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  1. Everything is grey now sadly. I've noticed this a lot with the newer client. I have used 1/1/1 black and got the same result as you. Here's another bonkers example. [23:05:53] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. Colors: R=51, G=1, B=51. This has a very low nutrition value. I made the above purple. Here it is on a dyeable barding. Edit - For the record Dye's look FAR more like how you'd want/expect them to look on the legacy renderer. This is something that's gone wrong with the modern one. Here's the same image taken from an account on the legacy renderer. It's not quite as deep a colour as i'd like but hey, at least it bears a resemblance to the RGB value colour i made.
  2. Noticed that when casting a new spell on something the hover tooltip immediately updates with the new spell. Good stuff. However when dispelling it does not remove the cast.
  3. On the subject of the cursors a friend who can sadly no longer post here asked i forward his findings. It feels a bit like the "hand" symbol you get when dragging an item in inventory doesn't quite drop accurately. So we checked: The red pixel indicates where the cursors think the item is, but because the middle of the drag (blue line) and the image of the object waaay above are not near it you'll find that dragging items in inventory always feels like it places it one spot lower than you intended.
  4. perhaps we could have his chest armour removed to show off his sick godly pecs
  5. This has bothered me for a while and i figured it worth asking even if it's just a mistake in the wording of the examine information. When archaeology was introduced i was really excited to see "Statue of Magranon" as an option because i'm really not a fan of the avatar models for the altar of three and colossi. It just seems silly to me that we had depictions of how the gods look but don't use them but thats...just my opinion. However the archaeology statues even specifically state that they are actually a depiction of the gods themselves, while showing a depiction of the avatars. Which was a massive disappointment when i finished mine. Nowadays the only way to see the models for the actual gods is on the handheld statues used for casting. Would be wonderful if it could be corrected either by the text descriptions or....admittedly a long shot but, actual different statue models? Depends i suppose on if the small statuette models could be scaled up for these. "[17:59:53] A statue of the warrior god Magranon." - Below: Not a statue of the warrior god Magranon
  6. Tunnel complete Took a lotta marble, mortar and brass but it's gloriously cladded, paved and lit now. As is the side path up to the peak
  7. One more update to the highways, big new tunnel south outta my place and a new road around the mountain. Should be my last highway update for a while now hehe.
  8. Still working away at the place forever here. Been working on the south exit tunnel and continuing making a highway all around the mountain, the east side of the mountain has always been a real pain to travel around but no more! From the top end of the bridge down to Moonlit Euphoria Path follows around past the east exit to my tunnel Eastward road down from the tunnel exit, leads nicely to the new bridge i put up The bridge over to rockcliff lighthouse Path continues round to where i have the south tunnel exit at. South end of the tunnel, it's still got osme work to go. Needs paving, cladding and lamps. Continuing on SW, then turning south. Finishes up neatly onto existing highways. Some nice views along the way How it looks coming up from the South Drawn up a map of the edits i've made, probably going to sort a tunnel out from the south end of my new tunnel down to water level, maybe bring this road west along the south edge of the mountain too. But for now is done I'll update once the tunnel is all shinied up and then i think it's time i get to surface mining that second platform layer....gonna be a big job! Any high channeling Mag's out there wanna hook a guy up with some stonestrike? xD
  9. Amazed to find today that this is still actually in the game. Horse died, repaired the gear, picked up the gear, buried horse. Realised afterwards that one of the repair actions prevented me picking up one of the four shoes and boop. 95woa 90QL rare shoe gone. This is already implemented for player corpses =/
  10. Some more highway edits and a lovely new bridge over to Rockcliff
  11. Some highway edits around my place Mag's Rest, if you could add on Magranon's Peak deed too that'd be great, its right on the red mark on this image at 1410, 772. There's also Moonlit Euphoria at the east end of the highway at 1583, 760.
  12. I just slap random colour runes on them and see what i get xD
  13. Nothing like a global pandemic to get me back to work on Wurm stuff! Now i know you've all been excitedly awaiting more evidence that i am boring and mentally unstable so heres the completed "i made a road over the peak that noone will ever use" project. As some will remember, i had previously sliced the mountain in half to make a giant ramp road up from the east end, with a highway linking down to the coast. I've now taken the road out to the west side as well. Come with me and behold the wonders of....basic roadmaking. Little path around the edge of the deed, nice views Out West, the rocky mess to the left is where the old single tile rickety path up the mountain used to be. And the long smooth ramp back North, links neatly onto my west exit highway Basically i did this. Red dot representing the Magranon's Peak deed, i'll have to get it added to the community map
  14. Just gonna copy paste my tale as i just replied to this on the wurm fb page
  15. lol 54k marks for it, be hilarious. But fair is fair it should include them all.
  16. I was amazed to learn that it doesn't actually give you a chance at any of them. I get that technically only certain ones are "tomes" but....come on =/
  17. Sure is, you should see a map in my OP to it but on the ingame map its at the bottom of H21 / top of I21. Basically just head for the south end of the NE exo desert and you really, really, i cannot stress this enough, cannot miss the place. I find a lot less time for wurm nowadays so you might not catch me there but most places on deed are accessible to the public so feel free to wander about.
  18. I got a bit distracted from the mountain top highway by my deep need to put 90QL steel doors on every possible entrance now i'm allowed to. Looks neat though
  19. Boom, done! Top view: Connects up to Magranon's Peak and in turn, the tunnel back down to my main deed caverns Next up! First catseyes and then ramping back down the west side so the road clears the whole mountain ^__^
  20. Been a while, but work has resumed! This mountain must be defeated.
  21. The gladiator fights were pretty damn entertaining, it was meant to be a temporary building for the impalong but i couldn't bring myself to get rid of the arena xD. Though the last couple 1v1 fights got real silly, people taking 10+ minutes to lose basically no health. Enki and co spawning in huge waves of enemies in there was hilarious crazy fun though.
  22. I had a blast hosting the one at my deed on exo, was amazing fun seeing all the efforts of my alliance come together and go so well. Plus from a personal perspective i really enjoyed another excuse to show off my deed. I hadn't attended an impalong since the days of MRH and JKH until hosting one myself so it was a hell of a learning experience. I wanted to make it a yearly event but i've just not had the time to arrange another been so busy irl. Someday maybe...