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  1. smooth brain version for everyone like me.
  2. Two days ago get told you're getting full and would reccomended to go to another kingdom, today a recruitment post
  3. I barely get time to play, a bed isn't even a reliable source of SB for me lol. I cannot imagine what's like for people who play a lot. Give missions pls.
  4. WTB Dioptra

    Still looking for these. Also willing to pay to loan both for a few days and return back to you looking for 40-50ql
  5. I miss this about some WU servers how have Discord intergrated with in-game chat.. Would love something similar in WO.
  6. Please PM me here if you have one for sale! Also will buy/collect a range pole if you have both.
  7. Cheers:D

    Hopefully the accounts aren't deleted just remove the power from them, if that's what Rolf wants Thanks for creating this game @Rolf look forward to hopefully seeing a new project in the future, even if it's something totally different!
  8. That's a nice repairing skill you've got there.
  9. Might an odd request (and not something really important). BUT is there anyway to change the red square to yellow like Exodus/Deli/Melody map? I'm colourblind and cannot see the red square until I zoom right in. It's nice to see the squares at a glance vs just the names.
  10. @Malena It's Kats screenshot, not sure if it's her creation though, but if not she may be able to point you in the right direction. Though personally, if you like it, just copy it! But yeah it's just sandstone/slate roofs like Ether said.
  11. This can be fixed by verifiying your files through steam.