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  1. @SmwoodburnNo idea how I missed this message Mostly looking for any shild skins and Mastercrafted Basinet Helm, all Open Helm and Trident
  2. Any tips of coffee useage, oh wise @Oblivionnreaver?
  3. Your reserve is 1g and your buyout is 1g. Why are you auctioning this when it's just for sale? Or am I confused by something?
  4. This has been reported on Discord and I believe they have passed it on to the correct people. You e-mail is still in that link btw? (not sure if you wanted to removed it )
  5. WurmNode

    After using this tool for a little while and enjoying it I've decided to try and get more people to try and help me map Independence! WurmNodes Independence map is in search of more explorers! (and so are other servers!) If you enjoy exploring PM me! If you want to help map Wurm this is the perfect chance for you. Yes, we know there are already maps that are going around, but is that any fun for those of us who love exploring? This is a chance for us to maintain a map that is local to us. I'm mostly east Inde! All you have to do is get an account registered over on WurmNode which is just a couple of steps then get verified by another member. Mapping is 100% safe and nothing to worry about, we never have resistance from local residents. Sign up now and join me around the campfire watching a sunset after a day of mapping!
  6. This is fully zoomed in on my monitor. Maybe if the text colour was different it wouldn't be too bad with this zoom level. But I honestly can only just read the names of stuff (that's not in yellow)
  7. I know this may be longshot, but is there no chance to move this map to the same software that others use? I know this map works fine, and I've used it forever(but didn't live on inde). But I would love to be able to zoom in more, search for deeds, toggle certain things off and more? Also the text colour is nearly impossible for me to see being colourblind. After recently moving to Independence using this map a lot, I'd love the more functionallity. If nothing else consider a text colour change please!
  8. WurmNode

    Since finding this website (a couple days ago) I prefer this site for looking at information. Sure I can go to the forums if I want the full forums/etc but this gives you everything at a quick glance. Hopefully you keep working on this!
  9. Yeah, I had already deleted a picture or two off the list.. Shame that this cannot work by trusting the players..
  10. Still looking for this skin/other skins PM me! Also looking to buy some kingdom banners.
  11. Ooo, I just saw this. Almost makes me want to go back to WU! I used to play a lot and CA'd a bit on Redneck Solutions I may even still have screenshots of me removing and island from the map there.
  12. Wedge of Destiny Or Ogle Shield (a type of cheese)