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  1. Only when he's really excited, and chasing a ball up the hallway
  2. I swear he's part dog! He plays fetch, chews through boxes, and runs sideways! Look at all that floof!
  3. And to celebrate 2500 posts, my new fur baby! Meet Benji!
  4. Omg, it's like a little pepperoni slice!
  5. The map reset destroyed years worth of building, terraforming, breeding etc, so it's fairly logical that you'd see a pretty sizeable drop-off from that. At least with this transfer there's an "out" of sorts on offer alongside some massive changes to the cluster, so you can continue to enjoy the game in a rather similar way without being too affected by it all.
  6. Eh? Less players? You stand to regain a fair few players not bloody lose them!
  7. That is one of the nicest Mk2 Golfs I've seen! Must be one of the few that haven't been cambered and "stanced", I approve of the look you've gone for!
  8. So that's where Enki's 8 legged horse went!
  9. I'm going to turn up just to fall into the pit now!
  10. Exactly. Just like our skills on Epic.
  11. Someone coming with a transfer isn't going to make your skills drop. Your skills wouldn't, and aren't, affected by it. It's your perception of it that appears to be the issue here. Enemy kingdoms already do. It's called Valrei Scenarios, and just like grinding skills on either cluster, it takes effort. So what stops you wearing that title with pride, knowing that you went through the longer grind for it? Why do you need other people to make you feel validated? Someone coming from Epic with a skill transfer isn't suddenly going to make your skills decrease, you know. I think you're forgetting that us Epic folks didn't ask for our cluster to die, nor for it to be left for nigh on two years Of course you couldn't care, you're not being affected by it. Is it really that difficult to show some damn empathy for your fellow Wurmian? You are not getting "screwed", you are not being "hurt". That's a false belief beyond words.
  12. That was scrapped long before release. You're clutching at straws here buddy.
  13. Can I ask something. How would someone transferring 1:1 from Epic, or even at the current formula, affect you?
  14. You're trying to get peoples skills nerfed. Pathetic.