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  1. What happened to GM Hall

    By all appearances, it's been tidied up so that only the most relevant threads are publically visible. If there is anything missing that you believe should be reinstated please don't hesitate to alert us to that.
  2. For Auld Lang Syne

    In what way would you class this as unfair? By the way things look, everyone had the same opportunity to get to these chests. You cannot cry conspiracy just because you were unable to get an event reward. Not when, and I'll reiterate this, everyone stood on equal footing for them. Perhaps your strengths don't lie in solving puzzles? That's fair enough. Not everyone is good at doing the same things. In that same vein, however, other events where you have succeeded in obtaining a reward would show where your strengths lie, and others do not. I've yet to see anyone else shouting about people conspiring against them because of this. In what way do the gifts that staff members may have received over the years hurt the economy? I've yet to see any of the named items hit the market for sale, nor would I expect to see them. When the items gifted have a specific meaning to the individual staffer I don't believe that the thought of selling them would even cross their minds. Not everyone plays this game with the sole intention of monetising their playing experience. Why are you against it? Is it because you yourself aren't receiving one? Is it because you have the belief that it'll cause irreversible damage to the economy? Given that the volunteer staff of this game selflessly give up hundreds of hours of their time to aid in the running and well-being of this game, I'd say they more than deserve a Christmas gift. Surely in doing these random events, they're succeeding in that goal of keeping players engaged and playing the game? I'm not sure where you get the idea of there being some elite group of players that get advance warning, or unfair advantages from, but I assure you that it's entirely false, and reads as rather delusional and unfairly accusational. That, to me, reads a lot like you're only complaining about it when you yourself are unable to obtain these items. Especially given your first line from your first post in this thread.
  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    This is a song that means a lot to me, one that really resonates with me. Whenever things look bleak, I listen to this song as a reminder that no matter how bad things appear, you can always rise from the ashes eventually. The chorus is permanently inscribed on my shoulder blade for that very reason. Embrace - Ashes
  4. Hobbies / interests , what is yours ?

    '73 Buick LeSabre?
  5. Good Bye Wurm

    My condolences and thoughts are with you Envy. You had left the team by the time I'd joined a few years back as a CA, but by all accounts you were a damn good staffer. Hopefully you manage to beat this. Cherish the time you can with your loved ones. Especially your pupper!
  6. That thread about cats!

    I know some of you on these forums love seeing pictures of my fur babies, so it saddens me even more to say this. Unfortunately, my little bear, Benji, was killed on Tuesday night. I'll share some pictures of him here, including the last one I took of him on Saturday, some of them you may have already seen.
  7. Adding decoration to a Plain Stone Wall throws an extra space into the line shown in the event window. [20:08:12] You added decorations to the plain stone wall.
  8. fix the lag in glasshollow market

    Thread locked.
  9. How do you refresh your Wurm experience?

    The point? To have fun in your own way. I love building deeds in Wurm, and I'm limited by my own skills when it comes to that, so must rely on others for certain things. If I bought an account I could do it all myself for the most part. I don't find joy in endless grinding in games. I'd like to use and do what I'd want to do (within the rules, of course). You say it ruins the experience, but that doesn't ring true for everyone. That's why it's nice to have the option there to jump right to a point and jump into the game without needing to grind.
  10. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    Very nice! And a huge congratulations to Samool, more than deserved. I've only seen a part of the work you've put in and that itself was immense. Best of luck going forward!
  11. Jenn-Kellon Template Kingdom Wagon (SOLD)

    If you can deliver it, I'll offer you the buyout right now.
  12. Large magical chest

    Having reviewed this thread, this sale comes across as rather deceptive. What you're selling here isn't a magic chest, as you do not own it. Instead, you are selling a deed which happens to have an unlocked magic chest on it. This sale is now locked, you are welcome to adjust it to be less deceptive and repost it. Thanks, GM Team
  13. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2017

    I heard they were trying to get closer to nature!
  14. LFW

    Looking for Work