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  1. [15:09:12] You find a Ornamented Crystal in amongst the dirt. Mmm, valrei item??
  2. [10:17:46] A straight, thin and finely polished shaft made of wood. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. [11:41:39] About ten iron nails, each one long as your hand. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Meh
  3. Dude, no. This is basically another window of opportunity as metallurgy gave body, body strenght, body control, smithing.
  4. [13:55:46] Bittereinder picks up a troll mask from the corpse. Together with the no son of a troll gold achievement...
  5. Is this enabled on Chaos? Them eagles spirits haven't dropped anything yet. I killed a ton of animals too no freedom and I didn't get anything... not even a rare coin, lol. The drop chances should have been higher and the rewards limited to 1 mask and 2 shoulder pads per premium account.
  6. A bump for the North(-west)!
  7. Interesting concept and an excellent map design, but isn't the map way tooooooo big? This is Xanadu size. I would recommend a 4096x4096 (Chaos size) server for pvp. That's already huge. Is this Freedom Isles only or can PMKs be made? Because last time I remember when a Freedom Isles player attacked a Freedom Isles deed on a pvp server, it caused some problems.
  8. +1 Account sales is just a perverse self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to keep up with other players, you are supposed to buy (strong) account of people who quit. Ironically, if account sales weren't allowed, you wouldn't need to keep up as the quitter's (strong) account would just go inactive. You would proportionally become stronger.
  9. @Retrograde Then can't you just remove Chaos and Epic and create a new server (cluster) that allows you to keep your skills when going to the new server and keeping them when teleporting back to Freedom Isles? We all understand that pvp mechanics have an impact on Freedom Isles, but a big part of the community plays or has played both PVE and PVP. I grinded 1 character and I would never want to grind a character again.
  10. I might participate, just waiting for a schedule. Have other stuff to do in my weekend as well ;-)
  11. Do you have to buy that 3-games bundle in order to get WU or can you buy it seperatly? This website isn't very intuitive... Okido, I got it. Wow €0,88. That's a great deal!
  12. Yeah, would be nice to have a date and to have blank armour, weapons and shields provided by the hosts to the duelists...