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  1. Bar stools

    We also need bars so we don't have to use bookshelves, they are to tall!
  2. Normally. at least in my early days, they use up the candles.
  3. New Year, New Map Dumps 2019!

    Gosh I had forgotten this, well done bumping the issue!
  4. Buying transfers, unlimited times, seems to easy. Some of us pay prem for several priests to get all them spells we want and this suggestion only works for the rich. The rest of us have to pray us back to faith if we choose to transfer.
  5. white barding

  6. Why was PvP abandoned?

    It is as if you don't care about the fact that people now quit pvp cause of the priest situation. The massive income from the Chaos pmk's and deeds was an important part of your employers income, this money serve to pay your wages. Last years financial report looks bad and this years report will look worse when it comes. Staff should work towards raising the company income.
  7. Returning player - having bad time

    Something worth knowing is that now there is a one time transfer of skills when you come to Freedom. Not sure exactly how it converts, but the x-Epicers here can surly fill in the gaps in my knowledge.
  8. I have at one occation broken a major highway to connect/plan two ramps from the shore to the bridges on my perimeter, then I gave notices several times for about half an hour in Freedom chat and only broke the links for a few minutes. Not all keep an eye on that tab, but I had nobody yell at me at the time. There was absolutely no way I could have built a workaround at that spot on the bridge dirt pillar. So, I broke the rule. What concerns me most in simular occations is what happens with wagoners that are underways. I was unable to plan the ramp unless I removed around 3 catseyes due to the protection. Will you be mad at me now @Enki?
  9. MS-DOS is FUN

    I prolly started with Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11 I really miss Ultima Underworld.
  10. Somehow this made me think the priority was not ever the convenience for the players but to lessen the burden of data on the servers.
  11. Dem Capes!

    All capes go around the body, even the short ones.
  12. Dem Capes!

    That is not a cape, that is a new tabard. Capes are supposed to be big enough to cover the body. But maybe it was to hard to make the movements so they choose one that can't move?
  13. Your priest can do more things now, they lifted some of the limitations, I think all we can't do now is improve things.
  14. Remove Email Limitations

    I agree, it's a pain when I have 13 toons atm and have to discontinue my main mail adress.