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  1. +1 for finding away to increase skillgain on pvp. If pve people complain, they can come over and grind on Defiance. More gains = more danger, it will create more targets for pvp.
  2. Code Club AB will continue to maintain and run the Wurm Online game service until such a time as it is deemed to be “out of publication.” This service maybe subjected to testing and maintenance outages from time to time. Code Club AB is not under any obligation to refund through any mechanism for game time lost through any “downtime” in the Wurm Online Service. Code Club AB may at its own discretion credit player accounts using the “Sleep Bonus” mechanism. What you experienced was "downtime"
  3. Let the dead horse die Gumbo
  4. Kill some Whitelighters for their mag enchanted pickaxes. Seems like you'd get alot of PVP that way
  5. Now that could be an interesting idea! Maybe higher than 25%, and something like if you participated in fights (need to make it so you cant abuse it and kill a 20fs alt. Maybe require them to be 70fs+? Maybe more % for more dmg?) you could gain even higher skillgain % for a limited time, until you'd have to go participate in another fight to keep your boost high. More boost for a 1v1 than a 6v1 maybe?
  6. Yeah, depending on how they do it it would just make the elite more elite in silver and such. It's kind of hard to incentivize defiance without in turn taking incentives away from the pve servers.
  7. Maybe some kind of reward for various brackets of where you were on the pvp ranking for each "Season" of however much time. Maybe a cool banner, or flag, that you can redeem 1 of on PVE/PVP, something for the cosmetic hungry pve'rs to go after? But they'd probably just get bought however maybe that would incentivize some pve'rs to come pvp for a chance at some big $$ on harmony or whatever. I'd keep it cosmetic though, not drake/scale like the chaos/SFI problem.
  8. Never Night

    Darker! Let the peasants with their weak constitutions live in the safety of their lanterns, for the rest of us, BRING ON THE NIGHT! I want to dye my armor black and become a night ninja.
  9. Aged Slow Scorpion kill gives [18:36:20] Fighting increased by 0.0071 to 64.9080 Aged Scorpion gives [18:32:40] Fighting increased by 0.1723 to 64.9009 I feel like this is a bug of some sort, that is a drastic loss of skillgain for a slow animal.
  10. Probably because over a month was kinda long to get a king.
  11. Silver Trading

    Idk, sounds like they're paying 20s for a 50ql hammer and getting artwork free.
  12. I don't think they're spawning on mountain sides, they are migrating there and getting stuck due to water. Migration appears to be broken. They appear to be migrating North-North East
  13. Had to log off until I lost link, yeah seems bugged.