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  1. So... can I buy 12x 1 month and thus play WO cheap(er) for a year?
  2. Update: 4x skull mask, gold 3x witch's hat, leather 7x black bear helm (steel, bronze, iron, copper, tin, zinc, silver) And now I'm done grinding and will enjoy my vacation.
  3. Yeah, port over from Epic to Southern Freedom Isles. This way you can continue playing your old character. Northern Freedom Isles isn't that special. It doesn't offer anything new or different...
  4. 4x skull mask, gold 1x witch's hat, leather 5x black bear helm (steel, bronze, iron, copper, tin)
  5. I don't want to do the skill grind again and I'm past my addiction to Wurm. There is nothing new about the new servers, this is only marketing. Not interested in paying twice for the same thing.
  6. What metal did you black bear helm come in? I got a bronze one. *Edit: and now a tin one
  7. I had to tweak your post a bit as this "fantastic" economy on the new servers is not at all interesting for those who want to buy. I prefer to buy for 50c. It actually doesn't matter whether you buy or sell for 50c or 5s. Is your shiny virtual silver from your virtual economy in your video game going to pay for real life? The only winner is here is Code Club that made a ton of real money by making a new cluster where everyone had to buy silver again.
  8. Yep, most likely. Seems to work fine on Cadence itself (Katspurr just did the /who on Twitch).
  9. Hi all, [20:43:36] 31 other players are online. You are on Exodus (1664 totally in Wurm). -> this shows: Total players 2008/14680
  10. Sorry, but the developers had many months to think this over and do a complete reset of the game together with the Steam launch. They took the easy way of making everyone happy, while we all knew that these kind of topics and complaints would emerge. A complete wipe would have solved a lot of issues and would have forced players to link their accounts to Steam. Oh, people have not been exploiting on NFI? You should re-read the patch notes. It's quite hilarious that some advocate a complete removal of SFI whilest they were part of of the problem in the first place. Perhaps a better solution for NFI and SFI would be to retroactively ban the characters that have been RMT'ed? This game might have more visibility and is easier accessible now due to Steam, so it is completely understandable that they are focusing on attracting new players, but no one knows what the situation will be in a year from now. 1 Question comes in my mind: how many new players do we have and how many are returning or active players on NFI? Some seem to forget that this game has terrible customer retention. I would recommend not to disenfranchise the old player base.
  11. @Asheram where can I find your list?
  12. Hi all, I have been "blessed" with 2 1 white tomes. And I would like to trade them it for a tomes I don't have: Smoke from Sol Red cherry Blood of the angels(m) Blood of the angels(f) Green cherry Giant walnut Green Tome of Magic Black tome Blue tome Scroll of binding Slime of Uttacha Tome of incineration Feel free to contact me.