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  1. In Sweden we use tar or render the walls, specially indoors they are rendered.
  2. Nice! Please allow the planting boxes on surface also
  3. Lunalong 2019

    This event is going on, bump for a good host!
  4. I'd like to remove the smithing sounds that prevent me from smithing.
  5. The gift boxes has a few different stiles. I have a few laying around, not sure if it is 2-3 kinds.
  6. Yes this topic is not aimed at the food wrapping.
  7. Thanks sweetie, I would have started the topic myself but had chores in rl :D But yes, I have been clicking several hundred times this morning, smelting ore from a community project, renovating a boat canal (Darq on Xanadu). From a pile in the mine I can drag all 100 to smelter but not from containers. Is there a good reason that it has function like this?
  8. What I would like would be to pull over 100 ore to my smelter instead of a (in my case) 10 per time. It get extra tedious with that mouse spinning "feature". Specially when you have like a few 1000s ore to smelt.
  9. Does that mean that all other servers will have gotten 15hrs SB and Xana only 10?
  10. Lunalong 2019

    Eleraan if you want I can summon you or give you a lift.