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  1. Looking for work, but which one?

    We do have a few of those also. Welcome! Prepare to get stuck here now
  2. Looking for work, but which one?

    I'd start on one of the pve servers on Freedom. That way you come to active servers with helpful communities.
  3. Please close

    A quick look on his previous posts shows they are mostly in the trading sections.
  4. 100 Restoration Title

    Well done sweetie, you're the best!
  5. As some of you may know I and friends worked on the Glasshollow Linton Highway for most of last year. After that I have had this little project on the side, namely a tunnel straight forth to south from the bridge system that leads across the bay.. With some help from a few friends I have now made all the initial work but the veins remain to mine out before it can be catseyed. It is strongwalled and paved and open for manual traffic. The tunnel starts at the coastal deed Lavender Bridge (J10) and ends at the inland deed K Ten Project (K10). Both deeds are connected and findeable on the highway system and community map. South end connects to the hwy that leads from West Coast to Hell Hound Trail and Linton. This tunnel and bridge system makes up for a nice long straight afk drive thru 3 tiles of the map, from center of H10 to center of K10. There is a total of 49 46 veins in the way of the catseyeing, with some additional goodies on the sidewalls. I would very much welcome skilled miners and tunnel makers to come help me finish this tunnel and open it for wagoners! (If you come, and mine out a vein, please post so we can scratch it from list! )
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I sailed by the deed on east coast Release the other day, I was happy, and oh so sad, to see the very huge statue of you that Enki put there. Next time I will dock and walk up and leave you some flowers dear Tich.
  7. Xanadu Community Map

    Please add: K Ten Project at 1354, 3800 This is the south entrance of the K 10 tunnel that leads straight between Lavender Bridge and K Ten Project, (J10-L10) as a prolonguation of the bridges that are part of Glasshollow Linton Highway. The tunnel will open for manual traffic as soon as the strongwalling is done, but there are 49 veins to kill before it is useable by wagoners. I'll make a topic asking for help on that. Better wait with adding the actual tunnel till the veins are gone and it is catseyed.
  8. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Grats Muse! And what a cutie
  9. End of 2017 Map dumps

  10. Linden Trees

    +1 And while you are at it, have Saroman redesign the trees, they don't look at all like the real, very lovely Linden trees.
  11. You have a moment of inspiration...

    I think what has inspired me the most in Wurm over time was probably the thought of the much anticipated bridges. And the thought of them maybe coming into game sure inspired many of us! One of my earliest projects in Wurm was to build a temple, faking 4 buildings with rope bridges between them. It took me a long time to figure out the whole build and remove ladders procedure, so I probably worked on this house for towards a year on and off. When I finally figured out how to remove all the floors to create the hollowed part I ended up with one remaining floorplan I could not remove. So Enki came, and flew up and down the center of the building and I sort of tried to teach him how it all worked, not that I knew, then we had to ask for expert help, so Hesta came. She said it was not possible to build like that... Anyways, I built this somehow, and also later managed to disguise the remaining floor plan above the office. Totally untalented clip and also the only clip I ever made. Then stairs came into play and this house fell out of my inspiration. It was never adapted for stairs. Xanadu came in betweeen and again the thoughts of the much anticipated bridges kept my inspiration going. When they finally came in game I breached a huge bay, and now my next project is that (once in a Wurmlife) huge castle, faking the size by integrating bridges. Here the smaller of the two bridges across the bay, on this side of the island the water is more shallow, situated on the Glasshollow Linton Highway: