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  1. 1/50 is a very high chance to get one. 500 is not a very high number to say they haven't got one. It's all RNG, some people are "luckier" than others. That'd be my guess anyway
  2. Love this kind of progression post! Please keep us updated
  3. I agree, I'd rather be able to make a small pond or something before an aquarium.
  4. Wow, just wow...was this done as a GM or player? (im assuming its WU, could be wrong )
  5. I remember the last public slaying I went to... I couldn't get over -1FPS and that wasn't even anything "good". A dragon will be hell I feel lol. Awesome of you to do this, but I don't think I will attend because of the lag it will cause lol. Good luck to all that go! Will be a fun event (if your PC can handle it).
  6. This is a dream of mine, but do to it on the English canals on a narrowboat. Currently saving for it, hopefully I can join you on the waters soon!
  7. I need to come around and have another look at this deed in person! Recommend everyone does as well. Screenshots are amazing but seeing it in person is something else. This deed makes me sick. Too much work. Everything in the area is amazing.
  8. I thought they removed that from the server? Or did they bring it back I've not been on in a while. I would personally say try Sklo, if you like it you can always go to WO if you really want to... The community is great in both WU and WO but very different in both. I feel in WU everyone is more friendly (at least on Sklo). In WO people have their groups and if you step on their toes you'll have some problems. Never ran into that on Sklo. But this is also very rare on WO it's a great game and the community overall is amazing. I'm rambling. Play Sklo!
  9. Making it so books dont decay would be amazing. Imagine if they had been in since the start, all the tales that could have been wrote in them... some deeds decay and the containers with it but leaves the books behind.
  10. Will take a bit below market price, but wont accept stupid offers
  11. PM me an offer please. Looking for silver, don't want paypal.
  12. [17:01:30] Faith increased by 0.5000 to 47.6267 I guess the gains are... OK! Highly recommend coming!
  13. /me shakes fist at AUS times I will just be waking up for work!