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  1. Love in Wurm

  2. A serious post about mental illness

    I wish you well also, and remember, here in Wurm we are many that have issues, you are never alone!
  3. I'll actually have to compleatly agree with Shrimp
  4. Kicked for being Idle

    This has happened to me also, with the message I was idle to long on that little window that appears. It is not the red window that tells me I crashed, but the same color as I get when server shuts down. And it was after I had played for hours, but went afk to cook dinner or something.
  5. Rare Factory - Now Taking Custom Orders

    I'd like to order a rare trowel for Mermaid
  6. WTS Horses on Cele

    I'd be intrested in one of the merchant contracts when I get back I also want to mention that I normally get my best horses from awesome Aarbi!
  7. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Somewhere on page two I started to think the issue was server was too fragmented
  8. Computer issues

    I have a cousin in Mosjöen, that guy who fell in a work accident if you remember, it was some years ago. I'm from Storuman. When I was 15 I ran away to Mo i Rana and met a group of hardrockers who played at the high school one evening, and in daytime we all sat at the "Snack Bar". I just recently found out one of them is now a wellknown photographer in Norway *highfives back*
  9. Computer issues

    Hopefully the frost will be gone from the land, but it does seem a bit early, make sure the cabins are open that early in season! Keep me posted on when you arrive in Stockholm! Edit again: The cabins close at end of winter season april/may and open again for summer season at around Midsummer.
  10. Computer issues

    Oh, Kungsleden Welcome to Sweden Cerberus! Edit: That passes near where I was born in suthern Lappland, Hemavan beeing the closest village to mine. I live in Stockholm now thou.
  11. Arched Hedges Rose,Marple

    Wow, how did I miss this suggestion? HUGE +1
  12. My pile of full fsb's is also an eyesore, please give us a Food Container Unit! Oh yes and +1 to OP suggestion ofc.
  13. I am stuck in an old deed

    Send in a /support and they will help you out.
  14. K 10 Tunnel Project - mining out the veins

    Ok, thanks Zeth, I will torment you in PM instead I will also have less time the coming couple of weeks due to a loss in family. Starting from next week.
  15. I have to agree that only Xanadu is so big that it is a long journey to get to the allies.