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  1. This looks like your problem
  2. To add to what @Yagacovers, you also have other default forum options like being able to follow an individual from their profile page, so you get notified when they post, or you can follow any community post itself and choose between different notification options, so for example if you hit the 'follow' option on the main Harmony forum section, you can get emails when any new content is posted, or an email once a day with all new content from that day, or an email once a week with all new content from that week.
  3. Deed added, Guard Tower removed, thanks for the info
  4. I did it!

    Huge congrats to anyone who gets 100 in anything! nice one!
  5. Goodbye

    I'm the same age as you and my love for the game is undimmed, although I have had a few breaks over the years, for me, one does not simply leave Wurm, it's in my blood with over 10 years of Wurming isn't so easily left alone! Best of luck for the future, Wurm is the better for your endeavour and the memories will stay forever. Cheers Solmark
  6. This should be fixed now, please can you check. Please be aware that I only have names for 10 of the Guard Towers currently on Exodus, if I get the names for the others, I'll add them. Non named Guard Towers are still viewable via Resources.
  7. I've moved all the Guard Towers that I have named for under 'Special' so they should show up now, please check!