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  1. Ok, updated, please let me know if that looks good
  2. Not bothered with Jackal as yet. I've learnt to let new things develop for a few months until the bugs have been ironed out. That said, I'm more than happy pottering around on my Exodus deed so don't particularly feel the need to visit Jackal
  3. Shouldn't this be moved to the Suggestions forum +1 for a /hidecosmetics option
  4. Good old @Sklo:D , keeping it real :) Surely even you must agree that in general AWS is an improvement on what we have, right?
  5. I think there is a lot of potential to expand on the idea of cosmetics in Wurm, for example buying decal for your Wagon (there are some amazing examples of what is possible in WU), buying a 2x2 clay/tar/peat spot for your deed, buying naming rights to mountain ranges or waterways. If we get creative I am sure we could come up with a whole host of cosmetic stuff that would look great, but don''t defeat the main essence of the game. Would this mean we could take away the subscription, probably not, but it would reduce the impact of relying solely on subs, and maybe over time, with the addition of Quality of Life changes that have already been discussed, the player retention rate would improve and lead to a brighter future!
  6. Thanks for everything @Budda Best of luck to @Samool Long live Wurm!
  7. Learn the lessions from the WU community, implement some of the Quality of Life changes, but keep the essential grind. I am not saying making it easier, just remove the completely pointless annoying stuff that turns players off, like moving 10 tiles to meditate. Add changes like the option to have an autosorting ql of items in containers (or disable for default) plus digging and mining actions going in to the Wagon/Cart/Container. The list list a long one. There will be existing players who won't like this, they will just tell you to go play WU, but for me this is about improving the long term viability of Wurm itself by making it less frustrating for new players and to stop the player drain that happens after 20 skill
  8. Switched my Shares

    I have read through this whole thread and was going to write pretty much exactly what @Sindusksaid. For me, Rolf is a great coder and has always been a good Wurm steward but he was never going to be able to take Wurm to the next level without outside investment and on that front I am happy with what has happened. It is also a good sign that Rolf retains some level of influence, this makes sense to me. The big unknown is which direction the new ownership will take us, but I am always positive about such things until I see direct evidence to the contrary.
  9. The Lodestone now has a new graphic which will show under the 'special places' option. Currently we only have one marked on the Exodus map, if you know of more, please let me know
  10. How is this a money grab when CC are investing at lot of effort to move us to AWS?