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  1. I am still doing map updates if anyone wants their own on an alliance deed/road etc added. Don't be shy!
  2. Love what you doing, takes me back many years to Inde, keep up the good work!
  3. Hi @Ekinothanks for the information, the map has been duly updated, cheers Solmark
  4. The Exodus Map URL is now accessible via a secure link as shown below since an SSL certficate has been added:- (links updated on the OP) Thanks to @Yagafor his support as always!
  5. Trolling

    Thread locked, this discussion has run its course
  6. I have removed the following deeds due to disband notices via the main Exodus Twitter account:- The settlement of Port Oakbrin has just been disbanded. - 12:11 AM · Aug 27, 2020 The settlement of Lakeview Mountain Retreat has just been disbanded. - 9:24 PM · Aug 26, 2020 The settlement of Arbor Vitae has just been disbanded.12:59 PM · Aug 26, 2020
  7. When you de-couple the Skills tab from the event window, can we lose the player count from the right hand side? this really isn't necessary as you can still see this in the main event window and it would save much needed space on the screen
  8. Have you tried the "verify integrity of games files" under Right click -> Properties -> local files from within your Steam library?
  9. updated the cast details, nice cast!
  10. We would need an updated Map Dump in order to refresh the land where major terraforming reclamation projects have occured, the same as a Wand of the Seas. It is possible to edit the base map and add manually, but it is tricky to get that super accurate. When I get time I'll look in to this in more detail. Many thanks for the update!
  11. I've seen Wurm crash a few times, which is usually down to Java or graphics issues, but not for it to reboot the PC Like @Substrsays, its probably worth checking the windows logs Failing that, check the Java settings which are outlined in this thread might help even though its a few years old
  12. Hi What would help a lot if you could enter in the actual co-ordinates instead of pasting an image, since I have to transpose that image to enter the co-ordinates in any case You can map the co-ordiates by using the location section of the map on the left hand side thanks Solmark