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  1. On deed you can use them as fences else they are easy to cut down nowadays. (yes they stop at full height and only get shorter by pruning then). Each kind of hedge has it's max height, like maple is among the tallest and camelia stops at medium height. Edit: If you allow any villagers to prune or cut trees they can ruin the hedge pens.
  2. Gonna be so much fun to see the cavetown and participate in this event! I might steal some ideas for my own cave projects
  3. Adding something new requires both work on the model and the skin while changing just the look of an excisting model only requires a new skin (that is what he did). What programs are in use nowadays I have no idea, but I am fairly sure there are some shareware like Blender etc you can use. Somebody else will have to gve advice o the details thou. The models and current skins are all in the server client files somewhere. Or somewhere.
  4. This is actually something I'd +1
  5. I guess alot of these new WU owners are stuck with the game then?
  6. If it's part of a bundle there is no refund, except for the whole bundle or?
  7. Are you using a Mac computer?
  8. Yes it is an arched bridge. The tiles I managed to remove were really the flunked ones closest to me on both ends and nothing works in mid section. All shards land under the bridge as for you guys. This is the first little bridge from north connecting to the bridge system that make part of the Glasshollow Linton highway I have been working on since februari, and I need to remake it asap so we can catseye it. Bashing it with a large maul just doesn't do the trick due to the qI I build bridges at now
  9. Yeah it is only natural that he gets real estate, see it as a retirement fond. Best way to get a good life is to make the money work. If I ever get enough cash I will aim at getting property to rent out. I am more curious about what sort of games he work on
  10. Something triggered me today to check out how Code Club AB is doing and if the last years closing was ready... Then I discovered Rolf registered two new companies this year!!! CSRJH Camp Creation AB and Creation Street AB. The first one is for releasing computer games and the second is for management of property etc. Now I'm sooooo curious what Rolf has up his sleeve I hope it's not just that he's gonna transfer Wurm to the new company and that he has a new game in the works!
  11. Nice, that's the kind Pingvinen has also Well his is not rare ofc.
  12. Oh gosh, he's my neighbour.
  13. Yeah this weekend has been extra laggy. I have had the boat issue all day yesterday, where I disembark and ship is far away, when I swim there I can't reach it. Very frustrating.
  14. Nothing much changes day by day at sermons, only the names on the sermonlist, as people come and go. Will you provide materials for saccing for the casts?