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  1. If its any help, I returned to having Windows after being successful with Linux Mint, but now I have 3 screens with the same resolution and it hasn't re-occurred. I too had a 4k screen, but now have three 3 x AOC E2470SWDAK 23.6" LED 1080p Monitors and it works fine. For the record my screen where I had the problem was a Samsung S27B970 27 inch Widescreen LED PLS (2560x 1440)
  2. ..and when you decide to go back being a Fo priest? you make your choices and deal with the consequences -1
  3. There are a bunch of videos in Youtube on how to do this:-
  4. price check

    Thanks for the responses folks. I wasn't expecting anything like 1k to be honest but equally 350e is too much the other way. It has all the major skills in the 90s for pve and the Meditation skill gives it the edge. Agreed It isn't a pvp account, but is perfect for pve players. I will be looking to sell on Sunday Thanks for all the private messages, I will respond shortly.
  5. price check

    I'm selling Cormax and I am looking for a price check, and will sell if the price is right, Short Summary: 99 Blacksmithing, 99 Mining, 97 Digging, 95 Masonry, 95, Leatherworking, 93 Cloth Tailoring, 92 Carpentry, 92 Meditating (15th Hier, Path of Knowledge so 25% skill gain), 91 Woodcutting, 83 Fighting, 82 Jewelry Smithing, 80 Chain Armour Smithing, 60 Mind Logic, Full Skills: Premium until 27th December 15k Karma Currently located near to the Celebration Spawn Point Vynora Follower No warnings etc
  6. Always had the highest regard for Shrimpiie. Very level headed, did an awful lot behind the scenes that most people don't see. A huge help to me when I was LFM. We all make mistakes.
  7. Had a fantastic run out on Statera, old school skill grind with a boost to CR and some awesome custom content, nice work guys!
  8. You've made a good start, why make a fresh start, just work on your existing char and take it in a new direction?
  9. I remember when I first started out years ago, basic tools, no idea what I was doing, I died several times and was starting to lose patience when someone in local asked me if I needed help. They patched me up, gave me some survival advice (stay near water, most mobs cannot swim) and it totally changed my perspective. I continued on my way and bumped in to someone who offered me a plot of land in their village. They gave me some nails and so I started chopping down my first trees to make logs/planks. The fact that I got that help from those two complete strangers all those years ago has directly resulted in my longevity in the game. You really can make a difference if you try.
  10. +1 to the idea, just needs to be manageable from a GM/Admin perspective 1 year doesn't sound enough to me, people do take extended time outs sometimes and who is to say they haven't created and played with an alt? How about something a bit different, maybe create an Island and call it something like "Achievment Isle" with locked down perms where people can make things like a Collosus in their own deeds and then request a GM to move it to the Isle. These could be made for a whole host of reasons, maybe someone put a lot of hours in to help make a tunnel for the community that became GM protected, or where we know for sure that someone has passed. Anyone could visit the Island to view the creations. Just a variation on the OP suggestion
  11. I am still there abouts with jonydowys towering cave monolith, just finished my sandstone mansion yesterday with jony providing all the mats. He's a good lad that jonydowy, One of the best in fact.
  12. Could you add some logic for animals that wouldn't normally be on mountains to attemp to find lower ground, not based on slope, but based on height above sea level? That way you avoid the issue that @As_I_Decaymentioned about players creating pits.
  13. The thought has crossed my mind a few times, but I have way too much to lose by taking such risks.
  14. Run command line as an administrator then navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\ and edit hosts file
  15. It is a sight to behold. Jonydowy is a cave dwelling master