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  1. +1 Make these potions useful.
  2. This would sure raise the temperature at my costume parties! +1
  3. +1 connected to roofs.
  4. \o/ Edit: Do you recall who bought him?
  5. On test you could store catseyes in crates but not the waymarkers.
  6. Same here! Put a pheasant in instead and I will make some cages. +1
  7. I'd rather have assorted bsb that don't merge the ql, in WU there is this mod/spell to opt if merging or non merging effect.
  8. It's been today for too many hours, give us that update already!
  9. [07:54:04] Gary has joined the ranks of true deities. He invites you to join his religion, as he will now forever partake in the hunts on Valrei!
  10. Congrats on the new status and well done on the tedious work to get there!
  11. There already is an unofficial Discord Not giving a judgement on the channel, some like it some dont! Edit: I think I heard Retro say something that led me to belive they ponder it. Discord feels neat so far.
  12. sounds terrible. -1
  13. A local server is local till you make it public I belive. This seems all normal to me, or at least this is how I have experienced starting local server.
  14. Such a cutie also <3
  15. Thanks for letting us know what you do, we talked about you just the other day. You are still one of the more legendary characters in Wurm! Btw, check out the tapestry competition, Rosedragon, you prolly have some good stuff to submit!