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Found 30 results

  1. I'll start this by saying I have no idea what I'm doing. My computer skills are conversational, not fluent. So I'm trying to create an adventure server for my own use cos I feel like being a hermit for a while, but I can't get the server to load. I get the loading screen, then network error>connection timed out. I've looked at Moot's video guide and Keenan's getting started guide on Steam, and googled to find other fixes. While I have found other people with the same problem, all the solutions are completely incomprehensible to me! I'm very confused about what IP address goes where. Google tells me I have one starting with 146, my computer tells me I have one starting with 192. Currently my 192 address is in the 'server external IP address' box, and another starting with 127 is in the 'server internal IP address' box. I have been able to add an exception to my firewall (AVG) and already had one set up for Steam. I've been trying different addresses in different boxes (even, tried the dedicated server (which crashed), connecting by IP (same connection error). I'm extremely confused and in need of gin laced tea! Can anyone help?
  2. Hello! is there atm a mod outside that can alter the maximum amount of hunger/thirst you can have and how fast it goes down? else my idea was kinda to make the value for hunger 10x and for thirst maybe 5x and the hunger rate by 5-10x kinda + every action you do costs a little hunger/thirst ( maybe depending on how heavy the action is like mining/fighting) the idea behind this would be to make food more focusing because at the moment even if you have like a high lvl cooking the only reason is to get a good amount of time for the affinity food...with that settings good food could be finally eaten up and not just thrown away or packed into a storage once you eat like 0.10 kg because your allready full then would be nice if someone could also code it (also willing to pay something)
  3. I made sure to delete java 32 bit, and manually updated java 64. My client still constantly freezes up. This is what I get when I try to close it out. Description: A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: AppHangB1 Application Name: WurmLauncher.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 564da338 Hang Signature: e69e Hang Type: 0 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Hang Signature 1: e69eeacdcbd020add91c8f0403804605 Additional Hang Signature 2: f7bd Additional Hang Signature 3: f7bd0ac41d7d5dc515c28924273641df Additional Hang Signature 4: e69e Additional Hang Signature 5: e69eeacdcbd020add91c8f0403804605 Additional Hang Signature 6: f7bd Additional Hang Signature 7: f7bd0ac41d7d5dc515c28924273641df
  4. While Wurm Online may need the breeding changes to make miscarriages and pregnant animals die more often, WU shouldn't have that limitation. My wife and I play on a server with one other person and we have animals die or miscarriage way too often to be logical. Please take this unnecessary code out for WU, or at least make it a checkbox for server admins to select if they like.
  5. My first WU Server Mod, allows your players to retrieve their bank balance by typing /balance Edit: huge thanks to Xype who set me on the path and answered all my noob questions
  6. Please delete
  7. Hello there! WU dont' have rifts, but Epic Missions from gods give quest on shoulder pads (prize for rift win). Yep, I know, admin can cast this item, but..
  8. Many may disagree about this, but here are my thoughts on WU and it's default skill gain and action speed. Warning - I do get off track sometimes, but let's face it, you guys are used to it Enjoy Wurm Unlimited | Prospecting with Milo
  9. want to buy 2 steam games for wo silvers. 1. Stardew Valley sells on steam for $15 Wurm Unlimited sells on steam for $30 (change of mind) bought 2 Wurm Unlimited sells on steam for $30 trade pending tentatively may buy another game (7DTD) that sells for $25 they are for different steam accounts, one game for one account the other for another steam account. Also you must buy US compatible versions, meaning if you live in china for example the version you buy wont transfer because of the price difference. Or so ive heard anyway. willing to pay 100 silvers for both (equivalent to 100 silvers for $60)
  10. Hello Wurmians and future Wurmians (xD), does anyone know a hosting company which will defenitly host WU servers and where everyone can rent one? Because of my location i 'd prefer Central European ones, or even better german ones, but ofc i ll check every company you can name. Thanks and save travels, Simju
  11. Was wondering if there's a way to transfer a deed to a alt? since you can only have 1 char on at a time. would like to free up my main char to go do something else
  12. What be nice is For Rolf to give Wurm Unlimited the Sound to mobs back in game. I for one would have them live in my server. If you don't want to hear a farm then don't make one hehe. But really Rolf how about adding back in the animal sounds you all took out to WU please. Anyone else agree to have this feature toggle in the feature management window?
  13. This mod for Ago's server Modloader lets you move altars (excludes huge altars) with the "Move" menu options. It also lets you load or unload them. The normal rules for loading apply. Options: Note; 1. Stone altars are always pushable. I tried to find out why with no success. 2. Influence is wonky. They only spread influence when on the ground and it appears this only updates on a server restart. There is nothing stopping someone from unloading altars in another's god's domain. source:
  14. The uniques are coming, not sure how feasable it is to adjust # of tame creatures to taming level but still, could be a fun approach to try if at very least the "1 tame creature at a time" limit were either lifted or made adjustable by server admins. Thanks in advance to anyone who tackles this challenge.
  15. Starting this evening we are running our login server which will eventually act as the gateway to our cluster. Amber Coast Size: 16sq. km, 1024*1024 or the size of the old Golden valley for those that remember. Playstyle: PvE. It will remain so as a homeserver. Other: Deeds are disabled apart from the starter town, as are priests (no holy altars). Until our own religion overhaul is complete, there will be no way to advance religion. Artifacts have also been removed. Skillgain is set to 6x, action speeds to 4x with many skills individually tweaked to be easier/more balanced. Tree growth is slightly accelerated and crops should be completing their full cycle in 48hrs. Skill restrictions for riding mounts/sailing ships have been removed. The logout timer for beds has been reduced to 6s. The server is running 12, 000 animals with a lowered aggro count (subject to change). Teamspeak: We will be making adjustments as time progresses to bring about the most enjoyable experience, however we will not be wiping characters or progression. The WUFU Project An extensive modification of the base game, WUFU's primary goals include an overhaul of religion, sorcery, meditation paths; rebalancing combat; altering travel speeds for sailing; model and texture improvements; and a review of how PvP mechanics come into play. There is also a long, long list of other modifications we hope to introduce. The main map for the cluster will be Tormaer, a 4096-sized PvP server, featuring PMK's and everything else you might expect. More details of these will be forthcoming with our new website.
  16. Sorry if this has already been requested. I like to travel around with a wagon and setup temporary camping sites. All the crafting items can be loaded in wagons and with tents you have a spawn point the only thing really needed now is a loadable altar. Thanks to anyone that can do this.
  17. On my test for 1 million creatures, I was flying around to look at the spawns. I found one of the least populated spots on my server (image below). I also found my first dead creatures. I wonder what happened to them?
  18. This map is designed to link to other maps. Make a series of River maps that all link at the river, making a continuous river adventure. Read the books!! Toying with the idea of building near impassable mountain walls - mix of clay to prevent mining and lava to prevent climbing over? It would look a bit uglier though. I like the idea of an endless river cruise through multiple WU servers.
  19. It works with WU, the only things with problems are Depth of Field and Ambient Occlusion because the way wurm works (objects outline on mouse over, if you turn it off, you can use DOF and AO but needs to be adjusted to not blur the interface), the rest works perfectly. ReShade site A presset i did with subtle changes, most color and some flare Most color correction, lens flare, bloom. everything easy to set up, turn on and off and adjust as you wish It is easy to create a profile from scratch, but you need to adjust everything turn off the native wurm bloom ("glow") to use ReShade Some example screens Color, Brightness, Contrast, Texture Shapness... Depth of Field Embos Lens effects, flare I do not know if this is the right place to post this....
  20. My first map. Biomes are deployed by elevations. Sand/desert is lowest, Steppe next, Tundra at highest elevations. Clay is mostly along the shores, but a few random deposits at mid and high elevations (think mountain springs). Some of the water is hand carved. Max depth is 150. Mountains top out about 3800 above water level. Dropped dirt with max 40 diag slope, to make riding easier, since this map has plenty of water/mountain to hinder travel. Advice: Start making a boat! If anyone wants, I'm happy to upload the map. I'll likely make a version that blends the biomes better (less contrast between them), when I have more time to hand paint it. All created with WGen 2.x.
  21. can close
  22. open wurmplayers.db with your favourite editor under 'cult' section is the meditation info. Modify 'Level' to the path level required (ie: 7 for enchant grass, 11 for SoTG etc) As for Path: Meditation paths: 1 - Love 2 - Hate 3 - Knowledge 4 - Insanity 5 - Power Enter the NUMBER - and NOT the name in the 'Path' field. Enjoy!
  23. Found this while poking around in an extracted Server.jar... \server\com\wurmonline\server\TimeConstants.class can someone make use of this? maybe the long awaited decay mod? Or am I hoping up the wrong tree? public static final long BASEDECAY = 1382400L; public static final long DECAYTIME_QL = 28800L; public static final long DECAYTIME_NEVER = 9223372036854775807L; public static final long DECAYTIME_GLASS = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_STEEL = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_WOOD = 9072000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_FOOD = 172800L; public static final long DECAYTIME_FOOD_CONSERVED = 604800L; public static final long DECAYTIME_CLOTHING = 3024000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_STONE = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_CORPSE = 86400L; public static final long DECAYTIME_MAGIC = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_VALUABLE = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_POTTERY = 12096000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_LEATHER = 3024000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_CORROSION = 3024000L; public static final long DECAYTIME_RAWMATERIAL = 86401L; public static final long DECAYTIME_FLOWERS = 1382400L; public static final long TENTDECAY = 1814400000L;
  24. Just curious which WU server has the most folks, and a link to that server so that others can join
  25. Hey folks, So I've made a Review on Wurm Unlimited (Using my experience in the Wurm World) (seen here if you wish to check it out) Please let me know what you think about the review, I'd have loved to put more but I feel it's already to big. And I was wondering if anyone else has made any (Truth-full!) ones, I'm not looking for one's that straight-out just praise wurm (let's be honest, It's not perfect), but give honest experiences (Good and the Bad) If any of you have, Please share as I would like to see them so we can get WU realistic-views from people that have played.