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  1. +1 to the purpose but -1 to the idea to fix it in the OP. Imo, Iron plate should simply get damaged a lot faster and have MUCH lower glance rates in everything but piercing. I always believed that chain armor smithing should be a skill to make yourself and pets chain armor. If chain is never supposed to match up to plate (I know its better in slashes but not that much better) on people, then chain should just branch off to put more armor on pets. I mean... who doesnt want a bear wearing 90ql chain armor.
  2. Oooo, If I +1 do I get a Like? +1, amazing idea, would be very handy and the visuals would look awesome!
  3. -1, there is no need to make a whole new island to introduce new items to the game.
  4. I'm confused as to why alt farming is not beneficial to wurm?
  5. There would be a point to imp stuff, that point is to prevent from buying a priest alt and get higher skill to craft better things. It also isn't "wasting" if you have a large amount of favor and would like to preserve certain things. Ex: Very high ql pottery, masks that get damaged in combat, staffs. +1
  6. fatigue feels pretty crap. It doesn't allow new players to catch up because it stops them too, and if a person pays for 2 months of premium and doesn't have the choice to play 2 months straight, feels like its slightly ripping that person off. If the fatigue system to to stop bot-ers, then it shouldn't just kick people off for reaching that time. It should just send a notification to staff that a player has been performing actions for a long period of time so they could be checked at that moment. -1 to making players who spend 16hours a day playing spend 5 euros for fatigue powder, they already payed for the 2 months of premium time.
  7. I had the same thought, but then realized that leather would be a decent rare drop.
  8. ah i was thinking Tilling. +1
  9. ... these are abilities... Right? The skills she mentioned are not passive. You have the option to plant in specific ways and they are unlocked by skill. If you want to increase difficulty or lower it, then you can. If you don't want the auto resow, you can just not auto resow. At least thats what i got from the suggestion. Would be weird if 60 decreased difficulty by 5 and then 65 increased it back to normal...
  10. +1 theres a suggestion around with it already. It definitely would be nice
  11. Huge -1 to that unless the "negative" is changed. Tripled time + automatic resowing is perfect for grinding with limited land. Without the negative trait on this one Id +1 all
  12. Thats pretty debatable, the majority of many players time is spent in a village. Whats wrong with having a village of spanish speakers, another of french speakers, and then english speakers. Whenever I go on long journeys I and i see people in local, usually I only get a Hi out of them. I wouldn't mind an hola or bonjour every now and then. The only thing I would like to see restricted is the language on forums, because the majority of communication I have outside of my village for wurm is either on forums or trading. Besides... You are right in saying this is a different genre... How can you relate this to wurm's most dominate feature.. PvE?
  13. Oh! Out of all the villages I lived in I heard complaints related to this from the farmers. They asked if there was anything to pay attention to with farming and every answer was just "Plant it and farm it as many times as you can for skill. U get gud and crops get gud". The animal husbandry mechanism is already much more fun to maintain and it would be cool if the crops can undergo the same thing. I think the most positive effect would be to have this apply to trellises (not trees) as well to give them a nice buff that requires work... Trellises are still bad right?