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Found 104 results

  1. hey guys, i made a video! check it out!
  2. Yay! Nice that we now have a section devoted to videos. Thus, I shall start this thread where I will post the ongoing saga of building Ultima Nostalgia. The Wurm Unlimited folks probably already know what this is about, but for the rest of you who don't, let me explain: Ultima Nostalgia is my aim to recreate the map and world of Ultima Online in Wurm Unlimited. It has drawn an astounding amount of attention so far, with several sites posting about it (Massively OP, Ultima Codex, New World Notes and even VICE Motherboard). It has also had several of the original creators of UO posting/commenting about it on Twitter etc, Lord British himself included! Honestly, when I started this project, I was never expecting that to happen. It was for my own amusement and I assumed that the only people interested would be a few Wurmians who also happened to play UO back in the day. But holy cow, seems I was wrong! With all that attention, it seems like I will actually have to see this thing through to the end! In addition, I've had a lot of non-wurm UO players ask me more about Wurm and ask if they can come and live on this server. The two games share so many similarities that Wurm is the perfect haven for old UO players who don't want to play UO anymore, but are not satisfied with what modern MMOs have to offer. So although originally (and in my first video) I say that this will only be a server you can visit, but cannot "play" in the full meaning of the term, I am starting to dabble with the idea of whether I might reconsider. But for that to happen, we would need to have a new permission system for tiles so that we can set additional permissions for specific tiles we want to make available for those living on our deeds. See the suggestion I made about it here, and vote it up if you agree that this would be great. And then on to the videos themselves!
  3. I am not sure if Wurm Online has native support for SLI or not. However, I discovered that the following settings in NVIDIA Profile Inspector seem to work. I verified with GPU-Z that the load is being spread across both of my NVIDIA GTX 970s as they both have around 50% GPU Load. What you need to do is create a profile named "Wurm Online" and find your j2plauncher.exe file from Java since this is what the game uses and add it to the new profile. Once you apply these settings, you can restart the Wurm client and verify with GPU-Z that the load is being spread across both video cards. It works for me! Keep in mind, you need to select the number of GPUs to use in SLI rendering mode. I only have two (one GPU per card) but some cards have dual GPUs, etc.
  4. A short video clip (52 sec): "Fighting the Black Dragon". Enjoy! (Make sure to watch in HD quality.)
  5. Ok, we all love crafting here. Here are some basics into SOTA's crafting system.
  6. Many may disagree about this, but here are my thoughts on WU and it's default skill gain and action speed. Warning - I do get off track sometimes, but let's face it, you guys are used to it Enjoy Wurm Unlimited | Prospecting with Milo
  7. Here it is! a compilation of all the hours sailing around xanadu. **Warning ---Due to camera movements and the fast timelapse the video can be a lot for the eyes --You have been warned** The time lapse was an after thought, but i decided to go for it anyway. Also, first part maybe a little dark, hang in there at about 5 mins its lighter.
  8. Being one that never played SWG and one that is a lover of Skill based sandbox mmo's, I decided to hop on in. I have to say I'm really enjoying it. SO here we have a start of a series where one such noob, myself, gets in and learns this classic mmo. Hope fully in my learning I'll shed some light on things that I have had trouble learning and give a heads up to others learning as well. So we are up to 5 episodes so far an Being a wurm player I'm sure other would love to have a go again, it really is a special game. I've added thje playlist here so people can keep track on it easier.
  9. Today we talk Loyalty and in this day and age in the mmo world it means a big thing. Reward and incentives are a big thing, especially in an industry that has so many games to choose from. Lets Talk! Enjoy. VROCK to Fogshore Timelapse ESTERON Village revamp
  10. Hi I have a treat for you guys! Here is a YouTube video of a man that befriends a real life brown bear and acutally rides the bear. The mount happens toward the end of the video, feel free to skip ahead: Starts at the 3:33 second mark.
  11. For all you non subscribers..late but its here. Sila had a baby! he gets a video! Checking out the new revamped spawn village of Glassholllow and doing a brief pass through of the infamous market we all know and love. Enjoy.
  12. I am finally back. Back with more time and a faster internet connection too!
  13. This actually an unreleased video from last year. I thought I might throw it up anyway We chat about a bit of Milo history, friends, deeds and stuffs. Enjoy!
