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  1. Decided to accept IG items and currency for this high-end account; Lets see what (sensible) creative offers you can come up with PMs only please
  2. Gratz, seems this is going to happen a lot before the RMT ban kicks in!
  3. Thanks for doing this, but (as previously requested) a WU style self updating map for freedom servers would be nice once we're on AWS
  4. Ok all done, thanks for the information!
  5. The Exodus Community map has been updated with the latest map dump provided by @Retrograde
  6. Agreed this needs reviewing. So we need a timeframe that satisfies most scenarios. How aout 1 year from when the owner last logged in, unless still protected by a deed? Seems a decent period of time yet not just left forever Either way, reviewing this gets my vote
  7. 1. No. Keep as is, you are new, you die, it happens, that’s the game 2-5 Completely agree
  8. As several people have asked, yes it still has loyalty marks: 70,000
  9. Given the RMT news, looking to offload Reincarnation as I am just not using it Thought Eater in POK (ready for Crooked question) Prem until Aug 2020 16k Karma Is a "Winner" Selling naked, currently on South Exodus PM any serious offers please!
  10. Map from 2012

    Yup. my deed is still around now!! thanks for sharing!
  11. Hi all There is a new update to the Exodus Community Map When activating the coordinate grid (press "G") you can now also see the "map regions" as used in mission descriptions. There are 9 regions: northwest, north, northeast, center west, center, center east, southwest, south, southeast Map regions are shown by dashed black lines and slightly colored area overlays. We've also added a new experimental function: we can now display special deed info when the mouse pointer hovers over a deed symbol. (This can be useful to inform about special resources, like mailboxes, Epic portals, market stalls etc.) As an example, if you mouse over Hunters Port,1951 You can see that there is a POK tile and a Mailbox, but you can request any (sensible) information for your deed - please contact me (Solmark) if you would like to use this special feature for your deed!
  12. Ok, updated, please let me know if that looks good
  13. Not bothered with Jackal as yet. I've learnt to let new things develop for a few months until the bugs have been ironed out. That said, I'm more than happy pottering around on my Exodus deed so don't particularly feel the need to visit Jackal