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  1. It has been like this since I started playing some 8 years ago, at least.
  2. Now this is the result for the parent company, not for Code Club AB. Look at those numbers back in 2019 for example, clearly not our numbers.
  3. Considering the fact that there is no limit for the players coming in via steam this seems very reasonable, making us that use several mail adresses now more like the steam 1 id users. Would save heaps of mails for the mass mails also!
  4. Malena streamed and showed how she had done the trailer. Not sure if that was on twitch or youtube, maybe someone can link to that stream so you can see for yourself.
  5. Friendly bump for an awesome set of armour!
  6. This is not a game where you reach 100 rifts in 34 weeks. (3 servers once a week), listen to what the older players tell you and calm down. We had two rounds of rifts so far. It seems more normal that it takes over a year.
  7. What exactly makes it too soon? Please don't just answer "because" but let us know the reasoning.
  8. Well done, Cistacista, Killashandra and everybody else, in and out of alliance, for hosting this event, that I typically missed... We possibly are the awesommest alliance on Harmony! We might need to find a marketing person for next event, @Retrograde
  9. Well that is as near a flat bridge you can come, and it is short also. It is almost licking the water surface. Not the worst bridge on the server thou.
  10. The reason why the favor needed was changed was that it was abused. Sleep Bonus is supposed to be a bit hard to get. Changing religion back and forth with the sole purpose to gain the 5hrs SB is not really the way this is intended to work.
  11. Eh... I don't pack anything, I might bring some empty crates else I just go. Like on the fly. Always in a vehicle. I usually have water in a measuring jug. With some luck there is water in the vehicle also.
  12. I predict that Harmony will be filled with short flat wooden bridges that will be in locations where they will be really hard to replace with long sloped stone bridges.
  13. Forest Giant Slaying

    I'll see if I can atleast pack the path that road will take, it is just straight west where the paving ends thou. Been busy dredging the canal all day, but there is still a small piece on the Athendale deed I could not terraform. So south end of canal is only passabel by shallow boats. The road connects to both end of the canal thou. Edit: Road packed from N14/New Falun now, tundra is on left side where path ends.
  14. Forest Giant Slaying

    Welcome over to western side of server! (owner of New Falun) Edit: yes don't mess with the tundra, my alliance is all around it. Thanks folks! Last edit: You can also dock in New Falun, by the canal in N14.