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  1. Looking for a game with the feel that wurm had, the whole map felt alive when it was at its peak. Traders all over, neighborly disputes etc etc, but the game felt alive. Never got that in another game except maybe EVE. Thinking about the new Life is Feudal MMO? or Star Citizen once it has a game with it and isn't just a beta test. EvE is too overwhelming for me lol. What other games have y'all played/are looking forward to that have given you a similar feel to wurm? and preferably games Rolf doesn't own
  2. Personally, when I left wurm I played WoW/League for a while, now on an overwatch fix.
  3. Just wanted to let you know  Wyvern  has moded it so they report more players than they actually have I've walked there server like i have others just seeing what other servers are like and well I noticed there in game is never the exact of there pop like every other server that works with out this moding of player base. In 1hr I walked across the map in one direction when it was reported with 104 players online and i ran in to 4 in a hr just want to warn you before you waste time looking for big population. Try one of the other servers there not moding there actual player count  Wyvern is the only one I've seen do it.

  4. Trying to decide if I'll be buying WU, what's the server sizes in terms of population? are the bigger ones pvp or pve and how big? ty.
  5. I wish beating a dead horse hard enough would bring it alive again, but the proof is in the pudding. Wurm has not kept a stable population in a while. Between abnormally long balance fixes and far and few between updates ( Soon ) the population has found better games. What sucked me into Wurm was how it sucked you in by making the world feel so alive. Walking down a main road out of spawn and seeing peoples homesteads/hearing people smithing and building gave me a feeling so unique to this game. It was awesome on Serenity, with a feeling of community and the low-scale pvp, either defending from baddies or pestering Davidlewisbell till he left again, it made the game feel so alive. Wurm isn't worth a sub to me unless there's 80+ people playing on a serenity sized map. with the MAYBE 15 people on serenity now it feels so lonely and pointless. Being a merchant in wurm was SOOOOOOOOOO cool, but without 80+ people theres no place for merchants and traders, or very many skilled tradespeople. I really wish people didn't go quite so ham on pvp in this game, pvp was fun enough so that you could solve dispute with the metal in your weapon-stand, and maybe a territorial battle here and there, but the huge kingdom fights, and in particular the toxic community around pvp turned me off of it. the pvp system just wasn't there for those scale fights. ( HIGHER DIRTWALLS, NO, HIIIIIGGHHHEERRR.) Call me a carebear but I enjoyed the homeservers immensely. People need to put aside their petty server-quibbles and merge, truthfully, that's the only way to keep it remotely populated. I know people are attached but.. being attached to something dead isn't very fun or entertaining ( what a game is, to me.) One PvP server, one PvE server, or just one server. The gamebase is too spread out... but people are attached and it will NEVER happen, which is sad... checking in on the forums now and again and watching what was once a flourishing game, with servers that felt alive, dwindle into this retirement home with a dwindling population of people moving on. Even if you wiped the skills and maps people will still quit, some put time into grinding that rivaled their jobs. and the possibility of losing subs to Rolf is too much to bear, even if there's a chance to bring people back. Sorry for not contributing to the discussion much, but it's really sad seeing this game dwindle down.
  6. I honest to god might buy it if it has like a "Creative" or superfast skilling mode just to make nice looking castles and stuff... that is if the price is right... and it's a one time purchase. 20$ and no more is what WU should sell for, anymore than that and you'll have way more refunds instead of people going " eh that game was ok i guess" and keeping it in their libraries. It is beautiful drinking the tears of the forums in the mean time tho. But I'll never be playing WO again. Biggest waste of time ever, considering the stagnation that rolf brought on.
  8. Serenity meant tons of awesome people at the homefront and occasionaly abunch of terd-weeds would come and ruin it for a bit, then we'd go back to being better than gary. lel
  10. Curious as to what most peoples opinions are. The most fun I've had in this game is when my server (Serenity) has had over 70-90 people playing. I prefer my servers with a hustle and bustle of people, the questions of noobs, and neighbors to throw stones at but that's just me.
  11. Elevation Reset

    Whyyyyyyyy f2p allowed. That's just the one thing that just.. Doesn't sound good. Sounds like it opens up the door to lots of scouts but we will see
  12. Wossoo best pr man 2k15 good to see ya back in the pr action buddy! ( get back to shield smithing! ;P )
  13. No more Johan kinda zaps ones batteries for playing wurm if we won't have such good weekly news. For a game that hasn't ever really had a level of weekly updates like this, Red Baron did a good job of it. Make them ninjas proud.