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  1. I think they would suit a RP community better? I can chat just fine stood up and I don't have to waste time sitting down lol. I very rarely actually sit in Wurm.
  2. @metalheadjoelxx I can give you a couple 5 speed horses once we are on at the same time again!
  3. still looking for these would prefer 8
  4. Both of those games are huge in terms of making money and populatiry. Seven Deadly Sins is a popular anime + the game is a gacha (which = £££). Also from a huge developer. Mafia City is a huge meme and was making bank before that even. All the games have something in common. They are hugely popular or make a lot of money. The ones you mentioned are popular + make money. I love Wurm, but it's nothing compared to any game on Prime loot. Not saying this is a bad idea, just wont happen. It's more likely they'll give a skin/something out for playing in the first week or something.
  5. I dont think this would help more than the current playerbase? People like free stuff from games that are "mainstream" FPS etc. I doubt Wurm would be able to do this. There isn't many streamers. It's not like Wurm will have any advertising, lets be real. They are going to drop it on steam and pray something happens. EDIT: I also imagine doing something like this would cost a lot of money or you need a huge interest in the game.
  6. I like this idea! Would make it easier to see rift timers/public slayings etc without checking every servers forums.
  7. "low ql shield, while swimming, while I point my horses ass at the mob against penned trolls. got it." This is the conclusion I came to when asking in discord for tips. Just go around and murder everything on your server and when you cannot find any mobs (without seaching) sail to another server and repeat. It's what I did to raise my LMS + 4 weapons to 50 in a few days. I think LMS espcially is a skill not to pay much attention to, just let it happen. Focus on leveling some 1 handed weapons and the shield skill will come slowly also.
  8. Looking to buy 4 rare horse shoes high WoA is a plus
  9. Lost Horse

    I logged off around here last night I believe, I'm not 100% sure as I don't live on Pristine. I think there must be a bridge missing from the community map? Or on the opposite side of the bay. I'm not 100% sure sorry Someone knows where it is, it was saddled lol. I dont have too much hope for getting it back. But appreciate keeping a look out for it.
  10. Lost Horse

    Checked my logs, this is the horses name -> You leave the venerable fat Goldanna. [
  11. Lost Horse

    I was playing untill late last night. Didn't have my tent or anything with me, logged off as I thought it would be safe. Horse has been left on many other servers before and never gone missing. It was left for around 7hrs. The horse wasn't branded and I forget it's name. It was cared for by Oikoor/Deedholder or Tugnill (I think it's one of those chars) The horse had some good gear on and would love to get it back. This is where I logged out, I care more about the horse gear than the horse itself.
  12. Servers are still down. Even though launcher says they are up. Best way to find out is to join the discord. They tend to post there if they are having problems.
  13. The servers are still down. Despite what the launcher says. Best way to find out is to join the discord. They tend to post there if they are having problems.
  14. I also wish banners etc didn't have the wood type at all. In fact, I wish most things didn't.. maybe tools? "pinewood Jenn Kellon kingdom banner" I wish it was just - "Jenn Kellon kingdom banner" etc, wish it was this way for most wood items.