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  1. It was changed from Mermaid to Milkmaid when I won the cow hat (troll king crown) like over a year ago.
  2. -1, even if I get other people to plan my bridges I decide the names, since I built them.
  3. Even thou they destroy alot I think it's awesome that we have them in Sweden now! +1 for Elsas suggestion, I have an adolecent walking about on deed atm
  4. Sad news indeed
  5. Seriously, is Strandvallen gone?
  6. Going back to second newest Nvidia might help.
  7. Only possible place is Motala! I know in the old days people gathered for a bbq somewhere in Sweden.
  8. Oh yeah,that's why I suppose.
  9. Looking forward to a new map dump... any news on when that can happen?
  10. Well done guys! How's that yellow tunnel from Nightmare lake to Arcadia? it has single row and reinforcements but would make a great connection from the road Delightfuldee has been working on along the west coast of Nightmare. I intend to connect from there to Midgard, the road is now wide enough from lake to the peat area west of lake.
  11. You mean the black dye Archaed named GM Black? Taste that name.
  12. I am still waiting to see that bit I catseyed from HOS Protected Forest to make it to the map, been some weeks since I fixed it now.
  13. WB to Deli I have a bunch of wrapped gifts with your name on them! /owner of former Mar Terrin
  14. Well spoken, Batta!
  15. She is really close to 100 now! Personally my goals are to finish a couple of projects and downsize a bit. Highway tunnel from my bridges,a summer castle, a cavetown and then that pizza parlor and ice cream stand in Mermaid Lagoon. Edit: Atm it looks like the pizza parlor is a fancy restaurant also, and then under the new destillery seems to be a dancehall and bar?