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  1. @Bubles I might be able to make very high QL one or might even have some sitting around. PM me
  2. Sold; I accepted a private bid. Please close.
  3. Hi NcR, Nordlys was first to put a 25s bid. Best regards, Bitter
  4. Hello all, I have this clothtailor's beauty for sale: Counter
  5. That's correct. This time with the Live - Low memory client:
  6. @Keenan It appears not. I'm still having issues with my main character/his location. I can login just fine on alts on other servers/locations... Do you need any specific information to determine the problem? I am playing on an old rig: I7 920 + 6 Gb of Ram + ATI HD 7700 series. Live / Old UI / low memory client: Live client: After trying about 5-10 times and messing with the settings, I eventually managed to load everything and start playing.
  7. Well, I have gotten the game to run again. Not sure if turning everything off and playing on the smallest possible resolution made me load the game entirely:
  8. Hello all, I logged out inside my deed's cave and upon logging in again, the client is no longer fully loading my game. The cave floor and walls don't load, I can't type, move, press commands... and after a minute or 2 the client just tries to reconnect. As@ArchaedI also live on a deed with extremely built-up area and a very low FPS when I'm on deed. I have noticed that my FPS dropped/game stutters even more since the Halloween update. have tried logging in on an alt in a different area above ground and this loads just fine. Please help...
  9. Mask of deception, silver Plague mask, leather Statue of pumpkin terror Anything else reported???
  10. Don't forget about the 30 minutes sniper time. Only if we haven't had a bid for 30 minutes after the last one, we have a winner. ---- Edit: Adzman won!
  11. Nope, only the item. I will test it with other people too (but as far as I remember, it's not the first time I had this).