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  1. Can you please add the highway tunnel between Lavender Bridge J10 and K ten K10. And change deed name from New-valelen to Mermaid Bay. The guy disbanded and I deeded.
  2. Yeah we have seen lots of lag on Xanadu today, I'm playing from Sweden.
  3. Moored ship can be moved by GMs, if on deed and player not around.
  4. I dont feel a need to be able to recover building mats when the world is already full of unused stuff and if not it is easy to make.
  5. Tar can be converted to dirt with transmutation liquid. Text now says: Tar tiles can be raised by dropping dirt or sand but they cannot be changed to a different tile type.
  6. This mainly affect those tradeing ig. for me personally that would just be another tab I have to close.
  7. Awesome! And we can even see the tunnels now
  8. Agreed, it is really a pain for us chocolate lovers!
  9. Free bump for Ismira!
  10. Also, that 12 months price is not 70% of original price when purchased via my bank.
  11. This sounds totally reasonable to me.
  12. One month? That is far too short time.
  13. The deed has over 30 silver in the coffer.