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  1. +1 Might finally get around to making the Museum I always said I'd build if I could do it with these!
  2. You've expressed this far better than I ever could. I've been part of many deeds over the years. DNPA was the one I felt most welcome at when I joined it. Throughout the years people came and left, but the one thing that never changed was the incredible sense of community spirit present there. It represented the good of Epic to a degree. Had it not been for DNPA, and especially Covenant, I most likely wouldn't have stuck around past mid 2014. I probably wouldn't have applied for CA had I not joined DNPA, and been persuaded to do so by the people there, and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without it. I know some of you may see that as a bad thing though I'm truly saddened by the loss of the community we had there, while it had steadily been decreasing, it never once wavered in spirit, right up to the very end.
  3. There were still a few active villagers keeping it going when they could, with what they could. Not much they can do when the deed's hit while they're offline. People do still have lives outside Wurm, so can't necessarily stay up all night anticipating a potential attack that most likely will steamroll them.
  4. While it's certainly sad that we had such little numbers to be able to defend, what I'm still trying to wrap my head around is what the group stood to gain from doing this? It had already been looted to hell and back, all valuables on deed and on active villagers had already been taken. It's not a case of attempting to gain land like on Elevation or Chaos. There was literally just under 2 silver in the token. Was it really worth the time and effort to get that? Was it really worth detracting from the already dwindling numbers as villagers cease to log in because they can no longer provide any sort of match, or defense, against the attacking party?
  5. I've heard mumblings here and there complaining of posts being removed from this thread. I understand that many of you are frustrated about what happened, and have every right to voice your displeasure at the events. However, there are rules in place on these forums, and we ask that you follow them when posting. The bulk of the posts that have been removed have been criticising current team members. I'll remind you that if you have concerns about team members, to take it up with their team leads. Idony for the CA and CM team, myself for the forum team, Seedlings for the wiki team, Retrograde for the CR team, and Enki for the GM team and the leads. -Firestarter (Lead Forum Moderators)
  6. What's the point? There's no-one left. Along with that it'd be like throwing money away, I have no doubt that if we were to do so, the group would be back again to relieve us of our deed and upkeep within a short time.
  7. As Zenity mentioned, Joanavon was the founder of the iteration that we've just lost. Following him was Tacitus, then Covenant. Apart from those, the most notable names that I remember from my time there were Mirax, Viti and Lyhrinae. They'd always jump at the opportunity to help someone out. I can honestly say that some of the best people I've ever met in this game have resided at DNPA.
  8. Today marks a sad day in the history of Wurm. One of the oldest standing deeds on Serenity has fallen. The Department of New Player Assistance has always existed in some form since Epic opened, always dedicated to helping people out. Oftentimes people have said the only reason they stuck around past the first few hours was the help, advice and assistance we gave them. Sadly, a small group of people decided they wanted the 2 silver coins in the token, and easy loot and easy kills with no opposition whatsoever. In doing this, they've now destroyed years of work. To those who did this, I honestly hope you're proud of yourselves. To those who've been a part of the village over the years, I offer my thanks to you, for helping to shape DNPA over the years. Your work and company is very much appreciated! Jul 12, 2017 2:31:23 PM upkeep disbanded The Department Of New Player Assistance
  9. Currently only the alliance capital is able to check that they're, well, the alliance capital. So I'll propose a change to this, to allow others in the alliance to quickly check which deed is the capital. Best way to do this I think would be to bold the name of the deed in the deed list under manage settlement - info.
  10. Happy birthday!
  11. This auction has now concluded. Sjach is the winner, please submit a support ticket ingame to claim your item!
  12. This auction has now concluded. Sjach is the winner, please submit a support ticket ingame to claim your item!
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