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  1. The most common reason to have alts is to hold deeds. I have 15 alts to hold my deeds, how is me paying 15 upkeeps not good for the game?
  2. When will we get a food storage unit? Now I can fit 12 bsb on 2 tiles but only 7 fsb on 4 tiles.
  3. Logging back in sooner than usual to brag about how awesome Ravenoffaith is! He mapped a good part of the western road system today and will do some more! Really nice surprice to see him in local today! Thanks again, Raven! PS: In order to make this a valid post in topic I want to say that some roads are now added on the western part of map! DS.
  4. Is there maybe a willing cartographer out there that would like to map all the highways that exist on the western parts? That would be most apreciated by the locals. Across from Athendale in N14 that is.
  5. I have two groups of tar in a bsb also.
  6. Well we do have unpayed and payed devs, now it is a contracted (payed?) one as I understood it. I think Malena was in the volounteer team?
  7. Is anyone taking bets? If so I bet 10s on Malena.
  8. Seems to apply for traited mobs also.
  9. Currenty playing on my old laptop, I have pitch black nights and my 93 ql lantern does not help much. On my home computer I can just slide down that slider in settings if I want darker nights. -1 on this suggestion, not all of us have top modern computers. Then it would be better to work on that slider to get more than 3 levels of brighness.
  10. How can a person even suggest something so stereotype in the 20s? Something for the girls? If you guys want to play nuclear family go play Sims. Don't ruin this swedish and gender neutral game by adding stereotype stuff. To me this topic was so totally off that I have not even read the suggestion. But the quote above about "something to draw girls" sure is triggering. I totally agree with Yng and Amata.
  11. In the mapgrid N14: canal is passable by all boats. (the corbita race went thru there) Stormdragon Gate disbanded long ago.
  12. Huge disapointent on the lack of maps for the new servers. We worked hard on making roads etc, you plan for a hot map, and yet no mapdump? To me it sends double messages.
  13. It has been like this since I started playing some 8 years ago, at least.