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  1. You might be able to convince Talohan to come get you even if you send him a pm in the game
  2. Currently taking a break until 9/25/17 with a lack of preachers & vacations coming up - see you when we are back!!
  3. Just pop a message to anyone in the village local and you can get an invite
  4. Updated with the screen shots from the remodel. Stop in and check it out in person
  5. Have you said your prayers yet today? Come see us
  6. If you are looking for a village, Amish Estates would be happy to have you - and if you just want to place a deed and be in an awesome alliance then NEXA is also here!
  7. We are waiting until our next release of updates to the map before we do. With it will be guard towers and all that as well.
  8. Hello, we do not have any Gary's that I am aware of atm.
  9. Welcome to your new home Aerys!
  10. Welcome to your new home Aerys