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  1. I know there has been talk within the alliance for some passages, however Im not sure on that location. I personally just sail straight north or east through our canal systems and plot to where I need to go.
  2. IF you havent already gotten back in.. Most in the alliance are still settled right around Summerholt. Im not usually on late, but if you message me here with a time you need I can try and make accommodations
  3. Ownership is now back with me If I don't respond here, feel free to message ingame or on Discord Aniceset#0567
  4. Here at Amish Paradise we are all about amenities .. G24 Xanadu Server First Up - Bathrooms! Whether you need to pop a sit, or fix that helmet hair after a long battle, or maybe a nice steamy shower? We have the room for you! Or Maybe you want to have a little dinner with friends in the dining room? Perhaps you want to relax with your feet up and watch a little modern television? Make sure to stop on by our Potters Paradise wing too! And because every great battle has a staging room.. Our library is a great place to relax and unwind while reading your favorite book of the past.. Need a drink after a long day? Stop by the bar and have a mug of brew and a snack! For those looking for a little show.. we have an adults only club - Candi is on at 5 everyday! More to come...
  5. Name: NEXA Market & Sanctuary Map Ref: G23 Nearest Settlement: Summerholt Owner: Aniceset Classification : Active
  6. Jackjones is now the mayor of this deed - Please message him for any requests.