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  1. POI map for epic structure missions

    Can we get a confirmation on this please? @Retrograde - because on Niarja as well as in-game only the ones completed for missions appear in the area event messages
  2. POI map for epic structure missions

    Thank you! Added Thanks also for the list....not sure how it can help, I mean I can probably find all instances and then cross them off once they apperar here... but that would be quite long of a process I believe....
  3. POI map for epic structure missions

    That is why community support is so important on this one! And what TYPES are these structures? @Oblivionnreaver
  4. POI map for epic structure missions

    Dear Xanadians! with the new Journal quests where so many missions need to be done in order to get it I thought to turn toward the community for help with this endeavor (for me as well as any other Xanadian around). With help from others (thanks Flubb!), I managed to make a quick website that should act as a guide toward finding Epic studctures fast and solving the missions even faster. The link to the POI map can be found here: I already started populating the map, but of course ANYONE coming across these Epic structures anywhere can report their location by posting in this thread. To make things simpler, when you click on any point of the map except the markers, it will bring a pop-up that will tell you the exact coordinates of that point, so that I know exactly where to put the marker on the map. For simplicity's sake, please let me know: Xanadu is big....the more people wanting to chip in, the easier and faster and better this map will become. I really hope this will help everyone! Ps. I will update this map as often as possible. Just leave your replies in this thread Best, Thor
  5. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Unfortunately this is part of taking on responsibility to organize something. As long as no one organizes anything, no one has any expectations - but because you took on the challenge now people expect something from you. On the other hand, I too wish this was handled better...You said you waited for 2 hours, did you try PM ing the people on the forums that registered? Some of them could have seen the message with plenty of time to spare The last big hurdle to get Benediction for my GF is exactly this. Eveyrihting else can be completed within a in effect, you just set back one person in particular by some time, a person that actually registered for this. I am not upset, it's a community event after all, I am just sad for relying on a system (and that is why sniping happens, because people don't trust a system...) In any case I don't want to derail the topic itself, which is very noble - but wanted to point out the irony in what has happened
  6. Village recruiting?

    For example: here is one of them - give it a read if you want
  7. Priest network for teleporting services

    Southeners' chipping in! Priest name: Inspira & Biostar Main Contact: Thorakkanath, Inspira or Vitrelle Location: Thunderstorm Keep (Q11) TImes: all over the place, afternoons Central US time, evenings GMT time Gimmicks: runed mailbox, beds (via concierge for now - Inn in development), food, conversions, highway access Notes: no destroying anything offdeed, especially hedges or oaks - other than that have fun!
  8. Ritual of the Sun

    Adding biostar as a sme priest with 100 faith 60ish chan (don't judge!)
  9. [QoL] Bashable carts, wagons and boats

    Reviving dead suggestion because......well its important and easy to implement....
  10. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    Ah, thanks for that Shydow, I will edit my post then to reflect only ongoing problems
  11. Building a community

    Dear friends and people looking for a new home! We were very disappointed in one of the new players and had to let him go. That means we are back to two plots available! Send us a message if you are interested in joining a community!
  12. [Fixed] Goals Completed

    Hey! I have a few issues... 1. The slay 20k creatures - can be easily tracked through achievements and I have more than enough, why do we need to go through that again? especially cause it is easily trackable (also does it have a tracker? it shows nothing, even if I killed some animals in the past few days) 2. I have a good bit over 5000 total skill points, yet the goal is not completed yet - does it not round points up and always rounds down to the full integer? I did not calculate, but maybe because of that I don't have the mission completed (according to niarja I had a few months ago 5035 points) - also the 5000 skill points has no % tracker, would be nice not to need to use niarja or calculate manually I do have to say that all the benefits are okayish, but not nearly as powerful as always +5 power in casting is from benediction Nevertheless, thank you for the great update so far, I know it must be hard work to balance everything to make it just right
  13. Building a community

    We are still looking for another player! In order to keep this community balanced, fun and not male centric, we would prefer to recruit another female into our community - so please get in touch with either me or inspira! Of course, we will consider everyone! But we wanted to push people that are on the fence or maybe need a small nudge to get in touch with us ...and as always...please no one touch Inspira's weeds!
  14. Building a community

    Our community is growing! We now have a second member on our deed, a player that started over 7 years ago but took a long sabbatical away from wurm! With him Plot 3 is now occupied!
  15. Patch Notes: 14/MAR/19 Journal Tweaks

    I have a few items that are white but at 100%. Bug or lack of explanation?