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  1. I have him on my friendslist (Worfeus), and need to talk with him also, about my current road project on Xanadu. I'll keep an eye out if I see him! Last seen 4 days ago.
  2. Ty Potion for your offer! I did how ever get a female gifted today, Will start breeding her asap.
  3. 2023 Roadmap

    I think the hold up is that they set up those NFI servers differently, like they skill faster it seems and other stuff.
  4. I'll have to assume it was bred by them then.
  5. I'd choose not to use my ig toons as GMs as accidents may occur then, I messed up a map pretty bad that way... In server setings you can make the changes iirc. You can find the individual toons there.
  6. Well, it depends on your settings for the server. If you speed up skill gain you skill faster, but you can also set the skill to 100 immediately as a GM.
  7. Thanks for always beeing fast! And for beeing you. ❤️ I'd like to add my two newest deeds to the map: #209,1304 Crocodile Creek #218,1276 Neverland
  8. Your reed all look like it was at the wild stage, pondering if the OPs picture shows like this cause of the adjacent oak maybe? I assume that the single reed to the left is a second tile planted on OPs picture.
  9. Planting two tiles beside eachother should still not give a different utcome thou. On a sidenote: You can get higher ql reed from wild plants than your max farming ql. Many people (like me) therefor prefer wild reed.
  10. Looking for a pair or a female of champ dog. Can pick up on any SFI server.
  11. Bug? or Feature?

    Did you take the horse of deed or kept it hitched? They do have a chance to miscarry but seldom die from it in my experience.