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  1. Agreed, I've always opposed the character trading. I don't agree with your analysis of the TOC. I think the cost is just fine and I've never really had to invest money in the game. I'm did the math and I have made more money back than I have invested in this game. The community grows up and next to that, and some point you just get bored of something. It's the cycle of life. When I started playing this game, I had just finished my studies, was unemployed and single. Now, 6 years later, I have a full time job and a girlfriend... There are more important thing in life than playing this game.
  2. Bump, still for sale! Thanks for your purchase, bloodscythe.
  3. Hey, Would like to sell 135 35 silver. 1 silver = 0.9 EUR or 1 USD. I've sold silver in the past as well for those who want a reference: Best to contact me on the forum. Best regards, B.
  4. Please do not seperate the community even more. IMO 3 options: connect WO servers to WO Steam servers -> fun for the old community, but you keep the current issues and "power blalance". close WO and transfer the (premium?) accounts close WO and let everyone restart. The latter might be harse and might be unpopular, but atleast all players will start as equals and get to experience a launch. Give WO (premium) players an incentive (redeem code) to play WO Steam. Get rid of the bloody accounts sales and snowballing mechanisms (permabonuses and tomes) on PVP in WO Steam. The concept of sandbox, PMK's and war over territorial conquest is quite interesting. Might a decision that benefits the game on the long run and not some specific players. Communicate your decision well so people know what they will get into. Ask yourself these questions: - Why would we continue playing WO if the main platform will be Steam? - What will make WO Steam a success? Why play WO Steam if WU is already on Steam? Good luck.
  5. Better of waiting for Wurm 2.0 or a new and similar game with more interesting pvp mechanics.
  6. Had 90 WS'ing before I had 90 BS'ing ?
  7. The animals can spawn at almost any tile on the map. Perhaps they are easier to spot/find on smaller servers due to the server size. Yeah, go to the recruitment forum or try one of the in game chats.
  8. You can butcher (with a butchering knife) many kinds of animals and they will have meat inside of their corpses. I would recommend you to join a newbie friendly village. You will learn a lot faster by playing with other people. Just stick around, beginning is always difficult. The game will become a lot more awarding and addicting later on!
  9. Sold a fantastic clay for 5s once. Meh, I've never managed to transfer rarity and I've used dozens of rare iron lumps on items.
  10. Too bad you didn't post this 1-2 weeks ago. I had a white cherry and was (still am) looking for a black tome!
  11. Battlefield 1942 (Forgotten Hope mod) Battlefield 2 (Project Reality mod) Arma 2 (+ the original OFP) Soldiers of Fortune 2 Mount & Blade: Warband Anno 1602 Europa Universalis 2+4 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (also played ever game of the series ) -> addictive and competitive multiplayer (RobZ mod)! Hearts of Iron 2+3 Diablo 2 Many childhoof memories... this list is not fixed, but could change. (GTA:SA:MP, AoE2, Commandos, RTCW, Sudden Strike, Gothic...) I just can't remember all of the hundreds of games that I've played! Being 30 years old, I've seen a big evolution in the past 25 years of computer gaming. Wurm Online was like my first or second MMO. I was into strategy and fps a lot more
  12. You can just buy the needed goods on the market. There is plenty of people offering grapes etc. My friend has to kill a sea serpent... other have to kill uniques. Good luck finding them...