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  1. It's a great idea! Lots of things being added to the game all the time, it would be great to see this one added too.
  2. Cages have sucked me back in and I've decided to throw up streams again. You can catch me on either or Come over and subscribe or follow, so you can see when I'm live. Here was today's stream. Thx to all that joined me
  3. Sorry m8, you cant be a true aussie if you haven't hit a Roo.
  4. Ok, we all love crafting here. Here are some basics into SOTA's crafting system.
  5. Well, I know I haven't been doing much wurm lately, but I thought I share this Timelapse video as we all love a good timelapse. This game has the best scenery i've seen in a game and the weather eg sky, clouds, rain are next gen stuff. Enjoy Here is my theHunter call of the Wild playlist aswell
  6. Just reread this. There are so many things in Wurm that don't make sense. But there are often left there and not addressed. This is why the term 'wogic' is always used. What about dirt piles on ground then, are they to be added. We have this with shards, why not dirt?
  7. I'm not looking to change WO drastically, but there are things that can be added from WU that wouldn't impact it hardly at all in a "WO unique sense. If the dev want WU to be the draw card for the masses thats cool, I just think there are things that can be done to bring WO to a modern setting without attacking it's uniqueness. Even with huge changes to WO it is still unique imo. There have been many opinions like this that people had when buying WU. I would never want WU to phase out WO, not that it is my opinion that WO would get shut down. But helping it into the modern age is not a bad thing if done the right way.
  8. Retro, I as much as There are something I'd like to see change in WO, speed would not be one of them. As for server development, there is always going to be a huge cost for taking up server pace. So unless you are willing to pay out ridiculous amounts of cash, the server will get just as crowded at speed or not. I don't see why a speed increase to irl horse speed couldn't hurt? you still need to unlock and breed in the traits anyway and one on the main reasons to keep levelling AH is for the carefors. I did not know that all colours are available in the wild, I thought that you had to breed them to get the new colours. Pretty sure Malena breed like 300 horse to get all types. Chest on freedom would mean anyone has the chance to make some extra money by getting something from chests. A big thing that hurts WO is new player don't have very good means to make money. My main point is that there should be a distinct difference from WU to WO and Otherlands shows that. I would love to see some of Bdew's mods added to WO as they are fantastic and most can't hurt WO at all. I have another video coming off my most favorite mod and mechanic of wurm. Stay tuned. I don't have all the answers. But there needs to be more incentive for players to play WO, especially with candy WU offers. For Codeclub it's all the same money and I love seeing the WU going up. All in all, WO is my favorite part of the game, but there are so many Quality of life changes that could make the game not easier but more intuitive. eg, why does shards go to a pile and dirt goes into your inv? pls pls make more things available to be done while mounted. Anyway, these vids are for discussing. There will be more!
  9. I can remember were I took this, but recent stubbled over it. Quite a nice shot.
  10. I've been playing SWGEMU, Thehunter Call of the Wild and now the Division, which O never picked up.