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  1. I also got 6/11... some of those make no sense at all...
  2. https://independence.yaga.host/#3380,2501 Guard tower: Nivox 762
  3. https://independence.yaga.host/#3599,2121 Deed: Moonlight Stronghold https://independence.yaga.host/#3660,1990 Deed: Blue Moon I'm glad this map is now a thing. Other maps Inde has are great, but not colourblind friendly. It's impossible for me to use them pretty much 😂
  4. There is a community ran map but not many people updated it. I've stopped playing so much but im sure @Drogoswould welcome more using his tool! It's also more friendly to my eyes as a colourblind person haha.
  5. Cant sign

    Did your old account have premium?
  6. This is my dream home... It's just perfect! So much potential. I loooooooooooooove smaller houses!
  7. This thread is the perfect example of why this game is so great! I've shown this to a lot of non-players to convert them to the game, saying.. "Look what you can do in this game, you probably(most definitely) will never do this... but its possible!"
  8. I like that there is more statues in the game, but I wish we had more just in the base game. Not requiring a skin that can only be got with prem tokens. Would also be cool if there wasn't so many statue skins in a row lol. But I like them either way.
  9. Thiis is why @Vorticella Though they may have made some changes I guess?
  10. I would like a chess set, even though we only just got the checker board. I would looooooooove a chess set. Lets get a Wurm chess grandmaster.
  11. Target Dummy or Bored to Death Target Dummy is pretty much what you are for the scorps at this point.