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  1. Bank balance - client side

    My server mod listed above still works. if you can convince your server owner to implement it
  2. Laptop for Wurm or tablet

    hi folks, I am looking to buy a new laptop for Wurm use. Since this thread was from 2016, just wondered if anyone has any more recent experience on what works best for the Lands of Wurm. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. PC: Blue Tome of Magic

    Just want to get an idea on price [14:12:26] The blue leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has 3 charges left.
  4. Also, there is no modifier for the Zombie , could this be added in with Custom_<identifier>_Bounty=<value>
  5. [Released] Craftable Pauldrons

    Thanks, I've sent a friend request
  6. [Released] Server mod; Loot Tables

    Thanks, I noted that, but from what I could see the rarity was just a chance with a binary option. In my testing zero out of about 50 drops have been rare, so I wonder if there was a way to set the rare chance
  7. [Released] Craftable Pauldrons

    That link doesn't work, is this still supported?
  8. [Released] Server mod; Loot Tables

    Can you set this to drop random rare items when champion mobs are killed?
  9. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Such sad news I am forever grateful that Tich chose Wurm as her passion. RIP
  10. Players getting deleted on Server travel

    I've just got the same error appear in the log with a normal player on my server when they try to use the Server to Server portals. For my GM and other normal players it is fine. Character appears to be otherwise ok
  11. Hi @vardoj Are you able to update this for the new release. My use case is that I want to add a Login server to my cluster, so I am looking for a way to transfer skills, titles, achievements, faith, med path level etc and INV from an existing login server to a newly created one
  12. Player transfer to new map

    So if you add a new map in to a cluster, and then set that as the login server, all the login data will have transferred to that new server?
  13. Online Map Viewer

    Can we get a tooltips addition so when people mouse over Steppe, it says Steppe, same for clay,peat etc?
  14. Unable to travel to server

    I would shut both servers down, and install DB-browser (if you haven't already) and open up the Servers table in the login DB and manually check that the settings you posted above match, do not just rely on what you see in the User Interface. If you notice any settings that are incorrect, correct them then write the changes and try again I always backup the files before making any changes!