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  1. Making it so books dont decay would be amazing. Imagine if they had been in since the start, all the tales that could have been wrote in them... some deeds decay and the containers with it but leaves the books behind.
  2. Will take a bit below market price, but wont accept stupid offers
  3. PM me an offer please. Would rather do paypal might take silver but not sure at the moment. Drake chest is 75ql rest is between 85-90ql
  4. [17:01:30] Faith increased by 0.5000 to 47.6267 I guess the gains are... OK! Highly recommend coming!
  5. /me shakes fist at AUS times I will just be waking up for work!
  6. Will buy again in the future! Good merchant and great items! (Ty for the 100 coc LMS! ? )
  7. This.. is a game though? Who cares about photosynthesis? It's not like being able to grow a few crops underground would break anything. If someone wants to be able to live underground in a sandbox game, they should be able to.. no? We have dragons and magic spells lol. I like this idea If you're so against the underground thing. You could always make it so a priest has to cast on the garden box for it to work underground. Something like humid drizzle/wild growth.
  8. Bump! Also willing to trade the slime for different tomes.
  9. WTB PvP account

    Still looking for this.
  10. Sold

    COD to Oikoor please
  11. I also just learned this recipe and now I have nothing in my cookbook at all.
  12. Have you guys tried Project Gorgon? I know Brash has (that's who I heard of it from)... it's pretty fun but I didn't put too much time into it. Might pick it back up!
  13. Scale and goblin blood have been sold.
  14. Also have 0.07kg red scale, 3 red dragon bloods, 2 green dragon bloods and 1 goblin leader blood I'm looking to sell.
  15. WTB PvP account

    Mostly looking for SOTG, 70 FS & high weapon/shield skills. Please PM me skill dumps!