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  1. As I understand it, and imagine a three sided dice that we don't see then: First the dice rolls between mother, father and neither parent, then it rolls on the colors in a certain order, this the order is possible to find from datamining WU I belive.
  2. Are you sure the person in CA that responded to you was a GM? Most times it is just regular volountary staff there. And we have heaps of new CA people.
  3. Explain why this is needed, please!
  4. What is the point of letting other people know our skills?
  5. Then the dirt ends up in the boat also, instead of in the dredge.
  6. Please Close

    It is plain rude to seal of most of the open bay, for your own pleasure, forcing sailors to pass in the middle there. This is going to irritate people over the years. People will come and remove it.
  7. 2. is probably caused by the lag at rifts, the whole menu has yet not loaded, so the cursor is on next row of the menu when it finishes loading.
  8. Not my bag of tea. Nope.
  9. Looks like Cele is down also. http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/
  10. I'd be happy enough if I as a Mayor could destroy houses "owned" by villagers without having to bash them wall by wall. Now I will never allow villagers to hold their house writs, but i have previously been given deeds where I have had to bach towards 20 buildings.
  11. You don't need an alt to plan a bridge, just plant the rangepole. Edit: At least that is how I recall it, or is that WU? Wurmpedia says nothing about it.
  12. Cheers:D

    Don't get the account deleted, I expect that would remove your content from before. Just get it locked please. Kram/hugs and have a great life!
  13. Lol, how convenient to go get a faith just to get the 5hrs SB after a Rite and then immediately change again ! Doubt that will happen.