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  1. Do you have +75 WS?

    Had 90 WS'ing before I had 90 BS'ing
  2. New Player...Stuck, Lost and Confused - Lots of Answers

    The animals can spawn at almost any tile on the map. Perhaps they are easier to spot/find on smaller servers due to the server size. Yeah, go to the recruitment forum or try one of the in game chats.
  3. New Player...Stuck, Lost and Confused - Lots of Answers

    You can butcher (with a butchering knife) many kinds of animals and they will have meat inside of their corpses. I would recommend you to join a newbie friendly village. You will learn a lot faster by playing with other people. Just stick around, beginning is always difficult. The game will become a lot more awarding and addicting later on!
  4. PC/WTS Fantastic adamantine lump

    Sold a fantastic clay for 5s once. Meh, I've never managed to transfer rarity and I've used dozens of rare iron lumps on items.
  5. WTT Black Tome of Magic

    Too bad you didn't post this 1-2 weeks ago. I had a white cherry and was (still am) looking for a black tome!
  6. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Battlefield 1942 (Forgotten Hope mod) Battlefield 2 (Project Reality mod) Arma 2 (+ the original OFP) Soldiers of Fortune 2 Mount & Blade: Warband Anno 1602 Europa Universalis 2+4 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (also played ever game of the series ) -> addictive and competitive multiplayer (RobZ mod)! Hearts of Iron 2+3 Diablo 2 Many childhoof memories... this list is not fixed, but could change. (GTA:SA:MP, AoE2, Commandos, RTCW, Sudden Strike, Gothic...) I just can't remember all of the hundreds of games that I've played! Being 30 years old, I've seen a big evolution in the past 25 years of computer gaming. Wurm Online was like my first or second MMO. I was into strategy and fps a lot more
  7. Achievements

    You can just buy the needed goods on the market. There is plenty of people offering grapes etc. My friend has to kill a sea serpent... other have to kill uniques. Good luck finding them...
  8. WTS - rift stuff

    Bump. (all white cherry charges sold.)
  9. WTS - rift stuff

  10. WTS - rift stuff

    Hey all, I am looking to get rid of some of these items. Contact me in game with /tell bittereinder or on the forum! Best regards
  11. Once charge tomes from digging and rifts

    Agreed. Tomes should be hard to get, but everyone should be able to participate. Move away from the current system where people have monopolized the way tomes are obtained. It's most definitely possible to let everyone participate, but to still make it hard to obtain and valuable. Encourage trading of tome parts.
  12. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Jaz, by using this workaround, you are basically admitting something is wrong. This is just another window of opportunity, just as putting fences on lava tiles is. Do you think I am not aware of going to epic? Not everyone has connections, resources and tools on that cluster. I dont see anyone going to Epic to make ships or wine. A more realistic goal for freedom would be 90-95 ql. I can only ask and remind the developers that skills on Epic and Freedom are not the same. Next to that, happy customers is what a company should aim for. Not less customers due to a change no one asked for. Ah well, maybe i ll get a [loser] title next month for not cheating the system. Greetings, Bitter.
  13. CLOSE Heartbroken

    Hey Alegria, I am also pissed off. I have been playing since 09/2013 and have put 245 days (5880 hours!) of playtime into this game and am not able to fulfill the goal of improving an item over 99QL. How many more hours will I have to put in? After a break of a few months, for the first time in my Wurm career, I decided to come back in oktober to work on my personal goals. I have never minded the grind, even more, I enjoyed it and did it in an autistic way back in the days and have +90 in various skills including ball breakers like mediation and weaponsmithing. Now, I was working on getting my mining up (almost 97 mining) which I have been focusing on to get my personal goal done. It's simple, go to and have a look how many people have 99 skill. Barely anyone. Go and verify how many people have actually gotten this goal? Barely anyone. Unfortunately I am stuck with a personal goal that is by far not realistic compared to the others and takes years to achieve. It requires extremely high skill in multiple skills (99 mining -> 99 smithing, 99masonry, 99 woodcutting -> 99 carpentry skills, 99 digging -> 99 pottery etc.) and then we're not even talking about the tools required. I don't even want to know how much time it takes to grind a single item over 99QL. I wouldn't mind making a huge boat, I wouldn't mind gathering a lot of items to make wine, even more I've mined over 14,000 ore in the past 2,5 months just to get my mining up. But what I cannot do is get various skills up to extremely high levels and being skill capped to get this done!! This personal goal is unachievable for most players, even harder for those Freedom (vs. Epic) and impossible nowthat we were only given 6 more weeks (in a sneaky 1 phrase message hidden in a news post!). Everyone can buy resources, buy nearly finished ships or beat the system by using lava tiles or alts to repair walls, but nobody can outsmart a skill requirement. My only hope is that they lower the requirement, to 90-95 skill for example. I wouldn't even mind a change 1 or 2 weeks before the deadline just to put in a little extra effort. This would still make it feasible for the core players and still preventing people from doing alt runs. I don't complain much, I don't annoy anyone, but I would like to have a chance to get this done. I am very certain that I am not the only one who is of this opinion! I completely understand your situation and have the same feeling. My blood is also boiling and I will use the upcoming weeks to reconsider my position. Best regards, Bitter
  14. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Why do you want to drop the personal goals system in the first place? Lower that ###### "make a 99ql item" to 90ql and other hard achievements at least so people can get it before their time runs out.
  15. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Why is the personal goals system being dropped? I've been working for months on making a 99QL item and I will probably not make it. That's just a stupid Epic goal on Freedom.