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  1. my experience knowing a lot of these groups, they usually abuse them a year after reporting them because they don't get fixed, in most cases, until they are blatantly and heavily abused. not to mention up until recently, 99% of the people who abused anything didn't even get so much as a verbal warning. Embark bug isn't related, its just a heavy inconvenience that has been around for over two years now. (also the leading cause of death on the pvp server is people getting the embark bug, which is just shitty when the only way your game gets pvp is because people crash)
  2. every poll ever made like this has been winning in the yes section. we had a merge poll with 85% yes and 170+ votes and it wasn't enough even to get more than a "its never happening"
  3. so riddle me this server pop = 20 prior to reset it resets, it gets 100+ players for over a year before finally crumbling slowly to pre-reset numbers worth it or not? i'd wager yes, thats a lot more money, and a lot more players, and a lot more fun, even if its only for a year. (because that is what happened) Maybe i'm a fool for not enjoying the game where i get to play kill the same 10 people over and over and over in the same 10 ways over and over and over because they ignored every guide you wrote, every piece of advice you ever gave them, and they don't learn from their own mistakes. New map = more players = incentive to split = more pvp also, i vote yes to these every time, but, the dev team i believe has stated that a reset of any kind is a last resort, so ye. if we did get a reset id like to see the chaos map stick around as a freedom map though. it has a lot of history and is the best map made since notch left the team, no map the current staff has been able to put out has even remotely come close to the quality of that map. The elevation one was a joke, they gave us a complete ###### one, so bad to the point where people would be excited for anything else, and then followed up with the current one. I guess that tactic works on people who even know it well :/. Also to @IberisEnjoy getting any of these polls to work though, you will be bombarded with no votes from people who just absolutely have to put their 2c in, who have no intention of actually playing on the server, many of which who have quit long ago, and quite a few who have never stepped foot on the server. It's a big reason why absolutely nothing relating to big balance gets changed on PvP either. also @ScribbleWU pvp servers don't succeed because everyone cheats, and client mods/hacks for WU, some with pvp designed explicitly in mind are freely posted here on the official WO forums, and there is nothing any server owner can do because they aren't allowed to develop a proper anticheat, at most they can reduce what information is sent to the client, but it doesn't matter because what the majority uses out there is already undetectable by the best server sided stuff ive seen so far.
  4. hey guys you have a lot of time, dont spend it grinding in the game, spend it doing other things in the game because its not healthy to grind for hours on end. ok mom gosh
  5. tour of ascalon next thnx i need eyes on my hours of turbonerding
  6. you really arent putting an argument here i guess when your iq goes below a certain point, nobody can have a logical debate with you.
  7. +1 should be moved by GM's, resizable-through?, and destructible. I had a bad experience with a Battlecamp once, where rolf decided to place one on DSC and leave us to deal with it for a year and a half making it so we couldnt even resize our deed to cover what it was planned for.
  8. ??? for a person who doesnt roll on anything i sure do whine a lot i guess at least the very minute amount i do get, doesnt go to freedom and sold instantly while i whine on kingdom forums about losing because we have no good gear.
  9. thats not content, thats more of the same. You aren't experiencing anything you haven't experienced before. And the second half is balance changes.
  10. hey punishlife i bought a new rear 120mm fan for my pc with three day shipping for 23.99$ and it hasn't arrived despite being 6 days ago can u make me 1 ???
  11. miss you fran <3

  12. really a suggestion more for epic than anything would be nice if bundled with an ability to modify what servers are tracked.
  13. sb goes up slower than body str past a certain point i can also tell you anyone above 70 either used a large number of alts or exploited it.
  14. no remove true strike, remove sotg, scale armor reduction back up, scale weapon damage down SOTG is, and always has been a crutch for people not smart enough to think outside of a safety net and i lose respect for anyone that supports such imbalanced mechanics.
  15. its around 10 minutes maurizio.