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  1. Closed

    Sweetie, please let me know if you sell them so I can remove permissions! Gonna miss them (like I miss you) thou if you sell them :(
  2. I agree with the rest of your old allied mates that have commented here,keep the toon, just give it an extended vacation.
  3. I agree with armyskin. I have no problems driving my carts to upper floors I just plan so I have bridges.
  4. You have to be exactly above the right tile and swimming. And yes I understood it was about the tile borders actually. I have terraformed at the depth I stated, you can see it in I10 area on Xanadu.
  5. I don't see the problem here, you are limited by skill in this case. Also with shovel you have this limit. If slope is just a bit bigger than your skill, start with dropping dirt on bottom. I am pretty sure I have levelled borders also, and I worked on a total depth of over 1250 slopes, swimming. You need to stop at one slope under skill to continue flat raising next (whole) tile. To be able to raise higher than skill you need to think of it as a pyramiide, I think I had like 8 tiers (of 270ish slope) to reach surface.
  6. Here is an updated list of the remaining 16 14 veins that are still in the way of catseyeing: iron 97ql 9839 sandstone 66ql 7829 iron 90ql 5764 iron 78ql 4255 tin 77ql 8552 iron 74ql 8840 sandstone 48ql 9309 sandstone 43ql 9122 sandstone 51ql 7631 sandstone 28ql 7025 iron 42ql 7526 sandstone 78ql 5178 sandstone 65ql 7414 sandstone 21ql 8438 sandstone 81ql 9580 sandstone 77ql 8818 iron 93ql 5636 ( on the K10 deed) There are still other viens on the sidewalls, the updated list is in the spoiler. Also, I have no idea how much still remains in the veins, the numbers are what was in them from start. I'd be happy if someone came and prospected them for exact numbers!
  7. Some people here actually store stuff for people that are on extended breaks, named and on regular repair rounds, and then return them when the player returns. At least one of us do it. "points at herself"
  8. Wagon shuffle

    This happens to me on Xanadu also, and it is not a new thing.
  9. Due to a rl move and a loss in the family this project has pulled out really long in time. However I'm back now and the work continues. The tunnel still has some veins before it can be fully catseyed. I will check the spoiler list and make sure any veins already gone are off that list withing the next days.
  10. RIP willow clone

    Yeah, the title was not fun at all!