  14. Episode2: My new video about the process of building on Huntington Castle is up. Episode 1: I want to try to make a before- after series about my Island deed on Pristine. I thought because this one did go trough some hands, I might mention it here and some people might like to see their old deed. Would be interested to hear all about the history of it, who build it, old screenshots all that. Thank you :-)
  15. Warning: May contain pictures of poorly photographed Richards. I maintain no responsibility for any seizures or emotional trauma caused by the contents of this video. Seriously though, this upload is just so I can post a full video on the Wurm forums since the original one was too offensive! So I hope you enjoy this alternative more family friendly version, if you want to check out the full version please just head over to my Youtube page! No but seriously I'm back guys in Wurm Online after 9months or so of no uploads! I'm so happy to be back there's so much stuff I want to get done and show you guys. So today I'm starting off with my deed on Indie and giving you a sneak peak at the new Wurm Online series I have planned! I'm quickly just going to thank Genocide for designing my new shiny logo for me. Thankyou to Nichow for then taking that logo and making my quick little intro animation I'm really pleased with how it turned out! What can you expect to see from me in the coming months in terms of Wurm stuff? Well I'll be doing a new deed building series with plenty of time-lapses, giveaways, social events, guides and much more! I also want to extend a thankyou to everyone who has messaged me in the last 9 months or so asking how I am and encouraging me to make more videos. It's meant a huge amount to me that there are people that want to see more stuff and the support has meant everything to me! Nah man, I don't care about the video I'm just here to win some free stuff! Well you're in luck then! With myself needing to plant a new deed for this upcoming series I'm giving you the opportunity to name my deed! I'll be keeping it simple and removing any kind of favoritism from my end so whomever has the suggestion with the most likes in 72hrs from this post will be the winner of the competition and not only have a permanent claim to fame in this upcoming series I'll also give you 10s for your brilliant suggestion! Sounds alright hey? Thanks for watching guys and I look forward to seeing some of these suggestions!
  16. Hey guys I know we don't have a lot of wurm videos around so I decided to make one of me contemplating on moving. It's not a big deal but I had a lot of screenshots of the progress I made and wanted to document my first and current deed. I know some people like to watch wurm videos while wurming it up. I know I do. Anyways at the end I explain some of my main reasons. I have gotten some good suggestions from my friends in my alliance but thought I share anyways.
  17. many of you might love this. had to share, been waiting. I'm adding the Stevie Wonder one because it was my fave until the very recent Chilli Peppers episode. Taken from the UK production `The Late Late Show with James Corden`
  18. This is a (9 part) series in which I take a boat and sail the coast of a large portion of the Mythmoor server. Along the way I will be stopping to check out various coastal settlements! Click here to watch Weem's Mythmoor Voyage (Day 1) - "Leaving Tick-Tock" @Brash_Endeavors - I'm using music from the Wurm soundtrack in this series by the way
  19. It was the night before christmas......well it was the other day, but I decide to take a look around the Christmas Impalong, on the Independence server. Even though it was the quiet time of the days, things were still happening and you can see the effort that has been this deed. It was very late at night when I did this video, so I might be a touch on the quiet side. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  20. Today we take a little look at the hustle and bustle of the NW Impalong on the Xanadu server. So far it has been a ball, everyone working together and having heaps of fun doing so. Below is the link to the info page. There are still many days to go, so head on over.
  21. Here are 10 things you should wait to do until you have the skill. failing on casts, creation or even attaching can be frustrating, so obtaining a decent skill in that craft will make things a lot less painful.
  22. Wanna hear my thoughts on Wurm Unlimited vs Wurm Onilne? well, you are getting it anyway! Pretty sure ill get lots of opinions on this, remember this is just mine. All in all I think Unlimited is a good thing for Wurm.
  23. Today we head on a hunting trip, explaining the things you need to think about when you start out fighting in Wurm Unlimited/Wurm Online. > Wurm Online Playlist
  24. Just starting off? Here is 20 first things to do in Wurm. Most in priority with a couple here and there that can be jumbled about. All in all, there hours of fun task to keep you going when you first start out. >
  25. I'm back! I've couldn't help myself and decided to give WU a go. So to kick things off..... >