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  1. Having to work on two sets of codes seems like a total waste of time also. Adjust the code on NFI to SFI please!
  2. I have often fasted for long periods. The only downside is less skill gain from what I have heard. Since I'm totally not a grinder that is ok for me.
  3. Apparently, stated by the players that like to read statistics, SFI now is more active. Not gonna go look for those posts to link here thou.
  4. II So far I only actually brought the beds (in parts, in the bus, it is two beds on top of eachother), bought a car now so I can fetch the right matresses also. The rest of the furniture in what is now my tiny living room were left by the people I bought the cottage from. That ugly painted 70s wood panel will be covered with boards and repainted. And see that new gaming laptop I got for the cottage The bigger room will be my atelje/workroom/studio. I'll also remake the floor of the living room before I start useing it fully, my shelves are heavy and I need a stronger floor.
  5. 40 squaremeters, two rooms and kitchen, plus the veranda and a shed. I can remake the veranda to 12 square meters and add an extra shed or a green house of max 6 square meters. Gonna be so much fun to remake it and move my studio/atelje here! I hardly ever go home since I bought it! Even if I have a wonderful art nouveau apartment...
  6. It totally is a lawn weed here in Sweden also! I'm ok with it in the lawn thou, it is worse among the flower...
  7. Wagon 40 fine carp as an example, there are multiple other objects also, like large crates, furniture and smelter are examples. Sometimes it is listed in wurmpedia but not always.
  8. Having a blast here in rl doesn't mean I stop playing compleatly! I have four premed toons, long term... And a new highway project I started. I'll just not spend hours and hours and whole days in wurm for now. My rl mobs right now are ground elder and couch grass. lots of it! I bought the cottage from a couple aged 87, so there is a bit of work to do just weeding.
  9. While I agree with Muse about the event message, it is obvious that he can do it, or the wagon would be listed in red in the crafting tab. It is only the first time a player hits this situation (lots of flunks but able to try to make something) that it gets confusing. I have many times seen this simular question in chat and helpful people tell them to use better materials. But yeah, maybe change that text to "This is impossible, perhaps you need better material"
  10. Well, now that I got me a real cottage and a real garden I seem to not even bother to log in that often anymore. I still visit forums multiple times a day but when I found Wurm it gave me everything I wanted: a place to have a garden, to build a house, to farm and to terraform. All this is available to me in my real life now! I'll post the occational pictures of my progress every now and then if anyone is intrested to see it... The cottage and part of my yard. Kitchen and toilet area.
  11. Let's see now... didn't we get rid of play to earn cash? (RMT)
  12. You are not listening, and tunnels don't get deep by themselves. Start with making the tunnels deeper yourself. If you want every tunnel to fit bulky ships then sort it yourself and don't expect others to go mine down what you mean is missing. People have made tremendous efforts to create infrastructure for the fellow players, myself included, both as creator and as beneficiary. People that make infrastructure in this game have already stated that it would take way more time to make such tunnels. Asking if people would agree with you if tunnels were deeper, that is a very strange and uninformed question.' No hokus pokus will make them deeper because you want so corbitas to be better than knarrs.
  13. This urge he has is to make the least difficult big ship (newbie ship) better than one that is more difficult to make. Corbitas already got their speed upped (they were like sailing a bathtub) and they do no longer get stuck on shore like they used to. We don't need the corbita upped more. It is intresting that anything anyone else says is anecdotal but not his stuff. Also: tunnels are rarely straight, so no afk sailing for like half hour.
  14. Archaeology Bug??

    You get that message even if you have no journal at all. Happened to me in my early arch days.