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  1. I'm really new, I downloaded it on Sunday and expectet a good game like Minecraft or Rising World. But it's unbelievable heavy and everything took endless time. In Minecraft I need less than 10 minutes to build my first house. Or if Spiders came I can dig me into the earth and wait until they gone. It tooks only an hour to build the first better house - but it's so lonely there. And after a year it's really boring. So I expect something less boring with more options to build or to hunt and so on. But this disapointed me very much. I like sandbox games, but, sorry if I say this, this is the badest game I ever saw. The graphic is bad - I can walk through trees, my tent does not protect me and I can walk through the walls of my tent. And everything tooks endless time. That's why I'm frustated about this game.
  2. @Simyaci- your comment helps a lot. Thank you for nothing!
  3. Dann sind das zwei verschiedene Spiele? Ist denn das kostenpflichtige Spiel auch so lahm und so schwierig wie diese online Version? Also, dass man ewig braucht, bis man ein Feld geglättet hat oder bis man einfachste Dinge wie eine Kiste gebaut hat? Oder ist das wie ein richtiges Spiel, also vergleichbar Minecraft von der Art (nicht von der Grafik)?
  4. Kaufen? Ich denke das Spiel ist kostenlos. Ich habe es doch schon auf meinem PC installiert, die aktuellste Version. 3.99 zh Es heißt doch "free to play". Nöö, dafür gebe ich keine 27,99 € zusätzlich aus, besonders nach den Erfahrungen mit der Demoversion. Danke für Deine Hilfe, aber das ist es nicht wert. Auch noch dafür bezahlen, dass alles ewig dauert und es so einen hohen Frustfaktor hat, nö, da zocke ich eher Anno, da passiert wenigstens was oder Gothic oder M&M. (auch wenn es alt ist) Die kosten fast gar nichts und machen wenigstens Spaß. Naja, auf jeden Fall danke ich Dir für Deine Unterstützung.
  5. @Eject: Wie bekomme ich denn Euren Server in das Spiel. Bei Minecraft kann ich einfach den Server eintragen, bei Wurm gibt es da keine Möglichkeit, außer den vorhandenen Welten kann ich da nichts anwählen bzw. konfigurieren.... Ich habe die Standardversion von Wurm geladen Version Startup 3.99 zh.
  6. Tutorial? I arrived somewhere, walked through a town and sometimes there opened signs who told me things about the game. If this the tutorial, yes, I did. @Bix: I clicked fast as I can. The distance was okay like the combat window told me. I leveled up my longsword skills to 5.0 - but I died a lot...
  7. Ah, I thought, that the one is the free test before buying the expensive steam game. After this bad experiences with the game I'll not buy it. It's not value for money.
  8. ???? Now I'm completely confused. Do I not play Wurm Online? I tried to post here the startpic of the game, but's not possible. What the difference between unlimited and online? This is confusing like the game is hard to play. In my browser this forum is called: forum.wurmonline.com - nothing with unlimited...
  9. @Eject - yes I'm from Germany, but there is no german Island or something like this. I started the game and choose Xanadu, later, after I died a lot times I chose "Respawn outside Glasshollow". I respawned in every possible place. I tried to find myself on the map to get orientation - but this is just a map with no hints where I'm. The compass mostly is off. I searched in the game for a german part, but couldn't find it.
  10. @ Maurizio: You wrote I should settle close to the city, but there are no free places to put the tent, that's the reason why I go outside.
  11. Thank you, but I think I'll quit it, because it tooks to much time until I'll have first success. If a game is so complex it's too much (for me). I was looking for something like Minecraft in a little better not so boring without other citizens and mixed maybe with "Settlers" or "Anno"-Parts (don't know if you know these games, they were very popular in Germany). Enjoy the game, for me is no fun.
  12. This is a very bad game. I'm trying since one day to craft something like a fence or a chest, but nothing works. The only thing I can do is cutting trees and trees and trees. I'm always attacked by Trolls, Wulfes, Bears and Spiders. I tried to hide in my tent, but they hit me further and they killed me again and again - so this is no fun. I tried to secure my tent but the game says that I'm not allowed to do it, but it's my tent... I have a big collection of my own corpse (oh yeah, I killed a bear after I died 3 times) This is too hard to play and nothing ever work, no help, nobody to ask. Is it possible to talk to the guard or other characters? How can I buy a nail or something like this? How have I to hit the bear (or spider) that it takes effort? I'm clicking like an idiot but the other hits me and I hit him just sometimes with luck. Yes I've a shield, but how can I use it? It's equiped on my left arm, but the enemy hits me again and again and the shield does not protect me in any way. I can't level or dig, I can't build anything. How many years should I play until I've build a small hut? 20 years? I played Minecraft over one year and thought Wurm could be better based on the mindcraft idea, but it's totally crap. I tested it online because I wanted to buy this game, but I'll never give money for a bad game like this. I can walk through Trees - wtf?