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  1. This seems like a good question!
  2. My ladders are also temporary, currently building a new house
  3. I know that ofc. At least now I have use for my lantern!
  4. On my new computer the mines are pitch black.
  5. I guess we all know that "trick", but it's fairly easy to accidently click the ladder and then one has to go back select the vehicle again.
  6. Happens alot to me now during building my castle also, like at least ten times a day.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    Come on, is the Community relations coordinator gonna tell us how many toons we need? Or what is efficient for us. You do realize that having several toons means several prems, but by all means throw the money out the window. Several toons also means several deeds, are you gonna force us to have just one deed each also?
  8. Mewt

    In short, premium allows you to skill over 20 (max is 100). There are some events where you will also get a gift or can win a price, like christmas gift for example. I think that since we the forum readers, that often are the active chatty and/or helpful players, now become aware of you, you might find a nice group to join while you go thru the steps of the tutorial. Welcome, hope you gonna like it here. I know a few vets myself actually so you would not be the only one. PVP seems to have died off compleatly, people have various thoughts about why, but there has been promised updates to pvp aspects of the game during this year, so hopefully more people will pvp again. In Wurm there is something for everyone, just remember to never compare your skills to the old players but only to where you were a week ago! Welcome to Wurm!
  9. I have nowhere else to go.
  10. Will we still get the Sleep Powders when we buy prem in the shop also?
  11. I assume the loyalty rewards were the carrot that was supposed to make us accept the stick.
  12. I only really needs strongwall so will have to be Mag.
  13. In a Valrei International like 2,5 weeks before it goes live? Don't you think the slating of player gods decerves an own topic at least and maybe letting us know like at least a month beforehand?
  14. I hope devs know what they are doing, and to drop this info like a side comment in some random topic, that is to slap us the payers in the face.