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  1. update

    At next map update we will see how the road really looks, sanded banks from H to north and all. It is also more straight than it looks on current map. Um.... for xmas this year I wish for a mapupdate
  2. update

    The Glasshollow Linton Highway ( the western road) is now officially open for traffic, and the first wagoner has crossed the bridges in i10! It all took me 10 months and 3 days including what is probably the biggest bridge system in Wurm I belive it shortened the previous route via Vrocks Landing with at least 1500 tiles between these two starter towns. This route is just under 4500 tiles long. Special thanks goes to Tich for recoding dredging and saving us months. I'll get some pics and statistics and post in own topic soon.
  3. The Glasshollow - Linton Highway is now open for traffic, just in time for the event of the year! Now easier than ever to find the way
  4. I was lucky that Tich called me silly when I had just started the diagonal catseyeing...
  5. This seems like a bit to much to ask for, I mean how often does people activate a plant and plant it in a planter by mistake?
  6. update

    Thanks, Dinant, this make me very happy
  7. As the males are not needed for breeding, they will all want females.
  8. update

    Connected Lavender Bridge also, and discovered I need extra permission for New haven Bay, I PMed Killroth but he has been abcent for several months. If some other villager there can grant me permissions or plant catseyes across the bridge I'd be most happy! Also, the bridge in New Haven bay is not paved , don't know if Dinant wants to pave it?
  9. Ponte veccio, my favourite bridge:
  10. Sounds like a total waste of the little devtime we have. (I play another game, where I also translate new lines, it is a never ending work and nobody wants to do it. But ofc that game is designed to be in several languages from start.)
  11. I don't know about lamps and corners, but fences block from repairing in many cases.
  12. +1, even if there is lots of dirt in the world it does leave ugly scars when people go dig dirt to sell and don't care about how they leave the terrain.
  13. I'd like to book a room also, I bring around 5 toons/priests so will have to get additional names on the door on arrival! I'll imp carp and masonry stuff mainly. And maybe involve in sermons (unless someone forces me not to)