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  1. Dedicated Server paid up for another year. We are here to stay Come and join us for some well balanced Wurm Unlimited fun
  2. My first WU Server Mod, allows your players to retrieve their bank balance by typing /balance Edit: huge thanks to Xype who set me on the path and answered all my noob questions
  3. So if you change the .properties file to tweak the settings, and a GM selects "reload config" do those new properties take effect without needing to restart the server? That appears to be the case from my testing
  4. Is nobody prepared to end Necroe's JK dominance of the Hota? Come and join us at
  5. Anyone looking for an enjoyable WU experience need look no further. Come and join us!
  6. Any idea why on one server the bountymod reports that amount of money in the bank after the messages about the bounty being paid, and the same mod on another server doesn't?
  7. Given that people are used to the current RNG (however flawed it may be), the danger is any "better" system would throw the game even more off kilter since we'd all have to effectively re-evaluate what is normal or likely. Not against this at all, just considering the potential impact.
  8. server

    Yes seems like it's taking the default skill gain that you'd normally get and reducing it by the multiplier, so the higher the number, the smaller the skill gain. Setting it to 10 would be pointless as that is the default without this mod.
  9. So, in summary: We're stuck with java Who knew? Well, most of us actually
  10. Thanks, we had 2 villages set as freedom spawn, we removed the offending one and it worked!
  11. Thanks as always @Xyp- do you know if that portal is configurable in any way? I've tested this and it sends the person over to the other server successfully but I cannot see how to define where they land up. Thanks
  12. Hi, did you say that you could update the mod to teleport across to different servers or does this version have that capability?
  13. Can you update this to include the maxranks and ranks files in a decent format?
  14. How you get from "Ah the nostalgia. Everyone looked the same. Champion deers looked more like giraffes. " to "Lets zap all the servers and start over" - I have no idea. Times Change Technology Changes People Change Wurm is 10x the game it was back then. WU gives you the flexibility to fashion Wurm to your own style WO gives you "the Wurm establishment" - the power of a managed and developed environment that will still be here tomorrow as long as someone plays it (the same cannot be said for all the WU server you might play) WO isn't perfect, we all know that, but harking back to a byegone era isn't the way forward in my opinion. In my opinion, the way forward for WO should be in creating new content for PVP and PVE servers. The rifts were a good starting point, the cooking update another, the enhanced use of caves yet another - this is the way to engage and keep players. Specially for PVP. Well I'll get shot down for it but I believe the PVP maps are too big. Chaos and Epic can prosper, but when it takes 2 hours to travel to PVP, an hour of gate-hopping, then 2hours back, well, only the hardcore will put up with that (assuming you don't die to the lag in the meantime). Oh, and someone suggested the answer might be Xanadu. Unless something has changed since the last time I frequented there, the LAG server, isn't going to solve any problems.
  15. Thanks @Rolandt, I am just glad to be able to help with Server Admin and hosting. You've developed an excellent map and some innovative content, keep up the good work!