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  1. First post in this topic was posted at just before 6 am swedish (Code Club AB) time.
  2. Crafting window - 3rd box

    Yeah, I have no idea how many times my rares were consumed when building fences or walls.
  3. Just because it sucks so much

    Select then take presumably? From open ends of upper floors that seemed protected by a locked door. Probably only possible to do by toons with permissions to pick up in the house. The locked door gave a sense of security, but pick up permissions overrule, if selectable from below)
  4. Be able to search in containers

    Just press the word "name" .
  5. WTS Jukimo account

    All those should be fairly easy , maybe not the 99ql item but the rest.
  6. Allow bridges up to 23 slope per tile

    I solve that by raising the ground 3 slope at ground end of the bridge..
  7. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    Yeah now that Retro finally accepted our urge for an updated map!
  8. Hey we need Hay

    It's not like horses eat from bales anyways, they get the hay served a bit fluffy like it is now. -1
  9. So long, and thanks for all the fish

    Hey, I don't dislike you! Hopefully they will actually listen now and make a main priest more fun to play. I say as Morhedron: Happy hunting!
  10. Serious note: Allow dams

    Also why we can't get rivers or lakes up in mountains. Not sure that can ever be changed in any way even if devs played a bit with creating water higher up than sea level some years ago.
  11. End of 2017 Map dumps

    Just do it already!
  12. Add a message to a full fruit press -.-

    We used to loose sap when bucket overflowed, but I belive that was changed? Should well be possible to do on fruitpresses also.
  13. Looting off deed

    Yeah, I also know people living off deed, or people that took an extended break and meanwhile their deed fell by accident. -1 from me on this.