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  1. WTS few bloods and scale

    Still for sale
  2. WTS few bloods and scale

    and 85 ql ada lump 0.35 PM me an offer.
  3. Wurm on ads.google.com

    For sure not. If Code Club decide to do this, they should hire someone with real experience. As someone who has played this game for quite a while on and off and someone who has a little experience in ads. WO marketing would need to be SUPER targeted in my opinion. Just using the "mmo" or "sandbox" keywords aren't good. "1000, out of that 800 will download game and try it atlast." No, and no. Out of 1000 people who click maybe 1-5% will actually bother downloading the game, no where near 80%. Getting someone on the page is hard enough getting them to download something even harder. Yes, WO needs more adverting! Will we ever get it? Who knows. Ads are expensive. Actually getting a conversion from those ads is even more expensive. I dont blame Code Club for putting advertising on the back burner.
  4. Old Player Looking for a Home

    Good luck on finding a place from a fellow Sklo player! I recently came back to WO on Pristine
  5. WTB 20s

    bump looking for more
  6. Iron Man Challenge

    "Best" part of last nights stream? Bent neck guy and the blind guard. RIP.
  7. Iron Man Challenge

    Was a great stream even if I was just lurking for most of it! (Zurrgle) Congrats on the sub button!
  8. Old fishing system back!

    The thing is though, fishing was 99.9999% AFK before.... You could literally queue up however many actions you could do and go AFK for ages. No attention needed, whereas most skills in this game do require some input. Sure we AFK a lot but nothing like fishing used to be. The update is good, interactivity is good.
  9. Old fishing system back!

    -1 Haven't even looked into the new fishing much though. But AFK grind shouldn't be in the game. Maybe the fishing needs reworking a little more but not reverted.
  10. WTB Tree sprouts

    Need for personal goal. Need 1000 in total.
  11. Happens when you examine the snowman so it seems (but only once). Plays this song fairly loud -- Also seems to be an AoE and plays if others also examine the snowman. At least that's what it seemed to be last night, not sure if it changed since.
  12. WTB 20s

    1s for 1e PM me!
  13. Soo, I'm back on WO and looking for a villager or two again. Same deal, I have couple of prebuilt buildings or a 10x10 area you can claim and build for yourself!
  14. 91ql with 100 CoC and 95 WoA. PM me an offer! Just came back from playing WU and looking to get back into WO.