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  1. server

    Are you able to package up each mod separately or create a .properties file to switch each one on/off?
  2. Can't you just @Ejectthem
  3. All I did was open up the wurmlogin db on each server in the cluster and set the correct spawn points for jk (as the default freedom). Once I did that, it worked
  4. I am seeing the exact same behaviour as @Frigg EDIT: I resolved this by checking the wurmlogin database for the login server, the spawn points for JK were 0,0. I turned all servers off, manually updated all the correct spawn points, restarted the servers and now the portals work.
  5. The server is going to be re-launched, it isn't going away. I've personally invested a great deal of money trying to make PVP work but for there is only so many hours in the day you can bang your head against a brick wall. We're going to offer more, not less but I perfectly understand that no PVP means some people will leave but I am not prepared to put my life on hold trying to make it work. The server is run at a loss, I swallow that because I am trying to make something different that people can enjoy. I respect your decision Necroe and wish you all the best for whatever else you do. I am also happy to refund any money spent in the shop after the point at which I took over for those people not willing to stay. We will also look at adding a PVP zone if enough people request it.
  6. I've visited Xanadu many times since it's inception and I even deeded once, but I never stayed long term since the lag was always bad for me even in sparsely populated areas. You do have to wonder how many more would play on Xanadu if this was fixed once and for all.
  7. I used the new client mod loader, but disabled each mod until I got it working. I am guessing that some of the mods you use are causing a conflict
  8. So you use the beta modloader with the released mod updates? or use all the 3rd beta versions
  9. Does anyone want to share their .properties files that work for them, it would be useful to help get an idea of what works best for people
  10. Dedicated Server paid up for another year. We are here to stay Come and join us for some well balanced Wurm Unlimited fun
  11. My first WU Server Mod, allows your players to retrieve their bank balance by typing /balance Edit: huge thanks to Xype who set me on the path and answered all my noob questions
  12. So if you change the .properties file to tweak the settings, and a GM selects "reload config" do those new properties take effect without needing to restart the server? That appears to be the case from my testing
  13. Is nobody prepared to end Necroe's JK dominance of the Hota? Come and join us at
  14. Anyone looking for an enjoyable WU experience need look no further. Come and join us!