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  1. Hahahahaha... ha... haha...
  2. I bought trust, and he betrayed it like a scoundrel
  3. Outright lies? M8 I'll 1v1 you at the lady of the lake, IN THE WATER! Any time you like.
  4. Increase the SB pool to 10hr max, on clusters with so many people, it makes sense to me to raise it.
  5. Look at Jeff Bezos over here. There's atleast three interns lost in his warehouse and trying to find their ways out!
  6. Now that missions are available on NFI, please make it so they come on by default. People are having issues finding the menu to turn them on.
  7. All of the changes listed do only apply to PVP....? I don't think Darklords is going to turn PVP on in Harmony any time soon... unfortunately
  8. Cadence just went down for me atleast.
  9. +1 for finding away to increase skillgain on pvp. If pve people complain, they can come over and grind on Defiance. More gains = more danger, it will create more targets for pvp.
  10. Code Club AB will continue to maintain and run the Wurm Online game service until such a time as it is deemed to be “out of publication.” This service maybe subjected to testing and maintenance outages from time to time. Code Club AB is not under any obligation to refund through any mechanism for game time lost through any “downtime” in the Wurm Online Service. Code Club AB may at its own discretion credit player accounts using the “Sleep Bonus” mechanism. What you experienced was "downtime"
  11. Let the dead horse die Gumbo
  12. Kill some Whitelighters for their mag enchanted pickaxes. Seems like you'd get alot of PVP that way