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  1. Rune attaching service

    Hello! Sorry, we do not travel. One reason is that we do not spend enough time in game to travel and is also not very efficient for us (the little time we have, we prefer to spend working on things rather than travelling). You are welcome to stop by at our place for all your runing needs though! Best, Thor
  2. Rune attaching service

    Thank you very much for the business! Enjoy the extra QL
  3. Rune attaching service

    Done and sent back to you! Thanks again!
  4. Rune attaching service

    Absolutely no problem! Thank you. Add on the items your name and the short version of the runes you want on them e.g. CoppVyn, TinMag etc. Thank you for your business!
  5. Rune attaching service

    Hello! Indeed, the 55c for the runes and 35c for the attach, Send away (with your return name on the pickaxe) Thank you for your business
  6. Stable 4.0. client bug megathread

    Win 10 Pro 64bit Intel Celeron G1610 2.60 GHz 16 GB DDR3 Nvidia Geforce GT520 1GB VRAM Java 8 x64 Update 121 Old Renderer (same other settings): 13-30 FPS Modern Renderer (same other settings): 3-6 FPS HORRIBLE performance with the new renderer, easily 3-4 times slower.... if you need more info please ask
  7. close

    pls close
  8. wts large magical chest

    sent you a PM to purchase it
  9. close

  10. in game chat

    It is not latency (well, the chat might have latency as well) - but the issue discussed here is that no matter how much you wait, certain people (from certain servers?) do not see eachother
  11. What other games do you play while grinding?

    (browser-based) Forge of Empires 15-35% of gaming time (application-based) Wurm Online 20-55% of gaming time (application-based) Warthunder 10-40% of gaming time (application-based) Cities Skylines 5-10% of gaming time
  12. Back Up Alert

    over 9000 (yes pls)
  13. close

    Large Magical Chest
  14. Not sure what to think as a customer.

    @Markcrow- funny, you just dismissed all locking mechanisms in the game. By that logic - there is no reason to even have deeds, you can just carry on yourself or on alts all the tools you need. Heck, why even bother with permissions...
  15. close

    ahem....still on the lookout