something like weaponsmithing on a person who was just making a bunch of arrowheads (is that possible? not sure but imagine it is) and the person does not want the affinity, its kinda lame to force it to stay on that person. Maybe the person doesn't care about the 10% bonus or the skill in general. Maybe they are just a fletcher. Maybe a person is already 90+ and satisfied with their skill and would consider selling the affinity. If you get an affinity you want that is great. If you don't get one you want then its just there, but it would be great if you found somebody who would purchase it from you.
  10. *whispers* chainmail armor for pets... If they suck on people make them awesome somewhere else. Seriously though.. armoured bears o.o
  11. why make botanizing a skill if everything can be gardened
  12. Would it even be considered fair though? I can bring you to an egg wars match with an account I already have for free to play with my group ( Our group is probably not even your cup of tea XD 2 pre-teens, 3 20ish yr olds, and 1 30something yr old). It will take less than 2 days to figure out if you like it or not. In wurm pvp, how long would you say it would take? And how much money is expected to come out of my wallet. I can barely afford premium due to college. My account also has 30ish or less body stats and not even 80+ fighting. I even use a spear so my shield skills are less than 5. Would i need to spend time grinding and money to remain premium until I'm able to have my character "roll" decent hits and feel like im doing something in a fight? If I get you an account for minecraft can you get me an account for PvP?
  13. thats an insult to females.