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  1. You wont need to buy the dirt, I have enough for you.
  2. Another question: With 23 new traits and 21 old, will we have 44 traits? (including color)
  3. I wonder how many will feel like Calan, specially on the newer servers Wonder how high AH Malena and her alts have? Specially on the new cluster.
  4. Ok... that aside, my question was: Will existing 5speed horses still have 5 traits?
  5. I feel the same! It is way too much to add 23 traits and some players think this will bring in an exodus to WU. But as someone said in another topic, there is always something painful in those big update that they wont tell us and that will upset people.
  6. Will Genesis still be a thing? Can you be more specific on the question above if all animals will be affected or only newborns after the update?
  7. I doubt any pvp'ers wants to show on mouse over or in local tab that they are afk.
  8. While we love to see new land I agree that starting more and more servers is not the best solution... unless... They seem to have had good effect on the temporary servers that got wiped after a certain time, like Challenge for example. Launching a short term server once a year and let it last for half a year, then build up expectations in the half year between each servers existance would maybe keep people coming back. Could collect ideas for plots/setups from the player base, to somewhat reduce the work.
  9. Wow, must be a really old guide as this has been possible since like 8 years.
  10. I have had multiple reactions while catching up on this topic, but here are a few of the things that came to mind: We are encouraged to have alts by how the marks shop is coded and what "pays the most" in forms of marks. Clearly more alts is better than buying silver. Just because someone else thinks it is recreational to go to the park or the mall not all of us like it. It is not reliable to think you can get people to chime in and work like idiots on your projects for months and months. In fact, villagers tend to wander of and get own deeds so they can fullfill their visions. While we love community driven events, those are more gatherings for fun than to build someones castle or something. Even if people gladly want to help on mending a tunnel or dredgeing a canal, we tend to end up doing it fairly alone most of the time. This game is not meant to be easy mode, making everything real fast would devaluate our toons and we'd be more inclined to abandon them and the game. We have tried WU and the faster phase and the single player modes and see we came back, cause the easy mode or the alone mode is not what we want. Not even us that prefer to play by ourselves most of the time. I have found some awesome friends I can idle with for hours without speaking but I know they are there if I want to speak.
  11. The most common reason to have alts is to hold deeds. I have 15 alts to hold my deeds, how is me paying 15 upkeeps not good for the game?
  12. When will we get a food storage unit? Now I can fit 12 bsb on 2 tiles but only 7 fsb on 4 tiles.
  13. Logging back in sooner than usual to brag about how awesome Ravenoffaith is! He mapped a good part of the western road system today and will do some more! Really nice surprice to see him in local today! Thanks again, Raven! PS: In order to make this a valid post in topic I want to say that some roads are now added on the western part of map! DS.
  14. Is there maybe a willing cartographer out there that would like to map all the highways that exist on the western parts? That would be most apreciated by the locals. Across from Athendale in N14 that is.
  15. I have two groups of tar in a bsb also.