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  1. Is it paypal only? Still says same price if I choose to pay with my bank. Edit: ok, now it works with bank also!
  2. Almost biting my nails here, an hour after midnight. When will the sale start?
  3. Or if you redeem it at a settlement token?
  4. If we are gonna remove all names that offend people I also want to remove the combo Kisspick, it means pee+penis in swedish. We already banned the simple and very common word in swedish: ######, that means end, the end, finished. Seriously, if we all are gonna get offended over namecombos, then we might just as well skip names all in all. And no, I never reported horsenames that offended me. I had several that were totally wrong for a swede.
  5. I believe it came from a special event, like the Fog Maze or the Inde 10 years or something. I have one aswell. Along with an oakenwood water skin
  6. You have no idea about the back story to this. Furthermore, the anotation about Lions Gate is a different post and not mentioned in relation to Lavender Bridge. And lastly, I talked with Dale already ofc.
  7. There is also a catseyed bridge between 1408,2885 to 1458,2884.
  8. This is a total lie, and I will keep an eye on this player from now on. Lavender Bridge is in perfect condition.
  9. This is my situation actually, I have deeds held by alts that hold deeds on more than one server. Instead of bringing the Mayor alt with me on my upkeep rounds I have alts, on one of my deeds the Mayor probably has not logged in for half a year. The alt I have for that deed is not even on that deed but on a deed closer to my other deeds, and I give him cash there to pay for the upkeep in the remote deed. Now combine this with my low income and the just over 30 days upkeep I have every month. How would the game keep track that it is actually me the player paying all those upkeeps on one alt or another and how will game know that the Mayor logged in for 2 minutes per month on another server?
  10. What is the point of this topic if not to take over a deed? And are you sure that is not to some extent out of greed? Also: You have no idea what I have in my storage. I also want to quote Yaga: "A deed belongs to the mayor who paid for it, whether they are actively playing or not. We can't just expropriate a player for being away from the game for an extended period of time. "
  11. You accidently posted in wrong section, I assume topic will be moved to right section. How to reach settings is different in the old UI compared to the new UI.
  12. I often have near or around 30 days of upkeep cause I have many deeds and little money this year. I do also have villagers on some deeds, people I added so they could chat in alliance while on server. On Harmony I have two deeds I just pay upkeep for, I have not played there in a long time. And I have villagers there also. With the suggestion above I'd risk my deeds every month. To some random players from other servers that I just added to be helpful. HUGE minus 1
  13. You should still have your saved files in the wurm folder under users if you are on a windows system.
  14. Ok, does he have jellyfish deeds on those coasts then? I thought any Jellyfish deed was his.
  15. I'd be surpriced if Macoofer doesn't already have public spots to send from.