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  1. Having reviewed this thread, this sale comes across as rather deceptive. What you're selling here isn't a magic chest, as you do not own it. Instead, you are selling a deed which happens to have an unlocked magic chest on it. This sale is now locked, you are welcome to adjust it to be less deceptive and repost it. Thanks, GM Team
  2. I heard they were trying to get closer to nature!
  3. lfw

    Looking for Work
  4. I think it was a Samsung Galaxy S6. Might internet be a factor too? I'm not too clued up on the technology.
  5. A friend of mine who played WU tried to get his Gear VR working with it. I believe it was more of a virtual desktop type thing though, but had the head movement matched. The downside was a pretty noticeable latency between moving your head, and the characters head moving.
  6. As with most, I never would've guessed English wasn't your first language. I must admit, I'm a little surprised! Your English seems better than some people I know in real life haha
  7. Just so you are both aware, there are no Heritage Sites on the Epic servers, nor on Chaos. As far as I'm aware, there never has been either.
  8. As long as they're planted, I don't believe it's possible for a player of the same kingdom to take them.
  9. I find it to be a wholly disrespectful act. Looting a village for a few HoTA's is one thing, but stealing them from a memorial to a fallen player is...well....downright disgusting. While well within the rules of the game, I would've hoped that the individuals who took these would have some degree of morals about them. Evidently not. Words fail to describe the disappointment I feel in whoever took it upon themselves to take them. As Zenity mentioned, quite a few of the people who helped to create that memorial have since moved on from the game. I remember the group of us who banded together to put together something to commemorate our friend who passed a couple of years ago. I know the individuals from that group would also be disappointed in those who did this.
  10. Only when he's really excited, and chasing a ball up the hallway
  11. I swear he's part dog! He plays fetch, chews through boxes, and runs sideways! Look at all that floof!
  12. And to celebrate 2500 posts, my new fur baby! Meet Benji!
  13. Omg, it's like a little pepperoni slice!