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  1. So, did Maurizio quit or is he playing on another account?
  2. 25c
  3. Players from Belgium and the Netherlands are very welcome.
  4. sent you a PM
  5. Bump
  6. Bump + Dragon Shoulder pad sold!
  7. Hi all, I wish to let go of some stuff I don't need: Feel free to make an offer. The items can be bought seperatly. Best regards, Bitter
  8. HI all, I wish to let go of some coin. 60 silver - 60 EUR Paypal verified. Best regards, Bitter
  9. The cave can probably be easily mapped with deedplanner...
  10. +1 Not sure whether the /mykingdoms option is better or being able to create kingdom tabards (like flags, wagons, banners etc.) (loyalty versus economy)
  11. [19:09:01] You wear a mask of rebirth.
  12. Do we have to go to a starter town on Xanadu and is it advised to have a horse?
  13. I didn't plan on quitting
  14. Same, I came from Salem the MMO to Wurm Online as well. Kinda stopped playing after my deed was raided...