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  1. Dragging was a thing when ships could still get stuck. That is changed since years now. Depth in water I find neat to have on the pages individually even if the info is on the main ship page. Edit: Well if a newbie builds a ship on deed and can't use a ship transporter they may still want to try and drag it, as the push off deed is sooooo slow.
  2. The stair is not a solid floor. Has always been like that. Well since they managed to code the stairs, used to be plain floor or ladders. Both solids except you can haul things on the ladder tiles. What seems to be half a solid floor (the stair tile) is not solid.
  3. @AragornII Wurm Unlimited is a one time buy version of Wurm Online. It does not get updates as there is no income in that for the Wurm Online owners: Codeclub AB and Game Chest Group AB. It is the same game pretty much, except it is several years old and has not gotten updates that WO got. Instead WU server owners take in money to fund their servers in various ways. People create mods for WU also, some that are simular to the updates WO gets. If you want to pay one time then WU is the game you should purchase. Wurm Online is still a game beeing developed after almost 20 years, this takes real cash to do. Many players have played for years and years purely on in game cash. The rest of us support the game owners by paying prem and upkeeps with real cash so they can keep this game evolving. The best part of this game is that it actually keeps evolving. It wont be AoE2 forever. Chars skills are under the following skills: Body, mind and soul. Those you get to keep up to 30 when you go unpremed (and stay unpremed). This was introduces in the QoL updates prior to the Wurm Online launch on Steam. If you don't have 30 in skill at the time you go unpremed, they wont magically rise to 30 when you prem again. You get back to the chars skills level you had when you went unpremed. The other skills you normally have to at least gain one skill tick in for them to bump back to where they were when you went unpremed. (ie: you have to use the skill for it to go back up) You are spreading wrong information on how the prem and skills works. Stop that.
  4. Big -1 CCAB depends on the money the players spend on the game. And as previously suggested: Forage or botanize can give money for prem. It is also possible to make bulk materials and sell. Further more: if you never prem and take a vacation your toon may get deleted, while one time prem is enough to keep your toon forever. You also keep your chars skills up to 30 even when you go unpremed. That way you can still drive your cart, ride or sail. These suggestions to make it free to play keep coming up year after year, but it is just not viable for the game owners.
  5. Yo my G! Got your goblin on yet?

  6. Nope... Very bad idea. I am a paying costumer and this game lives on people that are willing to pay with real cash. Further more I have 15 deeds on three servers. I average upkeep costs at around 50 silver per month, and then we have not even talked about how much I pay in prem. And I am just one of all those people who have reasons for having multiple alts. Imagine the huge loss of income this would cause the game owners.
  7. This. Also, why would not as many rites as possible be cast during an impalong where people come to help other people by imping their stuff, and grinding their skills. Also, what happens to the Lore of the game when people swap faiths like they swap t-shirts. The impression I get is that NFI has developed a culture that is not at all rooted in the functions and traditions of the game. I wish we didn't have to see all the NFI drama/greed/lust for power in Global chat. Just separate the clusters to own GLs already please @devs
  8. I agree, especially since this hits the impers at a community event. Well I agree all year long really, Impalong or no impalong.
  9. I am wondering why people would want devs to invest time in making small carts hitchable, when you just barely need over 20 in skill to be able to drive a large cart. Beeing premed one time protects your toon from deletion and you keep your chars skills when you go unpremed and thus can continue driving your large cart. Reaching the skill needed for the large cart is easily achived in one day of game play, by for example making and imping your tools to max. This topic about small medieval carts is showing how it was used and that it was for short distances.
  10. Freaking irritating, besides making me think the person screams for attention. Not gonna use the word that came to mind but it starts with attention.
  11. While I can see the fun in astronomy in Wurm, I fail to see any actual use for astrology. We already have religion and meditation. But hey, astrology is very complex and based on when a person was born. I guess writing up the code for something like that would be in par with for example the cooking update. What specific use would the OP suggest? Is that worth developers time? Personally I feel that would be a total waste of time.
  12. Did you contact Sila also? He doesn't own the toon Rocky anymore afaik.
  13. Thanks, G! More updates to be expected!
  14. I assume you tried logging in with the standard launcher and not via Steam? Also, did you talk with the guys that hold your old deed? Hugs from me old neighbour!
  15. Sounds like this issue was never fixed since the remake of GD many years ago.