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  1. Complicating a feature of the game :O amazing idea! No really, amazing. I believe the game lacks specialization by allowing late game players so solo. What made me love wurm at first sight was how long it took to do anything, and i imagine living in a village with people who work their butts off in specific areas to yield amazing things. But instead what I saw were people who were able to accomplish nearly everything on their own and fight uniques together. Only issue I see with the suggestion is that there is that complication of farming doesnt lead to NEW features, simply just a nerf. Now, theres no benefit to making the quality or yield much higher with how easy for a mid tier player to get large amount of crops (let alone a high tier), and improving quality wouldn't matter since its easy to become a good chef. The only benefit i see possible is to add new items as a result of the complication, such as decoratives from a rare yield. I would love it if I planted pumpkins on pumpkin season, watered them and tended them frequently, only to raise my chances of growing oversized pumpkins. Once that can make HUGE jack-o-lanterns. Or maybe make huge crop based figurines that can be burned to increase settlement bonuses.
  2. +1, I always said that if I played wurm by the time I have kids, I would pay them to do chores for me. This would save me money if they could do the same.
  3. Looks cool! Carpentry? Jewelrysmithing? Both?
  4. losing ships due to glitches on travels is a reason why some people have left. Poor cave collapsing on ship...
  5. small bump for a small insignificance in wurm
  6. If scythes should be thought of as tools, they should be made by blacksmithing ?
  7. Automation... ehh it really depends. Production though I have loved in other games. It was really nice going out to hunt and then placing the hide on drying racks to dry as I head to the mine, soaking the hide in tannin fluid stuff. The pottery planters and the coal piles are actually really good examples of it, and I heard there's a fishing net? I play WU so I'm not updated :3. Also, please never remove shattering.
  8. You are talking to a PvE-er. In my case, we are always on horses because the animals don't target them. Plate is very suitable for hunting and cloth is what you wear when you dont want to look like a naked noob. If you dont mind the some bruises and you are really strong then cloth aint bad for hunting. Scale was not on my mind, but it would bring plate more on par with it. I'm just confused as to why you wouldnt want cloth buffed harder as well just for speed.
  9. -1, I would say the opposite. Makes the strong stronger and the useless remain useless the way you suggested.