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  1. Multiple Thread alert !! Edit: Now says refused connection, so something has changed!
  2. Same for me, I've been waiting 2-3 minutes at the loading screen, I'm currently on Celebration also
  3. @Wiluss @Nadroj All those changes made, thanks for the info
  4. It isn't like working from home is a new thing, I'm sure they will cope, not everyone needs a communal office to be functional. My hope is that the Covid-19 pandemic will force those companies who have traditionally always seen working from home in a negative way to re-evalute and set themselves up to make it work. Of course, there are some jobs that simply cannot be done at home, but there are equally a lot that can be done from home if companies actually put the effort in to support it.
  5. The sitting at refreshing has been a problem on Celebration for a few weeks now
  6. Same thing happened to me pressing the D key when sailing in my Cog
  7. Well I recently updated all the Guard Towers on the Exodus map, with details provided by the community. Not every guard tower is on there and some of them probably are not 100% accurate in terms of location, but since I can put a label on each one of them individually, it wouldn't take me long to update the labels with the IG map reference. It wouldn't pinpoint the exact location of course, but at least the player would know which IG square they are in. The same mapping system is used by Celebration, Deliverance, Exodus and Pristine, so at least all those server maps could be updated.
  8. As a community map editor, we could also help by naming towers that way
  9. Congrats, I wonder how many more will be reunited with their original accounts in the very short time we have left?
  10. Gathering player opinion should always be a thing, it doesn't compell them to act upon it, but at least it is a data point for them to make feature decisions moving forward +1 from me!
  11. It's all about balance. Too grindy at the start, you lose the bulk of the players, the business becomes unsustainable over time. Too easy, you lose the feel of what makes Wurm such a wonderful game and so unique in the genre. In between you have a range of players who all have different playstyles, so it isn't an easy balance to make. What I would say is over the time you've been playing, there have been a shed load of improvements to the gameplay, from Bridges to Journals, 3rd Person view to Rifts, far too much to mention, so, in balance, I think there is a very good reason to stay, just my opinion, of course
  12. Decided to accept IG items and currency for this high-end account; Lets see what (sensible) creative offers you can come up with PMs only please
  13. Updated, thanks for the info
  14. Gratz, seems this is going to happen a lot before the RMT ban kicks in!